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The 5 Best Quotes of Mahito !

Mahito is a pretty convincing villain, and he said some challenging statements throughout Jujutsu Kaisen.

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5/ "Do you believe that human beings have a heart?"

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Les 5 meilleures citations de Mahito!

slow motion to reshape their bodies. He created some truly horrific results with this technique. When Mahito met Junpei, he casually talked about experimenting on humans to see how big or tiny he could make their bodies.

One of Mahito's most compelling quotes is when he asked Junpei this rhetorical question, "Do you believe that human beings have hearts?" Then he went on to explain that people do not have hearts. Instead, they have souls. He stated, "I am the only person who understands the composition of the soul."

4/ "The so-called dignity of human reason"

Les 5 meilleures citations de Mahito!

Mahito embodies the archetype of a nihilistic villain. He asserts that life has no real weight or value. Humans may try to create their own meanings, but this leads to an ideological war to determine which is better than the other.

When humans kill cursed spirits, no one blinks an eye. However, humans have opposed curses for centuries. During Mahito's monologue in Shibuya, he made Yuji understand the hypocrisy inherent in humanity.

Mahito said, "The instincts of a curse against the so-called dignity of human reason." This was in reference to what he had said earlier to Yuji. When a curse kills a human, it is an atrocity. However, when a human kills a curse, it is considered an act of heroism . As other characters have stated, Mahito serves as a kind of mirror. He is the walking definition of grotesque horror, but he has a way of turning the tables on others and forcing them to realize their inherent monstrosities.

3/ "Does the soul reside in the body?" 

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Les 5 meilleures citations de Mahito!

When Nanami and Mahito entered their first fight, the patchwork curse kept trying to incite the 7: 3 wizard into a debate about souls versus hearts. He asked, "Which do you think came first, the soul or the body? You know, like the chicken or the egg. Does the soul reside in the body, or is the body built around the soul?

Nanami mistakenly thought it was the former. Mahito then replied, "The form of the body is defined by the form of the soul," which is a literal explanation of how his lazy transfiguration works. By touching the soul, he can manipulate the appearance of the body.

2/ "The sparks of darkness do not choose whom to bless"

Les 5 meilleures citations de Mahito!

The final fight between Yuji and Mahito in Shibuya could be described as a Black Flash battle. While some would say that Yuji is blessed by the "black sparks," Mahito thinks otherwise. He said, "Black sparks don't choose who to bless."

Then, he unleashed his first Black Flash. It was a terrifying moment in Jujutsu Kaisen , and it deconstructed the audience's previous ideas about the powerful cursed technique . Even worse, he landed it on Yuji, who was already unprepared and upset about the possible loss of Nobara.

1/ "Thanks to the hatred spat out between humans"

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Les 5 meilleures citations de Mahito!

Mahito believes that he is the manifestation of the volatility and hatred of humanity. When he introduced himself to Junpei, he explained, "Thanks to the hatred spat out between humans ... I was born," with his characteristic strange smile.

If true, this would make Mahito the first cursed spirit not born from natural disasters or the collective fear of an urban legend. Regardless of his origins, Mahito uses this as an excuse for his goal to eradicate humanity. Mahito has no respect for life, only using humans as experimental toys before getting bored and getting rid of his victims.


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