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The 5 New Powers of Roronoa Zoro !

In One Piece, Zoro became stronger by crushing his enemies with class. He got several of his new powers in the land of Wa, we will see 5 of them :

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5/ His total control over Enma

Les 5 points faibles de Roronoa ZORO!

Towards the end of Wano Kuni Act 2, Roronoa Zoro was asked to send Shusui back to Wano Country because he was considered an irreplaceable asset. Instead of Shusui, Zoro was given one of Kozuki Oden's swords, called Enma.

This sword has the special property of extracting insane amounts of Ryuuou from the user's body, therefore, not everyone can use it. For now, Roronoa Zoro has not shown full mastery of this blade, but it is only a matter of time before he does, and in the process, he becomes stronger.

4/ Ryuuou

Les 5 nouveaux pouvoirs de Roronoa Zoro!

Introduced in Wano Kuni, Ryuuou is the ability to emit Busoshoku Haki via the user's body or weapon at a distance. This ability is something common to the Samurai of Wano. During the time that Luffy spent in the land of Wa, he also managed to learn this technique.

To become even stronger, Zoro will certainly gain the ability as well. After regaining Enma, Zoro's control over his Haki has probably improved a lot and as such, there is no reason to believe that he cannot emit Haki as all the other powerful samurai in Wa land do.

3/ Asura

Les 5 nouveaux pouvoirs de Roronoa Zoro!

First manifested by Roronoa Zoro in the fan-favorite Enies Lobby arc, the Asura is a power that triples Zoro's body. When used, Zoro gains two extra heads and six extra arms and legs. As such, instead of three, Zoro gains the ability to use Kyuutoryu, or Nine-Sword Style. Although this ability proved to be incredibly powerful, Zoro never used it after the time jump, which is odd to say the least.

Since the land of Wa is likely where Zoro will be fighting King the Wildfire of the Beasts Pirates, it stands to reason that he will have to rely on the power of Demon Asura once again.

2/ Nidai Kitetsu

Les 5 points faibles de Roronoa ZORO!

Said to be one of the cursed swords, Nidai Kitetsu is an incredibly powerful blade belonging to the Kitetsu family. Currently, Zoro already has a blade of its kind called Sandai Kitetsu, which is also the weakest of the three Kitetsu blades. Sandai Kitetsu was made by Tenguyama Hitetsu, but it is interesting to note that a stronger blade made by its ancestor Kotetsu, known as Nidai Kitetsu, is also found in Wa land.

Without an owner at the moment, it is almost like an open invitation for Zoro to take the blade into his possession. Although he hasn't done so yet, Zoro will probably have taken this blade by the end of the Wa Land arc.

1/  Conqueror's Haki

Les 5 points faibles de Roronoa ZORO!

Conqueror's Haki is a special form of Haki that cannot be awakened, and instead, a person is born with it. Although it is said to be an ability gifted to those with the qualities of a king, Conqueror's Haki is not a rare ability in the New World. All of the captains and some of the right-hand men, such as Katakuri and Rayleigh, have already displayed Conqueror's Haki in their arsenal of powers.

As such, Zoro will certainly be one of its users in due course. In Wano Kuni, Zoro will probably fight his toughest enemy yet and it will be interesting if he manages to unlock this mysterious power there.

Les 5 nouveaux pouvoirs de Roronoa Zoro!


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