The 5 Strongest Apostles that Guts has fought ! Anime Figure Store

The 5 Strongest Apostles that Guts has fought !

While some of the Berserk apostles are nearly invincible beings, others are easier for Guts to deal with. Here are the strongest ones Guts has fought.

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5/ Zodd

Les 5 Apôtres les plus forts que Guts a combattus!

Zodd the Immortal was the first apostle Guts ever met. The two met during a siege while Guts was still fighting with the Falcon's band. Guts managed to wound the Immortal, impressing the warrior demon.

The two fought several times throughout the series. Famously, when the two duelled in the field of swords, Guts finally matched the apostle in strength - at least in Zodd's human form.

4/ The Count


Immediately after fighting the Serpent, Guts went to a walled city ruled by the Count. This apostle could transform into a gigantic slug-like creature. If he was injured, the Count would heal even stronger than he was before the injury. Beyond that, he had the ability to possess the broken body of one of his men, supplementing the man's strength and turning him into an extension of the count's own will.

In the end, Guts beheaded the Count. When the Apostle summoned the Godhand to heal him, they agreed, as long as the Count sacrificed his daughter to them. The Count had acquired his powers after sacrificing his wife, whom he found engaged in a ritual orgy with some of the pagans he had devoted his life to hunting. He might have killed his wife, but not his daughter, and so he died from the wounds inflicted by Guts.

3/ Grunbeld

Les 5 Apôtres les plus forts que Guts a combattus!

One of the most powerful apostles in the whole world of Berserk, Grunbeld is a noble knight who loves battle. He fights with a huge war hammer and has a flamethrower hidden in his huge shield. Inspired by the Teutonic warrior orders of the High Middle Ages, he is perhaps the strongest Guts Apostle he has ever faced.

Grunbeld's monstrous form is a fire-breathing dragon, which Guts encountered while wearing the magical Berserker armor - the only reason the hero survived their battle.

2/  Wyald



During the Hundred Years' War between Midland and Chuder, the Band of the Hawk proved their worth as the most honorable and accomplished of Midland's forces, but the Black Dog Knights won just as many victories through sheer terror and cruelty. Led by Wyald, a convicted felon, these savage soldiers committed every atrocity imaginable.

When the Hawks became outlaws after the war, the king sent Wyald and his men after them. Guts managed to inflict severe wounds on this massive apostle, but in the end he was killed by Zodd.

1/ The Godhands

Les 5 Apôtres les plus forts que Guts a combattus!

Guts has fought with several Godhands. Early in the comic, he attacked Femto, firing his cannon arm at the (un)sacred entity that had once been his best friend. The cannonball had no effect.

Later, Slan appeared, forming a corporeal body for herself from the viscera and broken bodies of the trolls Guts had killed. He wounded her, but she in turn caused a wound that hurt his soul. Guts was lucky to survive each of these encounters.

Griffith (Le Faucon de Lumière)


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