Toge Inumaki

Toge Inumaki

Toge Inumaki is a character from Jujutsu Kaisen and one of the main protagonists of the prequel series, Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Tokyo Exorcism School. He is currently a junior at the Tokyo Exorcism School with Yuta Okkotsu, Maki Zenin and Panda.

He is a descendant of the Inumaki clan, from a long line of exorcists mastering Incantations. It is thus to avoid cursing his close relations and to protect himself that Toge speaks exclusively from rice dumpling ingredients, developing a more or less subtle vocabulary.

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Toge is a slim young man with fair skin, brown eyes, and straight beige hair. In the anime, Toge has violet eyes and platinum blonde hair. He was born with a stylized snake head, the seal of the Inumaki clan, on his tongue and both cheeks.

His school uniform consists of a black jacket with a high collar that covers his mouth, black pants and white shoes. During training, Toge wears a dark zipped collar under a white short-sleeved shirt with pants and sneakers.

During her first year at exorcism school, Toge had shorter, spiky hair. Her uniform again consisted of a black jacket and pants, but this time with a blue collar and black shoes.

As a result of the events during the Shibuya Drama, Toge lost part of her left arm to Ryomen Sukuna.

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Toge seems at first to be a quiet and distant boy, who was somewhat intimidating to Yuta Okkotsu when they first met. However, underneath this personality is a very perceptive and caring person. He doesn't speak to avoid accidentally cursing someone with his Incantations.

Toge is very intelligent and is able to remain calm in any situation, always knowing when to use or not to use his power. Toge has also proven to be very confident and brave.


Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Toge is with Maki and Panda when they discuss the new transfer student. Later, when Yuta is introduced to the class, Toge notices that Yuta is cursed and prepares to attack him. Satoru Gojo warns them, but the scourge Rika Orimoto shows up to defend Yuta. Satoru then tells the class about Yuta's situation and introduces each student to him. Toge is then paired with Panda for a practical exercise.

Months later, Toge watches Maki and Yuta practicing when Satoru shows up. Satoru gives a mission to Toge and Yuta. They are then taken to the Hapina gallery by Kiyotaka Ijichi. Once there, Kiyotaka explains them the details of the mission but Toge goes to buy some medicine for the throat. Toge and Yuta go to the gallery, where they find a large quantity of plagues that Toge exorcises easily. They then notice that the curtain has not been raised, when suddenly a plague appears behind them. As the spirit attacks, Toge pushes Yuta away and easily crushes the arm of the scourge. However, this puts Toge in a bad shape and he starts to cough. Yuta saves him and takes him to safety but leaves behind his throat medicine. After a short rest, Toge prepares to face the spirit again but Yuta decides to go instead. Yuta faces the spirit and manages to bring the throat medicine to Toge. After Toge drinks the medicine, he uses his Incantation to exorcise the plague.

After the mission is over, Toge and Yuta return to exorcism school. In high school, he takes care of some plants. A few days later, Toge is with Panda, Yuta and Maki when Suguru Geto appears before them. Toge then listens to Suguru explain to Yuta that he wants to kill all the non-exorcists. As he is forced to leave, Toge listens to Suguru announce an all-out war on December 24.

On December 24, Toge is with Panda in Shinjuku to fight Suguru's forces. Suddenly, Satoru tells them that Suguru is at the exorcism school and sends them to the school using his powers. After their arrival, Toge and Panda confront Suguru but Suguru manages to defeat them easily. After that, Yuta shows up and saves him with Panda and Maki. After Yuta defeats Suguru, Toge goes to check Yuta's condition with Panda and Maki. Toge then watches Rika's curse being undone, then Satoru shows up and informs everyone that Yuta is a distant relative of his. A few days later, Toge is waiting for Yuta and Satoru, with Panda and Maki.

figurine toge inumaki

Arc Initiation to the Occult

Then in first grade, Toge, with Maki and Panda, go to meet the seconds Megumi Fushiguro and Nobara Kugisaki then both in mourning of the death of Yuji Itadori. The three discuss with Megumi and Nobara their participation in the Twin High School Tournament, a tournament between the two exorcism schools in Japan. Motivated to become stronger in memory of their deceased friend, Megumi and Nobara accept their request from Maki to join the Twin High School Tournament.

Afterwards, Toge and the other firsts help the seconds train before the tournament. Later, when Megumi talks with the others about how he should carry weapons without occupying his hands, Toge points out that Megumi manages to find a way with his shadow.

A few days later, Toge is with Maki and Panda when the latter worries about the latter since some of the Kyoto students might accompany the principal of Kyoto who is visiting the exorcism school in Tokyo. Toge and Panda then come to the aid of Megumi who is fighting against the Kyoto senior, Aoi Todo, by forcing him to stop with his Incantations.

Bow Tournament

On the day of the Twin High School Tournament, Toge is with the other students from Tokyo when the students and staff from the Kyoto school arrive. After Satoru is revealed that Yuji is still alive and the instructors explain the rules of the event, Toge attends a meeting with the other Tokyo students where they discuss their plan of action.

When the event starts, he walks around the tournament site with the other Tokyo students until they meet Aoi. Toge then separates from the group with Nobara and Panda and talks with the two about how the Kyoto students might be planning to kill Yuji. Toge then decides to go on a plague hunt while Nobara and Panda return to help Yuji.

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Later, Toge takes the phone from Ultimate Mechamaru, and uses it to call Kasumi Miwa and put her to sleep. Toge suddenly notices a threatening energy and meets Hanami. Toge then fights against the S-class scourge, until they meet Megumi and Noritoshi Kamo and force them to run away.

Toge, Megumi and Noritoshi are discussing what to do, when Hanami suddenly attacks them. Toge holds Hanami back, while Megumi and Noritoshi attack but it doesn't do anything. Hanami then explains his reason for wanting to kill all the humans, and the three students run away. They then combine their technique to restrain Hanami and manage to understand that the weak point of the scourge. They finally wonder if they will be able to get out of the curtain that has been set up by the enemy but however Toge's throat gives way and Nue is defeated. Megumi plans to attack Hanami, but Toge stops her and uses the last of her strength to send Hanami away but just barely. Toge is then taken outside the curtain with Noritoshi by Momo Nishimiya.

Once the intruders have been subdued, Toge attends a meeting with the other students and instructors to see if they want to continue the tournament. The students all agree to continue the tournament and it is decided that the last event of the competition will be a baseball game. When Maki hits Aoi in the face with the ball, Toge compliments Maki on the pitch. When the game is over, the Tokyo team wins the tournament thanks to Yuji's home run.

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Yasohachi Bridge Mission Arch

At the exorcism school, Maki and Panda practice while Toge sits and watches them. Panda sits down and asks the two if they know about what happened with the seconds, which Maki confirms. Maki refuses to let them go past them, she gets up and suddenly jumps up to attack Panda.

/!\ Warning! This section of the article contains spoilers that have not yet been adapted into anime. /!\

Shibuya Arc Drama

Toge arrives in Shibuya to help Yuji by taking care of altered humans while Yuji enters Shibuya Station. He is then seen by a crowd of people who are then killed in the Sukuna Territory Extension.

Yuji's Execution Bow

It is later revealed that Toge lost his left arm in Sukuna's attack.

End of spoilers

Skills and Competencies

As a member of the Inumaki clan, Toge is a respected exorcist. Next to Aoi Todo, Toge is considered one of the strongest exorcist apprentices after Yuta and Kinji Hakari. His spell and athletic abilities have earned him a solid reputation among the students and even Suguru Geto thought that he was an exorcist with great potential. Toge is very intelligent and has remarkable stamina and a complete understanding of how to handle his spell.

Great Agility: Although not as fast as students like Yuji or Maki Zenin, Toge is a very athletic individual. He is fast and very agile, able to evade Hanami's attacks and lead him on a long chase across the battlefield until Toge can find his comrades. Even Yuji was surprised by Toge's speed, which Maki also approved of.

Increased Stamina: Toge's spells require a great deal of occult energy, and therefore stamina. They cause extreme throat irritation that can cause Toge to spit blood if he has used them too much. Despite this, Toge continues to fight even after reaching his limit and can still incant to face higher class opponents.


High Occult Energy: In addition to stamina, Incantations require a high degree of Occult Energy, especially if Toge is facing a powerful scourge. His abilities are wide-ranging and affect all scourges weaker than him. His presence on the battlefield makes it difficult for any of his opponents to concentrate due to the nature of his technique. Although overuse of his power creates a shock effect on his body, Toge can still unleash attacks capable of affecting S-Class scourges.

Incantations: Toge has a stylized snake head, the seal of the Inumaki clan, on her tongue and around her mouth. This allows her to combine her words with occult energy to force all who hear her commands to obey. The more demanding the order, the more taxing the side effects will be for Toge. Communication devices and voice amplifiers, such as cell phones and megaphones, do not interfere with Toge's technique, allowing him to project his words and their effects over a longer distance if necessary.

  • "Explosion" makes Toge's target explode violently. He uses it to easily exorcise a group of weak plagues.
  • "Torsion" forces its target to twist until it is completely disfigured. He used it to attempt to exorcise a semi-class 1 scourge, although he avoided fatal damage.
  • "Compression" compresses the target until it is flattened. Toge used it to finish the aforementioned semi-class 1 flail.
  • "Pressure Blast" creates a small gravity field that crushes the target until it is sent violently underground. Toge used it to try to kill Suguru Geto.
  • "Don't move anymore" completely immobilizes the target of Toge. He used it to stop Aoi Todo and then Hanami in the middle of a fight. 
  • "Sleep" puts anyone who hears the command to sleep deeply. Toge used it to neutralize Kasumi Miwa on the phone.
  • "Go back" can send a pet back. He used it to send back Megumi Fushiguro's Jade Dog, Totality.
  • "Flee quickly" forces Toge's targets to flee the area quickly. He used it to order his allies to flee after Hanami arrived.
  • "Stop" immediately stops a thing. Although pronounced differently, it seems to have the same property as "don't move". He used it to stop a Hanami attack.
  • "Explode" is a powerful command that creates an explosive impact with enough force to send an S-Class flail crashing into the side of a temple. 


Cough Syrup: Toge carries cough syrup to treat his sore throat whenever he is in combat. Using it greatly extends the amount of time Toge can use his incantation before reaching its limit.

Megaphone: Toge uses a megaphone to make his incantations reach their target quickly and without much effort.


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