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Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Crew. Chopper is a reindeer who ate the Hito Hito no Mi, allowing him to transform into a human. He is originally from Drum Island, which makes him the first member of the Straw Hat Crew to be born on The Road to Peril. He is the sixth member of the crew, and the fifth to join the crew.

While his bonus before the ellipse was just 50 Berry, it simply doubled to 100 Berry after the events of Dressrosa, making it the smallest bonus in the series. This low bonus is explained by the fact that the Navy considers him to be the Crew's Pet.


Chopper One Piece


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Chopper is a reindeer who wears a big pink hat with a little white cross on it. It was given to him by Dr. Hiluluk when he found the little reindeer and "adopted" him. His antlers are sticking out of the sides of his hat. He is wearing red shorts. These are the clothes that Chopper will wear most of the time before the Ellipse. One of his great features is that he has a blue nose.

After the Ellipse, Chopper wears a light blue hat and his old pink hat underneath, this one shows his antlers. He also wears a yellow and white striped tank top and red shorts, but lighter than the previous one. These are the clothes that Chopper will wear most of the time after the Ellipse.

He also sometimes wears a blue bag.

Chopper's clothes vary depending on the arc and the season.

Most of the time, Chopper uses his hybrid form. However, to move faster, he often uses his reindeer form, and to do heavy work, his human form.

Similar to most of his male teammates, Chopper has the same outfit throughout most of the series.

Before the Ellipse:

During the Kingdom of Drum Arc (the part where we discover Chopper), he was simply wearing the same clothes he has most of the time.
During the Alabasta Arc, Chopper wore a shirt with a green collar lined up, and a larger one with large light blue sleeves with dark blue pockets.
During the Skypiea Bow, he wore his usual outfit.
During the Water Seven Bow, Chopper wore his usual outfit and his blue backpack.
During the Enies Lobby Arc, he was wearing a leather jacket and his usual shorts.
During the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, Chopper wore a sky blue t-shirt with the Galley-La Company emblem with white shorts and then his blue bag.
During the Thriller Bark Arc, he wore his usual outfit.
During the Sabaody Arc, Chopper wore his usual outfit, along with his blue bag, which he always carried until he went to the slave auction house at the end of the Arc.
During his stay on the Kingdom of Torino, he wore his usual outfit almost all the time: when Chopper returns to see the inhabitants of this kingdom, he disguises himself with a mask and a cape.

After the Ellipse :
After two years, Chopper changed his outfit a little bit: he wore a light blue hat over his old hat, he wore a yellow and white striped tank top and then his red shorts became orange.

During the Fishman's Island Arc, Chopper was wearing his usual outfit with a blue backpack at the beginning of the Arc, there is also a white cross in the middle of the bag.
During the Punk Hazard Arc, he wore his usual outfit at the beginning of the arc and then wore a black fur jacket to protect himself from the cold (on the icy side of Punk Hazard). Then put back his usual outfit except his tank top.
During the Dressrosa arc, Chopper wears a camouflage over his usual outfit.

Chopper One piece


Chopper is a very caring and kind person. He doesn't hesitate to help people in need, although this may be due to the fact that he is a doctor. Chopper is also someone who loves compliments even though he always pretends otherwise. Chopper is also very emotionally fragile and cries very easily, although this may be due to his childhood trauma of being rejected by everyone. Chopper is also a very naive person because he believes everything he is told and especially Usopp's lies. Chopper is also a very excited person and is amazed by many things. In short, Chopper has a childlike personality, which makes him a favorite with the girls on the crew. He's part of the trio of cowards with Usopp and Nami.

Chopper is shy with unknown humans. Like Luffy, he is easily impressed by things like robots, cannons or hidden abilities. He is very fearful in dangerous moments such as Usopp and Nami. Although his cowardice can be attributed to his infantilism and overall lack of confidence in his own fighting abilities. Chopper is more or less on an adventure to define himself, as almost everyone in his crew is like a model.

When Chopper is happy, when he is complimented, he does the "Dirty Old Man" dance. He is a friend and a vertical companion who will try anything to overcome a task given by his crew. He still has a sense of distrust for the man of his youth, and often will pure and simple and claim that compliments do not make him happy, even though he is obviously happy about it (he starts doing the dance "Dirty Old Man" which was done by the famous Japanese comedian Ken Shimura, which became a running gag).

Chopper seems to be very forgiving of his loved ones/companions, when Usopp wanted to be part of the crew again at the end of the Post-Enies Lobby arc, he called Luffy and Zoro to tell them to take him back into the crew, although they ignored him completely. He'd rather run and hide than fight, but he becomes braver when others are there to support him.

His dream is to fulfill the dream of his deceased mentor, Hiluluk's belief that there is no incurable disease, and to become a doctor who can cure any disease. To this end, his childish nature disappears whenever his skills are needed; he is not the least bit afraid in all actions concerning the well-being of his patients.

Coque iphone One piece

Chopper also has a strong belief that the doctor is supposed to help save people, and becomes irritated when someone treats a patient without the proper respect. This was the reason why he was very angry at his former idol, Dr. Hogback, he used dead patients to resurrect them in a zombie form for the former Grand Corsair Gecko Moria. He was also furious with Caesar Clown, for kidnapping and experimenting on children, to accomplish his experiments, he got them hooked on drugs.

Another of Chopper's habits is to hide himself upside down, where he stands behind a wall or a door to hide and spy on people, trying not to be seen by them. Unfortunately, he does not hide his body behind the wall, more than half of his body is visible while half of his face is hidden.

Chopper is able to believe a lot of things, making him an easy prey for Usopp's stories. He also believed Nami when she lied to Laura about being a man, even though the truth was very obvious.

He also tends to panic quickly, and then lets some crucial facts go from his mind. For example, when someone is hurt, he often panics and yells "Call a doctor!!!". He later realizes that he is the doctor. Another example, he and Brook jump into the water without hesitation to save Luffy from drowning, but he and Brook also both have Demon Fruit, so they too can't swim. So they're all set to drown until another crew member who hasn't eaten any Demon Fruit comes to save them.

After the ellipsis, Chopper seems to be more confident, a little bit like Usopp. He seeks to be looked at as a human being, and no longer feels like the monster he says he is. He also seems to have outgrown many of the habits mentioned above, except for the fact that he still does the Dirty Old Man dance when complimented.

Skills and Competencies

Chopper is the doctor on board the straw hat crew. His goal is to be able to discover the panacea to cure all diseases.

Trained by Dr. Hiluluk and then by Dr. Kureha on the island of Drum, he has a great knowledge in the field of medicine and in the preparation of various remedies and medicines. Drum was indeed reputed to be the island where the best doctors in the world were located.

Tony Tony Chopper possesses the powers of the Zoan Hito Hito no Mi Demon Fruit, or Fruit of the Human in French. This fruit allows him to transform himself into a human or a reindeer-human hybrid. This allows him to go through three basic transformations:

Walk Point: He has the appearance of a simple reindeer. He uses this form to travel long distances, to run and to pass himself off as a simple animal. This is his natural form, but he uses it less often than Brain Point.
Brain Point : This is the form he uses most often, especially when he is with the crew of "Chapeau de Paille". This transformation is between the appearance of a reindeer and that of a human. He is small, on his two legs and with an oversized head which gives him the appearance of a creature that many people confuse him with a raccoon. He has a dexterity in this almost human form, which is essential in his role as a doctor. In this form, after swallowing a Rumble Ball, he can use the Scope technique to analyze his enemy and find his weak point.
Heavy Point : This is his most "human" form, which he uses mainly in combat. He looks like a very muscular colossus, but keeps his blue nose and a rather animal head. After the ellipse, he looks even more like a yeti.

 Tony Tony Chopper


Originally, Chopper is a fairly ordinary reindeer, but he has a particularity: his nose is blue. This difference from the other reindeer, whose nose is black, caused him to be shunned, forcing him to stay at the back of the herd and follow it from a distance. However, after he ate the Fruit of the Human, he was driven out of the herd, and was forced to leave. He tried to go live among the humans, but unfortunately for him, he was shot at by villagers who mistook him for the abominable snowman.

One day, when Chopper was in agony, Doctor Hiluluk decided to care for him and take him in, making the young reindeer his assistant and adopting him as a son. It was Hiluluk who gave Chopper his name. Although his actions were of questionable medical value, Dr. Hiluluk would become a role model for Chopper. Hiluluk taught Chopper his philosophy on life (that no disease is incurable) and his strong belief in the black flag with the death's head, explaining that nothing was impossible for the one who raised the black flag. Living in a country where, with the exception of the Toubibs 20, doctors were not allowed to practice their profession and were expelled from the Kingdom of Drum, Chopper and Hiluluk went from house to house to "heal" people for free.

When Hiluluk's health deteriorated, he left Chopper out in the cold because he did not want him around when he died. Chopper didn't understand why Hiluluk had kicked him out and begged him to let him come back and live with him, but Hiluluk refused, saying he didn't need him anymore, and chased him away with a gun. Totally broken down, Chopper fled with tears in his eyes. Later, hearing a discussion between Hiluluk and Kureha, Chopper realized what was really going on and wanted to do something to heal his mentor, his only friend. He remembered a rumor from the villagers that a certain type of mushroom could create a miracle cure and heal all diseases. Chopper searched through a Hiluluk book to find the miracle mushroom. He quickly found what he was looking for: a particular type of mushroom with a skull and crossbones drawn on the page of the book. Unaware of what this sign meant medically because of Hiluluk's praise of pirates and the death's-head flag, Chopper set out to find the mushroom. On his journey, Chopper ran into many obstacles and came face to face with his old herd. Trying to cross it, Chopper changed into his animal form, but was savagely attacked by the leader of the herd. He attacked and seriously injured Chopper, breaking one of his antlers, but he finally found the famous mushroom: an Amiudake.

Terribly wounded, Chopper returned painfully to Doctor Hiluluk, showed him the Amiudake, and asked him to eat it and live, because he too wanted to become a doctor. Hiluluk hugged Chopper tightly, telling him that even a reindeer can become a doctor.

Hiluluk, after eating the Amiudake soup prepared by Chopper, went out of his house and asked Chopper to stay in bed to rest. But later, Doctor Kureha arrived home and saw that his colleague had eaten an Amuidake, she started to beat Chopper saying that this mushroom was a very deadly poison and that Hiluluk had very little time left to live. Chopper was totally distraught when he heard this and ran after him to try to rescue him. But he was too late, the doctor had decided to commit suicide at Wapol's castle, and he was laughing out loud. Chopper tried to avenge his mentor's death, but was stopped by Dalton, begging him to leave and apologizing for his king's despicable behavior. Chopper finally left and begged Dr. Kureha to teach him medicine. She agreed and asked him to call her "Doctorine".

Tony Tony Chopper



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