TOP 5 des meilleures figurines Dragon Ball Z

Top 5 best Dragon Ball Z figures

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular manga and anime in the world. The first Dragon Ball series was released in 1986 and the franchise continues to evolve with each new entry. With new characters debuting in just about every new project, from Dragon Ball Super to the Broly and Super Hero movies, fans are looking to add new Dragon Ball figures to their collections.

Dragon Ball figures are cheap and easy to find compared to other anime properties. Older fans who grew up watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z will find just as many gems to collect as new fans who jumped on board during Dragon Ball Super. Here are the top 5 of them!

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5/ The Funko POP Ultra Size Shenron (Metallic and Glow In The Dark) is the most beautiful DBZ POP figure

Top 5 best Dragon Ball Z figures

Most Funko Pops figures may not be as articulated or detailed as other more expensive figures, but the Funko POP Shenron is no ordinary POP as it is larger, more beautiful and metallic. The iconic eternal dragon can be found on almost every figure in the franchise.

Shenron is one of the most detailed Funko POP figures fans can find and even features the seven glowing dragon balls. Even though Shenron is twice the size of a regular Funko POP, the figure will only cost 30€ when ordered from FigurineMangaFrance. Shenron is a perfect addition to any POP collection or Dragon Ball showcase in general.


4/ The Dragon Ball Super Movie Super Saiyan Broly full power figure from Banpresto is perfect for Broly fans

Top 5 best Dragon Ball Z figures

Of course, almost every Dragon Ball fan needs a Broly figure in their collection. Fortunately, Banpresto has made several figures of the popular character after his recent return in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. Broly was a popular villain in the Dragon Ball Z movies, but the new Broly movie officially introduced the character into the Dragon Ball canon.

In true Dragon Ball fashion, the uncontrollable Broly now fights alongside the heroes. This figure is very detailed and shows all of Broly's battle scars as well as the power that the character wields. Fans can purchase this figure, as well as variants, on FigurineMangaFrance for about 60€.

3/ The Dragon Ball GT FiguartsZERO Extra Battle Super Saiyan 4 figure by Bandai Spirits is made for DBZ fans

Top 5 best Dragon Ball Z figures


While some new fans of the franchise may not know much about Dragon Ball GT, almost all Dragon Ball fans from the 90s grew up with the series. Dragon Ball GT has divided the fan base. Some prefer GT to Super, while others prefer the character arcs and transformations of GT.

The FiguartsZERO Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is undeniably beautiful. This version of the character only appeared in two episodes at the end of GT, but his design is iconic. Fans can order this figure on FigurineMangaFrance for only 99,99€. This figure is a must-have for fans of the Dragon Ball GT anime.

2/ The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero SH Figuarts Ultimate Gohan figure by Bandai Spirits is a perfect collectible of the new movie.


Top 5 best Dragon Ball Z figures

The new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie puts Goku and Vegeta on the sidelines as they train with Whis, Beerus and Broly off world. Instead, Gohan and Piccolo must obtain sleek new forms to defeat the resurrected Red Ribbon Army and prevent them from activating a new, more deadly version of Cell.

Luckily for all Gohan fans, the SH Figuarts Ultimate Gohan figure from Bandai Spirits is already available to order for only 49,99€ on FigurineMangaFrance. This figure looks incredible for the price as the joints seem almost invisible. SH Figuarts has produced a very well painted figure for a modest price.

1/ The Blue Goku Super Saiyan from Bandai Spirits, the famous Ultra Instinct Kaioken

Top 5 best Dragon Ball Z figures

Two of the anime's most recognizable characters, Goku and Vegeta, share one of the most legendary rivalries in anime history. Any Dragon Ball collection is incomplete without at least one figure of each of these characters. Fortunately, Bandai Spirits has cut the search in half by presenting this beautiful Goku figure that is a must-have for any DBZ fan. This figure is a true "must-have", you are almost obliged to acquire it after seeing it if you are a true fan of the Dragon Ball masterpiece.

The most powerful Saiyan of the universe has a price for this figure of 249.99€ on FigurineMangaFrance.



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