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TOP 5 Fastest Anime Characters !

Many anime characters fight with a variety of attributes and tools at their disposal. Whether it's prodigious strength or cunning intellect, they are able to achieve their goals with a comprehensive set of abilities and gifts. However, a handful of individuals prefer a much more adrenaline-filled approach. Indeed, there are many super fast anime characters, here are the TOP 5 of the fastest of them!

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5/ Monkey D Luffy (One Piece)

TOP 5 Fastest Anime Characters!

Being the hero of the manga, he often showed ability to outspeed opponents with high speed like Captain Kuro, and much later against CP9 members who use the "Soru".

Gear 2 (or Gear Second) is a technique that consists of improving one's power and speed in battle by increasing one's blood pressure by positioning one's body as shown in the picture, which is normally impossible for a normal human, since the body cannot withstand so much blood pressure. But since Luffy's body is made of rubber, he can handle the pressure.

When using the Gear 2nd Luffy uses "Soru" which allows him to move at high speed, almost instantly, making him one of the fastest beings in the One Piece world.

4/ Cheetu (Hunter x Hunter)

TOP 5 personnages de manga les plus rapides!

Although Cheetu was one of the fastest villains in Hunter X Hunter, he was far too arrogant for his own good. He had low durability and his power nen needed serious work.

To make matters worse for Cheetu, he was so impatient that he often willingly walked into enemy traps. As a result, Morel outwitted and defeated him in their first encounter. If Cheetu had actually been able to temper himself and fight intelligently, he could have been an equal threat to Meruem's royal guards.

3/ Zenitsu (Demon Slayer)

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TOP 5 personnages de manga les plus rapides!

At a glance, Zenitsu may seem like one of the most disappointing heroes in Demon Slayer. He was cowardly, weak and only knew one ability. However, the young boy was a whole new threat after falling unconscious.

Relying solely on instinct, Zenitsu's "Thunder Breath" technique moved so quickly that many demons barely realized they had been decapitated before it was too late. As a result, Zenitsu is able to persist in a world that is otherwise far too scary for him.

2/ Tenya Lida (My Hero Academia)

TOP 5 personnages de manga les plus rapides!

While Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia may like to think of himself for his intelligence, he most often depends on raw speed. This was seen through his encounter with Stain, where he hoped to overwhelm the vigilante and comically failed.

Tenya was also foiled by Hatsume and used to debut with his latest inventions at the Sports Festival. It's a good thing his "Jet" quirk is so powerful because he probably would have been killed in almost any fight he was in otherwise. Tenya's judgment makes him too literal and easy to predict.

1/ Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

TOP 5 Fastest Anime Characters!

Ichigo Kurosaki is a Human who has the exceptional ability to distinguish ghosts. His life changes when he meets Rukia Kuchiki, who transfers his Shinigami powers to him.

After an accelerated and dangerous process of Kisuke Urahara to obtain the Bankai in 3 days, Ichigo managed to unlock the second release of his sword. Taking the form of a black katana, this Bankai greatly increases Ichigo's speed while increasing the already great power of the sword. Where other Zanpakuto's increase the power of their sword or bring other techniques, Tensa Zangetsu just brings a gain in speed as well as the complete release of Ichigo's spiritual power significant to the Bankai.

The fact that Ichigo is also a hybrid between 3 races (Quincys, Shinigami and Hollows) he is also able to use Sonido, Shunpo and Hirenkyaku, the 3 ultra fast moving techniques of the Bleach world.

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TOP 5 personnages de manga les plus rapides!


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