TOP 5 Weakest Apostles in Berserk ! Anime Figure Store

TOP 5 Weakest Apostles in Berserk !

Berserk is a fan-favorite series, appreciated by manga fans around the world. From its ultra-violent fight scenes to its badass protagonist Guts to the rich philosophy behind the story, there is so much to love. But at its core, Berserk is a horror series. Guts is not a hero, but a killer of inhuman demons called Apostles whose monstrosity reflects his own rage-filled mind.

Some of these Apostles are nearly invincible beings. Others are so weak that ordinary humans have a chance to defeat them. Here are the five weakest in Berserk !

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5/ Lord Snake

TOP 5 des Apôtres les plus faibles dans Berserk!

In both the anime and the manga, the Snake Lord was the apostle that fans got to see Guts fight with. This feudal lord ruled over a small village where he fed off the local peasantry and hired local thugs to enforce his will when he wasn't around.

Guts shot the Snake Lord in the face with the gun in his arm and emptied it with his massive sword, the Dragonslayer. Then Guts shot the lord repeatedly with his crossbow before leaving him to bleed to death.


4/ The apostle with whom he slept

TOP 5 des Apôtres les plus faibles dans Berserk!

On the first page of the manga Berserk, Guts slept with a woman in an open field under the stars. While moaning, she held him close, then turned into a hideous giant monster, licking him with her massive tongue. He thrust his gun arm into her mouth and fired, killing her easily.

An earlier version of this character was present at the Eclipse, killing Corkus with a similar attempt at deception using his body. Since nothing else is known about her character, she is nothing more than a recreation of an unfortunate tired monster trope - the woman who seduces a man, only to turn out to be less beautiful than he expected. Such twists legitimize violence against women, especially trans women. Fortunately, the series has become more sophisticated since then.

 3/ Grunbeld

When Grunbeld led a crowd of apostles into the forest grove where the witch Flora lived, some of them were fierce, while others were less formidable. In fact, some of them were even less impressive than the human companions traveling with Guts.

There is nothing to say about them because they were commonplace. They lived, they fought, they died a pitiful death and the battle went on without them.


2/ Wandering Apostle at Godo

TOP 5 des Apôtres les plus faibles dans Berserk!

After the eclipse, Guts and Caska arrived at Godo's. They were followed by a small pig apostle, who was tracking their scent. Guts tried to kill this apostle with a sword, but the blade broke. Then Guts took the Dragonslayer.

The massive sword was designed to kill mythical dragons. A humble and weak apostle had no way to resist the sword in Guts' hands.

1/ The Demon Child

The demon child was the undead stillborn fetus resulting from Griffith / Femto's impregnation of Caska during the eclipse. It was a literal zombie demon fetus.

Guts never technically fought it in the classic big battle sense, but he yelled at it and directed much of his fury at the half-human monster. He was eventually eaten by an egg-shaped apostle.

Griffith (Le Faucon de Lumière)



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