Uryû Ishida

Uryû Ishida

 Uryu Ishida is a classmate and friend of Ichigo Kurosaki and is introduced as the last Quincy. At first, he was introduced as a rival when he discovered that Ichigo had become a Shinigami. However, in the course of time, he joins him when they have to face common enemies and has become one of Ichigo's best and true friends, although he pretends not to want to help Ichigo intentionally, pretending to have common goals.

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 He participated in the rescue of Rukia Kuchiki from his prison in Soul Society and later he helps Ichigo to rescue Orihime Inoue in Hueco Mundo. In both cases, he proved to be a valuable ally, since he is a strong and flexible fighter. He is also very intelligent, his strategic talent helped Ichigo and his friends many times in the difficult and varied situations they faced.

Being the Last Quincy, he will be recruited into the Vandenreich and will receive the Schrift "A" by Yhwach. As a result of his strategic actions in the Bloody Millennium War, he will be considered one of the five strongest Stern Ritters also known as the Stern Lichters or Schutzstaffels. He would eventually betray Yhwach and Haschwalth at the most opportune moment in order to finish off the Vandenreich.

Uryû Ishida


Uryu is a boy with black hair and glasses of average height. In high school, he wears his uniform with tie, while outside he wears a special traditional white suit, specific to the Quincy, decorated with blue stripes representing the Quincy cross, with a coat in addition. The Quincy also has a bow that he conjures up with a small star-shaped medallion.

After the eclipse, he is seen a little taller, with shorter hair, especially on the left side of his head, and wears the same outfits to school. He is seen again as part of the Vandenreich with a standard white uniform.


Uryu generally appears as a calm, solitary, serious and methodical character, he is also the first of the class, but he is also rather distant and haughty towards the others, and more particularly towards Ichigo whom he does not like, because of his tenacious hatred towards the Shinigamis. However, Uryu evolves during the episodes and his difficult relationship with Ichigo improves little by little, in particular when they make common front to save Rukia. He is also a tempered person who tries to calm down the conflicts, and more particularly the incessant disputes between Ichigo and Renji. Ishida can be sometimes attentive and also annoying.

Uryû is a passionate of sewing, he is a member of the club of the craft industry in Karakura High School, and he is very skilful in sewing, we can see him several times repairing clothes of dolls in a record time with the help of his sewing kit or transforming Kon into a backpack, to the great displeasure of the latter...


Uryû Ishida



Uryū is the son of Ryūken Ishida and Kanae Katagiri,his mother lost consciousness on the same day Masaki died,June 17,she herself died three months later after Yhwach performed his Auswählen technique and took his powers.Later He found himself in the same class as Ichigo and he befriended a little later,

As a child, Uryū was mainly trained to be a Quincy by his grandfather, Soken Ishida. His father, Ryūken Ishida, was less enthusiastic about being a Quincy, claiming that it was not a profitable occupation. They don't seem to be on the best of terms in the aftermath, given the way Uryū calls his father by his own first name. Soken understands Ryūken's reasoning, since being a Quincy is more about justice than material rewards, and Ryūken has a family to support. Soken tells Uryū that he would one day be able to understand his father's motivations, but so far, this is not the case.

Uryū's grandfather was killed by Hollow right in front of him, and Uryū was unable to do anything to protect him. This is one of the reasons why he hates the Shinigami, who did not come to save his Grandfather in time. It is later revealed that the current captain of the 12th division, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, arranged the delay of the intervention of the shinigami so that the soul of Soken is collected for study.

Uryû Ishida


Replacement Shinigami Bow

Uryû is a classmate of Ichigo's, and while the two teenagers hardly speak to each other, Uryū is aware of the powers of Ichigo and his friends (Chad, Orihime) as well as Rukia's true identity. Feeling hatred towards the Shinigami, he decides to challenge Ichigo to a duel, not in a direct fight but to whoever defeats the most Hollows. Ichigo does not appreciate the irresponsibility of Uryū due to the fact that he endangers the population, but the Quincy still breaks the bait in Hollow.

The appearance of the Menos Grande will end the duel between the two protagonists, as the city is threatened with destruction by the monster's Cero. Ichigo manages to push back the attack of the Menos and to send it back in the Hueco Mundo, but having called all his power, he cannot control his energy any more. Uryu manages to "absorb" a part of his energy and throws it back into the sky by shooting several arrows, at the cost of some wounds on his arm, so he saves Ichigo from a certain death.

Arc de la Soul Society

He goes to the Soul Society with his friends to save Rukia from execution and also loses all his Quincy powers during his fight against Mayuri Kurotsuchi. He uses a technique that his grandfather had forbidden him to use... A technique that consisted simply in removing the glove (the Sanrei glove) with which he had trained before coming to the Soul Society. This gave him a destructive, but ephemeral power. These new acquired abilities allowed him to slice Mayuri Kurotsuchi's Bankai in two and almost killed him. Without the intervention of Nemu, the vice-captain of the twelfth division, Uryu would have died because of Ashizo Gijizo's poison, she gave him the antidote that he ingested. A little later we see him in bad shape, wandering, he is losing his powers little by little before meeting the captain of the ninth division, Kaname Tosen, who manages to make him pass out easily with his Zanpakuto, Suzumushi.

Uryû Ishida

Arc des Arrancars

He doesn't have any big role to play in this arc. He is attacked once by an Arrancarized Gilian, but nevertheless "failed" while he had no more his powers. It is on this occasion that we see his father for the first time and that he decides to train his son. The main part of Uryu's presence in this arc concerns his training.

Back in Karakura, Uryu finds his father who does not seem to deny his powers anymore. The latter asks him if he wants to recover his Quincy powers. However, he puts a condition on it: never again deal with a Shinigami or his allies. Back at school, Uryū only thinks about this condition: get his powers back or stay with Ichigo and his friends. Finally, Ishida goes to his father and swears to him that he will never mess with a Shinigami again. He then starts training with his father, a high level Quincy. During this training, Ishida's father told him that if he tried hard to avoid his arrows, he could get his Quincy powers back. During this training, Ishida's body and mind are taken to the extreme limit. Slipping under his father, Ishida uses his last ginto (silver tube in which Ishida has put spiritual energy in case he gets attacked in the situation where he doesn't have his powers) to launch Glitz (five-pointed cross link). This ginto creates a five-pointed cross that covers Ishida's father. Unfortunately, Uryū's father pierces the cross and shoots an arrow right at Uryu's heart. He says, "Bring the body and mind to the extreme limit and once in this condition, take a spiritual arrow at 9 mm to the right of the heart ..This is what returns the spiritual pressure to the Quincy."

Uryû Ishida

Arch of the Hueco Mundo

Thereafter, he manages to turn the oath made to his father to his advantage ("Ichigo is not a Shinigami, he is only a substitute Shinigami!") to leave to help Ichigo and Chad to save Orihime captured by Aizen. We will discover that he has a superior movement technique to Shunpo called Hyrenkyaku and also that his rate of fire is 1200 shots per second, which is much higher than the average.

He will fight the Privarón Espada Cirucci Thunderwitch, which he will defeat with the help of Seele Schneider, then the Octava Espada, Szayel Apollo Grantz, alongside Renji, where he will be seriously injured, the Espada n°9 having created a voodoo doll allowing him to destroy his internal organs. Mayuri Kurotsuchi healed him and gave him anti-arrancar mines, thanks to which he put Espada Ten Yammy out of action. During the fight of Ichigo and Ulquiorra, Ishida will intervene to protect Inoue who was helping an unconscious Ichigo and will fight Ulquiorra but will be unfortunately beaten.


Uryû Ishida


Arch of the False Karakura Town

He is not present there, since he is blocked in Hueco Mondo with Chad, Inoue, Renji, Rukia and the other officers sent in reinforcement.

Arc Fullbring

At the beginning of the arc, Uryu is attacked by an unknown person and seriously wounded, he will spend most of the arc in the hospital and will make an appearance at the end to reveal to Ichigo that Ginjo Kûgo is since the beginning the antagonist of the arc and that this last one wants to steal his Fullbring. Ishida will be wounded by Tsukishima afterwards. He will then fight with Ichigo against Ginjo. During this fight, we will see him with a new bow looking like his father's one. With Ichigo they will succeed in killing Ginjo.

Uryû Ishida

Arc of the millennial bloody war

Seeing that Ichigo is overworked by the abnormal number of Hollows who came to invade Karakura, Uryû, Chad and Orihime came to give him a hand. 2 days later, he attends the awakening of the soldier Ryûnosuke Yuki who receives a call from Akon about the death of Chôjiro Sasakibe. He warns Ichigo to be ready to fight. Later, when Nel and Pesche arrive to ask for help at Ichigo's house, he quickly understands the situation and refuses to go to Hueco Mundo, knowing that the Vandenreich is behind it. Shortly after the first battle, Jugram Haschwalth will propose to Uryû to come and join their ranks and this last one seeing there an opportunity to avenge his mother accepts at once. He is thus presented to Yhwach before the latter designates him as his successor in front of the Stern Ritters. Later, he drinks a cup of Yhwach's blood, activating his Schrift and asking the Original Quincy why he caused confusion among his subjects about him. The emperor answers that Uryu Ishida is the only Quincy of Meleblood to have survived his Auswahl of June 17 and that his presence with him is indispensable for his plans. Later, he will follow Yhwach and Haschwalth to the Seireitei, now clothed with the Quincy and the Silbern and will state the Kaiser Gesang to His Majesty. The latter replies that there is a sequel and that the end of the present world will take 9 days. When the private shinigamis of Bankai recover them, Uryû questions Yhwach on the forecast of the events. What he answers him that Yes but that the loss of the Bankais allow the use of Quincy Vollstandig. In the night, he will want to enter the quarters of Yhwach but interrupted by Haschwalth. There he learns about the sharing power of His Majesty. When Ichigo comes down from the Royal Palace, Uryu follows the two leaders of the Quincy army on the highest tower of Silbern. He interrupts Ichigo who has come to meet them and throws him a Licht Regen before leaving for the Royal Palace. He will remain spectator of the death of Nianzol Weizol, the arrival of the Schutzstaffels, the awakening of The Almighty and the defeat of the Royal Guard before interrupting Yoruichi by shooting him in the back. His arrival will confuse the team and will allow the Schutzstaffels to remove Ichigo and his gang. He will witness the demonstration of Yhwach's new strength and will become afraid of it before receiving the order to eliminate the Shinigami. Instead, he will place strange spiritual particles before crossing the road of Haschwalth who will question him. He then notices that the latter also possesses The Almighty and understands that the Grand Master of the Stern Ritters possesses the power of Yhwach when the latter sleeps. He is cornered until he crosses the way of Ichigo. He tells this one to run away in the real world before Haschwalth tells him that it is impossible. Uryu keeps the second of Yhwach while Ichigo and Orihime go to fight the Original Quincy. After a long fight, Uryu is wounded and tired while Jugram explains him his power of The Balance before wanting to finish the traitor. Ishida asks him sarcastically if he doesn't want to see his Schrift before his death. Jugram tells him that to postpone his death like that is vain and that if his Schrift could be useful, he would have already used it. So Uryu activates his power : The Antithesis and his wounds are transferred on Haschwalth. The latter, confused, listens to the particularities of the power of Stern Ritter A before transferring to him his wounds to prevent Ishida from running away. However, the fight is going to be interrupted by Yhwach who steals Haschwalth's power thanks to Auswahl. Haschwalth defeated asks him to transfer his wounds on him. Uryu will then join the Seireitei in order to shoot a silver arrow on Yhwach, which annihilates temporarily his powers, which allows Ichigo to finish him.


Uryû Ishida



  • Quincy Cross: cross of Quincy
  • Seel Schneider: sword of spiritual energy
  • Hollow Bait
  • Sliber Draht
  • Anti-Arrancar Mine
    • Sanrei Glove (No longer possessed): This glove gives prodigious power to the user, making them capable of temporarily overtaking a Captain, the downside however is that they lose all their powers once used.
    • Hakumen Kudashi

      Uryû Ishida

      Skills and Competencies

      • Master Archer : Uryu is shown to be probably one of the best archers in the whole manga, together with his father and his grandfather. Being one of the last traditional Quincy, his prowess with a bow allows him a wide range of ways to defeat one or several enemies.
        • Directional control: Against Cirucci Thunderwitch Uryu demonstrates the ability to bend his projectiles to reach places that he would not normally be able to reach.
        • Attack Cancellation: He can use his numerous projectiles to counter the distance attacks of his opponents.
      • Reishi Absorption: The basic ability of all Quincy to collect spirit particles and turn them into weapons or items.
        • Quincy Letzt Stil : After training with his glove and multiple fights with it, he takes it off against Mayuri Kurotsuchi and is able to break the Bankai of the latter and mortally wound him in a single projectile.
          • Quincy Vollstandig: He has not demonstrated this ability, but it is very likely that he has mastered it.
        • Expert of the Hirenkyaku: Uryu is an excellent practitioner of this technique of displacement, being able to equal the Shunpo of Mayuri, he will receive a compliment from the latter. We see the young man using a variant of this technique in Hueco Mondo, with which he goes with Inoue on the roof of Las Noche.
      • Ransotengai (乱装天傀, The heavenly puppet outfit, rough translation): A rare technique that not all Quincy possess. The only two we know of who have used it are Uryu and Quilge Opie. It allows you to continue to fight despite broken bones or serious injuries by controlling your own body with Reishi threads. The thesis of the rarity is proved by the statements of Mayuri during his fight with the young man since in more than 2600 autopsies (2661 exactly), no individual that he studied had this ability.
      • Expert of Gintô: Uryû is a fine tactician, he perfectly masters the use of this object to carry out traps and devastating attacks.
      • Great intelligence and physical form: Uryu is an intelligent, calm and composed character. He has a heightened sense of analysis of the situations that surround him and a physical form that borders on the athletic, given the feats he is capable of, such as shooting a thousand arrows per second.
        Hand-to-hand expert: Uryu is not a hand-to-hand fighter in the strict sense. He is primarily an archer, however, he is able to compete with good swordsmen when the situation requires it, using the Seel Schneider, which looks like a sword.
      • Expert in martial arts
      • Sensory perception: As a Quincy, he has developed a strong spiritual perception.
      • Great spiritual pressure : Uryu has surprising spiritual faculties considering his age.
      • Ginrei Kojaku (Litt.:Sparrow with a silver beak) :This is the new bow obtained by Uryu after having recovered his powers, shortly before the beginning of the Hueco Mondo bow. It is his father who gave it to him.
      • Spiritual bow: After the 17 months ellipse, his bow has a less original look and remains more powerful than the old one.
        • Heilig Pfeil (lit.: Holy Arrow): These are the holy arrows of Reishi that only seasoned Quincys can hope to throw. They were first named by Quilge Opie. Uryu could throw more than a thousand of them per second.
          • Licht Regen (lit.: Rain of Light) : Uryu stands above his opponent and hits him with a rain of Heilig Pfeil.
        • Ricochet : Uryu is able to ricochet his shots.


      After being recruited by Jugram Haschwalth in the Vandenreich, Yhwach will grant him the Schrift (lit. Letter) A. This unique power called Antithesis allows Uryu to reverse two created points. In other words, if he is badly beaten during a fight, he can transfer his injuries to his opponent and regain the advantage.


      Ichigo Kurosaki

      • Uryu considers Ichigo as his rival because of an old story about the suppression of the Quincy a few years before orchestrated by the Shinigamis of the Soul Society but also because of Ichigo's temperament which explodes easily whereas he is rather calm and reserved. The aura that Ichigo gave off during their first meeting against the Hollows reminded him of his hatred. But little by little they became close when Ichigo, Chad, Inoue and himself went to save Rukia who had to be sentenced to death at the Soul Society. A sentence that he finds unjust and also to pay a debt to Rukia.

      Orihime Inoue

      • From the beginning we can see that Ishida is an intelligent person and he seems to become closer to Inoue when they were at the Soul Society to save Rukia. He has like a little crush on her although everyone could see that Inoue only has eyes for Ichigo to be behind him all the time. Ishida is rather calm and sometimes very cold towards the others but he never abandons his new friends.


      • He appears on the cover of volume 4 "Quincy Archer hates you
      • Noriaki Sugiyama is also the double of Sasuke Uchiwa from Naruto manga.



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