Idée cadeau Saint-Valentin pour un fan de manga!

Valentine's Day gift idea for a manga fan!

Valentine's Day 2022: What gift for a manga fan?


Where does Valentine's Day, traditionally celebrated on February 14, come from? In ancient Rome, there was a pagan festival to give a boost to singles, they organized hide-and-seek games, it was a bit naughty, it was called the lupercalia and it became Valentine's Day. The Valentine in question would be a priest who lived in the third century, who married lovers in secret while marriage was prohibited. Marriage was forbidden because the emperor thought that the bride and groom made bad soldiers.


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Idée cadeau Saint-Valentin pour un fan de manga!


Escape in love in the 4 corners of France

After a difficult year and a beginning of the year still as complicated as ever, it's time for you and your other half to get away. What to find yourself for a moment of pure happiness and infinite love!

Are you a couple of the adventurous type or rather adept at lazing around? You want to spend a weekend 100% discovered or you prefer it hot under the bed? Luxury getaway in relaxation mode or sporty stay in the mountains, nature or modernity lovers... There is something for everyone, something to satisfy every couple!

Accompanied by your soul mate, you will share a moment of love and escape to spend a magnificent Valentine's Day well deserved!
This is the perfect opportunity to use our Galaxy Projector to immerse yourself in a starry night full of love! Take advantage of this gadget to make a marriage proposal, or a simple declaration of love... Say "I love you" by offering you a moment of escape for two, thanks to our starry sky projector prepared with love just for you. Seal your love forever with a painting of you or of an unusual place that would remind you of one of your wonderful romantic trips on the site la

Idée cadeau Saint-Valentin pour un fan de manga!


Chocolates: A must-have

For you, no Valentine's Day without chocolate? We understand you! Chocolate makers are vying for originality to offer special boxes for the most romantic day of the year. From couple meditation, a special menu already prepared and other aphrodisiac treats... You're sure to find something you like!

A heart-shaped figurine for the one you love!

Discover our Law's Demon Fruit Figure

Idée cadeau Saint-Valentin pour un fan de manga!

A demon fruit with the atypical shape of a heart, held by the captain of the crew of the Heart: Trafalgar D. Water Law, demon fruit of the Paramecia type, the Ope Ope no Mi is the fruit of the Scalpel.

Give a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day

To say I love you, there's nothing like a beautiful bouquet, which will arrive directly at your lover's home. He/she will be touched by this gesture, especially since nowadays, there are many options to have a bouquet delivered. You can even have it sent the same day. So natural or dried flowers, choose what will please the one you love the most.

A collectible figurine

If you know the person's taste, this is the best choice. Indeed, collectible figurines are very popular products among fans, because in addition to remembering the best passages of their favorite anime, they also allow to embellish the manga library or an Otaku room. Moreover, most of the figurines are collectors' items and therefore are made only once, which makes the gift even more authentic.

The other big advantage of this product is its price which remains accessible, count between 25 -35€ for a Naruto figure for example.

Discover the Kakashi Hatake Figure

Idée cadeau Saint-Valentin pour un fan de manga!


Also think about gift cards

Another tip, if you don't have an idea, or you want to be sure not to make a mistake, think of the gift card. Thanks to it, the recipient will be able to buy absolutely what he or she wants. Good news, there are plenty of them on our online store, for various amounts. If your other half loves manga contents, our brand is a must in this field. FigurineMangaFrance is the ideal to please yourself or your Valentine. You will only have to choose the amount for the value of the gift card and it will be done.

Discover our 50€ gift card

Idée cadeau Saint-Valentin pour un fan de manga!



There are so many products that will please the enthusiasts that it would be impossible to list them all here, we just put forward the products that are probably the most offered as a gift to your lover. We still think that the best product to offer is a figurine, because it is an object that marks the spirits and that makes a real gift. Do not hesitate to have a look at all the manga figurines of the Figurine Manga France store.


Our store offers all types of figurines and derivative products of Anime, all our products are faithfully adapted from manga / anime in question.

You will find figures, LED lights, iPhone and Airpods cases as well as clothes and goodies featuring your favorite characters.

The characters present on our online store are from your most popular Anime and Manga such as: One Piece, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball Z, Jujutsu Kaisen...

The anime products we offer are not necessarily products to be offered as gifts. You can use them as a personal item, to decorate your room or to fill your collection cupboard like a real Otaku!

So don't hesitate to come and visit our online store by clicking here !

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