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Yamato is the biological daughter of Kaido, one of the 4 Emperors, although she has renounced all ties with her father. She is a big fan of Oden Kozuki and worships him so much that she wanted to "become Kozuki Oden". She says that she has become a man, and she is considered as such.


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Yamato is very tall, so tall that she can carry Luffy under her arm. She has two horns on her forehead and wears a demonic mask. She has a long white hair with blue-green reflections at the end. Her eyes are red-brown, but were yellow when she first appeared in the DREAMIN' ON opening (corrected later when the opening reveals her with red eyes). Around her waist, she has a sacred knot belt like her father. She is dressed in a kimono with geta sandals and chains on each wrist. She wears a knot on her back very similar to the one Oden wore at the time, as well as handcuffs that explode if he leaves the island, preventing him from leaving Onigashima.



Kaido talks about her as an idiot. Yamato is a great admirer of Oden Kozuki, a former great enemy of her father, to the point of considering Oden's logbook as a bible, identifying with him, and being determined to achieve the goal he could not finish, namely "opening the gates of the country." For this reason although she was born a woman, she hides her appearance with a large mask and loose clothing, and made people who know him mistake him for a man, thus becoming Kaido's son.

She shows little attachment to Kaido, his allies and the Hundred Beast Crew, nor any remorse in standing up to them, as when she attacks Ulti, a high ranking member of the crew, with a technique of her father's.

She trusts Luffy and Momonosuke enough to show them Oden's diary that she has been hiding all this time from her father, which she has never revealed to anyone.

When she met Luffy, he said he didn't feel any animosity coming from her.



Despite the fact that she is biologically his daughter, Kaido refers to her as "his son". The latter gets angry when talking about him, calling him an idiot, which indicates that they don't seem to be on very good terms. When she told him that she wanted to "become Oden Kozuki", he obviously sent her packing. She is also very angry at her father for killing her idol. When Yamato stands up to her father, he often retaliates with violence, and even imprisoned him on Onigashima with explosive handcuffs. When Luffy removes the explosive handcuffs and Yamato realizes that they could actually kill him, she reacts violently and chooses to no longer consider Kaido her father.

For his part, Kaido seems to forgive his son his misdeeds, even if he sometimes represses them violently. He respects his choice to dress like his former enemy and to be considered as a man, calling him his son. Kaido seems to have hopes that Yamato will join him in his ideals, planning to make him the new shogun in his plan for a new Onigashima.

Monkey D. Luffy

Yamato saved her and told her that he had been waiting for her for a long time, which indicates that they are potential allies, and she acts as such during the battle of Onigashima. She offered to help him to open the borders of the Land of Wa and wants to join his crew. She is well informed about Luffy's crew despite the isolation of the country. Moreover, it was Luffy who freed her from her explosive handcuffs.

Kozuki Oden

Yamato is a great fan of Oden, whom she considers the most illustrious of the Samurai, and loves him so much that she does everything possible to resemble him. She was present as a child at his execution, which she describes as a "legendary moment". Shortly after the execution, Yamato found Oden's diary in Kuri and claims that it has become her "Bible".

Yamato went so far as to change her identity (taking on a man's) to look like Oden. She is ready to betray her father and help the resistance to follow the ideals of the legendary samurai that she says she inherited.

Portgas D. Ace

She met Ace in the past and the two became friends. Yamato wanted to go to sea with him, but Kaido prevented him from doing so. Ace used to talk a lot about his little brother, so Yamato was waiting for Luffy's arrival for a long time after his brother's death. Yamato also gave Ace's life card to him. Ace will give a piece to Luffy in Alabasta, and will leave another one to Yamato.





Skills and competencies

Yamato is extremely powerful. While the Tobiroppo Ulti was in her animal form, she was able to catch her off guard and blast her with one blow. She was also able to fend off a Gear Third blow from Luffy without any real difficulty.

Fruit of the Demon

Yamato ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Okuchi no Makami model, a Mythical Zoan-type Fruit that her father Kaido had retrieved, and inadvertently ate it because she was hungry. This Fruit allows her to transform into "Ōkuchi-no-Magami", the deification of the Wolf of Honshū, an extinct subspecies of wolf living in Japan, considered protective of humans. This Fruit allows it to generate destructive breath, and resembles a creature with fangs, a thin snout and misty-looking hair.


Yamato is one of the few people in the world who can use all three forms of Haki, just like his father.

Haki of the Kings

Yamato possesses the Haki of Kings, a very rare form of Haki. Yamato unleashed this Haki while fleeing through Onigashima as a child, knocking out many of her father's subordinates. As an adult, Yamato now knows how to use it, even in its advanced stage, imbuing her kanabo with the Haki of Kings, which produces dark flashes when performing the Raimei Hakke technique against her father.

Weaponry Haki

Yamato is a highly skilled user of Weapon Haki, imbuing her hand and kanabo with it as she attacks Hatcha, causing a lightning-like effect. Yamato can use this Haki in its advanced stage, being able to project it a great distance forward and strike distant opponents with tremendous force with a single kanabo strike, which was enough to defeat Hatcha. Yamato can also use it to injure Logia users, as in his first confrontation with Ace, successfully injuring him.


Haki of Observation

Yamato is able to use Observation Haki.


  • Raimei Hakke/Divine Thunder Rumble (雷鳴八卦, Raimē Hakke, Divine Thunder Rumble): the same technique as his father. In the manner of Kaido, Yamato charges at the opponent with extraordinary speed and strikes a horizontal mace blow with prodigious force. Used for the first time against Ulti.
  • Nari Kabura/Sound Arrow (鳴鏑 Nari Kabura): Yamato creates a destructive spike of air by delivering a mace blow into the air. First used against Hatcha.
  • Shinsoku - White Snake Throw (しんぞく - はくじゃく Shinsoku - Hakujaku): Yamato's mace gets covered in King's Haki, and Yamato spins it around and then hits his opponent full force


Like her father, Yamato possesses a Kanabō, which suits her size; in conjunction with her immense strength, she was able to use it to temporarily defeat Ulti. This kanabo is named Takeru, With Yamato's strength, it can be used to perform flying strikes that can even resemble energy explosions. Yamato has a masterful technique with his kanabo, being able to move it to counter Luffy's fast attacks with little effort.







Yamato was born 28 years ago. She couldn't hold back her tears when her father was executed twenty years ago. Twenty years ago, Yamato told her father that she wanted to become Oden Kozuki, but he sent her away and imprisoned her in Onigashima with explosive handcuffs. She decided to become like Oden Kozuki and open the borders of Wa Land.

Later, she found the diary that Oden kept during his sea voyage to Kuri, in which his glorious life and important things are told.

Four years ago, Yamato met Ace, with whom she wanted to go to sea, but Kaido prevented her from doing so and imprisoned her in Onigashima with explosive handcuffs.

Shortly after Oden's death, Yamato went on a rampage through Onigashima and, despite her handcuffs, unleashed a blast of Haki of Kings that knocked out her father's subordinates. Yamato then declared to Kaido that she had become Oden, and he replied that if she was, then she should die. To try to reason with Yamato, Kaido locked his daughter in a cave with some samurai prisoners for a month, until they agreed to obey him. He left them food supplies for one person and gave them swords to fight with. Yamato was terrified, believing that the samurai would hate her because of her heritage; however, the samurai immediately gave her the food, saying that a samurai was never hungry. One of the samurai, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, freed Yamato from her chains, saying that he had been friends with Oden and had liked her speech. Yamato asked for help to read Oden's diary, as the text was too complicated for a child like her, and the samurai read it with her as they were very interested in the exploits the diary narrated. After ten days, the samurai declared that they would not last 20 years before the day of the promised battle, so they prepared to escape from the cave and face Kaido so that Yamato could survive until that day.

Some time between two and five years ago, Kaido and his top subordinates were away from Onigashima on an expedition. During this time, Yamato met the pirate Portgas D. Ace when he came to the island to kill Kaido. After Ace did so much damage to Kaido's castle, Yamato decided to fight him because of boredom. During the fight, Yamato broke the dragon statue at the entrance of the island to show disdain for Kaido. Ace then left a mark on the statue and took responsibility for breaking it. Afterwards, Yamato and Ace got to know each other. Yamato had expressed a desire to go to sea with Ace and his crew, but because of the explosive chains that threatened to blow up if Yamato was gone, there was no choice but to stay behind. While drinking sake together, Ace told Yamato about Luffy and his dream. Before they parted ways, Yamato gave Ace a life card. After a while, Yamato decided to wait for Monkey D. Luffy to come to Onigashima.

Some time ago, Yamato, who wanted to go to sea, ate a Mythical Zoan-type Fruit, the Inu Inu no Mi, Okuchi no Makami model, that her father Kaido had retrieved, and inadvertently ate it because she was hungry, thus becoming an anvil forever.


Arc Wano Kuni

She is mentioned for the first time by Kaido when he asks his men where she is.

She is mentioned for the second time by Kaido, when he orders the Tobiroppo to go in search of her. This time, Yamato is named. He would have disappeared on the day of the Fire Festival. Kaido would have an important announcement to make in connection with this last one.

She appears for the first time out of nowhere, attacking Ulti, stopping her attack and putting her out of action to help Luffy. Yamato quickly gets to know the Straw Hat before running away with him, carrying him under her arm. She reveals to him that she has been waiting for him for a long time, that she means him no harm and that she is Kaido's son.

Yamato and Luffy go then in the attic of the castle and she tells him her story. She then tells him that she will join him to open the land of Wa and finishes by saying that he reminds her of Ace. While Yamato explains that she is not free to leave the Land of Wa because of the handcuffs he wears which will explode if she ever leaves the island, Kaido starts his speech and announces that the Land of Wa will become "the new Onigashima" and that its shogun will be Yamato. He is obviously against this idea but she and Luffy fall from the place where they were observing the scene and are noticed and pursued by the Hundred Beasts Crew.

While they were fighting the Hundred Beast Crew, Luffy informs Yamato that Momonosuke and his minions were alive the whole time. Luffy then took Yamato's handcuffs off and threw them away before they exploded and caused a huge explosion that sent them flying towards the stage where Kaido and his Calamities are. Realizing that his father was really willing to kill him, Yamato disowned Kaido.

When he and Luffy reached the main stage, Yamato confronted Ulti again. When one of the Hundred Beast pirates reported that Kaido had been attacked by the Red Scabbards, Yamato made it clear that he did not support his father and was also willing to let him die.

Later, Momonosuke was released from the crucifix and Luffy asked Yamato to help Shinobu protect him, to which Yamato wondered if everything was okay, but quickly realized that it was obviously natural to do so as Momonosuke's "father." At the Shinobu and Momonosuke reunion, Yamato once again fell under the illusion of being Oden by exclaiming to be Oden himself, unintentionally scaring Shinobu and Momonosuke and causing them to run away instead of accepting Yamato's help. Yamato ran after the two for a while until they were attacked by Sasaki's group. After Shinobu was injured, Yamato stepped in to protect them, shielding them from bazooka fire and sent one of Sasaki's men crashing into a wall, she exclaimed to Shinobu that she too was present at Oden's execution and that her words touched her and that she wishes to protect her and Momonosuke at the risk of her life.
While Sasaki prepares to enter the battle, Yamato starts to transform, but Franky arrives then chased by Hatcha. Hatcha destroys the ground with a club and Momonosuke, Shinobu and Yamato fall underneath. Yamato takes the opportunity to beat Hatcha with a single club blow.

After taking Momonosuke away from the battlefield to seek refuge, telling him that he must survive to bring dawn to Wa, Momonosuke comes across an old statue of a disfigured dragon. Yamato tells him that one of his friends, Ace, tried to kill Kaido a few years ago.

Yamato tells Momonosuke about his encounter with Ace and reveals that Ace is Luffy's brother and Roger's son. Yamato also gave Oden's diary to Momonosuke.

Later, a mouse wearing a mask with one eye wandered into the storeroom. Yamato caught the mouse and revealed that it was a member of Kaido's surveillance unit, the Marys. Their location was compromised and a group of Hundred Bet Pirates stormed the warehouse. While hiding Momonosuke, Yamato and Shinobu started to fight. Yamato and Shinobu escaped from the forbidden hangar and continued to run while Yamato asked Momonosuke if he was okay, but he considered himself a weak burden to the alliance, which Shinobu denied, Momonosuke refuted this claim and transformed into a dragon at the same time, which surprised them both.

Momonosuke returned to normal and went back to his hiding place, and Yamato expressed his surprise at the similarity of his abilities to Kaido's, expressing the wish to become a monster like him and the desire to defeat him. Yamato then prepared to go out with a Momonosuke decoy doll in order to keep the pirate beast's forces away from him and Shinobu, though the duo noted that Yamato's true desire was to go out and fight. Upon reaching the third floor of the castle, Yamato was spotted by some Hundred Bet Pirates and eliminated them.





Yamato quickly arrived on the roof of the Dome and shouted at Kaido, who was standing outside the Dome, Yamato calling him by name. Kaido told Yamato to call him "Father," but Yamato refused and expressed a desire to break the chains that held them together as well as to go out to sea with Luffy after Kaido was defeated. Kaido declared that Luffy was dead and that there was no way Yamato could defeat him; Yamato acknowledged the latter, but still believed that Luffy would return and was therefore willing to hold Kaido back until then as the duo clashed. Soon into the fight, Yamato appears in hybrid Zoan form, she claims she only ate the demon fruit because she was hungry, and Kaido points out that he had a hard time getting it. He then explains that her power represents the guardian of Wano and that he is disappointed that someone called Oden ate it. He then notes that Yamato will have to lead Wano anyway, which she refuses to do.

Kaidou told his daughter that if she wanted to bear the name Oden, she had to be ready for war. As Yamato remembered the samurai who sacrificed to keep her alive, Yamato asked Kaido why he took her and Wano's freedom away, and Kaido replied that there was no simple answer to that then the two executed the Raimei Hakke technique at the same time and created a powerful Haoshoku Haki clash.

The clash broke Yamato's ice cover, avoiding any injury. She then jumped into the air and attacked Kaidou, smashing his head into the ground. As he got up, he mocked her defense of Wano and reminded her that she would never escape her heritage and that the samurai would never accept her; however, Yamato rejected the claims. When Kaidou added that she had always been alone, Yamato shouted that she had friends, but Kaidou retorted that everyone who had shown her compassion was dead, such as Ace, the samurai in the cave, and any pirate who fed her. Discouraged, Yamato let her guard down and Kaidou threw her to the ground and began to beat her, claiming that these friendships were false and that she should rule others with the fear of her power. Straightening up, Yamato returned to normal and prepared to continue the fight with Kaidou. She then infused her kanabo with Haoshoku Haki and struck Kaidou again. At the same time, Luffy mounted an adult Momonosuke in his dragon form on the roof and also hit Kaidou. The combined attack sent Kaidou flying, while Yamato and Luffy greeted each other. Kaidou transformed into his dragon form and confronted the other dragon, which Yamato was surprised to hear was Momonosuke.


As the fight continued, Yamato watched Luffy and Kaidou clash, their attacks splitting the skies, and Yamato watching in amazement. As Luffy tells Momonosuke to stop Onigashima from falling on Wano, Yamato also begins to bleed and clutches her head in pain because she couldn't completely block Kaidou's attack by herself. Luffy then calls Yamato to help Momonosuke, Yamato agrees and climbs on Momonosuke. Kaidou refuses to let them go anywhere and charges for them both, while Yamato tries to encourage Momonosuke to go, which he eventually does, Yamato even blocking his father, just as Luffy grabs Kaidou from behind and stops him. Although he wants to go back and help fight, Yamato quickly realizes that Luffy wanted a one-on-one with Kaidou, so with that, she and Momonosuke jump off Onigashima. As Momonosuke cries in fear of falling, Yamato tells Momonosuke to hold onto the clouds, because according to her, dragons don't actually fly; dragons create clouds to use as fulcrums to move through the sky. Momonosuke successfully conjures the clouds of flames while Yamato destroys the falling debris. It is then that she realizes that Onigashima is starting to collapse as Kaidou's powers weaken and her clouds become unstable. Momonosuke tries to stop the island himself but Yamato hits him and tells him it's useless. She then tells him that even if both of them can see the Flower Capital from the air and it will be over the capital in less than five minutes. Yamato then tells Momonosuke that if he wants to stop the island, he will have to conjure up clouds of flames stronger than Kaidou's, which Momonosuke considers impossible because he is still new in his form and doesn't even know if he has the same powers as Kaidou. Yamato tells him that he should take his chances and hope for the best, because according to her, if the island falls, everyone in the flower capital will be crushed, and besides, Onigashima is filled with tons of weapons and gunpowder, which makes it practically a giant bomb. Momonosuke panics and considers making Luffy stop fighting Kaidou, but Yamato hits him on the head and reminds him that Luffy is already putting everything on his shoulders with his fight, and he doesn't need any more pressure, which means the two of them have to do it. figure out how to stop the island themselves. After realizing they might not make it in time, Yamato leaves the rest to Momonosuke as she makes her way up to Onigashima, hoping to cancel the explosives and weapons in the castle to reduce the potential number of casualties, transforming into her full animal form, she reaches the top of the island, surprising the Heart Pirates members as she passes.

As she makes her way to the weapons stockpile, she witnesses Kid and Law's fight with Big Mom, seeing Kid being sent from the third floor but as she needs to get to the stockpile quickly, she precipitates herself into the basement, directly into the room where Apoo and de X Drake are. She then continues to make her way, rejecting Apoo's attempt to ally herself, while quickly running into Drake. She was surprised to hear that he also left the Hundred Beast Crew. She then decided to run away, this time chased by Fuga, closely followed by Apoo, Drake and the other Numbers.

When Yamato sees Kanjuro's Kazenbo heading down, Yamato worries that it will reach the bomb stores and blow up the island, so he asks for Fuga's help while descending.


  • Yamato was originally called 'Ninigi' in its first conception.
    • Ninigi, is based on Ninigi no Mikoto, a mythical character from Japan. He was the grandson of Amaterasu, as well as the one in charge of bringing rice to humans.
  • Like Bartholomew Kuma, she has her "bible" and have strayed from their original identities (one has become "Oden" while the other has become a complete pacifista). Both have shown acts of rebellion (Yamato going after Ulti with his father's attack & Kuma scattering Luffy's crew from the Navy troops).
  • "Yamato" (大和やまと, meaning "Great Harmony"), is an iconic name from ancient Japan.
    • It is an ancient name given to Japan (one of whose ancient provinces was called Yamato Province, located near the present city of Nara).
    • It can also refer to the Yamato period of Japanese history, which lasted until the 8th century.
    • Yamato is also the dynastic name of the Imperial House of Japan, called "Yamato Lineage", the family of Emperors of Japan, and also refers to the dominant ethnic group of Japan, the Yamato people.
    • Yamato Takeru is a legendary Japanese prince of the Yamato lineage, an important figure in Japanese mythology.
      • It is also the name of a character in the manga Eyeshield 21.
        A character of the manga Naruto is also called Yamato.
    • Yamato is the name of one of the most famous Japanese battleships of the Second World War.
  • Yamato seems to be inspired by Oscar François de Jarjayes from the manga Shōjo Rose of Versailles, she is a woman who was raised by her father as if she had been a boy so that she could succeed him as commander of the royal guard at the Palace of Versailles.
    • In addition, in a commentary to Chapter 945, we learn that Oda reads the Rose of Versailles and was surprised to discover that Oscar was a woman.
  • She has similarities with Ariadne since she betrayed Kaido (The Minotaur) a creature with horns both and became an ally with two of his enemies (Luffy & Ace) who came to defeat him as she did with Theseus (Greek Mythology).
  • Yamato's favorite foods are oden and raw salmon.
  • At the request of an SBS fan from volume 99, Oda drew a personification of Yamato's chest side, or "sideboob" (横乳 yoko chichi).
  • Yamato was forced to wear explosive handcuffs by her father in order to carry out his plans and prevent her from leaving the country which is similar to what happened to Sanji in the flashback of the Whole Cake arc.
  • Yamato shares several similarities with Jinbe :
    • Both operate on the basis of an inherited will inspired by the people they admire; Jinbe working for peace between fish-men and humans as Fisher Tiger, and Yamato towards the dawn of the world as Kozuki Oden.
    • Both had a history with Portgas D. Ace that led them to befriend Luffy.
    • Both wear outfits inspired by Japanese culture.
    • In addition, both of their designs have similarities to the oni of Japanese mythology: Jinbe's face is reminiscent of an oni, and Yamato's horns and kanabō also make her similar to an oni.
    • Both were introduced while their hands were chained.
    • Both saved Luffy in their first encounter: Jinbe as Luffy was about to fall into the sea of Impel Down, and Yamato from a headshot by Ulti.
    • Both were working under one of the four emperors; Jinbe under Big Mom and Yamato under Kaido.
    • Both declare their plan to join Luffy to the Yonko who was the main antagonist of the arc.
  • Yamato shares similarities with Kozuki Momonosuke :
    • They were both born 28 years ago and received the Wano shogunate as their birthright.
    • Each of them shares more different traits and goals from their fathers. Yamato was trapped on Wano and wishes to leave and set sail with a pirate crew like Oden, while Momon has been at sea but wishes to rule Wano, much like Kaido.Moreover, Yamato wants to become Oden directly while Momo has the same demon fruit transformation as Kaido.
    • Yamato and Momonosuke both ate a demon fruit out of hunger without even knowing what they were eating.
  • Yamato's handcuffs contained sea granite.
  • Yamato Takeru was helped according to legend by the Okuchi no Makami, coinciding with Yamato's demon power.
  • In the 7th popularity poll, Yamato reached the 11th place.



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