Yor Forger

Yor Forger

Yor Forger, born Briar is the tritagonist of the SPY x FAMILY series. While she works as an ordinary clerk at Berlint City Hall, she also leads a secret life as an assassin with the code name "Thorn Princess."

She and Loid Forger marry to achieve their separate goals, with the former becoming Anya Forger's adoptive mother.

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Yor Forger
Yor is an attractive, fairly tall, light-skinned young woman with long black hair and upturned red eyes. She splits her hair into two parts and crosses it over her head, securing it with a headband and forming two thick strands of hair that go down below her chest. When her hair is loose, she does not have the usual two thick strands of hair and her hair reaches about the middle of her back.

At home, Yor usually wears a red off-shoulder sweater with black tights, a red skirt and brown heeled boots. She wears a white headband and a pair of gold dangling earrings in the shape of small spikes. When she goes out, she wears a long beige coat with black buttons on her clothes.

At Berlint City Hall, she wears the standard work uniform of a long-sleeved white shirt with a green sleeveless vest over it, with a green knee-length office skirt and black heels.

As the assassin, Yor wears a tight black halter style dress that shows off her shoulders and cleavage, with a pink choker and a red rose pattern inside her skirt. The front of the skirt is mid-thigh while the back of the skirt falls below her knees. She is also wearing a pair of black thigh high boots and black mittens. The headband she wears is gold with a rose and two spikes on each side. Her weapons are also the same color. This is her only good dress before she marries Loid, after which she buys more formal clothes to better present herself to Eden.

As a child, Yor had shorter hair that reached just below chin length.


Yor lacks social skills and initially appears somewhat aloof, interacting minimally with her colleagues and being rather plain, and she is described by Camilla as a robot. Similarly, Yor is remarkably poised, able to keep her cool in the midst of combat. She is incredibly polite to the point of asking her assassination targets for "the honor of taking their lives." Despite her job, Yor is a genuinely kind person with a strong maternal and big sister instinct. After becoming a family with Loid and Anya, Yor becomes more expressive and opens up to her colleagues, asking for help to be a better wife or cook. She is protective of her fake family, especially towards Anya, whom she has no trouble defending with extreme violence.

Due to the fact that she has spent most of her life as an assassin, Yor's ways of thinking are often very deviant. She is frequently inclined to solve problems through murder, such as considering killing everyone at Camilla's party after Camilla threatens to tell Yor's brother that she came without an appointment, and murdering the parent of an Eden Academy applicant so that Anya is guaranteed a spot. To that extent, she has an affinity for weapons, being captivated by a painting of a guillotine and a table knife.

In complete idiosyncrasy, Yor is extremely gullible, easily fooled by the ridiculous lies Loid tells her to hide her identity. Despite his intelligence and competence, Yor has a surprising lack of common sense, asking Camilla if the boogers have improved the taste of coffee in response to her suggestion to put one in their superior's coffee. On another occasion, she responded to Loid's question about passing an exam by talking about causes of death, having misinterpreted passing [an exam] as death.

Yor is shown to be insecure about herself and her abilities, believing that she is not good at anything other than killing or cleaning, and she constantly worries about not being a good wife or mother. After the interview at Eden Academy, she tries to be more of a normal mother to Anya by trying to cook and asking Camilla for cooking lessons.

Skills and competencies

Force : Despite her slender figure, Yor has monstrously superhuman physical abilities. She can easily pierce human skulls with her weapons, throw them hard enough to break through a wooden door and impale someone on the other side. She can easily crush people with her brute strength, and a single thrust of her hands can destroy pumpkins. Yor also has enough strength in her legs to jump an entire floor while carrying a woman and her child. His kicks can move cars at high speeds, brutalize humans, and serve as a preferred method of close combat with devastating effect. His kicks were powerful enough to knock out Loid by simply grazing his chin, something no one has done to him since his training days. Attempting a game of test of strength, Yor destroyed the machine with a one-handed blow.

Yor Forger

Yor has trouble controlling her strength. While taking cooking classes with Camilla, Yor accidentally cut the cutting board she was chopping vegetables on. During a tennis match against Fiona Frost, she accidentally cut a tennis ball because of the power of her swing. As she held back her strength on her next serve, it was still so powerful that Frost, a WISE agent with considerable strength, could barely hold the ball until her racquet broke. Frost claimed the ball would have been sent flying a mile away if she hadn't tried to hit it. Two accidental slaps from Yor were enough to make Yuri bleed excessively to the point that some passing civilians became concerned and recommended she go to the hospital. By her own admission, she accidentally broke two of Yuri'

Speed and reflexes: Yor is imperceptibly fast and agile. Although she moves with heels, she can jump and land from great heights, effortlessly knock out a rabid cow, and move fast enough to intercept and kill another assassin who was quick enough to escape the director's bullets.

She also has remarkably fast reflexes, being able to intercept a falling hot pan with a simple movement of her leg and dodge gunfire. Even when distracted, she was able to dodge garden shears from several yards away and was able to throw Becky out of the way of a car and catch her in time.

Durability and Stamina: Yor was able to withstand a gunshot wound to the buttocks and move normally, returning home, though this feat caused her considerable pain and left her in a bad mood. During the fight on the Princess Lorelei , she was able to kill over 22 assassins without stopping, returning with only a jammed finger and a chest wound. While taking Becky Blackbell to the hospital after mistakenly assuming she was intoxicated, Yor was hit on the side by a car. Although the car was damaged enough to start smoking and be sent rolling. Yor got up, grabbed Becky, and continued to run with no problem.

Cleaning: Having to clean up the aftermath of her murders had left Yor with almost unparalleled cleaning skills, which she uses to keep the Forger house spotless.

Intelligence and Intuition: While not as intelligent as Loid, Yor has some knowledge of pressure points, using it on a cow to instantly stun it. She has knowledge of the human body, though this only seems to extend to lethal points such as the jugular or carotid artery. She displayed keen intuition during the Eden Academy interview, sensing the looks of faculty members but not suspecting the source. She also had to search for Anya in a large crowd only moments after reaching a vantage point. Her illustrious career as an assassin is further evidence of her impressive situational awareness.

You also possess the proper medical knowledge to treat a gunshot wound.

Poison Tolerance: Yor is highly resistant to poison. She drank a cocktail mixed with the body fluids of a puffer fish, a family of fish that contain a deadly neurotoxin in the micrograms. Her only symptoms after ingesting the cocktail were a tingling sensation and an inhibited feeling of pain that helped relieve her gunshot wound. During combat on the cruise ship, she resisted inhaling enough poison gas to take down a bear.

Weapons: In combat, Yor uses two golden stylus-type weapons. They have a handle with a thin circular loop at the butt and a long conical tip designed for stabbing and thrusting. She has not yet been seen using them outside of her work as an assassin. Yor uses them to stab the head or arteries of the opponent, though she has demonstrated the ability to throw them with great speed and force. These weapons refer to the thorns of a wild rose.

Teaching: Yor proved to be a decent teacher, especially when it came to physical training. She taught Anya how to defend herself in her school. She also taught Anya how to prepare to play dodgeball by explaining how to perform a "secret ball throwing technique".


Alcohol: Despite her tolerance for poisons, Yor is a lightweight. She tends to drink large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time, pouring wine into her glass impatiently and drinking wine straight from the bottle. Intoxication makes her temperamental and aggressive, as she is willing to use her martial arts against Loid and barely misses throwing a fork at Yuri, grazing him. She seems to share this trait with Yuri.

Cooking: Due to the fact that he only considers the nutrients involved and not the taste or appearance of the meal, Yor is always bad at cooking and usually leaves the task to Loid. When she attempts to cook dinner, she doesn't know what ingredients to buy and chooses to buy one instead, thinking she can do something as long as there is meat and vegetables. Her attempt to cook breakfast for the family results in meals consisting of messy chopped fish heads and tails, prompting Anya to call her a terrible cook.

Yor's dishes make any taster collapse, even Loid. The only person who resists Yor's cooking is her brother Yuri, although he vomits violently all the time even while eating. Despite this, Yuri grew up without any significant health problems. However, it was implied that Bond saw himself dying at the hands of Yor's kitchen in one of his visions. The only dish she can successfully cook is her late mother's southern stew, after Camilla gave her several cooking classes and recreated the dish from their memories.

Her skills with handguns are completely inapplicable in the kitchen, as she has sliced meat thinly and destroyed a cutting board. You also hurt yourself with a potato peeler.

Lying: Yor is extremely bad at lying and her alibis only succeed by pure luck. After Yuri Briar asked Yor why she didn't tell him about Loid, Yor simply said she forgot. When pressed further, she told Yuri that she had forgotten that she had forgotten to tell her. After destroying a strength testing machine, she tried to explain her strength to Loid by lying about an old blacksmith apprenticeship.

yor forger


Yuri Briar

Yuri is Yor's younger brother and her only surviving family member after their parents died at an early age. As a result, she took on a parental role for her brother when she was young, taking murder jobs to support him and cooking meals. When Yuri fell ill with a fever, Yor went into the forest to gather herbs for him, getting stung by bees and killing a boar in the process.

When Yuri was a child, Yuri told Yor that he wanted to marry her when he grew up and Yor joked that she would run away for then.

Loid Forger

Loid Forger is Yor's fake, albeit legal, husband. Meeting him for the first time at a tailor's shop, Yor went there to repair his clothes damaged by a recent assassination contract. After having a chat, they both agreed to help each other, with Loid agreeing to be his lover at the party while Yor would act as Anya's mother for the Eden Academy interview. On the night of the party, an injured Loid confused his mission with Yor's and introduced himself as Yor's husband instead. After they left, they were attacked by Loid's "deranged patients" before overpowering them and heading to City Hall to become a married couple, while hiding their true identities. When tasked with raising Anya, Yor gives Loid advice on the matter for which he is always grateful.

When Yor introduced his younger brother, Yuri, he quickly did not trust the reality of Loid and Yor's relationship, and drunkenly ordered them to kiss, or he would cancel the wedding to protect his sister. Both were confused, but to Yor's surprise, Loid calmly agreed, while she swallowed a bottle of wine to get drunk quickly, saying that she could not kiss sober. After Yuri's visit, Yor began to develop persistent insecurities about not being a good wife for Loid, moping around for an entire day until Loid encouraged her. This insecurity recurs several times as Yor feels like a bad wife and mother because she can't cook.

Over time, their relationship changed from simply working together to achieve their own goals into a fake marriage somewhat resembling a husband and wife. Frequently, Yor and Loid blush furiously whenever Anya asks if they are going to kiss, followed by a shared denial. Upon meeting Loid's colleague Fiona Frost (for her spy work in WISE), Yor becomes jealous and overthinks Fiona and Loid's relationship, seeming genuinely depressed at the thought of losing her role as Loid's wife to Fiona. When the couple went out for a drink, a drunken Yor asks Loid if he's in love with Fiona, even though he used to say she was pretty. This was enough to lead Loid to suspect that Yor harbored a genuine romantic interest in him, but as he tried to seduce her further, an agitated Yor responded by kicking her in the chin, knocking her out. When he woke up, he reassured Yor that she was already an amazing mother and that he would win

Yor's feelings for Loid seem to develop further as she becomes attached to her family and her new home. Loid, along with Anya and Bond, are now part of her reason for keeping the assassination job, which is to protect their peaceful lives.


Anya Faussaire

Yor believes that Anya is Loid's biological child from his first marriage and that his late wife's last wish was that she go to a good school. Yor is much more encouraging and patient with Anya compared to Loid, who often expresses exasperation or impatience with Anya, especially regarding her academic abilities. Yor often gives Anya advice, though due to various factors (e.g., Anya doesn't understand), this rarely works. Yor has strong maternal instincts towards Anya, probably due to the fact that she raised Yuri as a child and becomes extremely sad when Anya insults her in the kitchen. This maternal behavior makes Yor extremely protective of Anya, as she tends to deal violently, and sometimes excessively, with anyone who opposes the child. As part of her maternal behavior, she scolds Anya when necessary, such as when Anya runs away. In return, Anya also protects Yor, willing to put herself in danger to save a cornered Yor.

Bond Forger

It was implied that they have a very strong relationship off screen, that she is responsible for all his baths and that she is the one who always takes him for a walk whenever Anya is not around.


The trader is the manager of Yor within the Garden organization, in the same way as the manager of Loid. The trader calls Yor when a "client" is available and sends her to complete assassination contracts. In rare cases, he will assign her to missions where she will protect someone, such as Olka Gretcher and her infant son.


At first, Yor and Camilla are not on good terms. Camilla is openly jealous of Yor's attractive appearance and mocks her for her aloof attitude and lack of a partner at her age. She even exposes unsavory rumors about Yor's previous job to Loid in an attempt to discourage him from courting Yor, though this fails. Later, when Yor asks Camilla to teach him how to cook, she warms up to Yor a bit and they make up, though Camilla remains a bit prickly with her.


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