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Yuta Okkotsu

Yuta Okkotsu

Yuta Okkotsu is a major character of Jujutsu Kaisen and the main protagonist of the prequel series, Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Tokyo Exorcism School.


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He was originally a human who was thought to be cursed by his childhood friend, Rika Orimoto. He was then mentored by Satoru Gojo and enrolled in the Tokyo Exorcism School by him. He is currently in his first year at the Tokyo Exorcism School with Maki Zenin, Panda and Toge Inumaki. He was studying until recently in the manga in Africa with Miguel but came back to Japan just after the Shibuya incident.

 Yuta Okkotsu


Yuta is a young man of average height. In the prequel series Tokyo Exorcism School, Yuta had messy black hair with a large part covering part of his forehead. From Jujutsu Kaisen onwards, he has hair that is plated and parted in the middle with a drooping part, covering part of his face. He has dark blue eyes and dark circles due to his lack of sleep. His body language makes it easy to tell if Yuta is very stressed and his posture is very uncertain.

At his old school, Yuta wore a shirt for his uniform. As casual attire, Yuta wears a long-sleeved shirt that stops at his forearms, or a black t-shirt and dark green pants.

After transferring to the exorcism school, Yuta was given a specialized uniform. It consists of a loose white jacket with sleeves that stop at the forearms and dark pants with the usual school uniform colors. He also wears a pair of white sneakers and often carries his sword on his back.


Kento Nanami



Yuta was a very shy and lonely boy who was bullied a lot growing up. Due to the fact that Rika haunted much of his youth, Yuta was unable to connect with other people and lost all confidence in himself. This made it difficult for Yuta to interact with others out of fear or shyness.

Even so, Yuta really cared about others and decided to isolate himself from them even if it meant staying alone. Maki Zenin described Yuta as a sullen child without goals. He recognized that this was true but resolved to become an exorcist. This helped Yuta realize that deep down, he really wants to have confidence in himself and affirm that his life is worthwhile.

While his shy nature remains intact, Yuta is slowly beginning to become more social and interact normally with others. Making friends helps Yuta gain confidence and set the goal to help free Rika as he felt responsible for her turning into a vengeful spirit.

Against Suguru Geto, Yuta showed the darkest side of himself. Suguru hurt Yuta's only friends, and the young man was more than willing to kill him for it.

A year later, when Yuta returned to Tokyo after the Shibuya Drama, he appeared more cold and distant, even being willing to kill one of his master's students and associate with his ex-brothers, the pundits of the exorcist society. Nevertheless, all this was only a role that he played to deceive the pundits. In fact, Yuta had not actually lost his goodness since even though he had never met him, he decided to protect Yuji from their superiors when his master, Satoru, asked him to.

Under this false appearance of an insensitive killer, Yuta is still a naturally pleasant and friendly person who has evolved a lot as a person. He is much more sociable with his peers and people in general, and less shy than before. When Satoru visited Yuta in Africa, the outspoken teacher was surprised to see his student more relaxed, with the latter even starting to make jokes.

Another notable change is surely his ability to stay calm at important moments, to make quick decisions and to act accordingly. In addition, he is much more confident and seems to be aware of his strength while maintaining a certain humility in relation to his teacher. All this, without abandoning his concern for others that he does not hide.

Yuta Okkotsu



Around 2011, Yuta received a ring from Rika and the two promised to get married when they grow up. Unfortunately, Rika is killed by a car, forcing Yuta to unconsciously curse his soul to stay with him. 

Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Yuta is involved in an incident where four students were seriously injured. This causes the Tokyo exorcism school to take Yuta to be executed because he is cursed. During his isolation, Yuta tries to commit suicide, but Rika stops him. Satoru manages to get Yuta enrolled in the exorcism school and then convinces the teenager to enter the institute.

When Yuta is introduced to his class, Maki, Toge and Panda notice that he is cursed and attack him. Satoru warns them but Rika appears and defends Yuta. Satoru then explains Yuta's situation to the class and introduces each student to Yuta. He is then associated with Maki for an exercise but this last one confronts him.

Satoru brings Yuta and Maki to an elementary school where two children have been captured by plagues. When three plagues appear, Yuta is surprised that Maki exorcises them all. As they head inside the school, Maki is surprised to see no plagues and asks Yuta to see her student ID. She is then stunned when she discovers that Yuta is an S class exorcist while he warns her that there is a plague behind her. Yuta and Maki are then swallowed by the plague and inside they discover the missing children. Maki suddenly falls to the ground to the great dismay of Yuta. Maki then asks him why he came to the exorcism school, to which Yuta replies that he wants to have enough confidence to live. Maki encourages Yuta to exorcise the scourge, which leads Yuta to put on his ring and make Rika appear and attack the spirit. Once freed, Yuta takes them to the exit.

After the incident, Yuta is in a hospital with Satoru where Maki and the children are treated. Yuta then talks with Satoru about Rika's appearance, and says that he remembers his promise to Rika. Yuta also says that he thinks he is the one who cursed Rika, and vows to find a way to free her from her curse. Afterwards, Yuta receives a katana from Satoru, who tells him how he can break the curse on Rika by imbuing the weapon with occult energy.

Three months later, Yuta trains with Maki under the eyes of Panda, Toge and Satoru. Satoru assigns a mission to Toge and tells Yuta who will accompany him. On the other hand, Satoru also explains to Yuta what is Toge's ability and tells him to observe her during the mission without making Rika leave.

They are then led to the Hapina gallery by Kiyotaka Ijichi. Once arrived, Kiyotaka explains them the details then Yuta and Toge go to the gallery. There they find a great quantity of plagues that Toge exorcises easily. They then notice that the curtain has not been raised, when suddenly a plague appears behind them. As the spirit attacks, Toge pushes Yuta away and easily crushes the arm of the scourge. However, this puts Toge in a bad shape and he starts to cough. Yuta saves him and takes him to safety but leaves behind his throat medicine. After a short rest, Toge prepares to face the spirit again but Yuta decides to go instead. As he approaches the scourge, the spirit notices Rika's presence and becomes furious. Yuta manages to dodge some of its attacks and strikes it. However, Yuta notices that he can't defeat the scourge and finds the throat medicine and brings it to Toge. After Toge drinks the medicine, he uses his Incantation to exorcise the scourge. After that, Yuta drops his student card, which is recovered by Suguru Geto.

Yuta Okkotsu

After the mission is over, Yuta and Toge go back to the exorcism school. Yuta meets Panda, who explains him that Toge is a nice guy and that he was worried about Yuta because their situation is similar. Yuta then runs into Maki and asks her how to pour occult energy into her sword, but she tells him that she can't help him.

A few days later, Yuta is with Toge, Panda and Maki when Suguru appears before them. Suguru reveals that he wants to kill all the non-exorcists and Yuta gets angry with Suguru when he starts insulting his friends. While the teachers try to force the plague master to leave the school, Suguru announces an all-out war on December 24.

On December 24th, Yuta is in one of the high school classes when Maki shows up. The two of them talk and Maki explains him his situation. Yuta tells her that he wants to become someone like her one day and wants to support her fully. Maki is then embarrassed by this and leaves. However, both of them are challenged by a curtain that has been put up over the school.

Later, Yuta meets Suguru and sees his friends defeated on the ground. Yuta then gets angry and calls Rika to his side. As Suguru sends several plagues to attack the teenager, Yuta fights back and manages to save his friends and heal them. Yuta then uses Rika's powers to easily exorcise all the plagues by using the Toge spell. Yuta manages to get closer to Suguru, but Suguru controls him, which forces Rika to take Yuta away from Suguru. Yuta decides to continue fighting but Suguru breaks Yuta's sword during their confrontation. After a brief conversation that the two have with each other, Suguru decides to use all his plagues against Yuta and Rika thanks to his ultimate Uzumaki technique. Yuta decides to fully release Rika's power at the cost of his life and both of them shoot a beam of energy strong enough to exorcise all of Suguru's plagues and force Suguru to retreat.

Afterwards, Yuta wakes up and finds all his friends around him. According to the promise in exchange for the power he got, Yuta decides to follow Rika in death, but is shocked when he sees Rika's curse lifted. Satoru arrives and congratulates Yuta for cancelling Rika's curse. He also explains to Yuta that he is one of his distant relatives being both descendants of Sugawara no Michizane. Yuta then says goodbye to Rika as her spirit moves away.

Later, Yuta walks with Satoru, who eases his worries about being the cause of Suguru's attack and gives him back his student card. Yuta then meets Maki, Panda and Toge.

After the Parade of Plagues

After all the events of the parade of plagues Yuta Okkutsu not having the queen of plagues at disposal was demoted to the rank of exorcist of rank 3. In order to master all his abilities and realize his potential, he went abroad to train with Miguel, who had joined the exorcism school after his defeat by Gojo.

Arc Initiation to the Occult

Megumi Fushiguro mentions to Nobara Kugisaki that Yuta is currently studying abroad when she first meets them.

He is then mentioned by Satoru as one of the few students who have the potential to surpass him.


Kento Nanami


Shibuya Arc Drama

When Satoru is about to be sealed by the alleged Suguru Geto, the former mentions that they still have Yuta on their side, but the master of plagues controlling Suguru's body tells Satoru that Yuta's occult powers came from when he possessed Rika's soul. The impostor then tells Satoru that no matter what happens, Yuta cannot become the "next Satoru Gojo".

Yuji's Execution Bow

Moments before a little girl is about to be devoured by a plague, Yuta skewers the spirit on the ground and asks the girl if it scared her. While asking her how she feels, the scourge resurfaces behind Yuta but suddenly disappears in a splash of blood. Yuta then tells Rika not to do too much while he leaves with the little girl.

Arrived at the elders, Yuta tells them that they don't have to be polite with him and that he will do what they ask him even if he has to take an oath. He then declares that he will kill Yuji Itadori even if he is Satoru's protégé. Later, Yuta appears in Shibuya, where Yuji, Choso and Naoya Zenin are. He jumps and breaks an infrastructure shocking all the actors present. Yuta looks at Naoya and asks him who he is. The latter introduces himself as an ally and asks him not to tell anyone else that he killed Yuji if he succeeds because he needs him as bait, which Yuta accepts.

Yuta then leaves Naoya who takes care of Choso while he chases Yuji and the fight between the two begins. While Yuta throws a car on Yuji, the former asks the latter if he is surprised by his power in view of his physique before adding that in reality he is physically weak. Afterwards, while crossing a car, Yuji recovers a dagger but is broken by Yuta. He decides to go to the hand-to-hand fight but is held back by Rika. Yuta stabs him then apologizes.

Yuta drags Yuji's bruised body to where Choso and Naoya are facing each other and knocks Choso out. He then tells Naoya that he is in a bad state and offers to take care of him in exchange that he informs their superiors of Yuji's death, which he probably accepts and leaves Shibuya.

Later, Yuta watches over Yuji who suddenly wakes up. Yuta then bursts out laughing and feels relieved. While he is in the incomprehension, Yuta explains him that Satoru would have come to see him to take care of him and that he pretended to kill him. Afterwards, Megumi appears and asks Yuji to come back to the exorcism school and help him to save his sister Tsumiki Fushiguro who is in a game of death set up by Noritoshi Kamo called the "Murderous Hunt".
Yuta Okkotsu

Arc Preparations for the Tracking

After Megumi explains them the situation, Yuta is asked by Yuji to kill him if Ryomen Sukuna manages to regain control to which Yuta answers that he will not hold back. Megumi then informs them that they will first return to the exorcism school to see Tengen and thus find a way to unseal Satoru and thwart Noritoshi's plans. When Yuta raises the question of how to find Tengen's place, Choso intervenes and explains that they can count on him to see him.

Once arrived at the exorcism school, Yuta, Yuji, Megumi and Choso join Yuki Tsukumo and Maki. When Yuta sees Maki with her burns, he rushes to see her and asks her if it doesn't bother her, to which Maki answers that it doesn't. Choso then explains to the two women that thanks to his connection with the Fetuses of the Nine Phases, he is going to be able to find exactly the Tengen domain. After that, they all go to the basement of the exorcism school and arrive at the Dead Stars Pavilion. Once there, they don't see anything and decide to leave but at the same time Tengen arrives and holds them back. Yuki asks Tengen why he sealed the Dead Star Pavilion for them, and tells them that he was afraid they would sympathize with Kenjaku. Confused, Yuki asks him who Kenjaku is and Tengen tells them that he is the exorcist residing in Suguru's body and once in Noritoshi's body. Then, Yuta and Megumi ask Tengen what Kenjaku's objectives are and how to unseal Satoru, which Tengen is about to do.

After Tengen reveals them Kenjaku's objective and Yuki and Choso are appointed as his bodyguards, Tengen explains them how to unseal Satoru. He gives them the "Backside" of the Edge of Mercy and tells them that in order to force its opening, they will either need the Heavenly Spear or the Black Thread. However, Tengen also tells them that the Celestial Spear was either sealed or destroyed by Satoru and that Satoru also destroyed the Black Thread. Yuta adds that he had gone to look for the Black Thread with Miguel but that they didn't find anything. However, Tengen tells them that they have another asset, Hana Kurusu, a thousand-year-old exorcist and participant of the Murderous Hunt who can annihilate the spells. Megumi, shocked, asks Tengen if he knows where she is, which he confirms.

Then, Yuta and the others review and analyze the rules of the Murderous Stalk to set up an effective plan. Everyone is assigned a role. Yuta tells them that he will collect some information before the hunt starts and as soon as it starts, he will participate in it. When Yuji asks if Kinji Hakari, whom he is in charge of tracking down with Megumi, is strong, Yuta tells him that when he is serious he is stronger than him, which Maki denies. After that, Yuta, Yuji, Megumi and Maki leave.

Skills & Competencies

Yuta is one of the four S-class exorcists recognized by the exorcism school. While being haunted by the spirit of Rika (whom he had cursed unintentionally), Yuta was immediately registered as S class because of Rika's immense power. He apparently dominated all the students in Kyoto during the 29th Inter-school Friendship and was able to defeat Suguru after releasing the limiters from Rika's power. Satoru said that Yuta has the potential to surpass him.
Yuta Okkotsu

While confronting Yuji Itadori, Naoya Zenin and Choso, the two exceptional jujutsu users recognized that Yuta was much more powerful than them. Naoya, in particular, who boasted of his abilities, quickly allied himself with Yuta to avoid any potential conflict. Choso advised Yuji to flee at all costs because fighting Yuta would ensure his death, comparing his strength to Satoru's. However, Yuta reveals that he is a rather weak person and lacks strength, a lack of strength that he compensates by strengthening himself with occult energy. 

Weapon Mastery: After receiving a katana in order to become able to concentrate Rika's power, Yuta began to receive vigorous training from Maki, who is a great user of cursed objects.

Through this training, Yuta became a decent swordsman, able to defend himself against powerful plagues and even have a serious fight against Suguru, who has exceptional physical prowess. However, due to his poor knowledge of occult energy control, he sometimes cuts too little depth or discharges too much energy onto the blade, breaking it.

In his second year, Yuta continued to wield his katana as his primary weapon. He is much more proficient and moves extremely well as a swordsman. Yuta strengthens his body and blade with occult energy, allowing him to wield them with superhuman physical prowess.


Immense occult energy: Yuta's power comes from his relationship with Sugawara no Michizane, one of the most powerful exorcists ever, but it first manifested itself when he transformed Rika into a vengeful spirit. Rika became such a powerful spirit that Suguru, an avid collector of powerful plagues, dubbed her the "Queen of Plagues". As a scourge, Rika has unlimited occult energy that can be shaped into any technique. While controlling the full power of Rika, Yuta uses high level jujutsu despite being a novice student.

Indeed, as a person who had only recently studied jujutsu, Yuta had yet to learn the ropes of controlling his occult energy. He quickly learned to channel some of it into his ring or katana, but often relied on Rika's full power rather than finely controlling it on his own.

Although Rika's curse had detached from him, Yuta retained the immense amount of occult energy. He admitted that the amount of his occult energy was even greater than Satoru's. However, Yuta's energy is depleted much faster unlike his teacher's, who can manage the energy expenditure perfectly with his Sixth Eye.

After his year abroad, Yuta returned to Japan with a much better control of his occult energy. He compensated for his lack of physical strength by strengthening his entire body and weapon with a constant flow of occult energy while fighting. This state greatly increases his strength and speed and makes his opponents unable to read his energy flow and thus predict his movements.

Each of Yuta's attacks has incredible destructive power, and he can minimize any damage inflicted on him. By falling to the ground with his reinforced body, Yuta can break the ground creating an impact. In addition, his enhanced physical skills are improved to the point where he rivals Yuji's natural physical prowess. He also matches Yuji's blazing speed while carrying a katana. He even threw a car at Yuji after Yuji threw one first.

Rika Orimoto: She was an S-class vengeful spirit who was originally Yuta's childhood friend whom he cursed on the day he died. She only fully manifested twice, yet both times showed that she was truly one of the most powerful scourges that ever existed. While haunting Yuta, she could attack anyone who got too close to him using her arms without fully manifesting, and he could draw colossal occult energy from her.

Yuta Okkotsu

Fully manifesting with only a small percentage of her power, Rika could easily kill gigantic plagues. At full power, Rika was able to fight almost all the plagues in Suguru's arsenal. After exceeding her limits, Rika's power was far beyond all of Suguru's plagues combined in her Whirlwind technique.

Rika Orimoto's curse was later successfully broken and her soul was freed from Yuta's grip, allowing her to finally enter the afterlife. However, Rika's form as a scourge remained with Yuta as a completely different entity.

Thanks to his connection with Rika, Yuta had the ability to copy spells unconditionally as well as almost inexhaustible energy. According to Kenjaku, Yuta's innate spell was merged with Rika's soul which was attached to him.

  • Incantations: Yuta was able to reproduce the hereditary spell of the Toge clan. By using an external source for the Inumaki clan's seal, a stylized snake head, produced by Rika, Yuta was able to generate effective attacks even though he had difficulty controlling the occult energy released by the technique.
    • "Death" forces Yuta's target to die immediately with no way to counter it. In the case of a plague, it is exorcised instantly. 

Rika : This scourge is all that remains of the spirit of the real Rika Orimoto. She is both a kind of independent spell from Yuta and a reserve of occult energy. Her ability to copy spells without conditions, which is the fruit of her connection with Rika, has also remained with this version of the girl. This spell can only be used when Yuta wears the ring that the real Rika gave her, giving her two other possibilities such as making her appear entirely and possessing even more occult energy. Rika also has the ability to store a wide range of cursed objects and can equip Yuta with them. On the other hand, Yuta can only maintain this link, via her ring, for 5 minutes. 

  • Incantations: Yuta has since become more proficient with Incantations. When connected to Rika via the ring, Yuta can even make the stylized snake head appear on his mouth as if he was born with it. This allows him to activate the technique by speaking commands in the same way as Toge.
    • "Don't move" completely immobilizes Yuta's target. He used it against Takako although the latter managed to protect herself from the attack by covering her ears with occult energy. 
  • Familiars : Yuta can summon familiars by using her hair as an intermediary. The pets appear as small bats with heads similar to Rika's. They fly around the opponent to form a sphere, their orbital path forming a territory that can slice through anyone inside. Yuta copied this technique from Dhruv Lakdawala.
  • Territory Expansion: This is a technique that consists of materializing one's living space thanks to the occult energy in the surrounding area.

Yuta Okkotsu

Reversal Spell: Thanks to Rika's immense reserves of occult energy, Yuta was soon able to use a reversal spell to heal her friends all at once. This healing technique is usually very difficult to learn and requires sophisticated manipulation of occult energy. However, Yuta was able to use it with less than a year of jujutsu training.

Since his arrival in Japan, Yuta has become more proficient in the reversal spell and can even be considered the best exorcist in the field. He was able to heal Yuji while he was stabbing his heart, but also to heal Naoya from Choso's deadly poison. In battle, he can quickly heal himself from an attack via the reversal spell as shown during his fight against Kuro-Urushi, Takako and Ryu even if it burns a lot of energy. During his fight against the scourge, he was able to apply the positive energy produced by the reversal spell and applied it to his mouth and hands and then inject it into the scourge and exorcise it.

Oath: In order to become Yuji's false executioner, Yuta was forced to take an oath with the pundits of the exorcist world where he swore to kill him. He then ends the oath when he stabs Yuji, but heals him with a reversal spell at the same time he stabs him, resurrecting him in a sense.

Megumi Fushiguro



Swords : Yuta uses a katana given to him by Satoru. It forces him to surround the blade with occult energy to perform attacks and his main role is limited to restraining Rika's power. However, it was a normal katana and could not take a large dose of occult energy, breaking as a result. Yuta received another katana afterwards and continues to use it even without Rika's presence. He is a much more skilled swordsman with his new katana, which he carries everywhere in a black sheath. In combat, Yuta leaves the scabbard on his belt and fights with the katana drawn at all times. He fights mainly with katanas strengthened by a vast occult energy, as a result his katanas have turned into a kind of cursed objects.

Yuta Okkotsu

Armored Arm: Among the many weapons that Rika keeps is an armored arm cock. She attaches it directly to Yuta's arm, which can be used to reinforce her punches. This arm was destroyed by Takako, when she protected herself from a punch of Yuta. 


Yuta Okkotsu's fights

Jujutsu Kaisen 0

  • Yuta Okkotsu et Maki Zenin vs Fléaux = Victoire
  • Yuta Okkotsu et Toge Inumaki vs Fléaux = Victoire
  • Yuta Okkotsu vs Suguru Geto = Victoire

Yuji's Execution Bow

  • Yuta Okkotsu vs Scourge = Victory
  • Yuta Okkotsu vs Yuji Itadori = Victory

Murderous Stalking Bow

  • Yuta Okkotsu vs Dhruv Lakdawala = Victoire
  • Yuta Okkotsu vs Kuro-Urushi = Victoire
  • Yuta Okkotsu vs Takako Uro vs Ryu Ishigori = En cours


Yuta Okkotsu


  • The first name Yuta contains the kanji for "melancholy" and "thick". His last name, Okkotsu, contains the kanji for "second" and "skeleton".
    • Gege Akutami, reveals that he chose the name Okkotsu because he thought it sounded good and the name Yuta because he liked its meaning. 
  • Yuta ranked 7th in the 1st popularity poll of the manga characters with 7,934 votes.
    • In the 2nd popularity poll of the manga characters, he ranked 8th with 3,976 votes.
  • According to the official fanbook:
    • He repeated one year.
    • Yuta's favorite food is salted cabbage with sesame oyster.
    • He doesn't like the greasy part of steak.
    • He is good at creating things out of play dough.
    • His source of stress is being unable to find his classmates.
    • Gege Akutami said that he changed Yuta's hairstyle so that he would not look too much like Megumi.
    • Before thinking about the story of Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Akutami explained that he first thought about the characters of Yuta and Rika.
    • Yuta can see what Rika sees.
    • Exorcists do not create plagues, yet Yuta has unconsciously linked. Rika's soul to his own occult energy. It is impossible to preserve the soul of a dead person, however Yuta did it since he had no idea what he was doing (he really wanted Rika to rest in peace), also Rika had a strong desire to attach to Yuta, all this somehow led to a bug in the system.
    • The exorcists didn't pay attention to Yuta's case before, because at the beginning there weren't so many problems (most of them were events related to his family). Before the case of the injured students put in a locker, there was a major incident that was the deciding factor. An investigation was then initiated and the case was documented. Several exorcists on the investigation were killed, so Satoru took over the case.
    • Yuta is still in contact with his little sister but it is a bit more difficult with his parents.
    • His family is not bathed in occultism, however Yuta is what is called atavistic (reappearance in an individual of a lost character present in an ancestor, in his case, the one present in the lineage of Sugawara no Michizane).
    • At the 2017 Inter-schools Amicale, Yuta won the tournament, because Rika manifested herself against her will. The cleanup after that was immense.
      Yuta Okkotsu
    • The reason why the white uniform is worn by Yuta and not by the other students is that this uniform is only meant for problem children (to better distinguish them from others). It is also for this reason that when he falls in class 4 at the end of volume 0, his uniform is black. The white uniform is later given back to him when he is again class S.
    • Yuta is respected by Megumi because he doesn't foolishly throw in jokes and because he is simply strong.
    • Unlike Yuji, Yoshinobu Gakuganji did not plan to execute Yuta because Rika was still a mystery. He was just keeping an eye on him.
    • Currently, Yuta would be able to love another person than Rika.



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