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Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza Momochi, also known as the Fog Demon, was a ninja deserter and member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Kiri Fog.

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Zabuza was born and raised in the hidden village of Kiri, at a time when it was known as the "Village of Bloody Fog" because of the violence that reigned there.

At that time, the country was plagued by internal conflicts and the Mizukage (Yagura) imposed very harsh conditions to obtain the title of ninja. Thus, the exam to become a Genin consisted in making two aspiring ninjas who had studied together fight against each other and to select the one who would survive this fratricidal fight.

The year Zabuza took the exam, he slaughtered all the aspiring ninja, earning him the nickname "Demon of Kiri no kuni". Because of this tragedy, the Kiri authorities reformed the modalities.

His fame quickly grew in the hidden village of Kiri, where he joined the special forces (ANBU), before becoming one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Specialized in assassination techniques, he was the one who killed Kumade Toriichi, a Konoha ninja. It was while he was living in Kiri that he discovered Haku. The orphaned child, abandoned and hated because of his genetic gifts (Kekkei Genkai), was living alone in the streets. When he saw his look, Zabuza told him that a being like him without a dream is only good to die like a dog. But at this moment, Haku will smile at him and say that they both have the same look. Then Zabuza will take him at his side, and, interested by his power, will collect him in order to make a weapon which can be useful one day. He will train him in ninja techniques and develop his genetic gift for this purpose.

With his experience, Zabuza fomented a coup d'état against the Mizukage in place which finally failed. Declared a traitor to the village, Zabuza went into exile and was pursued by the Oi-nin, the deserters' hunters. However, he kept the firm intention to return one day in order to take the power. Haku, who left the village of Mist with him, swore that he would serve him as the best weapon.

The Demon Brothers of Kiri, too, followed Zabuza into exile, working for him as mercenaries.


Zabuza is a cold, cruel, arrogant and particularly ambitious person. His character traits manifested themselves at a very young age, when as a child he took sadistic pleasure in slaughtering all his opponents during his genin exam, thus eliminating all competition. It was because of this consuming ambition that he became one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and soon began to plot a coup against the ruling power.

Although he was sentenced to exile for this, he did not give up his ambitions, and as a nukenin, he did everything possible to gather the elements necessary for his future victory. He took at his side Haku whose hereditary powers and dedication were a weapon of choice in his struggle. Then, he became a mercenary in order to accumulate the necessary funds to finance his project. Thus, we know that his goal in working for Gatô was in fact to get rid of this man when the time came and to get hold of his fortune.

However, this "Demon" also has his share of humanity. When Haku took a mortal blow from Kakashi instead of him, Zabuza didn't seem to be moved by his death, even trying to take advantage of the situation to tear Haku and Kakashi apart at the same time, Naruto's crying lecture brought out his true feelings. Zabuza mourned his faithful friend and took revenge on Gato who mistreated his body by killing him.

Before he died, Zabuza admitted his mistake of thinking that ninjas were only weapons without taking into account that they were also men with hearts and emotions. He asked Kakashi to carry him to Haku so he could see his face one last time before he died.


Zabuza was a tall, muscular man with noticeably pale skin, short spiky black hair, brown eyes, and small eyebrows. He was normally seen wearing bandages on the lower half of his face. Under his mask, he had a relatively narrow chin and jagged teeth, a similar trait he shares with his fellow swordsmen. He wore his headband on the side of his head, and before his exile from Kiri, he wore the standard village uniform and chûnin jacket.

During his second appearance, he wore a black sleeveless shirt and matching pants, with a guard waist, and again, Kiri's striped leggings. The other swordsmen of his generation wore a suit identical to this, which may lead one to believe that they have clothes related to the group.


As a former high ranking ninja of Kiri, Zabuza was a very powerful fighter. Vicious in battle, his talent for fighting was seen even at his youngest age, when he had not yet entered the academy, he single-handedly killed over a hundred students. As an adult, even when severely wounded and with both arms paralyzed, Zabuza proved to be a dangerous opponent, capable of taking down dozens of men specially hired by Gato and Gato himself.

Chakra and physical prowess

Zabuza was very strong physically, able to effortlessly wield the great Kubikiribôchô for long periods of time without being bothered, even with one hand. He was also incredibly fast and equally skilled in taijutsu, able to match Kakashi in these areas. He was able to fight and kill dozens of Gato's men with the loss of both arms, using well coordinated kicks and a kunai in his mouth. He showed remarkable levels of stamina, able to continue to fight effectively despite the wounds he had received from Kakashi and the large number of blades that had pierced him. Zabuza could also take a direct hit from a powerful water technique seemingly without major damage and still move relatively normally soon after.

Zabuza was also a master of stealth and assassination. He was best known throughout the land for his great ability to kill blind opponents. Kakashi noted that his prowess in silent killing was unmatched. To perform this technique, Zabuza creates a fog to hide himself and since his opponents can no longer use their sight or hearing, they become easy prey for him.

Figurine Zabuza Momochi

True to his nickname, Zabuza possessed incredibly strong chakra, which could be seen clearly when it was released, taking on the form of a demon. Even when he was just standing, one look from Zabuza left the rest of Gato's brigands stiff with fear. Likewise, Zabuza has very advanced chakra control, able to perform a second technique while maintaining another. Even more so, he is able to do this while performing mudra with one hand.


Nature of chakra

Zabuza had a great mastery of Suiton-based techniques. The presence of water is an additional factor in Zabuza's victory. He could perform several while keeping another active, as seen when he kept Kakashi trapped in the Water Prison while attacking the rest of Team 7 with Water Cloning. He could maintain several of these clones at once, often using them as diversions. He also showed skill in large-scale, highly destructive Suiton attacks by launching powerful torrents of water in dragon form or large waterfalls at his opponents.

Zabuza was particularly adept at the Camouflage in Mist technique as it allowed him to more easily perform his assassination technique. By covering the area with a thick mist, Zabuza could blind his targets, making it even harder for them to defend themselves against him. In this way, Zabuza was able to conduct stealth attacks even in completely open spaces, able to suddenly disappear from an enemy's view and then strike without being seen. His skill with this technique was such that he could create an impenetrable mist without needing an immediate source of water nearby. Even Kabuto Yakushi held Zabuza's use of the technique in high regard, as seen when he was willing to sacrifice other reincarnated ninja to protect Zabuza and maintain the Camouflage in the Mist technique.


He is one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, a group of legendary swordsmen of Kiri. He uses one of the seven legendary swords, Kubikiribôchô. It is a giant sword with the appearance of a gigantic butcher knife. The hole created in the sword allows the user to grab the enemy's head and decapitate him. Its handle is detachable, making it easier to carry. It can feed on the blood of its opponents to regenerate itself by using the iron present in it. Zabuza was a master in its use, being able to take down many enemies. The weight of the weapon didn't seem to slow Zabuza down at all, as he could use it in battle for long periods of time without any visible effort on himself, something Suigetsu Hôzuki was not able to achieve. In addition to handling it very skillfully, Zabuza could also throw it in rotation at several enemies with enough power to lodge in a tree trunk.


Since the days of the Anbu, Zabuza had a deep knowledge of the human body and its most vulnerable organs. Zabuza was also familiar with foreign techniques and kekkei genkai, knowing the Sharingan and instantly recognizing the Multi Cloning technique. Zabuza was also a skilled teacher, as it was under his tutelage that Haku managed to become such a powerful ninja despite his young age.

Part I

Mission to the Land of Waves

Zabuza and his team were hired by Gato to eliminate the master builder of a bridge under construction in the Land of Waves, Tazuna. After the failure of the Demon Brothers he had sent to accomplish this mission, Zabuza decided to intervene in person.

Seeing that the man in charge of Tazuna's protection was none other than the famous copy ninja, Kakashi Hatake, Zabuza understood better the failure of his henchmen. A fight ensued between the two men, and Zabuza immediately resorted to his silent assassin techniques to deal with Kakashi's Sharingan. Using his watery clone techniques, the Kiri ninja managed to surprise Kakashi and lock him in a watery prison. He then sent a clone to attack Kakashi's students and kill Tazuna. Kakashi immediately ordered the rest of his team to flee, knowing that the young genin he had under his command were no match for such an opponent. But Naruto, who had sworn not to let himself be paralyzed by fear, decided to counterattack and rescue his master.

He asked Sasuke to help him and Tazuna, whom they were supposed to protect, agreed. Zabuza was much stronger and wounded them several times, but Sasuke finally threw a Fuma shuriken in the direction of the "original" Zabuza, who was keeping Kakashi prisoner, which the nukenin avoided without difficulty without understanding that it was a trick and that it was in fact Naruto transformed into a shuriken and who took advantage of it to attack him in the back and thus delivered his master.

Zabuza wanted to take revenge on this dirty kid, but when he was about to strike a deadly blow to Naruto, he was stopped by Kakashi who was finally free. The real fight between the two men began. Zabuza used powerful water techniques, but Kakashi who had activated his Sharingan managed to copy them all and execute them at the same time as Zabuza. He even managed to gain psychological advantage over the Kiri ninja and landed his blow before the latter.

As the copycat ninja was about to deliver the final blow to Zabuza, senbon seemingly came from nowhere and stuck themselves in the neck of the Kiri ninja who seemed to drop dead. The attack was made by a Kiri deserter hunter, a Kiri ninja unit specialized in tracking down deserters. This young hunter carried away Zabuza's body under the stunned eyes of the young genin of Konoha.

figurine manga Haku

In reality, this hunter turned out not to be one. It was Haku, one of Zabuza's men. Zabuza stayed in recovery for a while before resuming his mission. During this convalescence, he was visited by Gato and his two bodyguards, Zori and Waraji, who came to get rid of Zabuza after his mission failed. But Haku intervened to stop them and, afraid, the businessman and his men fled. Haku intervened in order to avoid that Zabuza kills Gatô whose fortune is necessary for his future plans.

Once he had recovered, Zabuza, this time with Haku, went to fight again Kakashi and his team. Before Kakashi arrived, he attacked all the workers who were building the bridge, and then put the place in a thick fog. When Kakashi was finally there, Zabuza fought him, leaving Haku to deal with Sasuke, and later Naruto. This time, Zabuza didn't want to be a victim of the sharingan and used some techniques of hiding in the fog. He even took the opportunity to attack Tazuna who was alone with Sakura but was stopped in extremis by Kakashi who was injured in this exchange. Kakashi decided to finish Zabuza off once and for all and summoned his Tracking Fangs, a squad of ninja dogs, who were able to spot Zabuza despite the fog. They managed to immobilize the Kiri deserter and Kakashi wanted to take advantage of this to deliver the final blow to Zabuza with his Raikiri.

However, Haku at that moment left his own fight to protect his master with his body, dying immediately under the blow. Zabuza congratulated him for serving him so well and wanted to take the opportunity to cut Kakashi and Haku with his sword. Kakashi barely managed to get out of the way and put Haku's body a little further away. He counterattacked immediately afterwards, seriously injuring Zabuza by putting a kunai in each arm and making them both stand still.

At that moment Gato and an army of mercenaries arrived to eliminate Zabuza and put an end to the fight between Kakashi and Zabuza which had no justification anymore. Seeing the lifeless body of Haku, the businessman took the opportunity to kick it in order to take revenge for their altercation. Naruto was outraged by this action, and asked Zabuza why he didn't intervene for his friend. When Zabuza replied that Haku knew his destiny and was only a weapon to serve him, Naruto shouted and cried in rage. He knows that for Haku, Zabuza was his whole life, that he didn't even have a dream of his own except to be useful to the one who once reached out to him.

This time, Zabuza's impassive shell cracked, and he let out tears for this pure child whom he loved deeply. He then asked Naruto for a kunai. Although both his arms were now immobile, Zabuza threw himself into the middle of Gato's mercenary army in order to reach the businessman. He killed several of them but was planted on all sides by their weapons. However, he managed to reach Gato and killed him by decapitating him. Mortally wounded, Zabuza collapsed and asked Kakashi to carry him to Haku's body so that he could see his face one last time. At that moment, snow fell, similar to Haku's tears.

Kakashi and his team buried Zabuza and Haku side by side.

Part II

Pursuit of Itachi

After having escaped from Orochimaru's hold, Sasuke Uchiwa, composed his own group and started by hiring Suigetsu Hôzuki.

The two young men went to the Land of Waves, on the tomb of Zabuza and Haku. Suigetsu considers Zabuza as his senpai (elder), and having followed a training in order to become in his turn one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, he recovered on the grave the sword Kubikiribôchô of Zabuza.

Fourth Great Ninja War

Zabuza and his faithful Haku are among the former powerful dead ninjas resurrected by Kabuto with the help of Edo Tensei in order to build his army against the alliance ninjas. After their resurrections, Zabuza and Haku became acquainted with each other in a group consisting of Pakura from Suna and Gari from Iwa. The ninjas in this group are all, with the exception of Zabuza, holders of a Kekkei Genkai. They all run towards a direction that is unknown to them, but they are aware that they are going to be manipulated. As they run towards the Ninja Alliance Army, the group is attacked from above by the Ambush Division. Haku reflexively protected Zabuza with an ice shield, but Zabuza soon realized, looking at his fellow travelers, that this gesture was useless. Indeed, by resurrecting, they got an immortal body that replenishes itself after each attack.

After Haku dropped Sai, Saiji and Omoi from their air position, the group of resurrected ninja attacked them, but was stopped by Kakashi and his armed division. Zabuza was aware from the beginning that he was brought back to life to fight, but he was surprised to be confronted with the copy ninja again. He told him that he thought that once he died, he would go to hell but that this place does not look like it. Kakashi then confirmed to him that they are back in the real world.

Recognizing Sakura within the troop under the orders of Kakashi, Zabuza asked for news of the other students of this last, and in particular of Naruto. Kakashi confirmed that he had become a great ninja, a hero, and that it was thanks to him and Haku that he had strengthened his ninja, making a promise on their graves to always follow his path. The "friendly" exchange was short-lived as Kabuto strengthened the hold of his technique, and Zabuza feeling all his powers awake as he lost all control over his body asked Kakashi to stop him.

Despite the strengthening of Kabuto's technique, Zabuza's mind, just like Haku's, still resisted a little. As Haku blamed himself for being a bad instrument for Zabuza who still died despite his sacrifice, Kakashi revealed to him that Zabuza did not consider him a weapon at all. Zabuza asked Kakashi to shut up but acknowledged that his confrontation with Naruto was his first defeat (physically, morally and ideologically). He asked Kakashi again to stop him and to do it without mercy because after all, he is already dead.

figurine zabuza

As the fight turned to the advantage of Kakashi's Third Division, the other former members of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist were summoned to Zabuza who even recovered his sword. This is the real Kubikiribocho, because at the same time Suigetsu Hôzuki, who escaped from prison, and who had recovered it until then, could not find it anymore. The sword broken during one of Suigetsu's confrontations was repaired although shortened. He had a brief confrontation with Kakashi but Kakashi pierced him with Raikiri and Maki immobilized him with his Web technique. He remained sealed in the web technique under Maki's supervision. Once the Edo Tensei was lifted, his soul returned to the world of the dead.



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