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Zarachi Kenpachi

Zarachi Kenpachi

Zenpachi Zaraki is the current captain of the 11th division of Gotei 13. He is the eleventh Kenpachi to hold this position. His first lieutenant was Yachiru Kusajishi and his current lieutenant is Ikkaku Madarame .

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During his criminal past before his Shinigami career where he lived in the 80th North District of Rukongai, Zaraki, he met a pink-haired girl from Kusajishi, the 79th North District, and decided to name her Yachiru after the woman he admires and respects most of all. Yachiru became his faithful partner throughout the story, even becoming his Vice-Captain once he became Captain.

During his childhood, he was already an exceptional swordsman and slaughtered all life until he met the 1st Captain of the 11th Division and at the same time the first kenpachi, Yachiru Unohana. Having made equal game with this last one, he will fix himself for objective to surpass it. After having defeated Kenpachi Kiganjô, he became the eleventh Shinigami to have this exceptional fighter title.

His reputation of bloodthirsty makes him despised by Byakuya Kuchiki and Kaname Tōsen, respected by Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa as well as feared by Yoruichi Shihōin. His power in battle will be the key factor in his inclusion in the Special Military Force.


Kenpachi is a tall and muscular Shinigami with a wild and aggressive look, which matches his personality. He has a long face with pronounced cheekbones and eyebrows without eyebrows. He has green eyes and long black hair. A notable feature in his appearance is a long, thin vertical scar on the left side of his face and over his left eye, inflicted by Retsu Unohana when he was still a child.

In addition to the standard Shinigami uniform, he wears white bandages across his abdomen and a sleeveless captain's haori (which belonged to the previous captain and was taken after he was defeated), which has a battered appearance. He styles his hair in straight strands when bathing, has attached small bells to the end of his spikes, and wears a special black eye patch over his right eye. During his first fight against Ichigo, the eye patch was more elegant, having a gold outline and a similar black chain. He also wore a black band around his neck. Later, he took off the necklace and his eye patch with normal straps.

Seventeen months after the defeat of Aizen, Kenpachi's hair has grown down to below his shoulders and he no longer has his bells. The style of his eye patch has changed again, becoming only a piece of cloth covering his right eye. The eye patch is black with a gray outline.

Zarachi Kenpachi


Although he is known to be a violent fighter, Kenpachi's actions tend to be for the good. Kenpachi lives for battle, and enjoys a good fight more than anything. He holds back to make a fight last longer. He demands injury and death as they are just the price of a good fight. Despite his tendency to be brutal, Kenpachi usually stops a fight if his opponent is too weak to fight, claiming that he is not interested in fighting "the wimps who can't fight anymore", and he doesn't feel compelled to deal a death blow to anyone who can't fight any longer. However, he will unhesitatingly kill his opponent if they refuse to end their fight, as in his fights with Kaname Tōsen and Nnoitra Gilger. He also takes his title of Kenpachi seriously, telling Gremmy Thoumeaux that there is nothing he can create that he cannot cut because as his title indicates, his power is not to be taken lightly.

Kenpachi's unique hairstyle is partly due to his habit of taking a bath every day before going to sleep, which is a necessity for him because of his heavy sweating. During these baths, he often washes his hair with soap, which makes it stiff. He likes to do this because it is easy for him to adopt his favorite style. He once tried the hair treatment recommended by Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe's First Division, but his hair became too silky and was impossible to fix for a while. Since then, Kenpachi hates the lieutenant very much. Kenpachi ties the bells to his hair himself, which takes some time to accomplish. The highest bell in particular, takes him several hours to fix, as the tip of his hair is just beyond his reach. He refuses to get help, as he thinks it is weird that someone else can style his hair.

On many occasions, Kenpachi has shown great respect to those who can defeat him in a fight and those who can push him to his limit. Ichigo is only the second character to have defeated Kenpachi (although he considers it a defeat), the latter considers Ichigo a member of his Division. Despite Ichigo's refusal to engage in a rematch with Kenpachi because he considers him an ally, Kenpachi repeatedly expresses his desire to fight him every time they meet.

Kenpachi also holds great respect for Unohana, the only person he has ever admired, as she was the first person to give him the thrill during their fight. He recognizes that they are very similar, and is brought to tears at the thought of being unable to beat her before he dies. While inadvertently killing Unohana, Kenpachi began to scream and ask her not to die.

Kenpachi sometimes contradicts his own logic in fighting. On the one hand, Kenpachi wants to increase his personal power. And on the other hand, he hides his strength to enjoy a fight as long as possible. Although he develops for the battle, Kenpachi really has emotions. Kenpachi and his Vice-Captain, Yachiru, have been close since they met, and have a "father-daughter" relationship, which makes Yachiru one of the few people he cares for. However, he has told his subordinates that if they interfere with his fights, he "cuts them off first." Apart from Yachiru, Kenpachi gives deep meaning to his name. After his fight with Ichigo, Kenpachi talks about the pain of not having a name, as he lived his early years without one. This leads him to feel guilty for not knowing the name of his sword. Since then, he has sought to know his identity.

Kenpachi firmly believes that pleasure comes before work. An example is when Kenpachi sends his 5th sitting officer, Yumichika, to repel the Bounts in the city of Karakura, as he is the only high ranking officer who is not busy, or rather, busy having fun, as Yachiru is snacking and Ikkaku is taking a nap. In his free time, Kenpachi always takes his afternoon nap. He doesn't have a particular favorite food, but he especially hates natto (soy bean dish).

After killing Unohana and finally learning the name of his Zanpakutō, he retains his desire to fight but doesn't care too much about the details. Kenpachi has become a bit calmer and more focused. He is more willing to listen to reason, after stepping back to look for Yachiru when Nanao Ise explained that his men would find her faster. Likewise, he shows much more concern for Yachiru than before; when he discovers that she is missing, Kenpachi frantically orders his men to start looking for her.

Zarachi Kenpachi


Kenpachi's name came from the district where it once resided, Zaraki, which was the 80th North District of Rukongai. The district is the worst, most illegal district in Rukongai, filled with thieves and murderers (while the No. 1 area was the most orderly and law-abiding). Although he lived in district 80, Kenpachi was nameless. Being a young boy living on the streets of Rukongai, Kenpachi, one day saw the corpse of a Shinigami, and took his sword, over time imprinting his soul on the Asauchi to make it his own Zanpakutō. During this time, he eventually became proficient in swordplay, and killed many opponents.

During these fights, he came across Yachiru Unohana, the first Kenpachi and fought with her. This fight was the first time he felt fear, and subsequently the first fight he ever enjoyed, after being bored by cutting anything else. He unconsciously sealed his power to allow them to last longer and therefore lost to her. After their fight, he began to admire her, and wanted to fight like her.

Years later, becoming a young man, Kenpachi, approached a young girl, whom he named Yachiru, in memory of the only person he had ever admired, after she showed no fear in front of his sword. Yachiru came from the 79th district, Kusajishi, where his parents were murdered, apparently not too long before Kenpachi arrived. That day he took a name: Kenpachi, the title given to the strongest Shinigami in each generation, having killed the most enemies and having won the most fights.

Later he met two men, Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa before they entered the Seireitei. Ikkaku is a good fighter, hotheaded, in need of opponents and saw in Kenpachi a good rival. Yachiru warned Ikkaku that it was a bad idea to play with Kenpachi while he was in a good mood, but Ikkaku did not take the warning seriously. When Kenpachi and Ikkaku met face to face, the latter immediately became alarmed by the Colossus' Reiatsu, but was happy to finally have a real challenge. Kenpachi attacked with enough force to create a crater in the ground beneath Ikkaku, which somewhat alarmed Yumichika. Due to Kenpachi's strength, Ikkaku was forced to be on the defensive, backing away from Kenpachi's attacks. As the two continued to fight, Ikkaku tried to overwhelm Kenpachi, but failed to do so, only succeeding in increasing his own injuries while his opponent remained unharmed. While Kenpachi mentioned that he was having fun, he decided to finish Ikkaku off with a quick strike, resulting in the latter's defeat.

Ikkaku gets angry when Kenpachi leaves without killing him. Kenpachi clearly tells him that there is no point in fighting a wimp who can't fight anymore, noting then that he has no obligation to finish him off. Ikkaku thinking that he was playing with him, asks Kenpachi to kill him. But the latter, losing patience, grabs Ikkaku and asks him why he wants to die so much if he likes fighting so much. Kenpachi explains him a philosophy to follow for people like him: "Don't admit defeat and don't run after death. Die first, then admit defeat. When you lose, but don't die, it just means you were lucky. At those times, just think about survival. Survive, and just think about killing the guy who failed to kill you.".Kenpachi points out to him with a smile that it's not like he came easily to him; he is just lucky to escape death. He tells Ikkaku that he has to survive, come back and try again to kill him. Before he leaves, Ikkaku asks him his name and learns that he is Kenpachi Zaraki.

Some time later, Kenpachi killed Kenpachi Kiganjō, the captain of the Eleventh Division, in a single blow in the face of more than two hundred members of the Division. In accordance with the Third Trial Captain Qualification, Kenpachi became the new captain of that division. By killing Kenpachi Kiganjo, he became the official and undisputed holder of the title "Kenpachi", as well as becoming the eleventh person to hold the title.

The next day, during his first speech to his division, he was greeted by Ikkaku and Yumichika, who had already become Shinigamis and joined the division. Ikkaku tells Kenpachi that he came back as he suggested, which makes Kenpachi smile. Later, they are present at the battle of the division against a Hollow caterpillar. When at first the division loses, Ikkaku arrives to beat him but is stopped by Kenpachi who decides to kill him himself. After the Hollow is shot down, more Hollows arrive, prompting Ikkaku and Yumichika to join the battle. Although he is against it at first, Kenpachi is convinced when he realizes that the two have similar ways of fighting and, as such, would like to fight alongside him. After that, Kenpachi allows them to participate in his fights.

Zarachi Kenpachi

Shortly after joining Gotei 13, Kenpachi was forced by Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto to learn Kendo because he didn't learn any official swordplay training, after bypassing these normally required qualifications due to the way he reached his position. The Central 46 ordered Yamamoto to stop the training after one day, because they were worried that if Zaraki reached his full potential and rebelled, he might become invincible. Kenpachi hated using Kendo because his battles ended too quickly for him, so he only used it if his own life was in danger.


Arc de la Soul Society


Kenpachi and Gin Ichimaru both provoke Byakuya Kuchiki about his sister Rukia Kuchiki being sentenced to death, asking him if he is not concerned, since a noble family would not support having a criminal in their clan. Byakuya retorts that he didn't think that people from the lower class could understand the subtleties of aristocracy. Kenpachi declares that on the contrary, he is intelligent and he even offers Byakuya to allow him to go and behead his sister before the execution. When Byakuya tells him that he is surprised, since he didn't know that he had a high enough level to kill people, Kenpachi asks him if he wants him to give him a demonstration. Byakuya doesn't seem to be reluctant and before the two can engage in a fight, Gin, stops Kenpachi, binds him and takes him further.

Invasion of the Ryōkas

After Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends arrived at the Soul Society, an emergency meeting of 12 of the 13 Captains was held at the 1st Division's quarters. Ichimaru arrives last and is insulted by Kenpachi and the 12th Captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who also starts to argue with Zaraki. Yamamoto calms down the brawl between the 2 Captains before being interrupted by an alarm warning that the Ryôkas are entering the Seireitei. Kenpachi is the first to rush with his vice-captain to chase away these wandering souls. He then sees the point of impact of the Shiba cannonball on the Shakonmaku and the separation of the group in 4. He wonders which one he will have to chase.

He then starts to chase the strongest Ryoka, but Yachiru guides him in the wrong direction while the enemies progress towards their objective. While he is lost, he finds himself in the 4th Division's compound, specialized in healing, finding Mayuri who is about to "interrogate" his lieutenant, Ikkaku Madarame who lost in battle. So he stops him and then forces him to leave. He then asks Ikkaku who defeated him and learns the existence of a Shinigami with orange hair and a sword as big as him, Ichigo Kurosaki. Kenpachi asks him if he talked about him during their fight, what Ikkaku agrees and adds that this Shinigami is in full evolution and that the more Kenpachi will wait to fight him, the stronger he will become. So the 11th Captain shivers with impatience.

After a while, he manages to determine where Ichigo is heading, and decides to wait for his arrival. As Ichigo, Ganju Shiba, and Hanatarō Yamada cross the Seireitei, they sense Kenpachi's huge Reiatsu. As he tries to discern who among the three is the strongest, he finally realizes that it is Ichigo. Introducing himself, he tells Ichigo that he has come to kill him. Ichigo and the other two try to get out of his strong spiritual pressure but they can't get very far. Kenpachi is determined to fight Ichigo no matter what the outcome of the fight, showing no concern for his friends or Rukia's fate. Kenpachi, seeing Ichigo's fighting stance, compliments him on it, but notes that he has openings, and he admits to liking his spiritual pressure. Kenpachi admits that he understands why Ikkaku lost to him, but notes that Ichigo is still too weak for him. He then decides to give Ichigo a chance to beat him. Kenpachi, discovering his chest, tells Ichigo to cut him anywhere and not to hold back. While this one refuses to attack an unarmed opponent, Kenpachi recommends it to him and says that it is simply a handicap, and then he should appreciate this offer. Ichigo then tells him to save his sympathy for someone else. Kenpachi retorts to him that life is about killing or being killed.

Zarachi Kenpachi


Ichigo, attacking Kenpachi's exposed chest, causes no damage, much to his confusion. Kenpachi, disappointed, begins to draw his Zanpakutō, telling Ichigo that it is his turn and not to die too quickly. When Ichigo's hand starts to bleed, Kenpachi, asks him why he is surprised that his sword can't cut him and then pushes Ichigo backwards, using his arm against his blade. Kenpachi, explains to Ichigo why his sword can't cut him because the fights of Shinigamis are clashes of Reiatsu and if you don't have the level to fight, it doesn't matter the size of your sword, it is the weakest who will receive the damage.

Ichigo, terrified, tries to run away from Kenpachi, as he can't hurt him. Kenpachi ends up running after him for a while until he gets bored and decides to sit down. When Ichigo finally confronts him, he seems happy and asks if Ichigo is prepared to die or surrender. Ichigo refuses to do so, attacks and finally manages to hurt Kenpachi. Kenpachi, extremely excited, sees that Ichigo can really hurt him, and tells Ichigo to keep his spiritual pressure and not to relax and then attack him.

Both continue their fight, with the advantage for Kenpachi. This last is happy to see Ichigo improving. When Kenpachi comments on how Ichigo uses the sounds of his bells to determine his position, Ichigo asks if he is underestimated, as the Captain has not released his Zanpakutō. Kenpachi then explains that his Zanpakutō has no name, never had a seal on it, and is currently in its true form. Ichigo is relieved to hear this, attacks Kenpachi once again, the latter stopping him, explains the state of his Zanpakutō again. He plants his Zanpakutō in Ichigo's, passing through him, and stabbing Ichigo's chest. Kenpachi talks to Ichigo, he warns him not to release his spiritual pressure because he has become weak because he saw a chance to win. He is frustrated because the battle was so easy and is now over, so he takes his sword back.

However, to Kenpachi's surprise, Ichigo gets up, accompanied by a great increase in spiritual pressure. Ichigo, attacking Kenpachi, surprises him by inflicting a serious wound on the left side of his shoulder and then on his lower torso. Kenpachi, counters the successive attacks and then thrusts his sword into a building to hold back. Kenpachi starts to laugh, becoming very excited, noticing that the fight is just beginning, noting that they should make the fight last. He rushes towards Ichigo, letting his face get cut by the blade just to get closer to Ichigo. As the fight is in full swing, Kenpachi, despite his injuries, continues to fight, teaching Ichigo the energy behind his personality.

Kenpachi, realizing that he and Ichigo are of equal strength, enjoys the euphoric feeling of the moment, removes his eye patch, noting that he considers Ichigo as an opponent and decides to fight him only at full power. His spiritual energy skyrockets as soon as he removes his eye patch, which makes Ichigo wonder what is going on. Kenpachi, explains to him what the eye patch does, takes out his Zanpakutō and cuts a building in half with an oblique motion, then tells Ichigo that he will use all his power to kill him. When Ichigo increases his power in response, he impresses Kenpachi. Ichigo explains that he can do it by borrowing Zangetsu's power and fighting side by side with him, declares that he will never lose to someone like him, who fights only by himself. Kenpachi asks if Zangetsu is Ichigo's Zanpakutō, fighting side by side with him and borrowing his power, he finds it ridiculous. He believes that Zanpakutō are only tools of war, and fighting side by side with them are only words for the weak, those who are afraid to fight with their own strength. They release a large amount of spiritual pressure at once, running towards each other to make a final strike, releasing enough spiritual pressure to pulverize all the buildings around them. The battle ends in a draw, with Ichigo falling first and then Kenpachi soon after, both admitting defeat. As Yachiru calls for Retsu Unohana to heal Kenpachi, Kenpachi tells him that he lost, but he must pay him back. He raises his sword, and recognizes to have ignored him for a long time and wants to communicate with him. Kenpachi, not hearing him speak, faints, which makes Yachiru afraid.

During his recovery in his quarters, Yachiru and Makizō Aramaki bring Orihime Inoue back, and Kenpachi tells her that he will help her find Ichigo. Much later, Orihime guides Kenpachi, Yachiru, Ikkaku, Yumichika Ayasegawa, and Makizō to Ichigo, and they find Yasutora Sado, Uryū Ishida, and Ganju Shiba (who are incarcerated) on the way, releasing them in the process. As they continue to search for Ichigo, Kenpachi realizes that they are being followed, and Captains Kaname Tōsen and Sajin Komamura, along with their respective Vice Captains Shūhei Hisagi and Tetsuzaemon Iba, confront them. Kenpachi tells his subordinates to advance without him, but Ikkaku and Yumichika stay behind, eager to fight as well. Although reluctant, Kenpachi accepts their help, and they fight against Hisagi and Tetsuzaemon elsewhere. Kenpachi, fights Captain Komamura and Captain Tōsen and easily pushes them back, forcing them to pull out their Bankai. Although Komamura is reluctant to do so, Tōsen feels compelled to do so, revealing that he has always had an uneasy feeling about Kenpachi since he became a captain.

When Tōsen releases his Bankai, Kenpachi notices that he cannot see, hear, or feel any spiritual energy. However, he fights Tōsen with the sense of touch, as he can feel when the blade comes in contact with his body. However, Kenpachi, becomes frustrated with this fighting style and allows Tōsen to impale him with his sword. Kenpachi, grabbing Suzumushi's hilt, he understands that by grabbing only Suzumushi he can see and hear Tōsen again. The latter manages to retreat and launches another assault. But before Tōsen can attack him, Kenpachi, grabs Suzumushi once more, and seriously injures Tōsen, dissipating his Bankai.

As Tōsen tries to retaliate, Komamura blocks an attack from Kenpachi, which shatters his helmet. Kenpachi is a little surprised at Komamura's face but cares little because he only wants to know his power level. The 7th draws his Bankai - Kokujô Tengen Myô'Ô. However, the fight does not last long; Komamura, sensing Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto fighting, gives up his fight with Kenpachi. Later, Yumichika tells Kenpachi the result of his fight. Kenpachi, in turn, tells him that Komamura ran away. Kenpachi, surprised to see Yumichika without any sign of injury after the fight with Hisagi, starts asking him questions, but to his annoyance, Yumichika starts talking about beauty. Later, although they received the Isane Kotetsu message about Aizen's betrayal, they do not accompany the other captains to Sōkyoku Hill.

A week after the incident with Aizen, Kenpachi finds Ichigo training with Ikkaku in his division's quarters. Seeing his wounds healed completely, Kenpachi tries to fight him again, but Ichigo runs off, and Kenpachi can't find him. He doesn't see Ichigo and his friends when they leave the Soul Society, he tells Yachiru that he and Ichigo will surely meet again because they are the only ones who look alike.

Zarachi Kenpachi

Arc des Arrancars

Invasion of the Arrancars

When Yamamoto calls him and the other captains for an emergency meeting, Kenpachi expresses his displeasure and complains. After Orihime is taken to the Hueco Mundo, Kenpachi arrives with Byakuya Kuchiki to retrieve Hitsugaya's unit and bring them back to the Soul Society.

Rescue of Ichigo

After Ichigo defeats Grimmjow Jaggerjack, Kenpachi comes to Ichigo's rescue by blocking a fatal attack by Tesra Lindocruz. The Arrancar tries to attack again but Kenpachi slices him in the chest, cutting him in half. After Tesra's defeat, Kenpachi sees that Nnoitra Gilger is his next opponent. When Ichigo asks what Kenpachi is doing in the Hueco Mundo, he responds by kicking Ichigo, indicating that he is in the way. Kenpachi reveals that it is Urahara, on the order of Captain General Yamamoto, who sent him with 3 other Captains for the battle of Karakura.

Nnoitra decides then to attack Kenpachi who replies without difficulty. The 2 fighters excited to have an opponent at their measure present themselves and decide to fight seriously. During an opening, Kenpachi misses a blow which could have been fatal to Nnoitra, since he cannot cut through the Espada's skin with his sword. Nnoitra, cuts Kenpachi on his left shoulder, and laughs at the situation because his Hierro is the most resistant of the Espadas and he can never cut him. Undeterred, Kenpachi continues to fight Nnoitra with even more ferocity, to the surprise of the Espada. After Nnoitra dodges an attack, Kenpachi deduces that his attack was dangerous for his opponent to dodge. Passing it off as a reflex, Nnoitra continued the fight until Kenpachi told him that he had never met an opponent whose eyes or neck could not be cut out, and skewered Nnoitra in the left eye hidden by his blindfold. However, Nnoitra, unaffected, reveals the remains of his hollow mask and the hole hidden under his eye patch. The Espada, getting closer, stabs Kenpachi in the chest. After the two argue about Kenpachi's inability to cut Nnoitra, Kenpachi continues to try to cut his opponent. Eventually, Kenpachi cuts Nnoitra, and the fight gets even more violent, slices him again, and this time manages to cut part of Nnoitra's Zanpakutō. Kenpachi declares that he has finally gotten used to the resistance of Nnoitra's Hierro. Cornered, Nnoitra throws a Cero that is deflected by his opponent. Desperate, the Espada rushes on Kenpachi to hit him in the face but manages only to tear off his eye patch, which has for consequence to release all the Reiatsu of the 11th Captain. The latter then cuts him without holding back, which mortally wounds Nnoitra.

Realizing that his eye-patch has been ripped off, Kenpachi blames his opponent because because of him, he can't hold it anymore. After Kenpachi explains the nature of his eye patch, Nnoitra, in rage releases Santa Teresa and goes into Resurreccion. When his opponent asks how he feels after seeing an Espada release his Zanpakutō for the first time, all he gets in response to his question is a smile from Kenpachi, who tells him that he has a beautiful Reiatsu, and he makes his blade quiver. Kenpachi, wasting no time, goes on the offensive, but is surprised when his attack is blocked, and gets cut by Nnoitra causing a severe wound on his chest. Nnoitra sends Kenpachi flying away laughing at him. Noticing that there is no movement coming from Kenpachi who doesn't answer, Nnoitra sets his sights on Yachiru, but Kenpachi, gets up, and cuts one of his arms. When Nnoitra comments on the fact that Kenpachi is playing with death, Kenpachi replies that if Nnoitra blocks his attacks with his many arms, he just has to cut them off. However, Nnoitra mocks Kenpachi by regenerating his arm and the fight resumes. Kenpachi is pushed back to a tower and manages to catch his opponent in the rubble by grabbing him and tackling him to the ground, prompting Nnoitra to reveal his two hidden arms and stab Kenpachi in the chest.

Nnoitra, generating two more scythes, tells Kenpachi it's over. The Captain lets out a hysterical laugh and continues to fight, despite the injuries Nnoitra causes him. After a while, he admits that his usual style might get him killed and is forced to use Kendō. He takes his 2-handed sword and strikes a great blow, releasing a huge wave of Reiatsu, severely injuring the Espada.

Surprised that the Espada is still alive, he turns to walk away. When Nnoitra shouts and asks him where he is going and that the fight is not over, Kenpachi explains that he doesn't know what he is talking about, his blow has already weakened him and he is not the kind of person to finish with someone who cannot fight anymore. Determined, Nnoitra gets up and tells him that the fight is not over, taunting him for not wanting to come back and continue fighting. Nnoitra moves to attack him, Kenpachi, giving in, hits his chest again, and Nnoitra falls to the ground. Kenpachi leaned on the corpse of Nnoitra, victorious, thanks him for this good fight.

Zarachi Kenpachi

He then gets rid of his jacket and his top, fallen in tatters, and goes to Ichigo by breaking Sôten Kisshun and by ordering him to go back home because he already had fun in Hueco Mundo and that his duty is in this city. He then asks Orihime to heal his wounds but Coyote Stark appears suddenly to kidnap Orihime and leave so quickly that even Kenpachi and Ichigo didn't know how to react.

Aizen then addresses the Shinigamis present at the Hueco Mundo by revealing them the true reason of the capture of Inoue supposed to attract the group of Ichigo, a precious asset for the Soul Society, which would send in its turn several Captains to exfiltrate them. He decides to leave for Karakura while imprisoning the invaders. Sensing Ulquiorra's Reiatsu near Orihime, Ichigo tells Kenpachi that his duty is to protect his friends and then rushes towards the 4th Espada.

Fight against Yammy

After Ulquiorra's death, Yammy is the last Arrancar to be defeated in Hueco Mundo. But the Espada 0 is unleashed in its gigantic form, having crushed Chad, Rukia and Renji without effort and dominates Ichigo, still exhausted by his previous fight. It is then that Byakuya attacks the Arrancar with Hadô 33 - Sōkatsui followed by Kenpachi who slices several of Yammy's legs. He reprimands Byakuya for "stealing" the first blow and tells him to get out of the combat area. Byakuya calmly tells him that his statements don't make sense, because he was the first one to arrive on the field and tells Kenpachi that he has to learn his place. Kenpachi, ignoring Byakuya, tells him not to complain if he gets cut in pieces by a lost sword blow at Yammy's side.

Kenpachi tells Ichigo that he is a wimp, as he seems to "fight in hell" wherever they go and tells him to move out of the battlefield. When a confused Ichigo looks at him, Kenpachi goes to hit him, but Ichigo, dodging, yells at him, saying he could have killed him. Kenpachi charges again but gets slapped by Yammy, who sends him flying into a nearby structure. As Yammy complains, Kenpachi throws a large piece of rock at him, but Espada breaks it into small pieces before he can make contact with it. Kenpachi says he's surprised that Yammy can throw a decent punch when he wants to, because he barely felt it when he hit him, adding that Yammy reminds him of a big fly and if he wants to hit him, he'll have to put some effort in. Yammy, furious, attacks Kenpachi.

Yammy tries to hit him but Kenpachi cuts three of his fingers. Yammy, screaming in pain, holds his injured hand and then notices Kenpachi on his arm, who goes to his head to hit him. Kenpachi cuts another of the Arrancar's legs, knocking him down again. Kenpachi admits that he is disappointed when he sees Yammy unconscious, prompting him to call Byakuya to finish with the Espada. When Byakuya asks him what he is talking about, Kenpachi says that Byakuya must have been bored of standing around doing nothing, so he at least allows him to finish the Espada. When Byakuya, deducing that Kenpachi is waiting for him to clean up his mess, asks him who he thinks he's talking to, Kenpachi says that he doesn't like killing wimps. When Byakuya says he won't because a savage like him is better suited to the task, Kenpachi takes offense, but before he can do anything about it, Yammy, standing up, confirming by his presence that he's not done yet, slams his large hand on the ground between them both. The two captains turn to Yammy who prepares to fire a Cero at them. The salvo caused a large explosion, forcing the two to dodge the attack. Byakuya then states that he can't believe Kenpachi thought he was done with the Espada the way he did, feeling sorry for his lack of judgment. Kenpachi, rejecting the comment, says that Yammy was ready to be finished, but insinuates that the Espada is obviously too strong for Byakuya. The latter, frustrated, releases his Bankai, and replies to the 11th Captain that he only has to analyze his level by himself. Kenpachi, appreciating this idea, declares that he always wanted to fight with Byakuya. As the two captains move towards each other, Yammy appears and interrupts them. The Captains turn to him, indicating that he is in the way, lash out and punch the Espada in the face.

 As the Captains were about to resume their duel, Yammy got up once again, complaining about his pain. He then starts laughing madly and Kenpachi wonders if he's losing it. The Espada promises his opponents that they will pay and transforms, causing a huge shockwave, making the Captains back off. The Arrancar, having a much more imposing form than before, reveals to Kenpachi and Byakuya that his Resurreccion, Ira, draws its strength from his Wrath and will only make their deaths more agonizing. The fight then resumes.


Zarachi Kenpachi



Later, after having defeated Yammy, Kenpachi is accompanied by Byakuya at their exit of a Garganta. They are greeted by a small number of the members of the 11th Division. The 4th Division responds immediately to their arrival, noting that although both are standing, they are horribly wounded. When asked by his men how the fight was, Kenpachi says it was boring.

After treating his wounds, Kenpachi, Byakuya and Shunsui, are called to meet Yamamoto, who scolds them for losing their captain haori. The three captains seem indifferent to the situation and each gives a different answer to the question asked by the Captain General. Kenpachi, saying that it is an embarrassment, makes Yamamoto even more angry.

Disappeared Replacement Shinigami Bow

After Rukia stabs Ichigo with the sword specially designed by Urahara, Kugo Ginjo declares that he has already taken all of Ichigo's powers, and his power is not enough to restore them. However, Renji interrupts him, revealing himself and other Shinigami, including Kenpachi, who all continue to watch the situation. Renji reveals that all of them, including Kenpachi, have donated their Reiatsu to the sword designed Urahara to ensure that Ichigo's powers are restored.

As Yukio sends each of the duels into different dimensions, Kenpachi asks Byakuya to wait and swap aversaries with him since Shūkurō Tsukishima, seems stronger, but he cannot. When Giriko Kutsuzawa questions him, saying that Kenpachi must think he is weaker, Kenpachi tells him to stop talking, adding that it is boring to kill small fry. Giriko, calling him a fool, says that he will teach Kenpachi with brute force. Giriko turns into a bigger muscle form and says that his Fullbring allows him to do it. Explaining to Kenpachi that his Fullbring is a contract with the gods of time, saying that the simpler the clause of this contract is, the stronger he becomes. Saying his current contract allows him to have more power than before, says he is unmatched, he is interrupted by Kenpachi, who slices him in two parts, saying he was boring.

After beating Giriko, Kenpachi looks around to see if anyone else has already finished his fight. Seeing no one, he gets bored and decides to go home. However, Yachiru Kusajishi, appearing, slaps him, saying that they all got together and promised to go home together, so if they leave, Yamamoto will get their heads. She continues to pull on his ears as they continue to walk. When Kenpachi greets Ikkaku coming out of the dimension that had just disappeared, Ikkaku is surprised that Kenpachi is out of his dimension so early, Kenpachi replies that it is Ikkaku who is late. Kenpachi, Yachiru and Ikkaku see Renji coming out of some bushes. When Ikkaku scolds Renji for his condition, Renji reveals that he came out of his dimension a while ago, but he just couldn't move for a while, which surprises Kenpachi. When Kenpachi asks how Ikkaku did it, Ikkaku says that he educated his opponent a bit before leaving. Kenpachi, frustrated to hear that, scolds his subordinate. He and the other captains, watch as Ichigo breaks the last dimension with his Bankai.

Kenpachi and the others turn to leave, when Byakuya reminds Rukia that they were only in charge of observing Ichigo and his decision, Kenpachi, interfering, declares that he only came because he was bored. Later, when Ichigo goes to the Soul Society to ask for the return of Ginjo's body, Kenpachi, informed of his arrival, is among the captains present to hear Ichigo's request.

Arc of the Millennial Bloody War

Zarachi Kenpachi


After the death of Chōjirō Sasakibe, Kenpachi and the other Captains are called to the 1st Division quarters for a council of war. He listens to Kurotsuchi's conclusions and Yamamoto's orders.

Blitz of the Seireitei

When the Stern Ritters invaded Seireitei, he was one of the first to hunt them down and was happy when he heard that Ichigo was about to join the battle.

He later joins Royd Lloyd (who has taken on the appearance of Yhwach) and Haschwalth, impaling 3 Stern Ritters on his sword and putting them down before their eyes. Yhwach's advisor is shocked and asks him how he succeeded where the other Captains failed. Kenpachi replies that he did nothing exceptional, having only had resistance with the 3rd Quincy, Loyd Lloyd who took his appearance. Haschwalth declares that the rumors making of him a monster are founded. Ignoring this remark, he rushes the Quincy leader, creating a huge shockwave on impact.

However, he is quickly defeated by his opponent, who holds him by the throat, proclaiming that although he is a member of the Special Military Force, he is fragile and can sleep, as the Soul Society will soon die.

After the end of the battle and the death of Yamamoto, Kenpachi is seriously wounded and the doctors do not give a favorable opinion of an improvement of his state.


However, a few days later, he is recovered from most of his wounds and is invited to train with Unohana in the 8th basement of the underground prison, the Mugen.

Enthusiastic to fight against her, the latter tells him that they are only criminals, to which Kenpachi answers that without their love of the fight, they would be only vulgar assassins.

Fighting Unohana, Kenpachi is badly treated by the fact that his opponent uses blades with his yawning hand. Criticizing this, Unohana retorts to him that at the top of her potential, she couldn't have done it. She also criticizes him for having the idea to remove his eye patch before the beginning of the fight, noting that he is now fighting at his limits. Unohana tells Kenpachi that he is weak, claiming that those who only fight with one hand, without using the other for anything else, cannot fully enjoy the fight against her. Kenpachi, belittling her for using techniques she didn't show during their last fight, declares that she has changed since the time he admired her. Hitting Kenpachi's sword with it and his hand while slamming him against the wall, Unohana tells him that she hasn't changed: he just didn't give her the chance to use those techniques when they fought the last time.

Reaffirming that he admired her, Kenpachi revealed that he never felt fear before his fight with Unohana, enjoying the fact that he was fighting for the first time in his life and thus deciding that he wanted to fight like her. As Kenpachi realizes that he is about to die without ever being able to defeat her, Unohana pierces his throat. While he temporarily loses consciousness, something catches Kenpachi's attention and wakes him up. Noticing this, Unohana asks him what happened, since it seems to him that he was losing consciousness for a moment. Ignoring his question and what could have attracted his attention, Kenpachi continues the duel.

As the fight goes on, Kenpachi is continuously injured and knocked out. Unohana heals him several times, Kenpachi finally wounds her. He realizes that before, he only reacted to his sword, and that he does it now by reflex. Moreover, he notices that every time he regains consciousness, it is as if he is reborn again, ignoring the limits he unconsciously placed during their first duel and letting them go. Recovering from an attack by Unohana, he unleashes a powerful vertical strike.

Zarachi Kenpachi

Despite the fact that she received a severe blow, Unohana pushes Kenpachi away, heals herself and activates her Bankai. The battle continues to escalate and Kenpachi, having so much fun, bursts into hysterical laughter. He is grateful to Unohana when he realizes that thanks to her, he is finally living a real fight. Kenpachi, surpassing Unohana little by little, ends up piercing his chest. While Unohana congratulates him while dying in his arms, Kenpachi throws his sword, realizing that it was the very last time he was fighting her. Begging her not to die, Kenpachi screams with rage as his opponent's life fades away. He suddenly hears a voice calling to him, and he realizes as he turns around that the voice is that of his Zanpakutō.

Battle of the Shadow Seireitei

Later, during the second battle against the Vandenreich, Kenpachi senses Yachiru's Reiatsu weakening and heads to where she is located. Spraying a wall next to it, he expresses his displeasure upon discovering that it's a kid making hay. Being questioned by Isane Kotetsu who asks where Unohana is, Kenpachi answers that he killed her and confirms that he has thus inherited her name. Gremmy raises the ground in the air, bringing a special dimension to their fight. After Gremmy introduces himself and his powers, Kenpachi attacks him, but his sword does not cut him. Gremmy explains how he can stop him by imagining that his skin is stronger than steel. At these words, Kenpachi decides to slice him for real and declares that he can cut through anything Gremmy can imagine because he is Kenpachi!

When Kenpachi notices the encouragement of his subordinates, Gremmy reveals that he is cured and thus begins to attack Kenpachi by imagining lava. Noticing that there is no logic in Gremmy's power, Kenpachi says that he doesn't particularly like illogical things and attacks, cutting through the lava and telling Yachiru to run away. After hearing Gremmy reveal what Yachiru's bones are made of, Kenpachi asks what a cookie is and, hearing the answer, attacks again. Kenpachi is trapped in a mass of liquid water and falls into a crack in the ground that closes. He frees himself and, while carrying Yachiru, tries again to hurt Gremmy, but is again blocked. Kenpachi notices that the powers don't work on Yachiru anymore, since his bones are back to normal, so he concludes that it's because Gremmy has turned his attention to him.

After breaking the beam that was blocking his sword, Kenpachi tells Yachiru to go to Isane to heal his arm. As Yachiru happily descends to the ground, Gremmy notices how perceptive Kenpachi is for noticing how to disable his power. Affirming, Kenpachi asks Gremmy if he plans to fight with his hands in his pockets throughout the fight and reminds him that he was the one who claimed to be the strongest Quincy of all. So Kenpachi thinks that Gremmy would want to beat the strongest opponent because of his status and he claims that it won't be a fight if Gremmy focuses on another opponent than Kenpachi. As Kenpachi rushes towards him, Gremmy buries him under a dozen rectangular columns, which Kenpachi will easily cut through. Finally, Gremmy more than excited creates a wall of firearms around him and shoots Kenpachi with each of them at the same time, the latter emerging from the cloud of smoke created by the attack with only minor wounds and notes that his sword is finally starting to have fun.

Zarachi Kenpachi

Kenpachi continues to attack Gremmy, taking advantage of Gremmy's lack of reaction to hurt him again and again as he gets through his defenses. After injuring Gremmy in various places, Kenpachi confused, asks him if he has ever imagined his own death. Healing from his injuries, Gremmy thanks Kenpachi for pointing this out to him, and declares that he will reveal his strongest technique to him before creating a duplicate of himself. When Kenpachi attacks the clone, Gremmy reveals that they are not going to die and then shows a huge meteor heading towards the Seireitei, thanks to his imagination having now been doubled with the help of the double. Gremmy states that this attack will destroy Kenpachi and the entire Seireitei, Kenpachi tells his Zanpakutô that it's good to find something he hasn't decided yet and calling it: Nozarashi.

When Gremmy explains to him that he can't destroy the meteor since it already exists and even his death wouldn't cancel it, Kenpachi claims that Gremmy is the only one who can't do anything and then leaps towards the meteor. Releasing Nozarashi's true form, Kenpachi destroys the meteor, causing debris to fall around him as he lands and puts his Shikai on his shoulders.

Gremmy calls him a monster for being able to destroy a meteorite in one attack, prompting Kenpachi to simply reply that he can cut through anything. Surrounding Kenpachi with more duplicates of himself, Gremmy proclaims that he will simply have to kill Kenpachi with something that has no form and locks him in the vacuum of space. Kenpachi begins to spit blood, boil inside and scream in pain, while Gremmy explains how he will die a slow and painful death in the vacuum of space, but he cuts one of Gremmy's clones in half, cutting himself off from the vacuum in the process. When the other doubles grab him, Kenpachi is caught in a huge explosion, which he survives with a badly burned and damaged body. Taking this as proof of Kenpachi's monstrosity, Gremmy declares that he just has to get stronger than him and rushes at him as his veins burst and his body begins to rip apart in mid-air, as his tendons and muscles grow too fast to be contained. As Gremmy falls to the ground, Kenpachi criticizes him for just imagining him as a monster and losing because of it.

Severely injured, Kenpachi approaches the defeated Stern Ritter. Listening to Gremmy's explanation of his own defeat and his real body, Kenpachi astonished, watches the Quincy dissolve and disappear. At the end of the scene, Kenpachi calls Yachiru and notices his empty clothes on the floor. When his subordinates arrive, he orders them to look for her. He is then surprised when the members of the 11th Division are struck by lightning. Then he sees Candice Catnipp, Meninas McAllon, Giselle Gewelle and Liltotto Lamperd approach. Seeing Candice preparing to electrocute other members of his division, Kenpachi rushes in to try to attack her, but Candice narrowly avoids and electrocutes him before Meninas knocks him to the ground with a blow of phenomenal force. While the four female fighters shoot the Eleventh Division members around him and wonder how they should kill him, Kenpachi notices that he can't move and wonders if this is the end until there is an explosion over their heads. When Ichigo arrives and joins him, Kenpachi asks him what he is doing there, prompting Ichigo to proclaim that he is there to save him, much to Ichigo's dismay. When Ichigo asks him if he can stand up, Kenpachi laughs and tells him to mind his own business before worrying about him.

Later, Kenpachi is taken to Kisuke Urahara's laboratory, where Jūshirō Ukitake treats him. When Ukitake states that he will not be able to move for a while, Kenpachi emerges from the medical room asking him who he is talking about, which greatly surprises Ukitake. Kenpachi asks Urahara where Yachiru is, and even when he learns that his division is currently searching for her, he tries to leave despite Urahara asking him to stay. When the latter stops him with a Kidō barrier, Kenpachi angrily starts to move towards him, only to be stopped by Nanao Ise who faces him and reminds him of his duty to stay here. After a minute or two, Kenpachi admits she is right and turns back, prompting Urahara to give him a sphere to charge with his Reiatsu.

Later, Kenpachi asks Urahara if charging this sphere will make them fly, and the scientist explains how they will create doors to reach the Royal Palace. When Urahara admits that there may not be a way back, Kenpachi tells him that he is only interested in killing the Vandenreich members currently in the palace.

As the Seireitei begins to disintegrate, Kenpachi is stunned by Urahara's conclusion that the Spiritual King must have died. Kenpachi then watches Ukitake use the power of Mimihagi to replace the Spirit King.


Zarachi Kenpachi


Assault on the Wahrwelt

He goes to the Royal Palace with Kurotsuchi, away from the main group of 13 Divisions. He thanks his colleague Captain because he went to pee and he was lucky to come. Seeing an opponent in front of them, he is surprised by his atypical appearance and decides to attack him head on, despite Mayuri's recommendations.

And although he cut him, Kenpachi has his arm completely twisted and it keeps on twisting, forcing him to pull it out to avoid being affected on the whole body. Seeing that Kenpachi plans to foolishly charge at their opponent again, Kurotsuchi uses Ashisogi Jizō to paralyze and anesthetize the 11th Captain before he dies. He is subsequently led by Ikkaku into a healing tank.

Later, Kenpachi's missing arm is restored and comes out of the pod. Arriving in the middle of a fight between Hitsugaya and Byakuya against the Stern Ritter Gerard Valkyrie to whom he cuts the arm, each of the 3 is surprised of his arrival. After learning about Gerard's ability to regenerate his wounds and increase his strength, Kenpachi decides to see what will happen if he cuts him in several parts and attacks him, before being intercepted by Hitsugaya, who yells at him for not thinking about what will happen if Gerard falls on the Seireitei just below. When Gerard runs over them, Kenpachi simply grabs his foot and throws it back before attacking him once more, prompting Gerard to push him away with a blow from his shield before drawing his own sword, Hoffnung. Admitting his toughness, the 11th Captain releases his Zanpakutō, Nozarashi. Kenpachi continues his confrontation with Gerard and manages to push him away before jumping into the air, surprised when he suffers a large blow to his chest from leaving a small gash in Hoffnung's blade.

As blood spurts from his wound, Kenpachi wonders what just happened, which prompts Gerard to claim that The Miracle shapes desires and emotions, which is what increased his size and made Hoffnung unbreakable. Kenpachi ridicules Gerard for acting like a cliché villain, only for Gerard to mock him in turn for not yet realizing the power gap between them. Hitsugaya dazed, points out that the two opponents seem to have been made for each other, Kenpachi and Gerard start to clash, both complimenting each other's speed and reflexes. Hitsugaya tries to intervene, but Kenpachi smashes him to the ground and tells him to stay out of it, with Byakuya's approval, prompting Hitsugaya to point out that Kenpachi considers Gerard enough of a threat to have already removed his eye patch. As Kenpachi and Gerard continue the fight, with Kenpachi slowly but surely being overtaken, Gerard points out the declining power behind his strikes before smashing him into the ground. Suddenly, Yachiru appears in front of Kenpachi and tells him that the fun is just beginning. Energy begins to flow down Kenpachi's arm where she hit him, Yachiru notes that Kenpachi would be able to defeat anyone if he uses it correctly before revealing that this is the power known as Bankai.

Zarachi Kenpachi

A massive wave of energy then bursts from Kenpachi, surprising Byakuya, Hitsugaya, and Gerard, before revealing that he has gained red skin and a sword of a different shape. Disappointed by Kenpachi's Bankai, Gerard tries to hit him, who responds by biting him and ripping off his entire arm. Gerard reminds Kenpachi that cutting off his arm won't help, but Kenpachi simply jumps into the air before slicing Gerard, getting his arm cut off and half his shield cut off when he tries to block the blow. Kenpachi punches Gerard in the chin, sending him flying backwards to the edge of Wahrwelt as he wonders what the power is. Gerard pulls out his wings and flies towards him while proclaiming that Kenpachi is stupid for not backing down, but the 11th Captain cuts him vertically in half.

Landing on the ground, Kenpachi suddenly roars and leaps back as Gerard reforms and activates his new form, Aschetonig. Kenpachi tries to resume his fight, but suddenly his right arm shatters and breaks, Yachiru noting that she has released far too much power for her body to handle, prompting Gerard to slam Kenpachi into the ground without a second thought. Hitsugaya confronts Gerard and is quickly overwhelmed, but Kenpachi manages to slice through Gerard and mangle his feet, before falling down knocked out.


Kenpachi survived the battle and 10 years after the defeat of Yhwach, with Yachiru gone, he heads to the ceremony room for the promotion of the new Captain of the 13th Division with his Vice-Captain, Ikkaku, as well as Yumichika, who are arguing over the claim that the ceremony will be held in the barracks of the 13th Division. Kenpachi insists that Yachiru was the one responsible for his bad sense of direction and that it was her who led him anywhere. The three of them head to the right place where they are scolded by Soifon because of their tardiness. They then witness the promotion of Rukia Kuchiki as the 13th Captain of the 13 Divisions.


  • Eye patch: Kenpachi wears an eye patch, created by the Technical Development Bureau especially for him. In addition to reducing his perception and range of vision, it also seals off most of his Spiritual Power. He wears this because he loves fighting so much that he restrains himself so that his fights last longer. Even wearing it, Kenpachi is already strong enough to overpower 2 Captains of the 13 Divisions or match Nnoitra Gilger, the Espada #5. Seventeen months after the defeat of Aizen, Kenpachi wears a new eye patch, this one is black with silver borders.
  • Reiatsu's bells : In order to give an advantage to the enemy, Kenpachi wears bells on each point of his headdress. These bells can only be heard by enemies who have a high enough Spiritual Level that they can actually beat him. Seventeen months after the defeat of Aizen, Kenpachi reveals that he should no longer wear the bells.

    Skills and Competencies

    Kenpachi is presented as one of the most formidable Captains, being the one who loves fighting the most among his peers. He holds the title of Kenpachi, which designates the best fighter of his generation, and he honors his title by being able to dominate Kaname Tōsen and Sajin Komamura, yet both Captains. Due to his excessive strength, Kenpachi imposes handicaps on himself such as fighting with his sword using only one hand or sealing much of his Spiritual Power in his now iconic eye patch. Before the ellipse, he even wore bells on several of his peers. He holds the title of Kenpachi, which designates the best fighter of his generation, and he honors his title by being able to dominate Kaname Tōsen and Sajin Komamura, yet both Captains. Due to his excessive strength, Kenpachi imposes handicaps on himself such as his hair so that his opponent can hear him move. On top of that, Kenpachi has been instinctively holding back in his fights since his first fight to the death against Unohana when he was just a child. It is only when he faces opponents strong enough to kill him that he removes these psychological seals and deploys his full strength. After his ultimate fight against Unohana, who changed him by removing all his psychological seals, Kenpachi became an even more formidable fighter, having become so physically powerful that even Gerard Valkyrie, though an example of raw power, will be unable to trample him and will be lifted up even though he is of gigantic size. The awakening of his Zanpakutō in the Millennial Bloody War will make him a top-notch fighter, further legitimizing his place in the Special Military Forces, the 5 Shinigamis most feared by the Vandenreich.

    • Disproportionate Strength: Kenpachi possesses immense strength and is surely one of the strongest physical characters in the Bleach universe. He has shown himself capable of stopping or even countering extremely powerful attacks, even gigantic ones. He seriously injured and then killed Nnoitra, the 5th Espada, who has the strongest Hierro among the Arrancars. He also stopped a kick from Gerard Valkyrie, one of the 4 elite guards (Schutzstaffel) of Yhwach, while he possessed a gigantic size and then lifted him and threw him into buildings. He was even able to tear off his own arm, when it was completely twisted by Pernida Parnkgjas. Other feats he has accomplished include slicing Yammy Riyalgo's skin into free form, and Gremmy Thoumeaux's skin, which he and The Visionnary managed to create stronger than steel. To affirm his power, Kenpachi will say that there is nothing he cannot cut.
    • High Resistance: Kenpachi is a difficult Shinigami to hurt, due to his high Spiritual Power. When he was talking with Ichigo, Yammy will punch him in the face and send him flying for several dozen meters. However, he will get up from the rubble without any damage. Facing Gremmy, this one is going to hit Kenpachi with missiles, multiple firearms projectiles that are not going to do anything to him. When he is hit by the space vacuum, Kenpachi is just a little bit disoriented for a moment and bleeds from the mucous membranes. And when, in addition, the Stern Ritter is going to make a kamikaze attack with clones, which causes a very consequent explosion, Kenpachi gets out of it only with moderate burns.
    • Observation Skills: Despite his nonchalant nature and personality, Kenpachi is good at observing in battle and has surprised many with this skill. He quickly understood the weak point of Tōsen's Bankai and acted accordingly. And in his fight against Gremmy, he realized that Gremmy's power had limits when he carried Yachiru into battle when she was supposed to be affected by Quincy's power.
    • Extreme stamina: Being only a Shinigami, Kenpachi doesn't have abilities like the Hollows' regeneration or the Arrancars' Hierro. And since he has no mastery of the Kidō, he has no knowledge of hardening his body or regenerating. Yet Kenpachi's stamina is vastly stronger than most of the other protagonists. While his willingness to continue a fight plays into his stamina, it should be noted that Kenpachi can survive several attacks that are deadly to the average fighter. In his fight against Ichigo, he was cut deep in the right shoulder and chest in addition to several other serious wounds and it only took him a few days to recover. Against Nnoitra, he stayed on his feet while he was literally bleeding to death. Against Gremmy, he survived the vacuum of space and several dozen missiles and heavy weapons projectiles. And even when facing Gerard Valkyrie, he stayed on his feet even though he suffered very serious injuries.
    • Iron Will: Kenpachi possesses incredible willpower, which allows him to push his already extraordinary physical limits. His personality and his adoration for combat accentuate this skill. Kenpachi has little to no sensitivity to pain, if any at all, considering the number of wounds he gets or the severity of those wounds when fighting. Having his arm twisted around a few times doesn't cause him any discomfort and he simply rips it off. Even with multiple fatal wounds to his abdomen, neck and chest, he finds the will to fight.

      Shinigami abilities

      • Zanjutsu (斬術, Japanese for "sword technique"): One of the 4 fighting techniques of the Shinigami that allows for the use of the sword. Kenpachi has mastered this technique since before he joined the 13 Divisions. As a child, he could compete with Unohana, the 1st Kenpachi and one of the first 13 Captains, considered the best generation of the 13 Gotei. After taking down the 10th Kenpachi, Kenpachi Kiganjō, in one blow, Zaraki is considered one of the best swordsmen of all time. His mastery is so great that when Yamamoto wanted to train him to make him an even better swordsman, the House of 46 ordered an immediate halt to the training after only 1 day, fearing that he would become unstoppable if he rebelled.
        • Kendō (剣道, Japanese for "Way of the Sword"): During the one day he trained with Yamamoto, Yamamoto taught him the basics of Kendō, the traditional sword fighting art of the Shinigami. Although he despises this way of fighting, Kenpachi uses it in times of extreme need with his unique Ryōdan (両断, Japanese for "Cut in Two") technique, which involves deploying a huge wave of Spiritual Power by deploying his two-handed sword.
      • Hakuda (白打, Japanese for "White Blows"): Kenpachi is also very formidable in hand-to-hand combat, already due to his imposing build but also due to his savage, yet effective way of fighting. He was able to take down a group of several members of the Military Police, even though they were Hakuda specialists, without much difficulty. He can easily grab spirit weapons, with his bare hands and send enemies into the background.
      • Hōhō (歩法, Japanese for "Agility"): Kenpachi has not always mastered this ability. At the beginning of the story, he just possesses a speed commensurate with his other abilities but had not mastered any particular Shunpo. Nevertheless, he was fast enough to fight against opponents like Nnoitra Gilga. After his ultimate fight against Unohana, he seems to master this ability, as we can see in his fight against Gremmy or when he manages to reach the place of the fight between the Shinigamis and Gerard Valkyrie before Ikkaku and Yumichika while they left the previous fight against Pernida before him and he was injured.

        Zarachi Kenpachi

        Spiritual Power

        Kenpachi's Spiritual Power is incredibly powerful. With his eye patch alone, he is the same power as Byakuya Kuchiki, a very powerful Shinigami. And yet, with his eye patch, he is powerful enough to face 2 Captains with their Bankai. Unohana, a very powerful Shinigami, will admit that he was stronger than her when he was just a child. He also defeated Gremmy without removing his eye patch. When he removes his eye patch, his Spiritual Power is displayed as a hungry skull with a yellow aura.


        Nozarashi (野晒, Japanese for "Weather beaten"): Kenpachi has been using a Zanpakutō since he was a child, where he retrieved it from a Shinigami corpse. He even ended up imprinting his Asauchi on it but found himself unable to hear his Zanpakutō for a very long time due to his personality changing after his defeat of Ichigo. The sword is longer than a katana, being the size of a nodachi. Initially, Kenpachi was the only Shinigami who could not hear the voice of his Zanpakutō, and thus could not use it at full power. Worse, the two were in disharmony. For all that, Kenpachi was able to slice through most objects with his sword. After his ultimate fight against Unohana, he finally managed to hear the voice of his Zanpakutō and was finally able to summon it, drastically increasing his already enormous striking power.

        • Shikai: Before Kenpachi named his Zanpakutō, people in Soul Society believed that Kenpachi's Spiritual Power was so powerful that it forced his sword to have a constant form. His release command is Avale (呑め, nome). Kenpachi's Shikai takes the form of a huge battle axe, with a cap on top and a green bow on it.
          • Shikai's Special Ability: His Shikai drastically increases his striking power, allowing him to slice through extremely strong objects such as a Gremmy Thoumeaux meteorite or Gerard Valkyrie's shield. It can even slice through the vacuum of space, displaying limitless power.
        • Bankai (unnamed): Completely outmatched by Gerard Valkyrie, Kenpachi has pushed his limits once again and activated his Bankai. Upon its release, his Spiritual Power releases a huge wave that destroys the landscape. This Bankai affects Kenpachi a lot, starting with his appearance, which makes him look like a demon with horns like an oni. The blade is a little bit modified, being a shorter version of the Shikai.
          • Bankai's special ability : His Bankai strengthens his striking force even more, being able to cut Gerard Valkyrie in half with a single attack despite the power he has accumulated thanks to his power. With little or no control over it, the Bankai takes Kenpachi's mind away from him, making the Shinigami act unconsciously and without caring about the damage he inflicts on himself.



        Kidō: Zaraki has no skill or interest in using Kidō, leaving him with only direct methods of attack for battle.

        Shunpo: Zaraki has no skill in Shunpo, relying exclusively on his naturally high speed.


        Range: While his Zanpakutō has extreme cutting power, it is limited to close combat.

        Melee: While powerful in melee combat, his Zanpakutō has not known special abilities.

        Power Overload: If Kenpachi's Bankai releases more power than his body can handle, his body will begin to break under the pressure.

        Loss of Sanity: When Kenpachi uses his Bankai, he goes berserk and loses his sanity to the point where he no longer differentiates between allies and enemies.


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