Actarus (Goldorak)

Actarus (Goldorak)

Actarus (Goldorak)

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Actarus is the crown prince of the planet Euphor. When his planet was attacked by Vega's forces, he fled aboard Goldorak. Actarus eventually crashed on Earth, where he was taken in and cared for by Professor Procyon.


Actarus is a tall man with an athletic physique. He has shoulder-length brown hair and dark blue eyes.

Actarus (Goldorak)

When he appears as a groom, he wears a yellow top with half-length sleeves, a brown fringed western-style jacket, brown pants and black boots.

When he transforms into the Prince of Euphor to pilot Goldorak, Actarus wears a red and black pilot's uniform and a gray helmet with a visor. His belt features the royal family's emblem.

Later in the series, Actarus wears a tighter Earth outfit.


At first glance, Actarus seems to be a calm and thoughtful man. He does not seem to be combative and does not seem to have a particular interest in anything from outer space, since he is not interested in Alcor's saucer. By metamorphosing into the prince of Euphor, Actarus takes on a mysterious character. Although he has the will to fight until the end to protect the Earth, Actarus does not like war. Indeed, he comes from a peaceful planet and wishes above all that war would not ravage the planet that welcomed him.

Actarus suffers from being the only survivor of Euphor, especially when he remembers the death of his family and his people. He also feels guilty for having fled his planet, although he is aware that there was nothing he could do at the time. His guilt increases when he discovers that the brains of some Euphorians have been implanted in Golgoths.

Actarus (Goldorak)

The Prince of Euphor also suffers from the consequences of a lasernium injury, which wakes up as soon as Actarus is near a radioactive source and which risks shortening his life. This wound, the origin of which is sometimes ambiguous, was treated by Pollux, Actarus' best friend.


A belligerent alien empire, the forces of Vega, have enslaved and ravaged the remote, advanced, but peaceful planet of Euphor. The prince of Euphor, Actarus, however, was able to escape the massacre by fleeing aboard the battle robot Goldorak, which can travel through space in its carrier saucer. Actarus, a refugee on Earth, is cared for and adopted by a humanist scientist, Professor Procyon, director of a space research center and Goldorak, hidden in an underground base under the center. Human in appearance, unlike the hideous humanoids of Vega, Actarus poses as an Earthling and works as a stable boy at the nearby White Birch Ranch, owned by the irascible old man Rigel. When the Vega empire turns its thirst for conquest towards Earth and establishes a military base for this purpose on the dark side of the Moon, Actarus and Goldorak oppose their plans and fight their saucers and robotic monsters. They are first helped by Alcor, the former pilot of Mazinger Z and protagonist of the series of the same name, at the controls of a saucer built by him, the OVTerre.

Actarus (Goldorak)

As the series progresses, Actarus' secret identity becomes less and less so and two young girls join them: Venusia, Rigel's daughter, and Phenicia, Actarus's sister, found late, who also escaped the massacre. The quartet becomes the Eagle Patrol, equipped with three machines that join Goldorak for aerial, underwater and underground battles as Vega's schemes become more complex. The Great Strategist (Vega) eventually abandons his planet to ecological destruction to personally command the invasion of Earth. At the end of the series, he and his entire fleet are wiped out in a final battle between Earth and the Moon. Coming out of this last battle victorious, Actarus and Phoenicia can return to Euphor, in order to start a new civilization.

Actarus (Goldorak)


A scientific officer who comes to replace Hydargos on the Black Moon after the latter's death. He often boasts of being a "man of science", not a military man, and seems to have somewhat different ideas from Minos about conquering the Earth. On several occasions, Horos and Minos, whose military ranks are equal, clash, but they agree to eliminate a rival of Vega's forces who may defeat Goldorak instead. He is also the Vega officer with the most human feelings, as evidenced by his affection for his son Horus, and the copious tears he sheds when Horus sacrifices himself to help him escape Goldorak. In episode 72, Horos is killed on Earth by Alcor, while he was about to shoot Actarus.


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