Benimaru Shinmon

Benimaru Shinmon

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Benimaru Shinmon is a holder of 2nd and 3rd generation powers, thus known as a hybrid firefighter. He is also the captain of the 7th special brigade of the Fire Force.

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Benimaru is a young, well-built man of average height. He has fair skin with long, wavy, black hair that partially covers the front of his face. His right pupil is a red circle with a black dot in the middle, and his iris is also black; while his left eye has a red iris and a white pupil in the shape of a cross, reminiscent of the tic-tac-toe game or the Japanese symbols of affirmation and negation. He normally wears a dark facial expression. Benimaru's outfit consists of a white t-shirt with a black vest on it, a gray kimono top garment (dark blue in the anime) that he wears only on his left arm and the Special Fire Force.uniform pants that he slips into his black boots. Previously, he wore black fingerless gloves and a black sweater wrapped around his waist.

When not on a mission, Benimaru wears a black t-shirt under a black samurai-style hakama, with a white strap around his waist as a belt and black boots. Benimaru is later seen wearing a black shirt under a grey kimono top garment (dark blue in the anime) with special firemen's uniform pants and black boots.


Benimaru is short-tempered, prefers to work alone or only with his brigade, and can be somewhat disrespectful to many of his seniors. Despite this, he has great confidence in himself and his brigade. He does not care about any part of Tokyo other than Asakusa, regardless of the rules the emperor creates and proudly acts according to his own agenda with his brigade. He is an honest man, although sometimes honest to the point of being rude to others. Although Benimaru destroys buildings and houses in Asakusa in front of an Infernal, he is considered a hero and benevolent by the citizens. He seems to care about Asakusa and the people who reside there and is upset about having to end the life of someone he knew and becoming extremely angry when misinformed. as shown by the cause of Kantarō's death angering him to the point of fighting the entire 8th brigade.

Generally, he is very calm and nonchalant, even when purifying the Infernals, but when he is angry, he fights recklessly. He also has a hot-blooded side that takes pride in his skills and longs for his opponents to give him a fight worth his time. Benimaru is a quirky country idealist who prefers to call himself Shinmon Benimaru and call others by their last names before their first names. At the beginning of the Asakusa attack, Benimaru was hesitant and unsure about acting as a leader and taking control of the citizens, and preferred to let Konro do the job, but after the encouragement of his brigade, he finally took on the issue. Despite his nonchalant attitude, Benimaru is quite passionate about the value of free will and despises the dogmatic faith of the Holy Sol, which preaches a blind faith on human effort and despises the oppressive nature of the gods.

Benimaru Shinmon


Benimaru was an orphan before being adopted by Hibachi Shinmon who needed an heir. Hibachi taught him everything about the Iai Shutō fighting style and all its forms and was a strict master. Constantly deprecating Benimaru for being a fool for his inability to use Sun Wheel properly due to his self-doubt and punishing him every time he engaged in unnecessary combat. Benimaru needed Konro Sagamiya to communicate his master's good intentions through the man's brutal attitude. Even as a boy, Benimaru was a member of the fire department and helped to put the infernals to rest.


Benimaru is considered the strongest officer of the Special Fire Force, and is known as "the king of destruction of Asakusa" because of the devastating power he can unleash. He was able to completely overwhelm the combined power of Maki Oze, Shinra Kusakabe, Tamaki Kotatsu, Arthur Boyle and Takehisa Hinawa. His most impressive feat to date is to effortlessly defeat his doppelganger - who was about to destroy the planet - with a single touch. He is also a very skilled teacher, repeatedly training Shinra and Arthur to become stronger in relatively short periods of time, even helping them unlock access to Hysterical Strength, something he had already accessed himself. According to Konro, Benimaru surpassed their former master, Hibachi Shinmon, who was also a famous and powerful pyrokineticist.

Master Hand-to-hand fighter: Benimaru is an extremely skilled and powerful hand-to-hand fighter, as evidenced by the fact that he easily outwitted and defeated Maki Oze, another advanced hand-to-hand fighter. He is also a master practitioner of iaido martial arts.

Tremendous speed: Benimaru is extremely fast and has extraordinary reflexes. He is able to move faster than the eye can see and outpace even the fastest opponents, such as his own master's doppelganger. He is also able to outrun Shinra's fast technique and counterattack instantly, allowing Shinra to move at hypersonic speeds.

Immense Strength: Benimaru possesses enormous levels of physical strength. As a child, he could match the strength of his master Hibachi and was able to hold a full-grown man with his bare hands. After permanently unlocking Hysterical Strength, Benimaru's strength allowed him to completely overpower Shinra and Arthur simultaneously and continue to take them down for several hours. Benimaru's natural physical strength combined with his innate martial arts mastery makes him an incredibly powerful opponent to face up close, which is further amplified by his pyrokinetic fighting style.

Immense Durability: Benimaru possesses incredible levels of durability, able to completely nullify the strikes of infernal demons, Doppelgängers, and even incredibly powerful individuals such as Dragon and Charon.

Poison Resistance: Benimaru is remarkably resilient, having somehow survived and repelled a dose of poison that would normally kill large animals instantly.


Benimaru has the rare trait of being a second and third generation pyrokinetic, allowing him to voluntarily ignite his own flames and also control flames from external sources. The power and size of his flames are enormous, as is his extremely precise and fluid control of said flames. He was able to completely annihilate his doppelganger, who managed to create a Nichirin around the entire planet with the ability to destroy him, stating that he is in fact stronger than his doppelganger. Due to his second and third generation abilities, Benimaru is an expert in all types of combat, as his abilities allow him to create destructive long-range projectiles, redirect external heat sources and gunfire, amplify his martial arts, and cancel and redirect almost all pyrokinetic attacks. This, combined with his incredible skills, makes Benimaru one of the most powerful characters in Fire Force, if not the most powerful.

The Thorough Analysis Of Shinmon Benimaru【Fire Force】 - All About Japan  Anime

Because of his extraordinary prowess in his second and third generation abilities, Konro compares Benimaru to the god "Kagutsuchi". With his advanced sun wheel behind him, Benimaru is said to be like "Acala" himself. He also has a talent for reproducing the techniques and flame abilities of others immediately after contact. He can use his brigade's matoi as a pole to fly to long distance areas, and can control other flaming targets to direct them to great distances. He can control the direction and speed of bullets in the same way asakehisa Hinawa, and create a four meter barrier around him that does not allow heat to pass through. He is also able to trigger an extremely powerful explosion that looks like a crimson moon. He can also create a sharp blade of flame with his hand, a technique derived from his unique fighting style.

During his fight with his master's doppelganger, after being criticized and reminded of his failures by the demon, he fully embraced his status as the ruler of both the sun and the moon, and created a new technique: Crimson Moon's Sun Wheel, allowing him to kill Hibachi Shinmon (doppelganger).



VS. Fire Force Company 1 Special Bow

Benimaru and his brigade confront an infernal giant who showed up in Asakusa, noting that he was larger than normal, but encouraging his brigade not to be afraid. Soon after, Benimaru and his brigade beat him.

Preacher's pursuit arc

Benimaru attends the captains' conference in central Tokyo with Konro, representing the 7th brigade. Shinra looks at him with a smile on his face, and Benimaru replies rudely. As everyone begins to pray as the emperor of Tokyo enters, Benimaru sits relaxed with his feet on the row of chairs in front of him, showing little respect. Discussion begins, but before everyone agrees that all the special fire departments are working to find the evangelist, Benimaru speaks up, stating that the 7th brigade will act on its own accord, wanting nothing to do with anything else, and exits the room.

Asakusa Arch

Benimaru is seen in his hometown, Asakusa. As he returns to his headquarters after a walk, Konro tells him that the 8 wants to visit, which Benimaru wants to ignore due to his carelessness with the evangelist investigation, but is soon approached in person by the 8. brigade. Reiterating to the brigade his disinterest in the investigation of the White-Cladou anything else, he gets into an argument with Shinra, but is interrupted by a sudden alert about the appearance of an Infernal, and attends the scene to purify it. After destroying several houses using his rare ability as a second and third generation, he confronts Kantarō, claiming that damage had been done and the beasts' role had been fulfilled. He quickly ends Kantarō's life, commenting that he has been bearing the pain well. As if nothing had happened, he returns to sit at his headquarters, and takes a bite of daifuku, saying that it is too sweet. In time, a funeral memorial was held for Kantarō. Benimaru orders his brigade to repair the houses destroyed in the clash. As the 7th and 8th brigades get to work, Benimaru repairs Konro's wounds and talks with Konro, saying that he should be the captain instead, but Konro says that he is not fit to be captain. Soon after, Konro reassures the idea of working with 8, and Benimaru sees it as a possibility after noticing that 8 willingly helps with repairs. As he goes out looking for Akitaru Ōbi , he runs into Shinra, who apologizes for their previous interaction. Afterwards, Shinra tells him where Akitaru and Takehisa are, and as Benimaru walks towards them, he surprises them by saying that they will set more people on fire in Asakusa like they did with Kantarō, initially shocking Benimaru.

Benimaru Shinmon

Soon after, a furious Benimaru chases them, throwing flaming objects at them, claiming that they killed Kantarō and plan to create more artificial infernals, but the two have no idea what he is talking about. Benimaru continues his fiery pursuit, not listening to what they have to say, and an all-out battle between him and the 8 begins. Unbeknownst to everyone, two White Hoods are hiding on a rooftop, posing as Akitaru and Takehisa and preparing for their next move. As Benimaru easily dismantles the group one by one, a fully equipped Akitaru comes out alone ready to fight the captain one on one. As the two begin the confrontation and Benimaru chooses not to listen to Akitaru, the captain of the 8th continually gathers his forces as he is repeatedly knocked to the ground. CaptainTephrosis and Benimaru turned his attention to helping him instead of fighting. Now calm, Shinmon is now able to listen to eyewitness claims that neither Obi nor Hinawa could have been the men he saw and that something might be going on in the city and he follows Konro's example by remaining calm.

Walking through the streets, Benimaru encounters an unusual number of fights and realizes that there are dozens of mistaken identities. The citizens of Asakusa continue to quarrel, and although Benimaru tries to intervene to stop them, they do not listen. Soon after, he is alerted to multiple fires and infernal sightings. He rushes to find Konro to take control of the situation by flying over the city with his matoi. They exchange information about the attack on Asakusa, with Benimaru telling Konro that people are looking for him to lead and tell them what to do, but Konro declares that Benimaru is the real leader and should take command. A bystander shouts to Konro for his help in finding Benimaru, which makes Shinmon realize both his duty and that people are looking to him for leadership. Facing the destruction of Asakusa,

Climbing to the top of the 7th Special Fire Station, he uses the supports and uses the tower as a platform to draw the attention of the city gone mad. Breathing in to find his voice, he finally lets out a loud scream, successfully reaching everyone's ears and alerting them to the enemies acting as disguises. With everyone cheering him on, the citizens' attitudes instantly changed, and Benimaru finally orders Company 7 to focus on putting out the fires and defeating the infernals while telling the citizens to fight to discover the enemies in disguise. As the city erupts in joyous violence, Benimaru spots an infernal demon and charges to fight it. Saving Shinra and Arthur from above, Benimaru begins to fight the demonic cultist. Realizing that his normal attacks are ineffective,

The Thorough Analysis Of Shinmon Benimaru【Fire Force】 - All About Japan  Anime

Bow of the workshop of Vulcan

Shinra and Arthur come to Benimaru to train. He teaches them to be hyper-aware. Shinra tells Benimaru that their captain uses something similar. Shinra and Arthur attack Benimaru. Shinra understands that he anticipates his attacks and Benimaru says that it is enough. Benimaru tells Shinra that the force is fine, but doesn't seem to really want to use it. Benimaru tells Shinra that he is missing an invincible skill. Shinra loses his concentration Benimaru scolds him and tells him your own skills that work with his speed. Viktor Licht completes Benimaru. Viktor explains what is the charm of Shinra and apologizes to Benimaru. Viktor introduces himself correctly and wants to help train Shinra. Benimaru makes an example of what Viktor said. Benimaru tells Shinra to do what he just did and Arthur to focus on this battle with the intent to kill. Shinra focuses on how Benimaru is controlling his flame for a clue. Benimaru tells Arthur that if their fight was real, he would have died many times. Arthur tells Benimaru not to take his eyes off him. Benimaru tells him if you want the element of surprise to be quieter and tells him that the attack was not bad. Benimaru beats Arthur and tells Shinra to try again. Benimaru shows Shinra in the ancient art of genkoku that there were hand signs and he controls his flames with them. Benimaru teaches him the sign of the tiger and explains the importance of the signs. He asks Arthur if he is going to sleep at work. Benimaru says to Shinra his congratulations for having understood him. Benimaru tells Shinra to use this ability on him. Benimaru tells him to distance his fireball and Shinra asks him how it was. Benimaru tells him that it was pretty good and that if you improve the movements, you will have no problem. Benimaru stops and asks Arthur if he had found one for his new skill. Shinra calls it kicker kick and Benimaru objects to the name.

VS. Arch of the Holy Sol temple

A stranger approaches Benimaru in Asakusa to discuss information about the Holy Sol temple. Considering the information as dangerous and wondering if the man had the intention to visit the church, Benimaru asks who he is, to which he answers by saying that he is a black hero. Although he appears suspicious, he intrigues Benimaru's interests. Assaulting the Holy Sol - Holy See temple, Benimaru defeats all the church elites who confront him, including one member who poisons him with a blowpipe. Not knowing how he survived the deadly poison, the couple enters the church. Discovering that the occupants have left for the Netherworld, the two leave through a secret entrance under the chapel. Upon entering, Joker reveals that he was a member of the church, before the couple was confronted by Shadow of the Holy Sun. Instructed to handle all members while Joker faces their captain, Benimaru quickly defeats all opponents using his martial arts and ignition ability. Once the fight is over, Leonard Burns approaches them.

Stigma arc

Learning that Konro is targeted by Shinra and Hibana, Konro said that he handled the situation before attacking Shinra. Surprised that he dodged, Benimaru considered Shinra to be able to fight now. Questioning Benimaru about how he can fight the White-Clad when Rapid and Corna are not working on some of them, he suggested that Hysterical Strength would work against them and agreed to form Company 8. The next day, Shinra returns with Arthur and Tamaki. Instructing Hibana and Hikage to train Tamaki, he fights the boys to push them beyond their limits. After Tamaki has completed his task, he prevents the twins from continuing their fight and confirms to Tamaki that she is improving. Continuing to fight Shinra and Arthur for five hours, the duo successfully complete their training.

Ōbi Rescue Bow

Benimaru knew that the 8th would try to rescue Akitaru from prison against the Tokyo Empire and White-Clad, so Konro had him disguise himself as "Moonlight Mask" so as not to make him an enemy. Arriving at Fuchū Prison, he stopped White-Clad from finishing off Company 8, though Arrow could tell who he was by his attire. Beginning to attack the cultist with fire, he used his matoi to save Company 8. Joined by Joker, he continued to assault the group, during which he attacked Charon and Dragon before the pair escaped with the squad and their captain.

Back in Asakusa, he asks Company 7 to help the injured people he brought with him. Thanked by Ōbi, Benimaru asked about the situation they were facing as well as what was happening to the empire. Discussing the matter with Ōbi and Konro, Ōbi confirmed Benimaru's suspicions that the Temple of the Holy Soil and the White-clothed had joined forces, resulting in the excommunication of Company 8 from the empire. The pair were also informed that Burns had been killed by his doppelganger demon.

Arch of the stone pillars

When Shinra asks Konro how to make an Adolla connection, he goes to Benimaru for some directions. Benimaru tells Shinra that there may be a way to connect the evangelist. He tells Shinra that he must open his "third eye". Later, Benimaru is seen with Joker saying that the empire is plotting something evil.

Asakusa confrontation arch

Three months after the appearance of the stone pillars began, Benimaru is one of the pyrokinetics affected by the change in the world, having dreams that seem real about his master and his strict training. When Konro carries a drunken Benimaru inside, Benimaru wonders if he needs to pull himself together and laments that he never beat Hibachi. The next day, Captain Shinmon feels something on the horizon. When the seventh stone pillar appears in Sumida Bay, Benimaru initially plans to leave it only to be alerted to a demon floating above the bay. Realizing that this creature is identical to his adoptive father, Beniamru races to the bay to fight it alone. In the sky above Sumida Bay, Benimaru asks the look-alike why he is here. He answers that he is here to destroy everything and accuses Benimaru. The King of Destruction has to react to the attacks before being thrown into the sea below. Benimaru realizes that this Hibachi's attacks endanger the civilians on the shore and must stop him from using Red Sun in that direction. Benimaru is reprimanded for his inability to use Sun Wheel properly.

Benimaru Shinmon

As the battle becomes more and more intense, the combined power of Benimaru and the demon causes Adolla's kingdom to affect even the waves below them. Company 7 arrives and sees the fight between their two leaders and begins to celebrate the spectacle of the battle. Hibachi uses Moonlight to blind Benimaru before releasing Red Sun beneath his target. Despite the incredible power of the attack, Benimaru is able to use his second generation abilities to survive completely unscathed. Benimaru finally bows to the demon, promising to never shame the name "Shinmon". Now ready to kill his master's doppelganger, Benimaru prepares his advanced solar wheel. He then jumps from his matoi and reveals that he has combined Hibachia's Sun Wheel with Konro's Crimson Moon for his own attack: Crimson Moon's Sun Wheel. Completely destroyed, the look-alike finally praises Benimaru's strength.

Back to the shore, Benimaru and Konro talk about their master's intentions and hope that it was a show worthy of him. Seeing Konro crying for them both, Benimaru tells his lieutenant that he will count on him as their look at the final result of his attack in the horizon includes a second smiling moon appearing above them.


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