Hyoma Chigiri

Hyoma Chigiri

Hyoma Chigiri is a Blue Lock competitor, who currently plays as a left winger for Manshine City in England during the Neo Egoist League.

Chigiri is a prodigy striker who was shackled by a leg injury in his past, but he gave up his fears to Blue Lock so that he could continue to play soccer without reservation. When he arrived at Blue Lock, Chigiri was a member of the Z team. Chigiri spent half of the first draft avoiding participation or keeping it to a minimum, but when he was motivated by Isagi in the third Z team game, he decided to drop his fear and play soccer to become the best striker in the world like his rivals.

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Crunchyroll - Nouveau character trailer pour Blue Lock centré sur le  personnage de Chigiri Hyoma

Chigiri is a young and skinny man with reddish pink hair and dark pink eyes. Chigiri from a young age has always had a very feminine face, as evidenced by his long eyelashes and soft facial features. He is often called "Kunoichi" or "Princess" because of his feminine appearance and ninja speed. He has been praised by other players for his attractiveness. He looks a lot like his mother and older sister. Chigiri's hair was always only neck length until sometime after he entered high school, when he let it grow to shoulder length. Chigiri's hair extends past his shoulders and has long bangs that sweep down the right side of his face. During matches, he tends to braid one side of his head so that it doesn't hit his face.

At Blue Lock , Chigiri wears the standard bodysuit (black with gray stripes) and tracksuit. In the first selection, he wore the blue jersey No. 4 of the Z team and wears the gray cleats of the Z team. In the second selection, he wore the red jersey No. 44 of the team and then changed to white when Chigiri joined the team of Isagi. In the Third Selection, he wore the white jersey #44 of the B team. It was not until the game against Japan U-20 that Chigiri wore an official blue and black Blue Lock player uniform with No. 4 on it.

Figurine isagi


From an early age, Chigiri always thought he was superior to others because of his naturally strong muscles, incredible soccer skills, and exceptional speed. For a while, he looked down on those who got in his way or annoyed him, but he was mostly modest. It wasn't until he tore his ACL that his sense of superiority began to crumble and because of the harassment from the Wanima brothers, he was afraid to play soccer with all his heart. He is so afraid of never playing soccer again that he would rather find a reason to quit than persevere with his dream.

Taking back his ego and ambition, Chigiri has proven to be a persistent and stubborn force on the field. He always strives to leave an effect on the field, which causes other players to notice him and recognize his abilities. Chigiri is shown to have great concentration as a player who constantly runs in tight spaces, between players, and even switches from dribbling to passing. Chigiri admits that he feels great joy in surpassing other players with his speed, and when he is inspired by Isagi and regains his will to play and win, he finally leaves behind his fear and starts to be that player he was in middle school again. and declares that he will become the best striker in the world.

Blue Lock Episódio 4 revela habilidade de Chigiri

He likes to take care of his appearance often like blow drying and taking care of his hair and many other players have noticed this. He also talks about how he cares about his injured knee.

Chigiri is also easy going and friendly off the field. While on the Z team, he often talks casually with Kunigami and ends up forming a team with him by fully trusting each other, showing excellent chemistry on the field. After joining the white team in the second selection, he is seen getting along very well with Nagi, watching videos together about professional players and the latter playing together in a shoe contest in which they compete to see which of them can dominate with their shoes in disarray in their room.



  • Counterattacker: Counterattackers are any attacking player who uses his pace to beat defenders and create unexpected scoring opportunities at any time. They also need some degree of shooting skill. Counterattacking opportunities occur when the opponent attacks a team himself with most of his players forward. A counterattack occurs when the ball is recovered and quickly played into space for a counterattacking player to run onto, or when a player takes the ball himself and runs with pace into a lightly defended opponent's half.


Chigiri's natural physical disposition allows him to run at incredible speeds compared to most players and with his great concentration, he is able to maintain control of the ball and his speed while moving in tight spaces, between players, and alternating between dribbling and passing seamlessly. After training with Manshine City, Chigiri decides more carefully where he will cut and run as Chigiri now aims for his ideal shooting zone using his refined speed and dribbling instead of blindly into the penalty area as quickly as possible.


Tremendous Speed: Chigiri has naturally strong leg muscles and expert footwork, which allows him to travel the field at incredible speeds. Chigiri is generally considered the fastest player in Blue Lock and only players with immense speed, such as Ryusei Shidou, Eita Otoya and Zantetsu Tsurugi, can compete with him. While his speed is rivaled by a handful of players, so far no one has been able to beat him in a direct speed contest. Chigiri has even surpassed Aiku Oliver, Japan's No. 1 U-20 defender. This speed, combined with his perception and positional awareness, allows him to pick the appropriate breakthrough point in an opponent's defense and accelerate. In addition to this, Chigiri has demonstrated the ability to strike the ball directly and follow through, resulting in a wide dribble that can break down an enemy's formation. It is for these reasons that Chigiri has one of the best revolutionary abilities in Blue Lock.

Hyoma Chigiri The Princess Of Blue Lock - YouTube

  • Long Distance Sprint: Although Chigiri does not have explosive acceleration like Zantestu or Ryusei, he is by far faster over long distance. Chigiri uses this weapon by "passing" to himself, sending the ball far ahead (about 50 meters) and running to pick it up. As a result, he is able to penetrate even the tightest and strongest defenses with relative ease.
  • Dribble without pause: Instead of trapping a pass, Chigiri bounces the ball forward without stopping his run. He then runs at breakneck speeds with the ball in tow and during the sprint accelerates even faster without losing his adjustment momentum, unstoppable by anyone trying to stop him or defend the goal.
  • High Speed Pressure: Chigiri is able to use his speed defensively, moving quickly across the field to track down whoever is in possession of the ball. This pressure can force opponents to make mistakes and easily allows Chigiri's team to set up traps. However, this tactic is incredibly draining on Chigiri's stamina, as he can't run for a long period of time.

Hyoma Chigiri

44 Panther Snipe: A style developed by Chigiri that combines the various skills and techniques he learned in Blue Lock, as well as enhances them with training in the Neo-Egoist League, allowing him to score goals in a way that is unique to him. . First, Chigiri locates his ideal shooting zone, which is about 44 degrees left, 19 meters from the goal. Second, he uses his cut-in to penetrate the opponent's formation, reaching the sweet spot. Third, he uses his centering technique to quickly fire a controlled shot toward the corner of the goal.

  • Mach Cut-In: Chigiri baits his opponent by standing still, then without any movement, he bursts into a cut-in, going either outside or inside the opponent's defender. He can make this move several times, passing several defenders and finally reaching his shooting zone.
  • Controlled Shot: By quickly centering his body, Chigiri is able to unleash a very controlled and accurate shot into the upper left corner of the goal.


  • Chigiri damaged her LCD in middle school.
  • Chigiri has an older sister.
  • Chigiri's favorite animal is the black cat.
  • Chigiri's favorite subjects are English, physical education and history.
  • Chigiri's hometown is Kagoshima.
  • Chigiri's hobby is reading novels.
  • Chigiri's favorite color is purple red.
  • Chigiri's favorite season is winter.
  • Chigiri's favorite food is karinto manju
    • Karinto is a sweet fried treat made of flour and sugar.
    • Manju is a steamed bun filled with sweet bean paste.
  • Chigiri's most hated food is ginger.
  • When Chigiri bathes, he washes his forehead first.
  • Chigiri ranked 4th in the first popularity poll, with 1148 votes.


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