Jinpachi Ego

Jinpachi Ego

Jinpachi Ego is the person handpicked by Anri Teieri to design and lead the Blue Lock project. He serves as coach, trainer and general manager/manager of Blue Lock .

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Ego is a skinny but tall and pale man with his black hair styled in a short bob with straight bangs and is often seen wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, black jeans with a belt and a black shirt with a bolo tie on his neck. At the time of the Neo Egoist League, Ego's hair became noticeably longer.

Blue Lock: How Much Thought Did Jinpachi Ego Put Into the Titular Project


Ego at first glance, is an ambitious and overconfident man; underneath this ambition however, there is something even more sinister as he emphasizes "ego", as he reveals himself to be an extremely selfish, cruel and egotistical man, seeing teamwork and putting his teammates ahead of himself to the equivalent of being "second rate". He never loses an opportunity to tell his players the cold truth about themselves and their reality, either by plunging them into further despair or by inspiring them with his cold truth.

Ego clearly shows no favorites, he only comes out with numbers and results of each player. He is extremely calculating and methodical, having single-handedly designed Blue Lock, deceived the Japan Football Union officials in a match when he was pushed into a corner, and almost perfectly predicted Japan's U-20 match. At times, Ego has shown that even with the mindset he has, he believes in the players who have gone through his trials and tribulations and he has moments of sentimentality. Ego, as the creator and director of Blue Lock, is very proud of his players, although he has not outwardly expressed it.

Figurine isagi



Jinpachi Ego is a coach with a very egocentric philosophy, which makes him a very different coach from others in Japan. According to him, a striker is the master of the field and all the other players are only there to pass to the striker. Despite all his differences with the point of view of most of his compatriots, Ego loves his country and wants to make it win the world cup by creating the best striker in the world.


Ego has shown many times that he is very intelligent. For example, he said himself during the match against Japan U20 that except Yoichi Isagi's goal, he had planned all the others. Another time, Anri Teieri asked him if he had foreseen Baro's awakening, which implies that he had foreseen other awakenings. He must also be a very good calculator, because he was the one who made the first BL ranking by evaluating the potential of all the high school players in the country.



Anri Teieri 

Anri was the one who introduced Ego to the Japan Football Association. Anri offered Ego to be the coach of the Blue Lock players. With all 300 players invited to join Blue Lock, Anri told Ego that he would follow all his requests and demands. Anri holds Ego in high esteem, leaving the future of Japanese soccer in his hands.

Ryousuke Kira 

Like the majority of the guest players, Kira did not fully agree with Ego's opening statement. Kira stated that he could not agree to Blue Lock's terms since their school's soccer team would be joining the upcoming national championships. Ego, however, couldn't care less. He tells Kira and the others to leave if they are not really interested.

Blue Lock : le projet phare de Jinpachi Ego a fait l'objet d'une grande  réflexion !

Similarly, when Ego said that team play in soccer was not necessary, Kira showed his blatant disapproval. Kira even told Ego to withdraw his words. To prove Ego wrong, Kira mentioned the names of some Japanese soccer players. Ego mocked Kira, telling him that all the players he named had not even won a single World Cup. To solidify his reasoning, Ego gave Noel Noa, Eric Cantona and Pele as examples. All the players mentioned by Ego have won a World Cup.

Yoichi Isagi

When Isagi first met Ego, he wondered what was going on in his head. Like most of the guest players, Isagi did not agree with Ego's ideologies. Nevertheless, after hearing Ego's statement about selfish strikers, Isagi was convinced. Isagi was the first to run to the Blue Lock entrance.

Jinpachi Ego




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