King (Seven Deadly Sins)

King (Seven Deadly Sins)

King is the Sloth Grizzly of the Seven Deadly Sins. His real name is Harlequin, and as the Third King of the Fairies, he is in charge of protecting the Fairy Clan. His Sacred Treasure is the Spiritual Spear of Chastiefol, which he uses in conjunction with his ability, Disaster.

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King is a young boy with very short caramel hair, thin eyebrows and honey brown eyes. He is wearing a turquoise and yellow sweatshirt over a dark blue shirt, pants of the same shade and shoes with buttons that match his top. He also has a moss green pillow with darker green round patterns.

King's poster shows him as a tall man with short hair, dressed simply. He is also publicly declared dead.

His bear symbol is placed on the outer part of his left ankle.


When he first appears, we see that he is ready to annihilate someone if they get in his way. Being the Sin of Sloth, it is known to be quite lazy. For example, his feet rarely touch the ground as he prefers to fly without really getting tired. Despite this, he is willing when he commits to a cause, and completely forgets about laziness when he has to do something for Diane. King actually has trouble declaring his affection for Diane. Even though he is indeed friends with Meliodas, who is rather close to Diane, he cannot bring himself to reveal it to her. In the past, we notice that he is a very kind and caring person. He is also a very sensitive person who cries easily. He also cares deeply for his sister, Elaine, as when he wants to avenge her by killing the one he thinks is her killer, Ban.


King was born over a thousand years ago from the Sacred Tree in the Fairy King's forest. At some point, he was chosen by the Sacred Tree to be the third Fairy King.

700 years ago

Seven hundred years ago, King was the ruler and guardian of the Fairy King's forest; a land on the border between the realms of fairies and humans. His spear, Chastiefol, was made from the Sacred Tree placed in its center. King lived with Elaine along with other fairies, keeping the peace between them and the humans. During his time protecting the forest, King and Helbram were best friends. But unlike Helbram, King was not interested in humans and warned Helbram not to trust them.

However, Helbram and his group went out of the forest to see the human world, where they met a group of human travelers who promised to give them items in exchange for information about the fairy world.

But it was revealed that the humans were only after their wings, which could be sold for a lot of money, as it was believed that they could extend a person's life with them. King then came out of the forest to save his friends despite Elaine's efforts to stop him, telling him to stay and protect the forest. After finding the corpses of the fairies, King came across a large armored human wearing an eye patch named Aldrich who attacked him from behind and threw him off a cliff, almost killing him, until he was saved by a young giantess, Diane.

Because of his injuries, King eventually forgot about his life as a fairy king and spent his time playing with and protecting Diana.

king seven deadly sins

500 years ago

Diane later met a stranger who offered them soup in a village, despite being a fairy and a giantess. Feeling uncomfortable with the old man, King told Diane to be careful around humans. When Diane developed a fever, he was panicked because of the fairies' lack of understanding of disease. However, Diane stopped him, telling him not to leave her because she was still alone. The old man who gave them food found them and offered herbs to make Diane feel better. At this point, King realized that a human's life time passed much faster than other races, as the old man he had met earlier had aged several decades since the last time he gave them soup. As soon as Diane got better, they ended up playing tag. He told her that if she caught him, he would make her a wish. Diane took him seriously and caught him, but she ended up having her clothes ripped off, leaving her naked, much to his surprise. He decided to make her new clothes and went to the old man's house, only to find more cities built there, and that the old man now had a grandchild. After leaving the forest, he told Diane about the marriage between two humans who love each other.

200 years ago

Diane asked King if he loved her, to which King shyly nodded. Diane then asked him if he would still love her and stay by her side, which made him blush harder. Later that night, he finally remembered who he was and discovered that the nearby village was on fire. He told Diane to sit down and rushed to the village, only to find that everyone had died with their backs cut off. King found the man who had killed him years ago and was shocked to see him still alive. He then realized that it was Helbram using the identity of the person who was tracking the fairies for their wings, Aldrich. He got up and decided to end Helbram's rage against humans, killing him in the end. King then returned to Diane to erase her memories of him, fearing that he could no longer protect anyone. King was then captured by unknown Sacred Knights for the crime of "Sloth" because he was a king, and was not aware of Helbram's mass murder of humans, and turned a blind eye to it. He did not know at the time that one of these holy knights was Meliodas, with whom he would be properly introduced after joining the Seven Deadly Sins. Also, due to his imprisonment, King was unable to return to the Fairy King's forest and was absent during the events that led to the destruction of the forest and the death of his sister, Elaine. Because of his absence, his own people began to resent and hate him, overall ending his reign as king. with whom he would be properly introduced after joining the seven deadly sins.

15 years ago

King's sin eventually led him to become a member of the Seven Deadly Sins when King Liones formed the group. Despite being a former king, he was not assigned the role of leader, and the group was led by Meliodas and supervised by the Great Sacred Knight, Zaratras. Furthermore, upon meeting the other members of the sins, King was introduced to Ban, whose origin of his immortality piqued his curiosity, but he eventually overlooked this fact due to the uniqueness of the other members and befriended him unaware of Ban's connection to the Fairy King's forest and its destruction. King was also reintroduced to Diana who at the time had no memory of their time together. From that point on, King adopted and maintained a more human form to help prevent Diana from remembering her past, which also led to other sins (mainly Ban and Gowther), as well as the majority of the sacred knights of Liones,

King, Meliodas and Ban were in a house in the kingdom. Ban had stolen a lot of stuffed animals from the children of the kingdom, which deeply upset and saddened King. King decided to take back all the stuffed animals, repair the ones that needed repairing, and return them to their owners.

The Seven Deadly Sins: así se vería King en la vida real

12 years ago

King and his teammates were on a mission to eliminate a group of vampires at Edinburgh Castle. During the attack, King was partnered with Diane and fought the two vampires, Mod and Ganne, however due to Ban, who was very drunk, and had deliberately used Snatch to steal all of his and Diane's strength as they fought, they were both struggling very hard to defeat them. Fortunately, they were saved by Gowther who had made the vampires think he was part of their family and had the two vampires attack and kill each other. Diane and King were then upset with Gowther for not coming earlier, who justified his actions by saying that he wanted to make the fight exciting.

Some time later, after training, King accompanied Ban to a bar where he angrily watched the immortal pass out while drinking while Meliodas talked to Hendrickson and Dreyfus. At some point, he and his companions encountered King Liones who was with the young Elizabeth. King did not recognize her until Gowther revealed her identity ten years later.

10 years ago

Ten years ago, the Seven Deadly Sins were summoned by the Great Sacred Knight, Zaratras. They were all happy to meet him, but they discovered that Zaratras had been murdered. While the Seven Deadly Sins were horrified by their discovery, the other Sacred Knights arrived and surrounded them, thinking they were the murderers. The group was then disbanded.

Arch of the Capital of the Dead

King talks with Gilthunder in a house, after Oslo's return. King is actually involved in a temporary alliance with the Holy Knights. When Ban tells Ellen and her brother that a real crime cannot be erased, King arrives and stabs Ban, saying that he must know what he is talking about. While Ban still doesn't recognize King, King spins his spear, already planted on Ban's chest, which pierces him. Ban does not seem to feel anything, and regenerates, making the wound disappear. Ban asks him again who he is, King is surprised that he still does not see who he is. King then tells him that he must remember the horrible sin he committed, killing the Fountain of Youth saint to have eternal life. Ban then tells Ellen and her brother to run away, and then he starts to fight King. Ban then asks him why he is doing this, and King tells her that he wants her to see Ban, her killer, dying in the Capital of the Dead. When Meliodas and Diane arrive to stop their fight, Diane tells him that they were looking for him and that she is happy to see him again. King does not seem to pay attention to these words, and he decides to leave.

ban seven deadly sins

Capabilities and Equipment

As a member of the 7 Deadly Sins and the 3rd King of the Fairies, King is extremely powerful. He is strong enough to single-handedly overpower a Grand Master of the Sacred Knights. Being a Fairy, King has demonstrated a number of abilities unique to his species, such as the ability to levitate or fly, the ability to change appearance and clothing at will, as well as possessing great speed equal to that of Meliodas and Ban. After releasing his true power, Meliodas and Ban commented that his strength had reached an incredible level. This was later reaffirmed when he defeated Helbram, a Cardinal of the Sacred Knights, while protecting all the wounded on the field; then almost immediately afterwards, he quickly defeated Dreyfus, one of the Grand Masters of the Sacred Knights of the Kingdom of Liones, despite the wounds he had sustained in his fight with Helbram. During his reign as Fairy King, his power was so great that he could prevent any human from invading the Fairy King's Forest. It should be noted that this included the Sacred Knights of the Lion Kingdom.

Despite his great power, King is physically weak, however, he makes up for his lack of strength with his Sacred Treasure, the Chastiefol Spiritual Lance, and his immense magical power. Despite his lack of physical strength, he has shown remarkable resilience, as evidenced by his second battle with Helbram. Long ago, it was believed that King was able to control the Sacred Tree, and thus draw the true power of the Fairy Clan, but this Tree was abandoned by King for an unknown reason. This was later proven false, as the Sacred Tree has no malicious intent and it was actually King who did not want to fully utilize the powers of the Sacred Tree.

After passing the trials of Gloxinia of Rest and finally developing his wings, King's power increased dramatically and he could freely access the true power of the Sacred Tree and its Sacred Treasure. Merascylla of Faith even declared that his power had become comparable to that of Gloxinia. Gloxinia himself remarked that although King's wings had barely grown, he could wield his Spiritual Spear in such a way as to surpass him and even become the most powerful Fairy King in history. This was later proven true, as after fully developing his wings, his true potential was awakened, which not only changed his appearance, but also the strength and quality of his powers. This allowed him to master Mael, the most powerful of the 4 Archangels, as he combined his power with those of four commandments! But he can also use multiple forms of Chastiefol simultaneously for both offensive and defensive purposes: he easily overwhelmed Mael in his fight while simultaneously protecting and defending Diane, Gowther, Elizabeth and Hawk from injury in battle. He also fights at extreme range, as evidenced by his attack on the original demon.


  • Disaster「災厄 Saiyaku」: An innate power granted to all Fairy Kings, this ability essentially gives them the power to assert their authority over the Fairy King Forest. This ability allows King to exercise total control over Life and Death by altering by controlling Organic Matter at the molecular level. For example, he can turn a superficial scratch into a deadly wound, a minor poison into a deadly toxin, and a small tumor into a cancer capable of devouring an entire body. It also gives him total control over Nature, allowing him to manipulate various plants, letting them bloom or perish at any time. This power was originally described as the reason why King was able to completely "tap into" the mysterious properties of the Sacred Tree through Chastiefol, as Disaster can alter the natural status of something or change its form.
  • Levitation: King has the ability to levitate and fly due to his fairy origins. He is very skilled at using it and is able to move extremely fast through the air, giving him a speed similar to that of Meliodas and Ban. He can also use this ability to levitate objects and manipulate their trajectory without having to make direct contact.
  • Transformation: An ability that allows King to change his physical appearance as well as his clothing. In order for King to change his appearance, he requires a great deal of concentration. This ability seems to leave him exhausted, but King was able to maintain his transformed appearance for quite some time, 10 years ago, which involved an immense amount of willpower. Somehow, King has switched to human form almost at random in comical or serious situations.
  • Telepathy: As a Fairy, King can read the thoughts and feelings of others. After awakening his true potential, his control and use of this ability was greatly amplified, as he read not only Diana's thoughts, but also Mael's, being the only one around who could hear and understand him after he absorbed the Purity Command.
  • Fairy Dance「踊る妖精 Odoru Yōsei」: A fighting style that has been passed down through the Fairy Clan for generations. Using this technique, King jumps into the air and charges his opponent while striking quickly with his fists.

    Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross : niveaux inversés, Arlequin King - Millenium


    • Chastiefol: King's sacred treasure, the Chastiefol Spiritual Spear, is made from the Sacred Tree that grows in the Forest of the Fairy King. It is much stronger than steel and has the mysterious properties of the Sacred Tree. It comes in different forms, including a pillow that can be used as a shield (this is the form he uses when he is not fighting to rest on it), a powerful spear capable of releasing destructive energy, a multitude of smaller spears attacking like a swarm of bees, a giant sunflower releasing energy rays, a guardian (a giant teddy bear of unfailing resistance, also gifted for attack), a spear capable of petrifying his opponent by piercing him, and also a magical and protective pollen invigorating the people it surrounds, as well as a sphere of light that can pierce the deepest darkness.


    • Helbram's Helmet: Helbram's helmet is a special helmet that Helbram bought from a human 700 years ago as a gift for King, but used for his disguise as a Sacred Knight. Once Helbram died for the third time, his consciousness was transferred to it, allowing King to see and speak to him whenever he wore it.

    When he released Chastiefol's true form, King's power level momentarily doubled from that of an Albion. It was thus between 11,000 and 12,000.

    And when he fully awakens, when his wings reach their true size, he manages to beat Maël whose power was over 200 000...


    Seven Deadly Sins


    King and Meliodas are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. King enjoyed spending time with Meliodas in the past and always took care of him. When King joins the group, he occasionally disagrees with Meliodas' actions but still trusts him as a good captain. After Byzel, King finds it hard to believe that Meliodas could be a demon. Still finding Meliodas to be a pervert, King respects him for his shameful nature since King is very shy in front of Diana and wanted Meliodas to teach him to be less so.


    King and Diane are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. He shows affection (love) for her but is too shy to reveal it. When King is forced to do something he doesn't like, he can easily be motivated if it is to make Diane happy. Currently, Diane doesn't know about his feelings for her, so King uses all his powers mindlessly to protect her. In the past, King took care of Diane as a child for five hundred years and to this day, he still cares for her and loves her. In fact, he revealed his feelings to her and she to him at the same time when they finished their training with Drole and Gloxinia..


    King and Ban are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. He hated Ban and wanted to kill him to avenge his sister Elaine who thought she was killed by Ban when in fact she was killed by the purgatorial fire of the Red Demon. When Elaine asks him to protect Ban, he reluctantly accepts her request and joins the fight against Geera. Although he does not despise Ban, he still feels uncomfortable around him. Later, King accepts Ban as Elaine asked him to when he reveals his plan to revive Elaine but still feels uncomfortable.


    King and Gowther are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. King is shown to be embarrassed when Gowther uses his powers to reveal his secrets. He also resents Gowther for manipulating the memories of Diana and others, but eventually forgives him and they are now on good terms.


    King and Merlin are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins.


    King and Escanor are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Little is revealed between the two but it seems that King is somewhat afraid of Escanor, such that he goes berserk during the day. He is also the opponent that King fears the most, which the other Deadly Sins do not understand, being enough to attack him during the night to knock him out.




    Elaine is King's sister, the one who left the Fairy King Forest for 700 years, protecting the Fountain of Youth. King loved his sister so much that he was so upset when he learned of her death, vowing to avenge her by killing Ban.


    Elizabeth Liones

    They are both good friends of Meliodas although King feels that Meliodas should have more respect for Elizabeth with her status as Princess. Unlike Meliodas, King is respectful towards the princess. Over the course of the episodes they become good friends.


    King calls her "Piglet." Hawk is the first to know that King has feelings of love for Diane.


    Helbram is King's childhood friend and best friend. Even after his death, Helbram kept his soul in his helmet to be worn by King.


    Oslo is the magical wolfhound who accompanies and watches over King and Elaine, he is his faithful companion to whom he can confide. He will sacrifice his life to save him.



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