Kyou Kai

Kyou Kai

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Kyou Kai is a 5,000-man commander and lieutenant of the Hi Shin army, in which she considers herself, and her unit, the Kyou Kai unit, related to. Kyou Kai is also a former member of the legendary Shiyuu clan of assassins. She left the clan at the age of 13 to avenge the death of her older sister, Kyou Shou , who was killed by Yuu Ren during the ritual of the Shiyuu clan with unfair and underhanded tactics. After defeating and killing Yuu Ren and achieving her revenge, she has since devoted herself to becoming a great general of Qin.

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Kyou Kai first appeared as a 13 year old girl with a petite appearance and large jade green eyes with medium length hair. Two strands of hair fall on either side of her face with her bangs reaching eye level whenever she removes her headband tied in a ponytail with a ribbon and carries her exquisitely beautiful jade green and ruby Chinese Jian sword known as Ryoku Sui on her back. At the end of the two-year jump after the coalition invasion arc and her return to the Hi Shin unit, Kyou Kai's hairstyle changed subtly with two thick locks of hair overlapping her headband and she became even more beautiful. In terms of clothing, Kyou Kai wears a white scarf and puts on red and white clothes with sleeves longer than her arms and a white headband with two red marks symbolizing her tribe.


She has a quiet personality, speaking little unless she is giving advice. Others who saw her inhuman talent with the sword called her a monster as she easily cut down her opponents. She warmed up to her comrades after the completion of her quest to avenge her sister. Kyou Kai despises those who have no idea of the Shiyuu and those who openly commit atrocities such as Kan Ki.

Due to her upbringing in her tribe and sister, she tends to ignore or disregard social norms such as initially remaining silent at the Taku Kei squad group meeting and mistaking the origin of babies. While caring for her comrades, she has also been humorously selfish after being raised in a strength-based hierarchy. She has no qualms about commandeering food from her soldiers (and others) or putting them through intensive physical training.

Kyou Kai


Kyou Kai was considered an incredibly talented commander with the same qualities as the previous generation of the Six Great Generals. She is a prodigious warrior and assassin even among the legendary Shiyuu clan and was the one who would probably get the title of Shiyuu if she participated in the ritual.

Physical capabilities

Master Swordsman: Kyou Kai is a dangerously formidable master swordsman whose skill is said to be "beyond human". She is strong enough to kill multiple opponents with a single stroke of her blade, splitting them in half, and has been known to cut down masses of enemies on the battlefield. Despite this, she shows total control over her strength as she skillfully cuts Shin's clothes intentionally during their fight without making him bleed and knocks him down with a violent blow. This shows the clear difference in skills as Shin is taller than her, but she can launch powerful attacks that are at odds with her size. In addition, she continued to prove her superiority over Shin in many saving matches. She also believed she could kill General Gyou'un in a ground fight.

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  • Mist Technique: A special move taught in a Kyou tribe where the user delivers a barrage of slashes from different angles to overwhelm his opponent. Kyou Kai taught this technique to Shiki.

Hand-to-hand fighter: In addition to being a master sword wielder, Kyou Kai is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat. She first demonstrated her skills when she paralyzed two thugs for their food during her revenge trip and frequently "disciplined" Shin whenever the need arose. She is also skilled in disarming martial arts as she taught Kou and other Hi Shin soldiers joint locks.

Immense Agility: She displays tremendous agility and balance by effortlessly dodging enemy attacks and balancing her entire body on Shin's blade. Her speed is so great that she can kill people before they even notice that they have been hit. She has also been shown to follow and even outrun powerful opponents like Yuu Ren and Hou Ken.

Immense Strength: Despite her delicate characteristic, Kyou Kai is a walking powerhouse as she can cut several grown men in half with a single sword stroke. She could also easily pierce the hardened chi layer of the Kakuriki clan which was supposed to be impervious to all forms of blades. And during the Hi Shin unit's strength competition tournament, she could easily beat Shin in arm wrestling, making her the de facto strongest physical member of the entire unit at the time.

Enhanced Healing Rate: Kyou Kai was noted to have a superhuman healing rate, similar to Shin. After being severely wounded by Ryuu Tou and falling several feet to the ground, she was able to recover quickly enough to be back on the battlefield the next day, though she received only basic medical treatment (though it was noted that the wound did not heal completely).

Chi Manipulation: Thanks to a lifetime of Shiyuu training, she displays precise breath control which allows her to manipulate her Chi for a varied effect such as improving her physical abilities Her weakness is her short stamina as seen in the Assassination Attempt and the Battle on the Plains of Dakan . Opponents who can survive until she is out of breath can quickly turn the fight in their favor, so fighting alongside comrades can give some protection if that should happen. Kyou Kai can somewhat compensate for this with short breaks on the battlefield, during which she is guarded by her personal soldiers. She can also manipulate the Chi of others for medical purposes, as shown when she helped calm Shin's fever after their fight.

Ri Shin

  • Life Sharing Technique: By singing a special song, Kyou Kai can open her Chi channel and connect it to another person's and share their life energy as she showed when she brought Shin back to life when he was near death after his final duel with Hou Ken. By offering half of the users' life span, the technique will give a 50/50 chance of reviving a person who has just died. Reviving a person who is already deep in the "world of darkness" will give one chance in ten under the same circumstances. After using it on Shin, Kyou Kai's life span was shortened and she is therefore unable to use it the second time. It was also noted that some of her other techniques became much weaker or could not be used anymore.
    Chi Sense: Kyou Kai has demonstrated the ability to sense the appearance of enemies such as Hou Ken and even determine the nature of their Chi.
  • Priestess Dance: Considered by the elders of the Shiyuu clan to be the most talented priestess dancer of her generation, Kyou Kai has demonstrated her mastery of Shiyuu techniques on several occasions. Before challenging Yuu Ren, she single-handedly killed several highly skilled Shiyuu assassins who also used the priestess dance, proving her vastly superior mastery of the same technique. During her battle with Yuu Ren , she showed the ability to use a different form of Priestess Dance by using her worldly attachments (her connection to the HSU) to anchor herself in the world and return even from the deepest depths of the world. Dance. This allowed him to break the "Hakuryou/Soul Territory" Taboo without dying. It allowed him to reach a level that surpassed even Yuu Ren who completed the Shiyuu ritual. When Kyou Kai uses her priestess dance, the movements around her start to become slower and slower, until at the very end, when even the flying insects are completely still.

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    Master Assassin: As a prodigy of China's most powerful assassin clan, Kyou Kai has received strict training in the art of assassination. Kyo Kai's ability to hide her presence is so advanced that she can even sneak behind assassins from other clans and break into various highly secure locations such as Ryuu Tou's base camp.

    • Sound Muffling Technique : A special assassination technique used to mask the sound of his footsteps.

    Master Healer: As a member of the Shiyuu clan, Kyou Kai has been trained in medical techniques and herbs. She is able to produce a special medicine that can speed up the healing process. The medicine has been shown to heal even very serious wounds when used on Shin and Ou Hon .


    It has been noted that Kyou Kai's men have exceptionally high morale when she is around. She is also able to rally them with a simple speech before an important confrontation.

    Tactical capabilities

    Kyou Kai is a naturally gifted and talented tactician in strategy. She can easily think of solutions to battlefield problems even though she has never received formal training. As such, she was the main strategist of the Hi Shin unit before Ka Ryo Ten arrived. She even invented her own unique anti-cavalry tactic known as the Gouriki and its strongest variant, the chained Gouriki . During the Sanyou campaign, she was the first to understand Gen Pou's sound communication and created a counterplan to interfere with it by making similar sounds. She was also the first person to understand the purpose of Ou Sen's "Locust" strategy during the Gyou campaign. And when the Hi Shin unit first faced Gyou'un's army in the battle of the Shukai Plains, she noticed that they were losing in small pockets of the battle and that Ten was overwhelmed by Gyou'un's instinctive tactics. To counter the pressure from the Gyou'un army, she set up two anchor points on the sides to channel the Zhao directly into the middle and push them back with the infantry all at once. This allowed her to hold the position and prevent a large portion of the Hi Shin unit from being wiped out while destroying an equal amount of Gyou'un's own forces.


    • Kyou Kai came in 1st place in the popularity poll.
    • Like Yo Tan Wa and many other female characters, Kyou Kai was historically a man. Qiang Lei was a Qin general in charge of defeating Zhao alongside Yang Duan He and Huan Yi.
    • Yōko Hikasa , the Japanese voice of Kyou Kai, voiced Sakura Sakurakōji, a major character in the Code: Breaker series in its 2012 animated adaptation and Farnese, a former enemy turned alleyway in the 2016 and 2017 animated adaptation of Berserk.

    Kyou Kai

    • Before announcing her intention to have Shin's children, Kyou Kai was falsely taught by her sister Shou that babies are made when a man and a woman team up, climb a mountain and blow something up, but Ten quickly explained to her how babies really are. made. Then she couldn't face or even be near Shin for a while.
    • The third volume of the guidebook released after her duel with Yuu Ren added +特大α to her STR statistic which is distinct from the +大α of Yuu Ren and his late sister. This indicates that Kyou Kai's priestess dance has improved from before (大signifies large and特大signifies extra-large).
    • Shown in chapter 462 , Kyou Kai has an ultra-fast regeneration rate like Shin.


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