Meliodas is the Dragon of Wrath who leads the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the main protagonist of the series, and was the owner of the famous Boar Hat, a tavern. His Sacred Treasure is the Lostvayne Demon Slasher and his main ability is the Total Counter. He is also the former leader of the Ten Commandments, as Meliodas of Charity, a former member of the Stigma Alliance, and the eldest son of the Demon King.

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Meliodas is a boy who is sometimes childish and rude. He has a perverse character, for example he keeps touching Elizabeth, in the Forest of White Dreams, he stole Elizabeth's underwear, he keeps pinching her breasts which he apparently finds "soft as pillows". He has the character of a group leader, the proof is that he manages to direct the Seven Deadly Sins. When he fights, he can be violent and ruthless, especially when it is an enemy. When he activates his demonic mark, he usually becomes cruel and ruthless. When he reached the assault mode again, he lost all his emotions and became a heartless man.


Past 3000+ years ago

The past of Meliodas is unknown to us, the only thing we know is that he knows the Ten Commandments very well because he was their leader and according to Estarossa his younger brother we learn that during his reign, his strength, his cruelty and his disregard for life were a most grandiose spectacle and that the goddesses had no choice but to retreat before him and that he could have become the next King of the Demons. According to Estarossa he destroyed the world of demons, and according to Merlin he was feared as the most vile and terrifying demon that ever existed. We also learn that he once had to cross swords with his younger brother Zeldris. The outcome is unknown to us. He killed two of the original members of the Ten Commandments, Aranak and Zeno, for unknown reasons, and after that he, along with his comrades Drole, Gloxinia and Elizabeth (Goddess), confronted the Demon Clan. According to Estarossa, he was the one who started the war that took place 3000 years ago. We also learn that he is the son of the King of the Demons, and that at one time he wanted to be the greatest and most terrifying of all the demons, but because of a goddess, who will later be named Elizabeth (Goddess), he changed for an unknown reason.

Between about 3000 years ago and 20 years ago

It is unknown to this day what Meliodas did during these many years, but during this time he joined Danafor and became a Great Sacred Knight of the Kingdom.


16 years and more ago

Meliodas defeats Fraudrin during this time and saves a young girl from an unknown Kingdom named Liz. Despite his perverse nature, they fall in love with each other, but the young woman is killed by Fraudrin who wants to take revenge on him because he beat him in the past. After the destruction of the Kingdom of Danafor, he takes a baby in his arms, crying. It is Elizabeth Liones. He then joined Liones where he hopes to become Sacred Knight but Zaratras refuses. Meliodas insists: it is his condition so that Elizabeth remains in Liones. When he refuses, he takes a sword and threatens him with a murderous aura but without hatred. After a Vision of King Baltra, he (Baltra) decides to create the Seven Deadly Sins of which Meliodas is one of the first members with Merlin. The Seven Deadly Sins were then chosen to fight the Demon Clan.

About 12 years ago

This event explains the "special" scar that Ban has on his neck. Meliodas, Ban and Diane were probably alone at the time. While Diane was sleeping, Ban asked Meliodas to see his sword. Meliodas refused, but Ban insisted. Meliodas warned him that he would be angry if he continued. Ban was even more motivated, because he had never seen his captain get angry (which may seem paradoxical since he is the dragon of anger). As he tried to take it by force so that he could observe it, Meliodas suddenly stood up and seriously injured Ban's neck, but Ban was rather happy to have seen the Captain's dark side.

12 years ago

When Meliodas goes to Edinburgh, he meets Gelda and Ren. The latter takes him for Zeldris because their resemblance is striking, but Gelda understands that it is not him and thus decides to ask him for his help. She wants him to kill her. She says that when she was with Zeldris he was proud to be from the Demon Clan and she was a traitor to the Vampire Clan. She explains that she doesn't want to live anymore because she has no purpose. Meliodas finally agrees but ends up sealing her in a huge ball of darkness. On his way back to Liones, he thinks about his younger brother Zeldris and wonders if he will ever have to cross swords with him again. It's the first time he's heard his name in 3,000 years, and he thinks his brother must be cursing him and describes himself as "a failure of a big brother.

10 years ago

Ten years before the beginning of the adventure, the Seven Deadly Sins are summoned by the Great Sacred Knight, Zaratras. They are all happy to be reunited with him after an exhausting mission, but they discover Zaratras skewered by a dozen swords. While the Seven Deadly Sins are horrified by their discovery, the other Sacred Knights arrive and surround them, thinking they are the murderers. Meliodas does not know what to do to calm the situation and orders his comrades to disperse. An unknown person, whom he will learn much later to be Merlin, tells him that she is sorry, and puts him to sleep. When he wakes up, Meliodas is in a gigantic hole and it is there that he meets Hawk.

Introductory Bow

Meliodas first appears when he serves beer to customers at his bar, the Pig Hat. When the customers are unhappy with his food, he calls Hawk to clean up what they spit out. Surprised, the customers drop the case and ask him, calling him "kid", what he thinks of the "Rusty Knight" who would be a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. He answers that he is not a kid and that his name is Meliodas. When the famous Rusty Knight enters the bar, the customers flee but Meliodas remains impassive, he asks him who he really is. The Knight's armor falls apart, revealing the appearance of the wearer. With Hawk, he takes her to the back of the store so that she can rest. When she wakes up, he tells her that she is in his bar, The Pig Hat. When she asks him if he is a swordsman, he pulls out his sword to show her that it is actually broken, but that it is enough to deter customers who don't want to pay. He then prepares her food, when they are interrupted by the arrival of soldiers in the service of a sacred knight, they were warned that the famous "Rusty Knight" and who would be part of the Seven Deadly Sins would be in the bar. To allow the girl to escape, he organizes a diversion with Hawk, but a soldier sees her and tries to catch her with his comrades. He leaves with Hawk to save her, which they quickly succeed.

He then listens to the young woman, who introduces herself by saying that her name is Elizabeth and that she is looking for the Seven Deadly Sins. They are then interrupted again by a so-called Sacred Knight named Twigo. Meliodas saves all his companions from a slashing attack and decides to fight Twigo. He returns Twigo's attacks and finally defeats him. After revealing that he is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth tells him that she is looking for all of them in order to defeat the Holy Knights who have organized a coup against the kingdom, and that she absolutely wants to save him because she is the princess of Liones. After these explanations, he asks her if she wants to join his bar as a waitress, to collect information about the location of the Seven Deadly Sins. Elizabeth happily accepts and they leave with Hawk, on the head of Mama Hawk, on which is located the bar of the Cohon Hat. When they arrive at the Village of Bernia, he and Elizabeth and Hawk notice that the river has dried up, which is a bad sign for the condition of the village as well as for their famous beer.

After realizing that a sacred knight, finding Bernia's beer bad, has stuck his sword in the ground to stop the water from spreading and the barley from growing, he takes Mead to the bar to better understand what is going on. After Mead explains his past, Elizabeth and Hawk, who were present, hear screams from the village. Soldiers are threatening to increase the village's taxes tenfold if they don't remove the sword before sunset. As all the villagers pull on the sword to hurt their hands, Meliodas, apologizing for not having money to pay for the beer, asks them if that will be enough, and he pulls the sword out of the ground with one blow, ending the drought. While the bar is packed in the evening thanks to his intervention during the afternoon, Elizabeth is stressed to perform her first service. At the same time, she has to take orders and listen to customers' stories about the location of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Elizabeth's service is a disaster, she gets the orders wrong, serves the wrong dishes to the wrong tables, slips and drops dishes, much to Hawk's delight. She then decides to leave the bar, because she is too ashamed. Meliodas comes out of the bar because of a feeling that there is an attack coming on them, so he prevented a spear charged with electricity from destroying Bernia entirely. Blocked, he then sends it back to its launcher, who is none other than Gilthunder, who is at Fort Solgales, 11.7Km away. The fort explodes but Gilthunder avoids the spear and understands that Meliodas is still alive. Meliodas decides, along with Elizabeth Liones and Hawk, to leave the Village of Bernia to continue their adventure and find the Seven Deadly Sins.


What Did Meliodas Whisper to Zeldris?

Arch of the Forest of White Dreams

After learning that a giant was hiding in a strange forest where even the Sacred Knights would not venture, Meliodas headed there with his friends of the Pig Hat. After three hours of walking, they realize that this forest is surrounded by mist and that it is very difficult to find their way. Then, a strange phenomenon takes place, several Hawk appear. Meliodas decides to defeat all these Hawk. While all the Hawk clones seem to have disappeared, the real one complains to Elizabeth about Meliodas' behavior but this strange phenomenon takes place again, but this time on Elizabeth. Indeed, several Elizabeth appear, but Meliodas manages to spot the real one and to defeat all the other clones. Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk understand that these clones are actually little devils with the power to take the appearance of anyone. As all the little devils gather in one place, the adventuring group chases them and they realize that they are all going to the bedside of a sleeping giantess, Meliodas knowing her, tells us that her name is Lord Diana, she is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. The little devils say, in panic, to the latter that they let a Sacred Knight penetrate in the forest, believing that Meliodas was one.

The giantess named Diana, under the cries of the prankster devils Cache-Cache informing her that a Sacred Knight has entered the forest, wakes up and abruptly grabs Meliodas. Elizabeth and Hawk beg her not to eat Meliodas, but Meliodas starts talking to her in a friendly way, saying that he is happy to see her again after these 10 years. Diane then hugs him saying that she is also happy to see her "Captain" again. Elizabeth and Hawk understand that this famous giantess named Diane is part of the Seven Deadly Sins, the sin of Jealousy, marked with the sign of the snake. Diana gets angry and then hits Meliodas when she learns that he is traveling with Elizabeth, when she thought she was the woman of his life. After she calms down, Meliodas calmly explains to her that Elizabeth is looking for the Seven Deadly Sins to bring down the Sacred Knights and that they are traveling together only for that purpose. Meliodas then tells Elizabeth that he is looking for the Seven Deadly Sins to help her, but also to find out what might have happened 10 years ago.Diane declares that she agrees to participate in this quest for her captain. While everyone is happy with the arrival of this new member, Hawk sniffs and says, worried, that it might rain. They then look up to the sky and see extremely threatening black clouds, lightning falling on them. The lightning binds them and prevents them from moving, then they realize that they are from Gilthunder, arriving to challenge Meliodas.

Gilthunder attacks Meliodas from behind

Meliodas, Diane, Hawk, the Hide-and-Seek Pranksters and Elizabeth are thus trapped by Gilthunder's lightning. As Meliodas and Diane realize that she is indeed a Sacred Knight, Elizabeth states that Gilthunder is not the kind of person to hurt people, as she has known since she was a little girl. She goes on to say that he also thought of her as his little sister, but he puts on a very frightening expression, the opposite of Elizabeth's description. Gilthunder decides to free her, then says that he has only the Seven Deadly Sins to deal with. Elizabeth stands in his way and tells him that he won't touch a hair on his head, but Gilthunder electrocutes and hits Hawk, sending him flying away. Elizabeth, worried about Hawk, decides to go to his rescue and Gilthunder takes the opportunity to go to Meliodas. He places his sword surrounded by lightning under Meliodas' throat and asks him why he thinks he is after the Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas replies that he has no idea, then Gilthunder explains that he wants to kill them to get revenge for the murder of his father, Zaratras, and to prove that he has surpassed him. Meliodas then remembers Gilthunder, indeed, he knew him when he was a child and he called him "Little Gil". Gilthunder answers him that this time is over, that he is now stronger than the Seven Deadly Sins and proposes him to untie him from his chains of lightning to prove it by making a duel. Meliodas then tells him that he can very well break his chains by himself, which he does, just like Diane. Meliodas asks Diane not to interfere during his duel with Gilthunder, the fight begins. Gilthunder attacks Meliodas with his lightning, but the latter blocks his attack. Meliodas then tells Gilthunder to watch his back, but Gilthunder manages to strike him a fatal blow with his lightning in the back, to the great surprise of Diane. Gilthunder then asks Meliodas, on the ground, if he has one last request before he dies. Meliodas asks where the other Deadly Sins are. He then replies that of the other five sins, he only knows the location of Ban the fox of the sin of greed and King the grizzly of the sin of sloth, respectively imprisoned in Basta's Dungeon and trapped in the Capital of Death. Meliodas, delighted to learn new information about his former comrades, rises as if nothing had happened to him.

As Meliodas thanks Gilthunder for telling him the whereabouts of Ban and King, Gilthunder realizes that Meliodas pretended to be defeated in order to get information. Meliodas offers to stop the fight, but Gilthunder attacks him with his lightning. Meliodas avoids all his attacks, then, Diane interrupts the fight by catching Gilthunder and throwing him away. Meliodas then asks Diane if she is happy to know where two of their comrades are, but she says she doesn't care because the main thing is that she is with her "Captain". Hawk, Elizabeth and Meliodas get on Mama Hawk, the Captain explains that they are heading to Baste's Keep to get Ban. Elizabeth proposes to go first to treat Meliodas' wounds, but Meliodas answers that he is fine, and goes back to the bar Le Chapeau du Cochon. Elizabeth, always worried, joins him in the bar to say to him that she recovered her bag, but she discovers Meliodas on the ground fainted.

ban seven deadly sins

Arch of the Donjon de Baste

The Pig's Hat stops at the Village of Dalmary, located 12 kilometers northeast of the Keep of Baste, to heal Meliodas' wounds. As the village has been ravaged by Friesia's insect attacks and Diane's attacks, Doctor Dana decides to give Meliodas a special medicine. As Dr. Dana arrives to check on the patient, Elizabeth tells him that he is fast asleep and Hawk adds that he looks dead. Dana nods and says that he certainly is after he drinks his poison. Elizabeth and Hawk get up worried and scared after the doctor's statement, and hear a voice thanking Dana for what he did. Elizabeth, panicked, asks who the voice is, then introduces herself. It is actually a Sacred Knight named Golgius who has the power to become invisible. Golgius then declares that he has come to get Elizabeth and the sword of Meliodas. As Golgius pulls with all his might to remove Meliodas' sword, Meliodas awakens, much to Dana's surprise. Meliodas then has black eyes and a strange symbol on his forehead, and tells Golgius that he will never part with that sword, even if he dies, and that it is the only thing he can do to atone for his sins.

Much to the surprise of Elizabeth, Hawk, and Dr. Dana, Golgius decides to flee, abandoning the idea of stealing the sword and capturing Elizabeth. So Meliodas asks where they are and what is going on. Elizabeth explains that they stopped at the Village of Dalmary to heal her wounds, and Hawk tells her that this Sacred Knight named Golgius wanted to capture Elizabeth and steal her sword. Hawk adds that the doctor they went to is actually on the side of the Sacred Knights, but that he has run away and he wants to go after him, but he is stopped by Elizabeth who wants to check that Meliodas' wounds are healed. She discovers with astonishment that they have healed, and then the three of them leave in pursuit of Doctor Dana and Golgius. In an alley, Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk find Golgius, thanks to the latter's sense of smell. Golgius raises his hands in the air and says he is surrendering, but he has actually thrown some very thin knives, which Meliodas manages to spot and counter. When Elizabeth wants to save Dana, who has just been speared by Golgius after asking for her daughter's return because he had made Meliodas drink the poison as agreed, Meliodas protects her from Golgius' attacks. Under the threat of Golgius, Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk are forced to abandon the doctor and decide to flee to an abandoned building on the top floor. Meliodas notes that the floor is rotten in some places. As Golgius arrives to attack them, part of the floor on the top floor gives way under his weight and he falls to the ground floor. Meliodas, knowing that Elizabeth and Hawk are safe on the top floor, decides to fight back and attacks Golgius.

As Golgius is thrown from the house by Meliodas' attack, Meliodas asks him why he wants to steal his sword and capture Elizabeth, but Golgius uses his invisibility and flees on a horse. Meliodas then understands that this horse is heading for the Keep of Baste, then Hawk says they just have to follow him to get there, but they both see Elizabeth running towards the Village of Dalmary. They follow her and see that she is with Dr. Dana, lying on the ground. Elizabeth then cries saying that it is all her fault, although Hawk and Meliodas try to console her. The latter then questions Elizabeth, asking if her desire to protect the kingdom and the people from the threat of the Sacred Knights is so weak as to be broken by a few tears. Elizabeth turns around, challenged, Meliodas adds that his will is such that he will continue his quest even if she dies. Meliodas then leaves with Hawk towards the Keep of Baste. Hawk asks him why Elizabeth does not come, and Meliodas answers that it is because of the many Sacred Knights who want to capture her.

It is then that Elizabeth arrives to bring the bag hanging from a Meliodas scabbard to its owner, which she had repaired while he was sleeping. She also tells them that she is going with them to the Keep of Baste and that even if they die, she will continue to fight for her people and the kingdom. The three of them find Diane, who seems different and has forgotten everything she did in Dalmary Village. Elizabeth and Hawk don't understand Diane's strange attitude, and then Meliodas declares that they are dealing with troublesome enemies. As Diane seems strange, Meliodas asks her if she is okay and Diane replies that she is just feeling a little off. Hawk goes on to ask her if she remembers where she was headed, and she tells him that she thinks she was going to Baste's Keep. Elizabeth is then happy to see that she remembers, and cheerfully tells everyone to go rescue Ban. Meliodas replies that there is no need, and that they will start with Cenette, because he is sure that Ban will get out of his cell himself if he hears them coming. Diane strikes, strangely, Meliodas, thinking that he is a Sacred Knight named Ruin. Meliodas orders Elizabeth and Hawk to flee, which they do.

On their way out, they unfortunately come across some shepherds from the Village of Dalmary, returning from the pastures. To avoid being attacked by Diane, they shout at them to run away with them, which they do. As Diana, enraged, looks for them, they all hide behind a stone. Meliodas tells Elizabeth to stay here while he tries to reason with Diana. Meliodas sees the Sacred Knight named de Ruin, but he is much bigger than when Diane saw him. Meliodas decides to attack him, but he actually attacks Diana. Meliodas and Diana then both fight, each thinking the other is Ruin. When Elizabeth steals Ruin's bell, thus cancelling the illusion affecting Meliodas and Diana, Ruin wants to hit Diana, but he is stopped by Meliodas. Meliodas goes to Elizabeth, on the ground, defeated by Ruin, to tell her that he has accepted her resolution. Ruin then arrives and hits Meliodas severely, but the latter feels nothing and throws him against the wall of the Keep of Baste.

True Love's Curse: Meliodas and Elizabeth's Relationship Timeline in 'Seven  Deadly Sins'

While the guards are surprised to learn that this child is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, Ruin explains to Meliodas that the bodies of the Sacred Knights are impregnated with magic and that he should draw his sword if he wants to defeat him. Ruin begins to deliver several blows to Meliodas, so powerful that the Keep of Baste shakes. Just as Ruin thinks he has gotten rid of Meliodas, Meliodas punches him in the face, breaking his armor. Ruin then tells Meliodas not to expect him to say he's impressed with the punch, and goes on to say that his skin is much tougher than his armor. Meliodas hits Ruin, with a point strike so powerful that it pierces him and he says that attacking Elizabeth is his sin. After the shepherd says they were in the upper right of the round part of the Keep of Baste, Diana, Meliodas and Hawk go there. Meliodas asks if Elizabeth is in the village, and Diane tells him that she is in her bag. Meliodas thanks her ,Elizabeth smiles into the bag. As they enter the Keep of Baste, Cenette arrives panicked by Ban's murder to beg Meliodas, Diane and Hawk to protect her. Ban then arrives in front of Meliodas and, after a moment of brief silence, they greet each other happily. But strangely, they continue to greet each other, but this time happily punching each other. Then they decide to arm wrestle, but the tension between them is so strong that the whole dungeon starts to collapse, so much so that the magic barrier that was set up breaks. After it collapses, in the debris of the dungeon, Ban tells Meliodas that he is happy to see him again.

After the Keep of Baste has been destroyed, all the prisoners who had been unjustly captured by the Sacred Knights return to the Village of Dalmary, including Cenette. In front of Doctor Dana's house, Diane opens her bag with Meliodas to see if Elizabeth is okay. Elizabeth wakes up slowly and asks them if Ban, Cenette, and Hawk are okay. The latter then moans strangely, but Meliodas translates by answering Elizabeth that Hawk means that she should think of herself first and then the others. Meliodas adds that Ban and Cenette are fine, and Elizabeth asks Meliodas to go see Cenette. Meliodas agrees and goes, along with Hawk, and Diane says that she will take care of Elizabeth while they are away. They both enter the room, and see Cenette and Dana crying with joy at seeing each other again, much to Hawk's astonishment that Dana was dead. Dana asks Meliodas when they are leaving and he replies that they are leaving tonight. To thank them, Dana offers them a meal as an apology. After partying the night away, Meliodas falls asleep with Diane, Ban, Hawk and Elizabeth!

Arch of the Capital of the Dead

After leaving the Village of Dalmary, during their journey to the Capital of the Dead, Meliodas explains to Ban where he met Elizabeth and Diane. The group is then intercepted by two Sacred Knights, Andre and his partner because they had heard that the people who destroyed the Keep of Baste and Fort Solgales were traveling on a giant pig and that Diane was part of the giant clan. While Ban wants to fight them, Meliodas says that they are only members of a traveling bar and that they have nothing to do with the Seven Deadly Sins. He adds that this "giantess" is actually a waitress, which Diane is thrilled about, but she inadvertently calls Meliodas "captain." Andre and his partner realize that "this child" is indeed Meliodas of the Seven Deadly Sins, but they are killed by the sudden appearance of a Black Hunter. When Ban wants to attack the Black Hunter, Meliodas tells Ban not to do it because it is the ones who entered his territory. Meliodas then uses an unknown ability of his sword that makes a giant dragon head appear, which intimidates and makes the Black Hunter run away.

The Pig Hat arrives at a village that is supposed to be the closest to the Capital of the Dead. Meliodas says that they need to look for information about the Capital of the Dead and King, and earn money to buy food. Meliodas tells Diane that her mission is going to be to bait the customers, which she is excited about, and that Ban is going to have to prepare some good food for today's service. Ban then says that he can sell Cenette's dagger to get money, but he realizes that he doesn't have it anymore and Meliodas tells him that he gave it back. As Elizabeth says she wants to participate in the service, Meliodas agrees but Ban takes the opportunity to leave. Inside the Pig's Hat, Elizabeth asks Meliodas and Meliodas tells her that he is like the mascot of the Seven Deadly Sins, then he tells her one of his memories. Ban then wants to attack King, but is stopped by Meliodas. Diane also arrives, and she and Meliodas recognize that the person Ban is fighting is King. When Ban tries to get information about the Capital of the Dead, Meliodas tells him that they don't need that kind of information since King is not there, but Ellen's Brother tells them that King asked him several times how to get there...

Arc of the Byzel Combat Festival

Soon after, Meliodas questions King about the current state of the kingdom. As night falls, Elizabeth reminisces about her dark childhood but Meliodas reassures her that her family will soon be rescued. The next day, Meliodas decides that their next destination will be Byron and questions King about his statements from the previous day. King reveals that Geera was just an apprentice knight the day before they met and that she is from a mysterious New Generation. Meliodas, Hawk, King and Elizabeth then enter Byron where they discover a wanted poster of Elizabeth next to theirs. They are then chased by locals who want to return them to the Sacred Knights. They then find refuge in a tower. Meliodas and King leave to search for information while Hawk stays with Elizabeth to protect her. That evening, Hawk tearfully explains to Meliodas and King that Elizabeth has been kidnapped by Griamor and Veronica. Although King suggests that they have a plan before they go, Meliodas is furious and declares that they are going right away. After going to the inn where Elizabeth is, King uses a telekinetic ability to drop a cup distracting Griamor who tries to catch her while Meliodas ambushes him at the same time. Later, Elizabeth thanks Meliodas and as the two walk side by side, Meliodas' shadow is shown as that of a giant demon. The next day, Meliodas explains to the others that the nearby town, Byzel, is hosting an annual festival and that there would be Gideon the Sacred Treasure to win. When they arrived there, an old alcoholic man led them to the ring for the preliminary round.

During the preliminary round, Meliodas is one of the handful of competitors who easily defeats the rest of the fighters. The draw designates Meliodas and Ban for the first round. Their nicknames during the competition will be "Meliodafu" "Baan" and "Old Debris" (for King). Hauser almost recognizes both of them, but dismisses them as Deadly Sins because of their obvious fake names, due to his naivety. When the fight between Matrona and Griamor begins, Meliodas and the others believe it is Elizabeth because of her outfit. After Matrona wins, her hat falls off and reveals her identity. It is Diana who has shrunk. She then hops to the Three Sins but is only greeted by Meliodas asking her who she is, which makes her angry. She then explains what happened to her and Elizabeth. She then takes advantage of her new size and jumps on Meliodas asking him to grope her like Elizabeth. He refuses by telling her that he cannot do that to a friend like her. After the defeat of King against Cain, Meliodas and Ban begin their fight. Meliodas compares this fight to their first meeting and then both exchange violent blows but soon after, Ban steals the power of Meliodas thanks to his ability " Arrache ", Meliodas exhausted then falls on his knees. After Ban stole all the strength of Meliodas, this one proposes him to give up, what Meliodas refuses directly. Diane speculates that Meliodas is planning to use Full Riposte, which King immediately refutes, telling her that Full Riposte can only return "power" attacks and not direct attacks like the one Ban is about to launch. Despite Elizabeth's demands, Ban punches Meliodas and that's when the Black Mark appears on Meliodas' forehead and those eyes turn black, Meliodas crushes Ban's hand and throws him out of the ring.

After Diane is called for her fight, she entrusts Elizabeth, naked, to Meliodas who looks at her with a perverse eye, she asks him if he doesn't consider her as someone important because he said that he won't grope Diane because she is important for him while he spends his days grope Elizabeth, but he doesn't hear her. She then asks him to be more careful and not to go as far in a fight as he did with Ban. He promises her to be more careful.

king seven deadly sins

After Diane's fight, Cain and Meliodas enter the ring. Cain asks him if he is Meliodas' son and is surprised to learn that he is Meliodas himself. Cain doesn't believe him and attacks with a fireball saying that he can't forgive Meliodas for betraying the kingdom, its people and Liz. Meliodas then recognizes the symbol of Danafor on his shirt. Cain then attacks him with several fireballs asking him why he destroyed the kingdom, killed its inhabitants and killed Liz. Strangely Meliodas does not avoid any attack, Cain then releases a giant fireball and Meliodas answers that he tried to protect them but failed, which was his sin. He then uses Counter Erasure to disperse the attack. Cain recognizes this technique and is now convinced of Meliodas' identity. Meliodas tells him that he has also just remembered him and reaffirms that he had tried but failed in his mission to protect Danafor. Cain, delighted that Meliodas is innocent, gives up his match.

The final match is between Diane and Meliodas who both enter the ring. Diane suggests to Meliodas to finish quickly since Gideon will inevitably come back to them. It is at this moment that three women paid by Ban wanting Meliodas to fight hard, come to support Meliodas in a very erotic way, which makes Diane furious who hits him. Meliodas then counters the various attacks of Diane not trying to defeat her. The public expresses its discontent by telling them to stop being comedians. Diane and Meliodas stop fighting and reveal their identity as the Seven Deadly Sins. The others then get into the ring and tell the people to get out of this town if they don't want to get slaughtered. Then giant fireballs fall from the sky. The attackers are Geera, Jericho and another Sacred Knight. Elizabeth then realizes that the Deadly Sins wanted to scare the inhabitants away from the fight. Meliodas, noting the strength of the three Sacred Knights, ordered King, Diane and Ban to separate.

Shortly after, Geera confronted Meliodas, Geera launched a chain explosion attack and Meliodas was heavily injured. Meanwhile, Jericho defeated Ban. King then confronts the two Sacred Knights and defeats them without much difficulty. He then tells Hawk and Elizabeth to watch over Meliodas and Ban. Hiding behind a building, Elizabeth hangs the pendant that Veronica gave her earlier around the neck of the fainting Meliodas, as Veronica and Griamor just found them. Veronica then notices the pendant around Meliodas' neck and tries to force Elizabeth to come with them. Meliodas wakes up and stops Veronica, trying to convince her that he will protect Elizabeth.

In anger, Veronica unleashes the Goddess Amber and Meliodas disappears. Fed up with Elizabeth's refusal to come, she orders Griamor to use force. Ban's attempts to save Elizabeth are unsuccessful because of the arrival of Jericho and Geera. While Veronica and Griamor are focused on Geera, Elizabeth manages to flee but Veronica chases her. They then set off an explosive mine from Geera, resulting in Veronica's death. Geera then reveals Hendrickson's goal: the resurrection of the Demon Clan and bringing Elizabeth back. When the princess begs Meliodas to return, the goddess amber reacts and shatters releasing a black substance that turns out to be Meliodas: the black part of her body is completely black, from forehead to knee and with spiral patterns. Meliodas then notices that Geera has his sword and rips off his hand and his sword with it.

As Geera screams in pain, he gives her hand back and sends a sword blow that ejects Geera and Jericho. The latter then uses an orb of incantation to heal Geera while Meliodas continues to attack them. During one of his attacks, he cuts Ban in two. Meliodas then starts to smell Elizabeth to see if she is an enemy. Meliodas then forms a wing with the black substance and heads towards Helbram and King. Meliodas then begins to attack Helbram while Helbram tries to urge him for information about his powers.

Meliodas doesn't seem to understand what Helbram is asking him and continues to attack him by forming a gigantic blade with the dark matter. The sacred knight however manages to avoid the blows with ease and tries to attack him from behind except that Meliodas is protected by the dark matter which acts like an armor and blocks all attacks. He forms a wing again to reduce the distance between him and Helbram. An exchange of blows ensues but Meliodas loses his Full Return ability. Being cornered, he forms two claws but Helbram uses his Link ability and stabs Meliodas with his sword.

Despite the fact that Helbram has the powers of twenty sacred knights, Meliodas manages to stand up to him. The twenty knights whose powers Helbram takes are amazed at Sin's tenacity and the fact that his powers are increasing more and more. Suddenly, Hendricksen appears in the room where the twenty knights are and lends part of his powers to Helbram, who consequently sends a simple punch that makes Meliodas crash into a wall.

It is then that Diane appears and saves Meliodas from Helbram. Hendricksen, noticing that Diana has her Sacred Treasure, orders Helbram to retreat, otherwise the outcome could have been fatal. Diane gives a single blow with Gideon in the ground and destroys the whole city. When Meliodas wakes up, Diane hugs him. When Elizabeth tries to embrace Meliodas, the latter will then take a punch from Ban to return the favor of the fact that he had cut in two. Meliodas, as usual, can't help but make out with Elizabeth, reminding her to put on underwear, while she hugs him. Ban then asks him where his sword is but Meliodas tells him that it has been stolen and that something terrible could happen if he doesn't get it back.

Soon after, they will head to a place where another Capital Sin or Sacred Treasure could be found.

Giant Armor Bow

As everyone went about their business, Meliodas took a rest and sat down next to a lake after the event in Byzel. He realizes that the progress of the Sacred Knights is extremely fast and seems unstoppable, and that he will not be able to hold back against them in the future. Meliodas then takes a branch and cuts a mountain with it. He then recites a strange prophecy that announces the circumstances of the beginning of the holy war. Meliodas recalls that he made a promise to Elizabeth and a person he fought with many years ago that he will stop these 3000 years of war.

Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement': Will Meliodas become new Demon  King? | MEAWW

When Meliodas and the others are in the bar, they are stopped by a gang of kids led by Pelio calling themselves the Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas then tells King that the information was about this gang. Pelio then asks Meliodas why they have settled here and asks them to pay for the place but Meliodas tells him that they will leave immediately. Diane who was hidden behind shows herself, which frightens the children who believe that she intends to eat them. She is furious and tells them that she does not eat humans. After the misunderstanding is cleared up, she starts playing with the children and Pelio warns them that the Mountain God lives in the Ordan forest. The group is later informed by a villager that Sacred Knights are on a manhunt for a criminal.

The Deadly Sins set out and learn that the one wanted is a giant in armor and Meliodas deduces that it is Gowther. Meliodas orders Diane to stay and watch over Elizabeth. Meliodas, King and Ban immediately head to Ordan's forest to find Gowther while discussing how dangerous the Dawn Ringer is and Ban asks Meliodas if he thinks they will be okay without a weapon. They then reached a clearing where Gowther and the Dawncatchers were all standing still. But the group of children intervened and Pelio attacked Gowther, but he immediately retaliated by attacking Pelio who was saved by Armando who received the blow, which started the fight.

The Capital Sins then rush into the fight shocked by the fact that Gowther is attacking a child, but Meliodas tells King that he will deal with it later. Meliodas is then immobilized by Threader. Weinheidt then shoots an arrow at Gowther who is stopped by Armando who reveals himself to be the real Gowther as the other Deadly Sins look on. Gowther then makes the Dawn Scorers leave by offering them the head of the Giant in Armor but the latter then shows his true nature and confronts the Deadly Sins. Gowther tells them however that it was originally a Sacred Knight before leaving to make sure that Pelio was safe.

The beast was then about to smash Meliodas and Ban but they dodged and attacked the heads of the beast but failed to make a single scratch on it. They are then ejected by the beast but land on King's Sacred Treasure in its Guardian form. He then sends it against the monster but is easily defeated by Frost Breath. Meliodas takes a sword and a shield that he finds on the ground but it disintegrates under the effect of Venom of Despair, Meliodas then uses Infernal Flame. Meliodas was then about to finish but was disconcerted by the fact that the sacred knight begged him to spare him and the beast took the opportunity to catch him with his tongue, but he was saved by the intervention of Gowther and Ban.

Ban then scolds Meliodas for not having killed the beast. Gowther immediately uses his power Invasion which traps the beast in a world of illusion. Ban then disobeys Meliodas by removing the heart of the Sacred Knight. Meliodas, shocked, asks him why he did that and Ban answers that he put an end to his demon life and that he would thank him if he could. King tells them that the monster is still alive. Suddenly, Meliodas remembers that the Sacred Knight they are fighting is Dale.

Meliodas tries to bring Dale back to his senses but he is attacked and Ban saves him in extremis. King then attacks with Fighting Fire with Dagger Rain but it has no effect while the monster retaliates with Venomous Spit. Ban then stands up and punches Meliodas telling him that if he continues to be naive, it will lead to his own death and that of his comrades. Then Elizabeth appears and throws the Sword of Liz at him and reminds him that Liz did not want him to fight but to continue living. Meliodas finally decides to attack and slices Dale into pieces with great ease, apologizing to him.

Meliodas then apologizes to everyone for being so naive but he is quickly forgiven. Meliodas and King then wonder if Dale was a victim of a curse or if he was an experiment and if this was part of the Demon Clan's plan for resurrection. Meliodas then thanks Elizabeth for giving him Liz's sword and that he felt like he was free of something. Meliodas then declares that there will now only be fights to the death.

Back at the inn, Gowther introduced himself to Diane and Elizabeth. Away from the group, Cain asks Meliodas if he is projecting his memories of Liz onto Princess Elizabeth, but got no answer. Meliodas then asks Gowther if he knew what happened ten years ago. Gowther replies that the person who made him pass out was Merlin. In shock, Meliodas asked him if he knew why she did it and where she is now, but Gowther knew nothing about it.

Kingdom Infiltration Bow

During a road trip, the group Meliodas ask her what the next Deadly Sins to find to which the latter who are heading to their kingdom of Liones to get her Broken Sword back, but the Deadly Sins refuse due to her fault to lose it. Meliodas is angry and goes to Elizabeth under her skirt for comfort while she pats her head at Diane's anger. Meliodas reveals to his group that the Dragon Handle is really one of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness and that the Goddess, Fairy, Giant, and Human Clan are working together to seal the demon clan in the ancient past. Diane wonders why, if the demons are out, Meliodas reveals that their are several pieces to the Eternal Darkness since the seal is incredibly strong and there would have been a sign. Falcon asks why the Holy Knights are after Elizabeth as well, until a mysterious Holy Knight appears and reveals that Elizabeth is the final key needed to revive the demon clan.

As Meliodas tries to reach Elizabeth, the mysterious Holy Knight teleports with Elizabeth in front of Meliodas, angry. Meliodas takes Liz's sword and rushes off: he orders Diane to send him to Liones, a city far too far away for a mere Human. Ban grabs Meliodas as he wanted to lead the kingdom and Gowther appears with them, revealing that he wanted to see Meliodas and Ban together. Diane clutches the deadly sins in her hand and asks Meliodas to bring Elizabeth back, grabs Ban and Meliodas then sends them with her superhuman strength to Liones very quickly. Meliodas, Ban and Gowther are hardly landed on Liones when the Holy Knights spot them and retaliate. Meliodas says that Ban and Gowther's mission is to save Elizabeth and avoid fighting. Soon after, the troops storm Meliodas, who defends himself using the Sword of Liz and uses counter which defeats and slaughters a bunch of them with ease, but a tougher Holy Knight uses heavy melee gauntlets. Other soldiers end up in their path trying to face them, which Meliodas immediately knocks out with a powerful punch.

The Deadly Sins are stopped when they felt a great power coming from the south of the kingdom, which turns out to be armed Camelot with their leader Arthur. Later, the trio continued to cut through the holy knights as they tried to break through. Deciding to end this bloodshed with minimal, Gowther used his sacred treasure Herritt to crush the memories of the attacking holy knights and turned them into allies. Gowther explained his technique to the disoriented Meliodas and Ban then told him not to use it on them, no matter what Gowther respected. The trio sneak away from the Holy Knights and went to hide to find a plan. Ban told Meliodas that they should head to Liones castle because in fairy tale, the princess always get lock in underground prison. Meliodas accepted the plan and head to the castle as Meliodas promise to save Elizabeth. The trio then detects a battle going on at the south gate which Meliodas decided to go there, thinking Elizabeth might be there.

When Dreyfus announced the citizens of the presence of the sins, Meliodas continues to run while Ban calls the Great Holy Knight a bastard. As Dreyfus was under Nightmare Teller Gowther, a past version of Meliodas seemed to have a post-training meal with his fellow Sins. He comments on the skills of his superior and called Zaratras invincible only for the younger version of Hendrickson to claim that Meliodas is being modest. He then compliments Dreyfus's sword skill and tells him that he doesn't have the skill and ambition to outdo his brother while nibbling on a handful of mini-Hawks. Meliodas disappears after telling Dreyfus that it is already too late and asked the skewered corpse of Zaratras if he is right, thus starting the nightmare on the Great Saint Knight. Meliodas and Ban stopped at their road when they saw the giant roots attack a small town where Diane, Gowther and the king are located. Ban asked Meliodas if he could feel it, which Meliodas nodded as he mentioned that Diana's and Gowther's powers are fading, but the king's ability is raised to invincible level.

Meliodas late saved Arthur's life when Hendrickson used Hellblaze on the King of Camelot and Meliodas used full counter to reflect the attack back to Hendrickson much to his shock and Meliodas saying that Hendrickson learned a very dangerous ability while he was away and told him that he is going to get Elizabeth back. As Meliodas walked forward and faced Hendrickson, he asked him about Elizabeth's location, but Hendrickson refused to tell him. Meliodas immediately tried to punch him in the face, but Hendrickson managed to block. Meliodas followed with quick slash attacks, but his opponent was able to dodge them with ease. Hendrickson then attempted an attack, which Meliodas blocked, but was sent back. Moments later, Gilthunder descended from a storm cloud to attack Meliodas, who was able to parry his attack. The two exchanged multiple attacks, and both blocking each other, but eventually Gilthunder was able to shoot Meliodas in the chest and send him away, were he was captured by Arthur. Meliodas thanked him and asked him if he could give him a hand in the fight. He also asked him his name, as Arthur told his to him, he also mentioned that he heard about him and know him and then they both ready to face Gilthunder and Hendrickson together.


As Meliodas and Arthur were preparing for their battle against Gilthunder and Hendrickson, Hendrickson noticed that the battle on the other side was over and felt that Dreyfus had won the battle, while Meliodas believed that none of his members would lose so easily either. Hendrickson points out that Meliodas rushed into the enemy stronghold with a few members of his teams and without any plan. Hendrickson point out that the deadly sins are nothing but an ancient shadow of themselves and that Elizabeth's economy is futile. However, Meliodas rush at high speed and attack both Hendrickson and Gilthunder at the same time and declared that even if he give up his life, he will protect Elizabeth. Meliodas finish fight against Gilthunder while Arthur was amazed at their skills, despite not fighting seriously, but still until the end the fight against Hendrickson.

As the fight Meliodas advanced, he was able to push Gilthunder back, but then he used a summoning attack lighting beast like storm clouds. Meliodas used his full meter to reflect the attack, but he realized that this attack was time delayed and had to reflect the other 2 incoming attacks as well. At this moment Gilthunder got behind him and reduced him, but Meliodas was able to block using the sheath of his sword, Gilthunder immediately returned in front of him and with one attack was able to hit Meliodas' sword with his hand. Gilthunder then used a high lighting attack on Meliodas, but using the unknown dark power, Meliodas with only his fingers was able to stop Gilthunder's attack easily. Once Meliodas stopped Gilthunder's attack, he found his sword and continued the fight, without Mark Black. Meliodas and Gilthunder battle raged on and showed that the two were equal match. Gilthunder sent Meliodas running into a building, but Meliodas stopped the accident by putting his feet inside the building.

Meliodas ask Gilthunder if he really want to have a death match with him, which Gilthunder answer by using Meliodas old creed of the Holy Knights road that creed goes "your eyes are to discern evil, your mouth to speak the truth, your heart is filled with righteousness, and your sword is to purge evil", but Gilthunder now believe that the deadly sins have lowered that creed and betrayed the kingdom. Gilthunder claim that he is stronger than all the capital sins, but Meliodas just nodded and continued on their fight at full speed. Later, Meliodas started to dominate Gilthunder, while the latter tried to fight with all his might, but with no luck. Meliodas try to slice Gilthunder, but Hendricksen appear and hit Meliodas that this one dodge in time, Meliodas was surprised to see Hendricksen and saw Arthur was defeated. Arthur apologizes to Meliodas for not buying the time, but Meliodas told him to rest and leave the rest to himself. Meliodas end up fighting Hendrickson and Gilthunder at the same time, while Hendricksen said that they need to take down Meliodas since he is their biggest threat. Meliodas began to nearly dominate the duo, until the Sacred Knight Vivian who kidnapped Elizabeth, appears and freezes her solid Freeze Coffin, but didn't last long. Meliodas find face against Hendricksen, Gilthunder and Vivian. Meliodas begin to be overwhelmed by the trio of holy knights, however, it was revealed by Hendrickson that Meliodas power increases instead of decreases and the reason of Meliodas not fighting against the trio is because Meliodas only increases his possible power and detects to unleash a decisive attack. The Holy Knights used all their power together to finish Meliodas before he could unleash his attack. Hendrickson summoned Hellblaze, Gilthunder used Emperor's Sword of Lightning, and the Sacred Knight used Four Elemental Destruction as Meliodas summoned his attack, Divine Slayer. However, Margaret came running to the battlefield to stop Gilthunder from hurting her hero, Meliodas. However, Meliodas places something close to Margaret and uses his Divine Slayer to kill an invisible demon-like creature that was next to her. As Meliodas smiled to destroy the creature, the Sacred Knight's attack hit Meliodas, heavily injuring him. Hendricksen rushed for Meliodas to finish with him, Gilthunder appeared and cut Hendrickson arm. Gilthunder smiles and graces Meliodas to free him from the spell Meliodas then smiles as Gilthunder had become himself again then Vivian asks Meliodas how he knew her what the latter replies that when he said the phrase "I am stronger than then Gilthunder attacks Hendricksen and overcomes him and even beats him then Vivian sends them to several different worlds when suddenly the "Sin of the Crimson Pig Merlin" appears which shocks and surprises Meliodas.

Current Arc

During this arc, Meliodas is mainly possessed by his father, the demon king. This is mainly due to the fact that he (Meliodas) has lost his emotions several times, causing him to revert back to the demon he once was, before his rebellion. The seven deadly sins try to save him from the demon clan, which they succeed in doing after several attempts and fights against the members of the ten commandments, Meliodas' mentor and Zeldris' mentor. Meanwhile, Meliodas' emotions, having left his body, are in purgatory. They try to escape there during centuries (the time does not unfold at the same speed), without success. It is then that Ban, through Merlin and Hawk, goes to purgatory to save his captain. Like him, he spends a few centuries there before managing to escape, having defeated the demon king. Of course, thanks to his immortality, Ban survived, just like Meliodas. After returning to "reality", Meliodas' emotions returned to his original body, but only regained control once the demon king, who possessed the body, had left. After a fierce battle with the other members of the Seven Deadly Sins, the king, who had taken on another appearance, was defeated. Determined to remove Elizabeth's curse for good, Meliodas decided to go to purgatory and stay there as the new king. This was for the simple reason that to remove the curse from his lover required the strength and power of the one who had cast it three thousand years ago. Just as they (Meliodas and Elizabeth) were about to pass through a portal to purgatory, courtesy of Merlin, Zeldris arrived, determined to fight his brother. The problem was that it was his turn to be possessed by his father. In the final and endless battle, the seven comrades finally defeated the demon king, and Zeldris regained control of his body, happy to be reunited with his love who had come to see him, after being freed by Meliodas. After this last fight, the six remaining sins, Escanor having died in one of the fights, were happy that their duty as Seven Deadly Sins was over. After that, they celebrated, accompanied by the inhabitants of the kingdom, the royal family, and many other people, their victory over the demon clan. In the most recent chapters of the manga, we see that Meliodas wants to become the new king of the kingdom of Liones, succeeding Baltra. He (Baltra) was surprised, but accepted. Meliodas was then the sovereign (not yet crowned) of the kingdom, ending the story of Nanatsu no Taizai married to Elizabeth, being pregnant. Ban, on the other hand, was married to Elaine, also pregnant. The two boys had already found the names of their sons. Tristan and Lancelot, continuing the theme of the Arthurian legend.

22 choses sur Meliodas que vous devriez connaître –

Capabilities & Equipment

Meliodas' combat skills and power are legendary. He was the Chief of the legendary 7 Deadly Sins and when he was a member of the Demon Clan, Meliodas was the Chief of the 10 Commandments and the rightful heir to the throne of the Demon King, much feared by the Demon Clan and its enemies, considered the most powerful 2nd Demon of all, so powerful that Gowther of Altruism declared that his betrayal alone caused the imbalance of power between the Goddess and Demon Clans, allowing the Stigma Alliance to start the Holy War, forcing Gowther and his "son", as a last resort, to convert Mael, the most powerful member of the Goddess Clan, into the Estarossa of the 10 Commandments, in order to force the Goddesses to seal the Demon Clan in the Casket of Eternal Darkness. Mael noted that, aside from himself, Elizabeth and Ludeciel were also capable of competing with Meliodas.

Like all members of the Demon Clan, he is able to manifest his mysterious power of Darkness, which he can use and transform into different forms for various purposes, such as forming wings to fly, reattaching limbs and, most importantly, enhancing his physical appearance and magical abilities. He also knows about Demonic Enchantments. He is best known for his sword skills and physical prowess, but he also has incredible magical abilities, including virtual immunity to magical attacks through his Total Counter ability. An example of his immense combat skills was when he simultaneously overwhelmed Gloxinia of Rest and Dolor of Silence. The most remarkable demonstration of his exceptional combat skills was when Meliodas' Emotions, apparently letting out his original magical power, could, even if only for a few seconds, hold back the much more powerful and experienced Demon King. When he recovered the power stolen from him by Merlin, the Darkness released by the Goddess' Amber was enough to cover the Sky, and the shockwave from Istar could be felt in Edinburgh, nearly 100 km away. Before the series began, its power was intense enough to destroy the entire Kingdom of Danafor. Merlin, sensing that his power was too vast and dangerous to control, stole most of it before he could do the same for the Kingdom of Liones. Even with most of his power taken, however, he still had a power level greater than that of 10 Sacred Knights of Liones. Once his power is restored, he is able to easily fight and defeat members of the 10 Commandments, even if it is only a fraction of his original power during the Holy War.

After unleashing his full demonic powers in a desperate attempt to free himself from Merascylla's Cocoon of Darkness, Meliodas regained his full power, having entered Assault Mode, massively increasing his physical abilities and power. He easily surpassed Escanor in their battle despite his power increasing every second to the point where Diane claimed he was toying with the Lion of Pride, remaining almost completely unscathed by his attacks, having only been defeated when Escanor reached the height of his powers as the Chosen One. Even after being severely wounded and nearly cut in half by Escanor moments later, Meliodas was able to recover quickly, only being stopped by Merlin's timely intervention. Even though he was unconscious, his aura was already so powerful and dark that even Escanor, as well as King and Diane after reflection, would feel sick around him. Later, when he woke up, he effortlessly stared at Zeldris of Piety and Estarossa, without even the power of the Demon King allowing Zeldris to move as little as possible and soon to completely overpower Estarossa, while also immobilizing Cusack. When attacked again, he effortlessly holds Zeldris back while protecting Elizabeth from Estarossa. He also effortlessly survived the attacks of Arthur wielding Excalibur and his aura was powerful enough to intimidate the spirits within the sacred sword of submission. His power is so great that he dwarfs even the 4 Great Archangels. Estarossa himself openly stated that if he could not defeat Sariel and Tarmiel, he would have no chance of defeating Meliodas. As the son of the Demon King, he also knows how to use Admonition to retrieve the Commands, having taken the Command of Pacifism at Gray Road when Merlin was unconscious. He is also one of the only individuals besides Zeldris and Mael who can survive getting multiple Commands, as was shown when he began absorbing 5 of them, though it can take him half a day to completely absorb them. According to Meliodas, once he has assimilated all the Commandments, which is half the power of the Demon King, he will become so powerful that he will become as powerful as the Demon King himself and thus be able to break Elizabeth's Curse of Perpetual Reincarnation.

The Demon King has inflicted a Curse of Immortality on Meliodas, condemning him for falling in love with the daughter of the Supreme Divinity and for betraying the Demon Clan: he is condemned to never grow old and to be resurrected every time he dies. However, with each resurrection, he gradually loses his humanity, slowly regaining his old personality from before his encounter with the Goddess Elizabeth. The Curse can last permanently and only individuals as powerful as the Demon King and the Supreme Goddess are able to break it.


  • Against Total「全反撃 Zen Hangeki」: This ability allows Meliodas to rebound the magic attacks that his opponents use against him, but with much more power; therefore, the more powerful the opponent's magic attacks are, the greater the rebound becomes. A major drawback is that Meliodas cannot initiate attacks on his own. He is also unable to reflect magical attacks that his opponents do not allow him to see. Physical, indirect and continuous attacks cannot be reflected either. The Demon King stated that the technique was just an inferior copy of Chandler's technique and that his original magic power was something different.
  • Meliodas' Original Magic Power: Although he is currently anonymous, he managed to destroy the Demon King's arm by releasing his true magic power.
  • Infernal Blaze「獄炎 Gokuen」: A Demon Clan ability that allows one to generate black flames. The technique also has the added effect of canceling an immortal's regeneration, as he showed when he used it against Ban.
  • Assault Mode「Ruby 殲滅状態 Senmetsu Jōtai」: This state is reached when Meliodas releases his Demon powers to the fullest, demonstrating immense powers. This form also allows Meliodas to access his full potential. According to Merascylla, at the time Meliodas commanded the Ten Commandments, even they were afraid of him while he was in this form. The downside is that this would temporarily deprive Meliodas of all his humanity, making him revert to what he was before he betrayed the Demon Clan.
    • Thousand Heavenly Cuts「神千斬り Kami Chigiri」: Meliodas inflicts 1000 sword strikes on his opponent in a single instant.


As the former leader of the 10 Commandments, Meliodas was the bearer of the Commandment of Charity「慈愛 Jiai」, which had been entrusted to him by the Demon King. Anyone who felt hatred towards Meliodas was unable to make the slightest move. In order to ally with the Goddess Clan, he willingly gave up his Command to betray the Demon Clan. Due to Gowther's forbidden spell of Altruism, the Demon King offered the Command of Charity to his adopted son: Estarossa, who was actually Mael, who had become a Demon because of the Command he had been offered, making it seem as if Estarossa had killed Mael.


  • Giant Sword: Meliodas used this sword in the Holy War 3000 years ago, he also used it when he was the Chief of the 10 Commandments. The sword is at least twice the size of Meliodas. It was broken when Meliodas and the Goddess Elizabeth lost fighting the Demon King and the Supreme Goddess. The sword did not have any features that would allow it to be used as a sacred treasure.
  • Dragon Sword: Meliodas used this broken sword in conjunction with his Total Counter. The sword also seems to have its own abilities, as it is one of the 5 fragments of the Casket of Eternal Darkness.
  • Liz's Sword: Once Meliodas found Liz's sword, his 107th lover, Meliodas began using it after having the Dragon Sword stolen. It also works with the Total Counter. But it was broken during Meliodas' fight against an Albion.
  • Lostvayne: As a member of the 7 Deadly Sins, Meliodas has a Sacred Treasure. Lostvayne is a Demon Slasher that he sold to a pawnbroker in Camelot for money to finance the Pig's Hat, 10 years ago. It would later be returned to him by Merlin, who would have bought the sword and kept it safe the whole time. His Physical Clone ability is compatible with Meliodas' Total Counter, allowing him to use much more dangerous levels.
  • Bone Sword: In Purgatory, Meliodas' Emotions create a sword, made from the bones of the native species, with a long, sharp blade. The blade is compatible with Meliodas' Total Counter.

    Power Level

    Meliodas' power level increases progressively as the story progresses and even more so each time he uses his Demon powers. Using Lostvayne, Meliodas can create a Physical Clone with a maximum power level equal to half his own power level. Creating more clones will result in an equal distribution of this power among them.



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