Naoto Tachibana

Naoto Tachibana

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Naoto Tachibana is a young man of 25 years, brother of Tachibana Hinata. In order to save her, he became a police lieutenant and allied himself with Hanagaki Takemichi, helping him to make his jumps in time.

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Naoto is a rather puny young boy with an innocent face. He wears school clothes, consisting of a button-down shirt with a collar, a belt, black pants and moccasins.


As an adult, Naoto has a more serious expression on his face, which corresponds to his profession. During his working hours, Naoto is seen wearing a suit.

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As an adult, Naoto is a righteous individual who is determined to save his sister. He is also willing to accept any possibility if it will help him achieve his goal. He is quite involved when he is doing an investigation even putting himself in danger to gather information about the Toman.

He sometimes has a dry sense of humor, as shown by the fact that when Takemichi returns to the present, he is surprised that he was able to prevent Hinata from dying because he is "a real scumbag".


Hanagaki Takemichi

As an adult, Naoto is the trigger for Takemichi's time travels and uses his connections with the police to gain information about the Toman's past. Although he initially views Takemichi as a pathetic person and wonders why his sister fell in love with him, he begins to respect him over time for his perseverance and courage in their joint mission to save Hina.

Despite Takemichi's many failures, he reassures him of the impact of his actions and encourages him to continue his mission. Naoto ends up considering Takemichi as a hero and values his life, like when he wanted to kill Mikey to ensure Takemichi's safety and get shot instead of Takemichi. Because Naoto feels indebted to Takemichi for saving him and his sister, he continues to provide him with information, especially about Bonten.


Hinata Tachibana

After meeting Takemichi, Naoto devotes his life to saving Hina, initially driven to do so by any means necessary, even by killing the teenage leaders of Toman. After Hina's second death, Naoto bursts into tears at her funeral.

As children, he and his sister have a typical brotherly relationship. He does not enjoy Hina and Takemichi's romantic moments, often rudely interrupting them to comment on their flirtation.

Masato Tachibana

Because of his father's busy schedule, Naoto resented him for rarely being home. However, after his first meeting with Takemichi, Naoto became interested in his father's profession as a police officer.

Skills and Competencies

Time Travel

From his and Hanagaki Takemichi's desire to save Tachibana Hinata was born the incredible power to travel in time. Nevertheless, it is Takemichi who makes these jumps, Naoto being only the trigger. So, if Takemichi and Naoto shake hands in the present, Takemichi will find himself exactly 12 years in the past. And if they shake hands again in the past, Takemichi will find himself exactly 12 years in the present. Naoto is also the only person, along with Takemichi, who is aware of the changes created by these time jumps, and remembers the old timelines.

Police Lieutenant

Because of his position, Naoto has access to a great deal of information not available to the general public, which has greatly helped Takemichi in his mission. Naoto also possesses outstanding deductive skills, being able to quickly piece together bits of information to create an overall picture. Finally, Naoto demonstrated his gun skills by shooting a man in the head from a distance of several meters, proving that he is a cool head, and is capable of killing if the situation calls for it.

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One day, Naoto is bullied by some boys, but Takemichi Hanagaki manages to chase them. Takemichi advises Naoto to be more confident and not to back down from anything, which will make the thugs run away, seeing his tenacity. Learning that Naoto is Hinata's younger brother, Takemichi tells him to take care of his sister and reveals that on the same day in 2017, he fell under the train tracks and traveled back in time 12 years earlier. He also reveals to him that on July 1, 2017, he and Hinata will die, so he warns him to remember that date and to protect his sister. Naoto believes him and Takemichi then shakes his hand, returning to the present.

Arc Tokyo Manjikai

July 1, 2017 (1st Timeline)

Naoto and his sister Hinata die as a result of settling of accounts between the members of the Tokyo Manjikai.

July 4, 2005

While Naoto was being shaken down, Takemichi comes to his rescue by putting the young boys on the run. He then gives him some advice to avoid that they come back to bother him again, before telling him that he and his sister will die in 12 years. Takemichi then reveals to him that he comes from the future and that he travelled in time, and that Naoto must do everything to avoid his death and that of his sister in 12 years.

July 4, 2017 (2nd Timeline)

Naoto goes to meet Takemichi, in the infirmary of the Shinjuku station. He reveals to him that thanks to his time jump, Takemichi changed history. Naoto became a police lieutenant, and was able to escape from death, then save Takemichi's life just before he was run over by a train. Unfortunately, he was not able to prevent his sister's death, so he begs for Takemichi's help as he is the only one who can save her.

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Moebius Arch

Takemichi returns to the present, not believing that Mikey and Draken are in conflict and asks Naoto to find Nobutaka Osanai to ask him what happened between Toman and Moebius. Naoto follows Osanai to a construction site. They end up finding him being yelled at for being late and are surprised that he was Moebius' commander. They end up talking to him and Osanai initially refuses to tell them about the fight his gang had with the Toman, but he denies Naoto's accusations that he ordered Draken's death. Osanai reveals that they did not kill Draken, but that the incident was the trigger for Toman's internal conflicts and that it was all planned by someone. As Osanai's boss calls him, Osanai leaves stating that if Draken hadn't died, his life wouldn't have been ruined. Naoto believes Osanai, because he looks very shaken and understands that someone used Osanai and in order to divide the Toman. Takemichi then returns in the past, in order to warn Mikey.

While he manages to save Draken, Takemichi returns in the present. Naoto calls him and tells him that he succeeded in doing it because Hinata is alive and invites him to go to see her. On the way, Takemichi changes his mind and decides not to see her, but just knowing that she is fine was enough for him. He eventually runs into her at the entrance of the building and they end up in Hinata's apartment.While Takemichi and Hinata are embarrassed to talk, Naoto is annoyed by this embarrassment and decides to leave, but Takemichi begs him to stay. Naoto suggests that they go out together, hoping that things will change, but Takemichi and Hinata are still embarrassed of each other. Naoto receives a call and is summoned to the police station. He leaves his car with Hinata and tells her that he will get it back the next day.

Arc Valhalla

A little later, Hinata is killed. At her funeral, Naoto can't hold back his tears. Naoto reveals that Atsushi's family has disappeared and that he was probably forced to kill Hinata. Takemichi tells him that Atsushi's last words were the same as the ones he told him the last time he killed himself, which makes Naoto lose hope that he can change the destiny. Takemichi encourages him by telling him that all is not lost and that he will become the leader of Toman to save Hinata, but he wonders what happened to Draken.

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On October 20, 2017, Naoto calls Takemichi to join him at the Tokyo detention center. He explains to him that Draken is alive, but is sentenced to death. As they meet Draken, Takemichi realizes that he hasn't changed, but that Kisaki Tetta forced him to kill someone. He adds that Tetta originally loved Mikey, but ended up hating him and wants to take everything he has. At his apartment, Naoto reveals to Takemichi that he doesn't have much information about Tetta, other than the fact that he is the current leader of Toman and probably the one who is hell-bent on killing his sister. Naoto is surprised that Takemichi is serious about becoming the leader of Toman, but he agrees to his plan and they shake hands, sending Takemichi back in time.


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