Puck - Berserk

Puck - Berserk

Puck is an elf. He is the first companion met by Guts, only in the manga, not appearing in the animated series.

From the first chapter of Berserk he appears as a childish and boastful character whose role is to describe, question, and especially to bring to the darkness of the work a relative lightness thanks to a naivety and an innocence totally opposed to the personality of Guts.

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Puck is an elf, belonging to a race of fabulous beings descended from the Wind Spirits and living in the Astral World, making them invisible to most mortals.

He has the appearance of a naked boy with long thin ears and dragonfly wings. His azure-blue hair turns white at the roots and twists back to form a characteristic spike.

Despite his often mannered reactions, his androgynous appearance and his effeminate face, Puck is indeed a boy.

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Puck - Berserk

He is much more frequently represented by the author in a caricatured way than in his real form, serving as a comic relief whatever the situation, supporting the words of his comrades or emitting various references to pop culture in the manga in order to offset the often too cold speech.


Puck is similar to a miniature naked human. On closer inspection, his ears are elongated and pointed, he has insect-like wings on his back, and he has no visible genitalia of any kind. Puck sports blue hair that grows in all directions in the front and points evenly backwards in the back. Puck's eyes are the same color as his hair, and he has large eyes and a soft jaw. He often holds a burdock, the closest thing to a weapon that an elf has.

During the comical moments of the first story of the manga, Puck exaggerated the comical features "chibi". In the later arcs of the manga and anime, Puck is drawn in his standard "chestnut" chibi form: his limbs become stocky and his body appears short and round. In this form, his hair is represented by a blue-tinted dot on his head and his eyes appear as horizontal lines.

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Puck is a whimsical and lighthearted presence that stands out. As such, he stands in stark contrast to Guts, who in turn is sullen, cynical and reclusive. Not one to take people's behavior at face value, Puck prefers to find the inherent good in those he meets rather than reject them for what he initially sees. As such, Puck shows a great deal of patience when dealing with less than reputable characters, including his early days of traveling with Guts, during which he was subjected to constant verbal and physical abuse from Guts. Puck eventually discovers that he has some morality and a reason for his impetuous actions. However, Puck's patience is not infinite. On numerous occasions, Puck and Guts part ways due to Puck's annoyance and inability to continue to tolerate the Black Swordsman's initial cruelty and brazenness. Yet, Puck returns seeing something good in Guts.

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Puck - Berserk

Puck can sometimes be quite stubborn, as seen when he refuses to return Guts' inheritance on board the Seahorse, wanting to use it as bait to catch fish. This trait of Puck's is however mainly used for comic effect. In addition, Puck feels quite possessive of the heirloom; he has nicknamed the fetish "Becchi" and claims that it likes cheese.

When receiving compliments individually or as a group, Puck and Isidro normally boast about how well they can handle things themselves. However, both greatly exaggerate their own fighting skills. The two are close friends and Puck often sits on the boy's head, considering himself a mentor to the boy. He tries to teach Isidro the ways of his "Elf Dimension Style", without much success. Unlike his relationship with Isidro, he is often at odds with his fellow elf Ivalera. The two have a rivalry because the elf woman tends to be more serious and less bubbly than the average prickly girl. Puck tries to show Ivalera how similar they really are, but she is nonetheless despised by her.

Although Puck's role seems to be largely one of comic relief, he is very serious when the situation calls for it. He easily befriends the most "innocent" people in the world, such as Jill , and listens and sympathizes wholeheartedly when hearing their tragic stories. By the time he meets Guts in the Black Swordsman arc, Guts has reverted to his distrustful, insensitive and generally contemptuous nature before joining the Falcon's gang. Puck frequently objects to Guts' behavior towards others as unnecessarily cruel. For example, in the Lost Children Chapter , Puck severely castigates Guts for attacking Rosine . Guts wonders if he really held back against Rosine. Over time, as Guts regains some confidence in others such as Farnese and Isidro, and shows some compassion for others, Puck reduces his role as a scold to castigate Guts for his humanity and becomes more of a source of comic relief.Puck by LalyKiasca on DeviantArt | Berserk, A midsummer night's dream, Puck


Puck has several attributes specific to his species, the most notable of which is the ability to :

  • Flight: His primary means of transportation. Due to his own miniature size and the human company he keeps, Puck is forced to rely on his wings to keep up with his fellow travelers, though he is sometimes seen sitting on his companions or in Guts' saddlebag, where Puck has made an improvised home.
  • Empath: Puck is able to sense people's emotions, and this translates directly into his own well-being; Puck feels pain proportional to the amount of negative feelings people around him have, and he is physically at ease with good thoughts.
  • Elf Dust: Puck's most useful trait is his ability to produce elf dust, which naturally falls off his wings. Elf dust has healing properties, greatly speeding up the average human's healing process and easing pain almost immediately. This ability was one of the main reasons a disgruntled Guts allowed Puck to travel with him.
  • Puck Spark: He can also emit light, which he redirected into a diversionary attack called "Puck Spark" that briefly blinds opponents and can kill small demons.
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Puck - Berserk



Originally from the elven kingdom of Elfhelm , Puck got into a fight with a seagull in an unsuccessful argument over fish, after which he rode the bird home. However, although he later claimed that he left his kingdom only out of boredom, Puck ended up riding on the seagull's back while sleeping and got stuck on the mainland by accident. Puck eventually joined a troupe of performers and then befriended Rickert a year later as the boy traveled with the troupe to reach the Midland frontier . It was only after Rickert left that Puck visited a fortune teller. She saw an omen in her crystal ball: an armored figure with two unconscious people following a solar eclipse. Between that moment and two years later, the troop was massacred and Puck found himself in the village of Koka, where he became a captive of the Snake Baron bandits, who used him for target practice.Puck from Berserk anime 2016 (1280x720) | Personajes de anime, Dibujos,  Dibujos de anime


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