Rensuke Kunigami

Rensuke Kunigami

Rensuke Kunigami is a competitor of Blue Lock , who currently plays as a striker for German Bastard München.

He is a hot-blooded striker whose main goal is to become the best striker in the world and in turn a soccer superhero. When he arrived at Blue Lock, he was a member of the Z team in the first selection. He was knocked off the main Blue Lock route in the final games of the second draft, but instead of leaving the facility, he entered a mysterious "Wild Card" door that was open to him.

After the U-20 game ended, Kunigami finally returned from the "Wild Card" door and joined the other contenders at the Neo Egoist League.

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Blue Lock : présentation du personnage de Rensuke Kunigami en vidéo !

Kunigami is a tall, light-skinned high school student with bright orange spiky hair that is styled in an undercut with auburn eyes. He seems to be very muscular and broad-shouldered. At Blue Lock, Kunigami wears the standard bodysuit (black with gray stripes) and tracksuit. In the first selection, he wore the blue jersey No. 9 of the Z team and wears the gray cleats of the Z team. At the second selection, he wore the jersey No. 50 of the red team. Once he was selected as a regular of Bastard Munchen in the Neo Egoist League, he put on the uniform of the club No. 50. After the U-20 game, Kunigami's hair has grown more, he is visibly dabbed and he looks darker and serious overall.


Kunigami has a very moral personality. He can be very serious about his soccer career, training and lifestyle, but he also knows when to relax and enjoy life. He is considered calm but passionate about soccer and can sometimes be very rational and cautious, but can also be as stubborn as Raichi, with whom he tends to clash. Kunigami will not let troublemakers and unfair players off the hook when he is around; he comes across almost like a big brother. Although he is serious most of the time, he can be very appreciative and somewhat embarrassed when praised by others.

Figurine isagi

Meeting Ryusei Shidou had an impact on Kunigami's mindset and way of doing things. His moral and fair way of playing was overtaken by a more aggressive and instinctive way of playing and he left Blue Lock questioning Shidou's words on leaving Blue Lock. After returning to Blue Lock, Kunigami is noticeably more cool and focused, having a whole new philosophy on how he plays soccer, striving to maintain his dominance on the field. Kunigami barely says a sentence to Isagi and doesn't talk to anyone else in the stratum. As the Neo Egoist League unfolds, Kunigami shows that he has become very selfish, caring only about scoring his own goals, no matter what he has to do to achieve them.



  • Clinical Finisher: Clinical finishers are forwards who specialize in their accurate shooting ability. They are "clinical" in that they need few chances to score a goal by being able to hit and place the ball exactly where it will beat the goalie. They can be identified by their high goals-to-shots ratio. Clinical forwards usually play as a center forward, although other attacking players can often be considered clinical finishers.

Rensuke Kunigami protagoniza el nuevo avance del anime Blue Lock

Being a high-powered left-footed shooter, Kunigami is a rare type of striker. Kunigami was tied for the top scorer in the Z team in the first selection, and only because another teammate cheated to make their goals equal to him. When he is not scored on, he is guaranteed an easy goal. After emerging from his time in Wild Card, Kunigami's physical abilities have skyrocketed since his last appearance in the second selection and he can now use both feet to score, though his non-dominant kick is weaker. While the rest of the German players in Stratum Blue Lock struggled to match up to the Bastard Munchen players, Kunigami easily kept up with them during training and was ranked in the top 3 players in the entire stratum.


Finesse Shot : Kunigami has a powerful almost accurate shot, especially from his left leg, which he uses to score incredibly powerful shots with his standard shooting range of less than 28 meters.

  • Knuckle Shot: From nearly 40 meters from the net, Kunigami shoots with such intense force that he kills the rotation of the ball allowing the shot to curve.
  • Powerful Mid-Range Shot: When in possession of the ball and holding off two defenders, Kunigami is able to outrun his defenders while opening up space and firing a powerful shot with his right foot, almost scoring an effortless shot.
  • Jumping Volley Shot: Kunigami jumps using his physical strength and executes a volley in the air. This shot was taken after Isagi took a bad shot against Manshine City where the angle of the ball went haywire and Kunigami instinctively jumped into the path of the shot and jumped to send a volley shot into the net.


    Superior Physique: Kunigami is one of the few Blue Lock forwards who has a very strong and muscular physique and he uses it to his advantage to drive the ball down the field or mark players to defend. After returning from "Wild Card" and becoming a regular in Bastard Munchen for the Neo Egoist League, Kunigami is more visibly able to take advantage of his physique, trapping the ball in the air with his chest between two defenders and outrunning those defenders while holding them back. so he can set up his own shot. Kunigami also has better control of his center and upper body reflexes, as seen when he was able to keep up with Bachira's improved dribbling ability for a few moments during the Barcha game.

    Rensuke Kunigami in the manga 🔥 4K AMV/EDIT | Blue Lock - YouTube


    According to the question segment One Character-One:

    • He started playing soccer at the age of 6.
    • His hometown is Akita.
    • His foot circumference is 28 cm.
    • His favorite players are Didier Drogba, Olivier Giroud
      His sleeping time is 8 hours.
    • He mentioned that his weakness is his inability to handle compliments and unfriendliness.
    • His favorite food is seaweed soup. He does not like cereal soaked in milk.
    • His favorite subject is physical education. His weakest subject in school is modern Japanese and classics (he doesn't understand why he has to learn it)
    • He spends his vacations training and running on the beach.
    • His favorite animal is a polar bear.
    • His fetish is the back of his neck, and he looks at both men and women.
    • His ideal type is someone sweet and cute
    • When he bathes, he washes his neck first.
    • The last time he cried was when he was looking at ET
    • If he impulsively bought something at a convenience store, it would be batteries.
    • He received 7 Valentine's Day chocolates this year.
    • Kunigami ranked 7th in the first popularity poll, with 748 votes.

    Rensuke Kunigami



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