Ri Shin

Ri Shin

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Ri Shin, formerly known as Shin , is the main protagonist of Kingdom. He is a general of Qin and the leader of the Hi Shin army.

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At the beginning of the series, Shin appeared as a slim but slightly muscular 14 year old boy with hazel, slanted eyes and spiky brown hair (or blackish depending on the coloring of the art) styled with a small rat tail on the back at the beginning. of the series. His facial features were initially a bit soft, rounded, but became more pronounced and slightly more muscular as he aged. By the time after General Ou Ki's death, Shin's hair had grown slightly longer, with his rat tail now reaching his shoulders and becoming more muscular, and he was growing taller, but his appearance remained largely unchanged.

In terms of casual clothing, the only clothing Shin wears regularly is a blue sleeveless Yue shirt tied with a black (or brownish depending on the coloring of the art) fabric belt throughout the early days of the series until now. And while he used to wear a pair of straw sandals that made him look like a scruffy peasant to most people, he has since changed that to a pair of Qin style ju shoes and started wearing white colored pants that go down his thighs after becoming a 1000 man commander and occasionally wears his black bracelets.

While fighting on the battlefield, Shin maintained his peasant appearance despite purchasing armor after becoming a 100-man commander. However, at the beginning of the Sanyou campaign arc, he added a pair of black bracelets to his outfit. And in the aftermath of the arc, he officially began wearing armor consisting of sky blue colored scales, armbands designed with the clan markings of Kyou Kai's headband and leather boots of the same color. He kept this appearance throughout his days as the commander of 1000 men and the commander of 3000 men, except when he didn't have his armbands or bracelets from the beginning, like when he met Kou Yoku and Haku Rei, his reunion with Ri Boku and at the beginning of the invasion arc of the coalition.

Two years after the coalition invasion, Shin slightly modified his armor with neck guard spikes oriented on his right shoulder pad as a tribute to the late great general, Duke Hyou, after being promoted to commander of 4000 men. Shin maintained this appearance for four years on the battlefield until the battle of Shu Kai Plain where the left shoulder pad of his armor was destroyed by one of the Dojaku captains of the Chou Ga Ryuu army and his vicious duel with Hou Ken in which the Bushin completely trashed his armor with every strike. After the conclusion of the Gyou campaign and his promotion to general, Shin changed and began wearing a long-sleeved version of his blue Yue shirt under his armor, but soon reverted to his old sleeveless look.

In addition to his blue Yue shirt, Shin has also always carried Ri Hyou's sword that he inherited from his deceased best friend on his back.

He also has in his possession General Ou Ki's sword and Duke Hyou's shield that were entrusted to him at the time of their deaths, which in turn were entrusted to Ei Sei for safekeeping.


Extremely brash and impetuous but carrying a heart of gold that holds extreme determination, Shin is fiercely loyal to his friends as shown when he vows to avenge Hyou, even at the risk of his own death. His hot temper also causes him to clash with Ka Ryo Ten and they tend to bicker constantly like siblings when they were younger.

He is also capable of great rage when provoked by others, making him a deadly opponent to fight. His long days as a servant to Hyou have inextricably linked them and thus raised him several times in his life.

Shin is also very stubborn and courageous, which is evident when he unhesitatingly challenges fierce enemies often much stronger than himself (such as Sa Ji , Ma Ki and, to a much greater extent, Hou Ken , Rin Ko and Ren Pa ) .

Shin also showed an exceptional level of charisma, who could not only encourage and lead his own soldiers with his words, but also managed to impress even the greatest individuals after his participation in various campaigns and battles, including Yo Tan Wa , Ou Ki . Mou Gou, Ri Boku, Rin Ko, Ren Pa and Duke Hyou.


Shin's goal is to become the greatest general under the heavens, alongside Ri Hyou. The way to prove that he is worthy is to accomplish a legendary feat and fulfill Ei Sei's dream of unifying all the central plains.

Ri Shin


Ri Hyo

Raised as brothers, Hyou was the only person Ri Shin considered part of the family before he met Ten. As young boys, they nurtured the dream of becoming the greatest generals in history, and even now, Shin was inspired by him.The young orphan also considered Shin and himself as one and the same person, and with his last words, asking him to take me to those heights.

Ei Sei

The young king of Qin , and originally a target for Shin's revenge, Shin was convinced that helping him would be the only way to realize his and Hyou's dream. From then on, the two grew closer, with Shin respecting the king's strength of character and will, and Sei relying on Shin as his sword and shield, the two have a close friendship and share the same dream of conquering the six kingdoms together.

During the battle of Sai, Shin was the only person to whom Sei revealed the information that the Yo Tan Wa army was coming to reinforce him. Upon arriving in Sai and meeting Ei Sai, Ri Shin admitted that he felt lame for crying on Ei Sei's shoulder and wished he didn't have to see him cry.

Their relationship is so close that Ei Sei often relies on the Hi Shin unit to achieve certain goals such as saving Ei Sei's half-brother, Sei Kyou , or saving his children. Ei Sei often divulges secret information to Shin before anyone else. Shin has no problem addressing Ei Sei by his name rather than by his majesty, as Ei Sei himself has no problem with Shin saying his name.

Kyou Kai

Shin has become a light in the darkness for her, repairing the broken fragments of her emotions and giving her a home. She is extremely loyal and has strong feelings for Shin, willing to sacrifice her life to bring him back from the brink of death. She also wants to help him realize his dream of uniting China while wanting to have his child to whom he said he wouldn't mind (currently unknown if he was joking or not). Shin respects her skills with a blade and often likes to train with her to hone her own skills. In chapter 670, Kyou Kai confessed her feelings to Shin, but it is not known if he reciprocates those emotions.

Ka Ryo Dix

Shin and Ka Ryo Ten met when Ei Sei was trying to recover his kingdom, and later they fought together as comrades of Hi Shin unit. Shin considers Ka Ryo Ten as his little sister. During the Chiyoyou campaign, when Ten was taken hostage, Shin said, "Then I met Ten. The first comrades I met were Sei and Ten. And since then. You could say that I already think of her... family. Like the one and only sister I have."

Kingdom - Shin's Best Moment | Anime Amino

Ou Ki

Young Shin. I promised to take you to training, didn't I? But as you can see, I'm afraid that has become impossible. That said, for a great general like me to teach you personally is far too good for a bug like you to begin with. Things like this, you have to learn by running between the battlefields yourself, fool. Dive in and overcome conflict and bloodshed with your men. You have talent, Shin. Ou Ki's last words to Shin.

Shin has nothing but respect and admiration for the Great General, seeing him as a mentor and guide on his way to becoming a great general. Shin's respect for Ou Ki led him to mercilessly kill Zhao's deputy general, Gi Ka, and to stand up to Ren Pa when he insulted Ou Ki's death. Ou Ki regarded Shin as one of the new "sprouts" for the future of Qin and believed that he was worthy of inheriting his sword before he died.

Duc Hyou

During Shin's first campaign, Duke Hyou was the first general to make him understand that the general is the one who leads thousands of people to fight in a war.

to make him understand that the general is the one who leads thousands of people to fight in a war. On the first day of the battle of Kankoku Pass, Shin's abilities as an instinctive general were awakened and he saved Duke Hyou's army from total destruction. This scene attracted the attention of the Duke and went so far as to congratulate him and offer to share a drink with him. Shin got Duke Hyou's shield just before he was killed by Hou Ken. It is clear that Shin admired Duke Hyou and became attached to him during the coalition war. He had fought desperately to go to Duke Hyou's rescue during the latter's battle with Hou Ken almost blind to the fate of his men. After the war, it was stated by Gaku Rai that Duke Hyou considered Shin as a son since he never had one himself, which made many soldiers of Duke Hyou's army jealous of Shin.

Ri Shin

Or Hon

Not being of the same class of nobility, he had a quick relationship with him.

Memorandum of Understanding Ten

He has a friendly relationship with him.


You is a girl from the palace that he saved during the siege of Kanyou ( Ai Arc state ) when he was there on a mission to save the children of Sei. He doesn't know that the girl has feelings for him since Kou told her about him and his heroic actions in the assassination plot arc .

Weaponry and equipment

After the battle with Wei State during the Sanyou Campaign, he received the sword of Rin Ko by Ren Pa, a former member of the Three Great Heavens of Zhao as a farewell gift for defeating Rin Ko, one of the Four Heavenly Kings. He also has Duke Hyou's shield in his possession but has not yet used it with Rin Ko's sword. Before Tonryuu's rebellion, Shin's main weapon is Hyou's sword which he carries on his back when he is sheathed. By the time Shin became a commander of 4000 men, he had already begun to wield a sword in preparation for him using Ou Ki's Glaive. At the beginning of the Western Zhao invasion arc, he received the Ou Ki sword from Sei.


While possessing little talent for formal strategy or tactics, Shin has developed an instinct and a sense of insight into the course of a battle to observe. Instead of tactics, Shin leads his unit from the front leading direct charges cutting through swaths and penetrating deep into the enemy ranks. Through this, Shin and his unit continue to become stronger and more capable fighters, specializing in the ability to take on enemies many times their number. As a warrior, Shin possesses physical abilities and martial prowess superior to most. Though perhaps his two most impressive assets are his relentless tenacity that marks both his fighting style and the most indicative trait that leads to his growth. When enraged, he is able to surpass his physical limits and crush his enemies with brute strength alone.

Physical capabilities

Enormous Strength: One of Shin's most important traits is his monstrous strength; this is evident even at a young age, as evidenced by the fact that he controls 4 bandits simultaneously despite the huge size difference. Fueled by Hyou's death rage, he managed to break through the stone walls with his fist. He applied enormous strength in his swordplay, being able to easily take down a large number of armored soldiers without tiring. His immense strength was also demonstrated in his duel with Rin Ko, Ren Pa's most dangerous and second strongest vassal, which was enough to kill him. He even managed to kill Hou Ken, a man who was only wounded by Kyou, Ou Ki and Duke Hyou, three of the most prominent fighters in Qin state.

Immense agility: Shin is extremely fast, able to dodge quick attacks as he has shown many times throughout his fights. He is agile enough to match Kyou Kai's movements in their friendly matches. In battle, Shin could take down several enemies at once with incredible speed, leaving them little time to react. He even managed to match Hou Ken in terms of speed in their brief first fight.

Combat Adaptation: With experience from multiple battlefields and countless duels, Shin demonstrated the ability to adapt very quickly in order to gain the upper hand in combat. This skill is first shown in his final duel with Rin Ko of the Four Heavenly Kings after the former general Zhao paralyzed his leg and Shin quickly changed the fight from a horse fight to a ground fight after realizing that he would have lost if he stayed on his horse. And after learning to feint from Kyou Kai, he managed to lure the fast and baiting Fu Tei into the reach of his sword during Commander Zhao's attack on the south wall during the battle of Sai. And in his fight with Jo Rin of the Dojaku Unit's left captain, Shin baited and sacrificed his right side to the spearman's attack in order to cut the man's head in half.

Immense Stamina: Since his days of fighting with Hyou, Shin has shown immense stamina to the point that he is able to fight despite excessive blood loss and numbness from heavy injuries. As shown in his fights with Jo Kan , Muta , Sa Ji the assassin swordsman and Ran Kai , Shin was able to remain conscious and continue to fight despite losing a large amount of blood and being constantly hit by physically stronger opponents. His stamina only grew exponentially over the years as he went into constant battlefields and survived numerous duels with stronger opponents. His ability was pushed to its limits during the 6th day of the Battle of Sai, as he was able to fight for days with little to no sleep through sheer willpower.

Improved Healing Rate: As stated throughout the series and declared by Kyou Kai, Shin also has a higher healing rate than the average person.

Master Swordsman: Shin is an extraordinarily talented and skilled master swordsman although he is completely self-taught due to his 1,000 constant fights with Hyou during his days as a servant, his ability and skills had already largely removed the normal limits of an average warrior of the Qin soldier caste state at a young age since the very beginning of the series.

With just a wooden sword, Shin showed his prowess as he blew up three thugs in one go and faced the entire village of vicious killers in Kokuhi village as he fought them all single-handedly and honed his skills by fighting and defeating the Shukyou clan. Jo Kan in his very first real duel and later overwhelmed Muta of the Basha tribe. These experiences would later help him as he killed several trained rebel soldiers of the Sei Kyou faction and fought Sa Ji , the faction's chief assassin as he defeated even the assassin swordsman.

Shin would also learn to focus his power on a single point as Heki taught him to believe in the concept of sword mastery that helped him defeat the monstrous ape-man Ran Kai as he pieced together the beast-man's durable skin. As he progressed through constant battles and occasional fights with Kyou Kai , Shin continued to hone his precision and dexterity in the art of swordplay as he became strong enough to kill elite swordsmen like Fuu Ki's bodyguard unit , strike a blow at Hou Ken during the Battle of Bayou and fight the highly experienced veteran swordsman such as Rin Ko, a dual wielding master, long arm Man Goku and the fast elite commander Fu Tei. He even managed to fight Hou Ken , an extremely powerful Bushin , and cut off his face , which only Ou Ki had done in the past and at the battle of Koku You Hill , his sword mastery was already at a high enough level to fight a duel and kill Kei . Sha , another talented swordsman. During the battle of Eikyuu , his swordplay evolved to the point that it was described as a completely new style, allowing him to fight on par with Gaku Haku Kou in the speed match even though he had not wielded his sword for years.

  • Jump Attack: Shin's special move where he jumps into the air and delivers a powerful slash usually landing on the opponent's chest or head. This technique allows him to compensate for his short reach and add more power to the falling move attack. Shin has also shown to use this move with a sword, but not as often as with the sword.

Ri Shin 李信 & Ei Sei 嬴政 | Anime kingdom, Kingdom, Anime

Sword Master: Shin began wielding a sword and made it his primary weapon in preparation for wielding General Ou Ki's sword two years after the coalition invasion and the battle of Sai.

At first, Shin's fighting style was amateurish, however, with his immense strength, he made up for his lack of skill and technique with his inner prowess as a fighter of destructive power, blowing up entire battalions of infantry or cavalry soldiers with each strike of his blade. This would later help him survive while defending himself against Gai Mou, the Raging Bull, as the Great General stated, it was also his boldness that played a role. Later, as time went by, Shin got so used to the weapon that he was able to fight martial warriors like Ba Tei and defeat soldiers like the personal way of Kei Sha's veteran elites. During the Gyou campaign, Shin became proficient enough to pick up the Monstrous Bird fire sword, which has since become his primary personal weapon.

Since then, his mastery of the Great General's precious blade has grown so much that he is able to kill several soldiers with a single blow, defending himself against a much more experienced master bearer like Gyou'un while sending even General Zhao into shock. with a passionate blow, instantly killed Gaku Ei with a single blow, and then fought a one-on-one duel with Hou Ken, an exceptional master himself whom he later killed as he overwhelmed and split the Bu Shin in half. However, he still did not make full use of his speed while wielding it as he still found it a bit heavy, which was exploited by Gaku Haku Kou during their duel on the ground, leading him to put it out with his sword instead.

Riding: Since his battle with Rin Ko, Shin's riding has improved by leaps and bounds. He has become skilled in cavalry warfare, even being able to ride horses that are difficult to control. His horses have also shown him great loyalty, so it is assumed that he has treated them very well to earn that loyalty.

Hand-to-hand fighter: Shin is also a powerful unarmed fighter although he is a first class weapons expert. This is evident even in his childhood when he easily defeated the Bi Brothers with simple punches. And further demonstrated his prowess as a teenager when he sent the giant Tajifu flying through the air with a single punch and broke a stateless man's nose by kneeing him in the face, both as adults. Since then, he has gained power as an adult by sending Rai Do , a powerful 5,000-man commander of the Kan Ki army, flying through the air with a stationary punch.


Shin has the ability to inspire the people around him to a great extent. It was stated by Rin Ko that Shin was a greater leader than he was at Shin's age, as shown when Shin had become the figurehead of the entire central army on the last day of the Sanyou invasion campaign. Another example is shown when he led 10,000 soldiers of Duke Hyou, most of whom were in disarray and retreating. Later, at the battle of the Shukai Plains with an impassioned speech, he was able to "awaken" his entire unit of hungry and tired soldiers to the point where they were able to repel the Gyou'un army - a feat directly compared to Six Great Generals. His men were paralyzed and distraught when they discovered that Shin was "dead" after his match with Hou Ken, indicating their loyalty to their leader.

Tactical capabilities

Instinct: During the invasion of Qin by the coalition army at the battle of Kankoku Pass on the first day, Shin demonstrated an awakening of his abilities as an instinctive type. Although he could sense that the rear would be attacked, he moved accordingly. In the following days, he sensed that there was something wrong with the enemy as he thought that the Chu army was rather silent in its attacks. Shin would later sharpen and strengthen his instincts throughout his military service after the death of Duke Hyou. At the end of the Chiyoyou campaign after Go Hou Mei's main HQ was seized and captured, he noticed and sensed that there was another army moving in the nearby forest. He charged alone, killing Rei Ou of Wei's Seven Fire Dragon in one blow with this surprise attack. After three years, during the battle of Shukai Plains, Shin's instincts developed to the point where he could command his soldiers with pure intuition and tactics matched with Gyou'un, a talented instinctive commander. Since then, Shin's instincts have continued to evolve. Demonstrating an uncanny level of calm intuition as he withdrew the Hi Shin army from the right position of the Kan Ki army, strengthened the position of the Gaku Ka army, and combined their forces to launch a counterattack as they broke free from Ri Boku's trap which he did with six months of planning. He even used bait to lure Gou Za Kou, a Zhao commander positioned at the rear of the Shi Ba Shou army formation, to be flanked and killed by Kyou Kai. These maneuvers were unpredictable because they gave Ri Boku the impression that he was fighting the late great general Duke Hyou himself with the great general Zhao praising Shin as a worthy opponent in the battle of Gian .


After being promoted to commander of 1,000 men, Shin found himself unable to create larger strategic plans centered on his unit's new size, making it difficult for him to win against even relatively weak opponents as long as they use strategic combat. He also provokes easily and can be very reckless. His soldiers often share this trait, as Ryuu Koku mentioned that his men fell into feints too easily. Moreover, his instincts were not always good.

Ri Shin

Other skills

Throughout the series, it is sometimes shown that people exponentially have some sort of aura around them, for example the late Grand Generals Ou Ki and Go Kei, and the ministers of Ryo Fui Faction. It is not clear if it is just the art that seems to make them stronger or if it is actually an ability of the individual himself. However, there are hints here and there that this may be a real truth about this ability, as Yo Tan Wa and his bodyguards could sense it coming from Shin during his battle with Sa Ji .and his soldiers. And several generals have mentioned being able to detect powerful opponents if they are near them. We also don't know if one is able to sense an opponent and see that their aura is the same type of ability. Shin also showed that he had remarkable eyesight, being able to see Zhao's heavy cavalry from a mile away and expressed shock at Sou Jin and Sou Tan's archery skills during their demonstration.

Just as General Ou Ki was about to die in the Battle of Bayou, he taught the young soldier to breathe and see an escape route during the retreat. When he opened his eyes, he could see his allies, enemies, the battlefield more clearly and could see the safest escape routes and patterns. We do not know if Shin is currently able to use this technique, as it is never mentioned after this event. However, it is possible that during the invasion of Qin by the coalition army, when he started to awaken his instinctive ability, he actually used what he learned from general Ou Ki. Of course, this is pure speculation.


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