Seishiro Nagi

Seishiro Nagi

Blue Lock Spinoff Manga Announced! Nagi In The Lead, Release Date

Seishiro Nagi is a major secondary character in the Blue Lock series.

When he first came to Blue Lock, he was a member of the V team and was the best player in his designated stratum. After the Blue Lock Eleven played against Japan U-20 , Nagi is ranked as one of the best players in Blue Lock . Nagi currently plays right side for Manshine City in the Neo Egoist League.

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Nagi is a remarkably tall teenager, taller than Yoichi Isagi but younger than him. Nagi is shown to have short white hair that leaves a V-shaped fringe between his eyes like Isagi. He has gray eyes with large irises.

Back in high school, Nagi wore a school uniform consisting of a white blazer with a cascading star pattern on the collar, although he wore a dark hoodie underneath instead of a dress shirt and tie. He also wore the dress pants and dress shoes.

At Blue Lock, Nagi wore the standard bodysuit (black with gray stripes) and sweatpants. In the first selection, he wore the #11 V team jersey and in the second selection, he wore the #7 white team jersey.



Nagi is a supernaturally talented soccer player with incredible reflexes, good speed and jumping skills, but despite this, he initially doesn't want to put any effort into soccer as training and belittles those who are weak and untalented at the game. He doesn't even know much about the best footballers in the world, much to the dismay of his competitors. At first, he is shown as indifferent to playing soccer and becoming the best striker, and prefers to play video games or skip training.

However, after playing in the match against Team Z, Nagi begins to take more initiative and face the frustration of losing the reason to try to score goals by himself. This only happens because he notices that his teammate, Reo Mikage, seems to be losing against the opposing team. Despite his initially indifferent exterior, Nagi strives to improve his soccer skills following his team's loss to Yoichi Isagi. This drive to improve follows him in later arcs, and he even tarnishes a friendship because of it.

Nagi seems to care about his friends and teammates, especially Reo Mikage, although their relationship becomes difficult from the second selection onwards.



  • Creative Midfielder: Creative midfielders are midfielders who can create scoring opportunities for the team, often in situations where nothing seems likely. They usually have good ball control, passing ability and movement and will have vision and intelligence on the ball.

With Nagi, perfect ball control, flexible movement and technical ability, he is able to bring even the most difficult or desperate plays to life. He alone has made some of Blue Lock's most outrageous goals with this skill and he continues to evolve into a creative playmaker. After training with Manshine City and understanding more about his strengths and weaknesses, Nagi is much stronger physically, has more refined trapping and ball control, and personally takes the initiative to create his own plays instead of just being a part of someone else's.

Figurine isagi



Perfect Ball Control: In soccer, ball control is of great importance to all levels of players. The ability to quickly and effectively control a clumsy bouncing ball gives the player with the ball the immediate advantage. The first touch is often the difference between success and failure in most situations during the game. Nagi has exceptional ball control and consistently demonstrates this by setting up traps and scoring with near pinpoint accuracy. He consistently scores high level shots, especially in unfavorable positions, under pressure from tough opponents. One of his most impressive feats was when he took a fake volley shot. His ability to control the ball is matched only by Itoshi Rin and Tabito Karasuet is one of the few things that escape Rin's logic. Because of his natural sense to control the ball with his own body, Nagi is a truly prodigious talent, being one of the best players in Blue Lock despite only recently starting to play soccer, shortly before the program. After undergoing analysis by Chris Prince, Nagi understands the fundamentals of his ball control and has become more refined.

  • First Touch Pass: With his exceptional ball control, Nagi is able to use his first touch to make a creative pass to a teammate. Nagi often comes up with new ways to throw the ball, whether it be with his chest or the toe/side/heel of his foot. What makes Nagi such a creative player is his ability to turn any type of pass into a potential attack. Regardless of the quality or attributes of the pass that is thrown to him, he can pass it effectively into a dangerous area. This skill was demonstrated many times, including when he controlled Isagi's difficult pass in the game against Japan U-20, using his heel to throw the ball at a charging Isagi over the head of the U-20 defense.

Trapping:Even before Blue Lock, Nagi had exceptional trapping ability, being able to trap a cell phone in the air, while jumping down a flight of stairs. This feat in itself was so impressive that Reo immediately recognized his talent for the game and decided to make him his partner. He can trap with his whole body, with deadly efficiency, constantly finding ways to turn a bad situation into something favorable. Nagi trapped the ball using his toes, his heels and even his back, demonstrating the versatility of his trapping. He can trap almost any object and often uses his trapping to manipulate and confuse opponents during a run down the field; Which combines with his spatial awareness to place himself at the best possible point for incredible traps and follow up moves. After training in the Neo Egoist League, Nagi'

Manga Blue Lock sẽ có ngoại truyện về Seishiro Nagi (CẬP NHẬT)

  • Creative trap: When Nagi approaches the ball with a defender behind him, he can use his first touch to get the ball over his shoulder and dodge it. Isagi described this as a creative trap, which brings a play to life.
    Black hole trap: Alternatively, if Nagi is not under pressure from his opponent, he can use an absorbing trap, catching the ball in the air and killing its momentum. This gives him time and space to set up his next piece.
  • Trap Shot: This is his most common skill and he uses it frequently in his matches. Nagi first makes a trap with the ball, whether it is moving or not. From this point, he kills the speed and momentum of the ball so that he can manipulate the ball and make a precise shot that breaks the opposing team's defense and scores an effortless point.
  • Zero Reset Turn: While under pressure from multiple defenders, Nagi is able to hold them off while perfectly trapping an incoming ball, then instantly turning to move the ball away from the defenders and charge through them, resetting the flow of the game in the process.
  • Juggling Shot: After trapping a ball while moving and giving it airtime, Nagi is able to relax her body in the air, move her legs around the ball, and hit the ball with extreme force, executing a monstrous volley.

Flow (incomplete) state: Flow, as described by Ego, is the state of "total immersion" or "being in the zone." It is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is completely immersed in a sense of energetic concentration, total involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Nagi has repeatedly entered the flow state in Blue Lock, sometimes intentionally and other times unintentionally, but he has yet to master it. His most impressive feat in Flow State was the Fake Volley Shot.

Seishiro Nagi


  • 2 Stage Fake Volley Shot: First performed in the rematch between Isagi's white team against Rin's red team, when Nagi was forced to score and prove his worth on the court in such a high level match. Nagi started by setting up a powerful shot from an incoming pass but at the last second changed the angle of the shot to send the ball spinning through the air. The speed of the ball's rotation causes it to float in place, allowing Nagi to follow up with a powerful shot. Rin himself couldn't predict or counter the move and it was good enough to make him get serious. Anri, when she first saw it, described it as a miracle, but Ego suggested it was a possible move because of Flow State.


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