Shuichi Iguchi (Spinner)

Shuichi Iguchi (Spinner)

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Shuichi Iguchi, known as Spinner is a villain who, like Himiko Toga and Crematorium, joined the organization because of his inspiration for Stain's ideology, which he greatly respects.

After the Celebration of Renewal, the Super Villains Alliance and the Superpower Liberation Army merge to form the Paranormal Liberation Front, and he becomes one of the 9 Officers.

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Spinner is a man with a reptilian appearance, with bright green scales for skin and a lizard-like face. His hair is relatively long and is swept back, and is a detonated pink-purple, standing out from the rest of his colors.

Reflecting his great admiration for Stain, he wears clothes similar to his own: a sleeveless shirt and dark, baggy pants, as well as black shoes and pale metallic knee pads. He wears a mask made of a long strip of tattered cloth, the same as the one worn by Stain, a red scarf and bandages wrapped around both his arms, partially covered with black bracelets, and plain black boots. He also carried a huge sword on his back (made of several smaller blades tied together) and wears glasses on his forehead.

 Himiko Toga


Spinner is a sinister man who takes pleasure in hurting people, which he makes clear when he is seen deliberately stepping on Pixie-Bob's face, smiling as she lies on the ground beneath his foot, unconscious and bleeding from the previous attack by him and Magne.

Like Crematorium, Spinner also greatly admires Stain, but in a different way, in that where Crematorium is not, he is completely obsessed with Stain's ways to the point where he copies his clothing and style of weaponry, aiming to follow the same ideals as he does and fulfill his dreams. As a result, he is much more morally inclined than the rest of the supervillain Alliance, shown when he attacked Magne to protect Izuku Midoriya (whom Stain had labeled as someone worthy of being called a hero) and wondered if the actions of the Alliance were truly following the ideals of his idol. He can be distracted when a girl compliments him.


Because of his lizard-like appearance, Shuichi Iguchi has been a constant victim of racism. At the beginning of his life, he lived among people who saw him as a monster, trying to do anything was futile and he was only filled with emptiness. However, after seeing Stain's latest position on TV and he was influenced by the ideology of the Hero Killer and formed a desire to change society to something better.


Arc Stain

Three days after Stain's defeat, Spinner smiled as he put on a mask similar to that of the Hero Killer and brushed his hair with his hands.

Arc Summer Camp

Spinner joins the other members of Genesis Squadron as they look down on the camp where the students are staying. Later, once the invasion begins, he is seen smiling alongside Magne as Pixie-Bob lies on the ground, injured and unconscious.

My Hero Academia Dives Into Spinner's Origin Story

He then introduces himself and the other villains as the Genesis Squadron of the Super-Villain Alliance. Once Magne threatens to break Pixie-Bob's face, Spinner tells Magne not to hurry and Tora to calm down. He wonders if Magne believes in Stain's ideals, and recognizes Tenya Iida as one of those responsible for Stain's defeat. He then speaks his name and declares that he will be the one to fulfill Stain's dream while revealing the huge sword on his back. After Tora reprimands him for marking Pixie-Bob's face, he wonders if the heroes really dream of finding ordinary happiness in life.

Spinner attacks Mandalay with his huge sword and she uses her alter to compliment him. The compliments make him blush and she is able to dodge his attack and scratch him with her cat gloves because of it. Spinner then insults her for using such a dirty move on him. Before she can attack Spinner again, Magne uses her alter to pull Mandalay to her. Tora saves Mandalay and they begin to fight.

While fighting Mandalay, his huge sword is destroyed by Izuku who used his alter to reach Mandalay as fast as possible to tell him that Kota is okay. Mandalay continues to fight Spinner while Izuku leaves the battlefield. Magne, however, realizes that Izuku must be killed because he defeated Muscular, Magne starts to go after Izuku.

However, Magne can't reach him because Spinner throws a knife between her and Izuku, preventing him from chasing Izuku further. Magne reprimands him for this action because Izuku is on the Genesis Squadron's priority list. Spinner then clarifies that the list belongs to Tomura and tells Magne that Midoriya was the person Stain saw fit to save and is therefore a man worthy of the title of true hero. Mandalay uses this diversion to punch Spinner in the face.

Spinner is eventually overpowered and apprehended by Mandalay. Spinner curses the pussycats and vows to fulfill Stain's mission. Kurogiri arrives and saves Spinner and Magne, teleporting them to the supervillain Alliance hideout.

Himiko Toga

Arc Raid vs. Alliance of Super-Villains

After Katsuki and the Alliance watch a video clip of Yuei's public apology, Tomura understands why the society criticizes Yuei for their failure and it is because the current society is not fair. Spinner agrees that the current society is not fair not only because modern heroes do their work for pay and also not for altruism. Tomura explains that the Alliance is fighting for a just society and intends to win this battle.

Tomura orders Crematorium to remove Katsuki's restrictions, although Crematorium is not sure since Katsuki might attack, Tomura wants to treat Katsuki as an equal and knows that Katsuki knows that he has no chance to win. Crematorium orders Twice to remove the ties. As Twice removes the restraints, Mister Compress apologizes to Katsuki for forcibly removing him and explains that the Alliance is not just a group of thugs perpetrating crimes and that they did not remove him by accident, he goes on to say that everyone in the Alliance is shackled by the current society and hopes that Katsuki understands their discrimination.

Katsuki's restraints are removed. As Tomura approaches, Katsuki attacks Tomura with his explosions. Katsuki tells Alliances that there is no point in trying to change his mind because he has already been won over by the way All Might looks when he wins. Katsuki says that from the beginning, he has dreamed of becoming a hero and overtaking All Might and nothing they say will change that.

Suddenly, All Might enters with Sylvester God coming in and holding Spinner and the Alliance with his Root Prison.

Out of nowhere, nomus appear from a mysterious black liquid that catches the heroes off guard. Spinner and the Alliance are teleported by the mysterious black liquid to the destroyed supervillain Alliance warehouse where the sensei is located.

Shuichi Iguchi (Spinner)


Sensei forcefully activates Kurogiri's alter which creates a portal for the Super Villains Alliance.

After Katsuki is rescued by Izuku, Tenya and Eijiro, Mister Compress along with Magne and Spinner open a plan to take Katsuki back. Magne magnetizes Mister Compress and Spinner pushes him, making Mr. Compress fly to Izuku's group.Suddenly, Mt. Lady uses Titan Cliff and intercepts Mr. Compress, causing them to collide, preventing Mr. Compress from reaching the students. Magne and Spinner prepare to throw twice, but Gran Torino blitzes them causing them to become unconscious.

Spinner unconscious with Tomura and Genesis Squadron are magnetized with force by Magne's alter used by All For One, Spinner is sucked into Kurogiri's portal and is teleported away.

The Eight Precepts of Death

After the defeat of Overhaul, the Super Villains Alliance seeks revenge on the Yakuza leader and attacks the Police who are transporting him. Spinner manages the drive with Tomura Shigaraki, Crematorium and Mr. Compress on board. Dabi tells Spinner to stay on his line and drive better, to which Spinner takes offense saying that he learned to drive by playing video games like Grand Theft Auto.

Spinner then wonders if attacking the police really helps create a true hero society, and if they are really following Stain's will. Tomura reassures Shuichi that this is a necessary sacrifice.

After Mr. Compress and Tomura take revenge on Overhaul and steal his Destructive Drug from Alter, they leave the scene.


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