Les 5 meilleures citations de l'Attaque des Titans !

The 5 best quotes from Attack of the Titans!

Attack of the Titans is an incredibly influential and popular manga and anime. Its story and themes about what it means to be truly free have captivated a wide audience. The manga and author Hajime Isayama have much to say about the meaning of life, death and the state of the world in history and our own world.

With the influence of SNK and with so much to say, it is no wonder that fans continue to reference and quote the story. However, not all quotes are equal; some can make one downright cringe to read.

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5/ "Once I'm dead, I won't be able to remember you. So I'll win no matter what. I will live no matter what."
Mikasa Ackerman

The 5 best quotes from Attack of the Titans!


Mikasa has been devoted to Eren since he saved her and pushed her to fight. Her bond with him is strong and she is strongly devoted to him and his well-being. Mikasa's unwavering loyalty to Eren may be sincere and inspiring to many viewers.

However, many fans also see Mikasa's devotion to Eren as one-sided and almost obsessive. For many viewers, living solely for the memory of her friend may make Mikasa too co-dependent. Depending on how fans see it, this dedication could be comforting or cringe-inducing.

4/ "You know what I hate most in this world? People who are not free. They're just cattle."
Eren Yager

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Les 5 meilleures citations de Eren Jäger!

The main protagonist of Attack On Titan, Eren Yeager, often refers to the people inside the walls as caged animals. It is one of his driving motivations to be free of the walls around him. Eren believes that those who remain complacent and do not fight are like animals sent to slaughter.

That said, Eren's penchant for animal metaphors may appear as the ramblings of an anguished teenager. While this gives insight into how he sees the world, it also shows how immature Eren's thoughts are and can make fans cringe when they hear them.

3/ "I will tear you apart. Once my hand is healed, I will tear you apart. Tear you to shreds. Tear you into little pieces and eat you." Eren Yager

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This quote alone sounds incredibly threatening. Eren tells Reiner and Bertholdt that he intends to tear them limb from limb and then devour them, the same way a pure Titan would.

Of course, this threat becomes much less threatening when fans remember that Eren is basically defenseless while he's healing. Reiner and Bertholdt currently have the upper hand against Eren and Ymir. Instead of being threatening, this quote sounds more like the angry cries of a trapped animal.

2/ "Either you are incompetent or you are spineless cowards. How pathetic. You can just sit there and suck your fingers. Yeah, do that."
Mikasa Ackerman

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Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is an intimidating figure at the best of times. She can be downright scary when she is angry. One would expect the dialogue to reflect Mikasa's ruthless personality, and for the most part, it does.

However, this quote from Mikasa loses some of that edge and authority with her last two sentences. Telling them to suck on their fingers is a strange way to call someone out for being a coward. Although the line refers to a child sucking their thumb, it sounds forced and may cause one to grit their teeth or shake their head.

1/ "Eren, thank you... You became a mass murderer for our sake... I promise I won't let this mistake go to waste."
Armin ArlertThe 5 best quotes from Attack of the Titans!

In the last chapter of Attack On Titan, as everything comes to an end, Eren and Armin have an honest and sincere conversation about everything that has happened. Eren explains his plan and what his goal was. Eren is a mass murderer. He committed a near-murder. It stands to reason that Armin might be a little horrified by this prospect, whether it was done with him in mind or not.

Instead, Armin thanks him for becoming a mass murderer. This line gave many fans a kick out of the sheer absurdity of Armin thanking Eren for murdering people on a global scale. Although Isayama confirmed that Armin disapproved of Eren's mass murder, the fact that Armin thanks Eren for it is very cringe-worthy.


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