L'equipage des Pirates Roger

The Crew of Pirates Roger - One Piece

The Roger's Pirate Crew was the crew of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and was the only crew to reach Laugh Tale, the last island on the Road to Peril located in the New World. They met Monkey D. Garp on several occasions and were one of the main rivals of Whitebeard's Crew.

This crew sailed the Route of All Perils, even passing through Skypeia, all the way to Rough Tell, aboard the Oro Jackson, created by Tom. All their actions are considered legends and their captain was one of the most famous figures of his time.

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Ironically, only Roger seems to be known anymore, while the rest of the crew has fallen into oblivion, except for those who have remained active like Shanks. The first mention of the crew comes from Baggy, who recalls his time with Shanks as a ship's boy in the crew. Captain Roger is the first character to appear in the series.


Roger's Pirates were formed over 52 years ago when a young Gol D. Roger asked Silvers Rayleigh to join him. Roger's Pirates began sailing the Grand Line, and 39 years before today, they reached Lodestar Island, the last island pointed out by the Log Pose. However, Roger knew there was an island beyond, having stolen Charlotte Linlin's Road Poneglyph. A year later, Roger would team up with Marine Monkey D. Garp to defeat the notorious pirate Rocks D. Xebec and his crew, the Rocks Crew.

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A Last Adventure

The story of his last journey on the Road of All Perils gave birth to his legend. One day, a fatal illness struck Roger, leaving him with only a few years to live. He decided to do what no one had ever done before: conquer the seas, sailing from the beginning of the Grand Line to Laugh Tale, the final island no one had ever reached before. That was 28 years ago, 4 years before his death. At the entrance to the Grand Line, he recruited Crocus to care for him during this final journey. Roger and his crew overcame all obstacles. Their most famous and formidable enemies were Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, the pirate Whitebeard and Shiki the Golden Lion. Twenty-seven years ago, Shiki tried to make an ally of him in order to recover an ancient weapon and conquer the world, but this was of no interest to Roger, and as a result, the two captains clashed in the Battle of Ed War.

Roger's Pirates were joined a year later, 26 years ago, by Oden and his family as well as Inuarashi and Nekomamushi after their encounter with Whitebeard's Crew. At some point, Roger's Pirates visit Skypiea.

After leaving Skypiea, their journey takes them to Water Seven, Tequila Wolf, Sabaody and Fishman's Island, where Roger reunites with Neptune. Some time later, the crew arrives in the Land of Wa to retrieve the country's Poneglyph inscriptions, and leaves Toki, Momonosuke, Hiyori, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi behind. Some time after the visit to Zo, where there is another Road Poneglyph, the crew members calculate the coordinates of the last island. Roger's Pirates set off immediately and finally reach Laugh Tale. When the crew discovers Joy Boy's treasure, they all laugh together.

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The Crew of Pirates Roger - One Piece

None of them was an archaeologist, but Roger had the power to hear "the voice of all things" and that is how he discovered the secret of the Poneglyphs. Moreover, he became aware of the Road Poneglyph of Zou that Inuarashi showed him 26 years ago. He was also able to decipher the second Road Poneglyph, held by Charlotte Linlin. Nevertheless, believing that it was not their role as mere pirates to reveal this secret to the world, they decided to keep it to themselves. This extraordinary feat earned Roger the title of "King of the Pirates". Roger then decided to disband the crew. Roger was the first to leave and the crew parted in tears from their captain. Later, the crew accompanies Oden who wanted to return to his homeland and bids him farewell as well.

Dissolution of the crew

Three years after the beginning of this last journey, Roger chose to disband his crew little by little and prepared himself to face death. He was the first to separate from the crew, just before Kozuki Oden. A year passed and it was then that he decided to surrender to the Navy. He wanted to leave at the top of his pirate life and leave an unforgettable memory to the world. On the scaffold, Roger uttered with an unimaginable smile the famous phrase that would launch the new wave of piracy. From what Shanks told Silvers Rayleigh, never had people laughed so much, cried so much, or drank so much as on that day.

Known Crew Members

  • Crocus, the guard at the entrance to the Cape of Twins, rank: doctor, was a pirate for 3 years.
  • Shanks, rank: moss (now one of the New World Yonko).
  • Baggy, rank: moss (formerly one of the 7 Great Corsairs).
  • Scopper Gaban
  • Nozdon
  • Sunbell
  • Taro
  • Doringo
  • Petermoo
  • Millet Pine
  • Ganryu
  • CB Gallant
  • Donquino

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  • Mr. Momora
  • Moon Isaac Jr.
  • Yui
  • Rangram
  • Colonel Mugren
  • MAX Marks
  • Spencer
  • Pankuro
  • Blumarine
  • Erio
  • Rowing
  • Jacksonbanner
  • Yamon
  • Oden Kozuki.He was killed by Kaido and Kurozumi Orochi, the shogun of the Wa country. He had two subordinates on board Roger's ship: Caborage and Chavipère.
    • Caborage, nicknamed the "Duke of Dawn" was one of Oden Kozuki's subordinates along with Chavipere. He is now one of the two kings of the duchy of Mokomo on zo.
    • Chavipère, nicknamed the "Master of the Night" was one of the subordinates of Oden Kozuki with Caborage. He is now one of the two kings of the principality of Mokomo on Zo.

Strength of the Crew

The crew has been designated as the only one to have successfully conquered the Grand Line. The few members that have been observed are among the most powerful pirates in current history, with Rayleigh able to fight Admiral Kizaru, despite his great age. Shanks over the past few decades has forged a significant reputation, becoming one of the four most powerful pirates known as the Emperor. He and Rayleigh display powerful Hakis. Crocus has not been seen using Haki, but he too, despite his great age, remains very powerful, killing a giant squid in one blow by throwing a giant harpoon or resisting bazooka blasts with ease. Baggy, on the other hand, managed to dominate Luffy and Zoro at the beginning of their journey, until Nami intervened, and he managed to escape from his cell in Impel Down thanks to his demon fruit, the Fragmentation Fruit, and achieved the status of Corsair after the ellipse by exploiting the reputation of his former teammates and his past in Roger's crew. Their captain, Gol D. Roger, the "King of Pirates", was one of the strongest pirates who ever lived. Probably even the strongest to this day. Their crew disbanded and Roger died with a smile. It was this crew that launched a great wave of piracy with Roger's last words: "My treasure? I leave it to you, if you want. Find it! I left it somewhere in this world!"

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The Crew of Pirates Roger - One Piece


The Oro Jackson is the only boat to have sailed around the world. It was built by Tom, Franky's and Icebarg's master, and Tom received the death penalty for building it and helping Roger. Silvers Rayleigh has absolute confidence in this boat. This ship was made from a very rare wood, Adam's Wood, which can only be found on the black market. This same wood was also used by Franky to build the Thousand Sunny, the second boat of the Straw Hat Crew.

Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger of this crew is composed of the standard skull and crossbones with a beige mustache forming 2 swirls.

One Piece : il imagine à quoi ressemblerait l'équipage de Gol D. Roger s'il  n'avait pas été dissout, le résultat est fantastique


  • Even if the crew is disbanded, the navy, if it comes across a former crew member, cannot let him or her go free for his or her past, and can mobilize an admiral to avoid too much collateral damage.
  • The Roger Pirates crew was the most powerful crew in the One Piece world at the time and is still considered the strongest pirate crew in history.
  • The crew has at least 4 users of the Haki of Kings, more than any other known crew.
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The Crew of Pirates Roger - One Piece



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