TOP 5 des meilleurs combats dans naruto

TOP 5 best fights in Naruto !

The members of Team 7 are considered the main characters of Naruto . Having been a prominent force for good since the Land Of Waves arc, they have grown much more than the other members of Konoha 11, thanks to the attention they have received and thanks to their quality mentor, Kakashi Hatake.

However, there were many battles where Team Seven was completely absent. These skirmishes were some of the most important in the entire series and illustrated that the shinobi world continued to exist with or without the help of Naruto and his comrades to save the day.

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5/ Shikamaru vs Hidan

TOP 5 best fights in Naruto!

Asuma's death was one of the most heartbreaking moments in the entire series. It made the audience realize that outside of Team Seven, the other shinobi didn't have plot armor, especially when fighting the Akatsuki.

Determined to get revenge, Shikamaru made elaborate plans that the next time he found Hidan, he would get rid of him personally. By capturing the villain in his jutsu and luring him into a trap, Shikamaru destroyed his entire body. Hidan might not technically be dead due to his immortality, though being buried alive suggests a fate far worse and crueler than those of his Akatsuki comrades.

4/ Gai Maito vs Madara

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TOP 5 best fights in Naruto!

After becoming the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki, there was little that could harm Madara. He was virtually invulnerable to ninjutsu and genjutsu, leaving taijutsu as the ideal option to defeat him.

Realizing the immense power it would take to overwhelm such a villain, Might Guy unlocked the eight doors and began to strike Madara personally. The damage he inflicted was insurmountable and would have destroyed the villain had he not run out of energy first. Guy may have ultimately failed, but he showed that even Madara was not above danger.

3/ Hinata and Naruto vs Pain

TOP 5 best fights in Naruto!

Even with clones in stored wise mode, Naruto's battle with Pain took a heavy toll. Pinned down by the villain's rods, it looked like he wouldn't actually save the leaf. Fortunately, Hinata stepped in and fought Pain personally.

While realizing that she could never defeat the villain even with the way she had enhanced her jutsu, she had hoped to buy Naruto enough time to join the fight. Hinata eventually succeeded to that extent, and her actions indirectly restored the lives of all those who had been killed in Pain's brutal invasion. She was happy that she had become a shinobi worthy of Naruto's attention.

 2/ Lee vs Gaara 

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TOP 5 best fights in Naruto!

Halfway through the Chunin exams, the remaining 20 participants were paired in mortal combat matches, and the ninth match pitted Gaara against taijutsu master, Rock Lee . This fight promised to be intense, and it also lived up to the "talent versus hard work" of this franchise.

Once the battle began, Rock Lee stunned Gaara and the others with his incredible speed, technique and punching power, landing blows on Gaara that no ninja before him had ever landed on this jinchuriki. But Gaara had his own surprises.

1/ Hashirama vs Madara

TOP 5 best fights in Naruto!

Unhappy with the Uchiwa's passivity, Madara took matters into his own hands. He enslaved Kurama and attempted to attack the village. Predictably, Hashirama met him on the battlefield, sealed Kurama and cast him into the shadows for the rest of his life.

However, Madara would not stand idly by. He bit Hashirama before he was defeated and kept his flesh in his mouth. He then cloned these cells to help with a number of inventions, such as Obito's artificial arm. Madara's schemes ensured that his dream would remain possible even after his death.

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TOP 5 best fights in Naruto!


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