Les 5 meilleures citations de Portgas D. Ace !

Top 5 Portgas Quotes D. Ace !

Portgas D. Ace is one of the most beloved characters in One Piece. Although he left too soon, his legacy lives on in the series and in the hearts of fans. During his journey to the New World, Ace consumed the Flame Fruit and joined the Whitebeard Pirates. Ace was the commander of the Whitebeard Pirate's second division, his powerful abilities and position within one of the most powerful pirate crews in the pirate world made him a renowned force. Ace lived an impressive life and loved Luffy dearly - just like the devil's own fruit he had, he lived his life brilliantly. Here are the top 5 quotes from Portgas D. Ace!

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5/ "Sorry, I'm not interested in living 1000 years. I just need to live today."

Top 5 Portgas Quotes D. Ace!

When Ace first arrived in Alabasta, fans knew he was looking for Luffy but didn't know why. As he showed a market man Luffy's wanted notice, he offered him a golden apple that would allow him to live 1,000 years.

Ace quickly let the gentleman know that he was more of a "live in the moment" kind of guy. Ace's response hinted that the fun-loving adventurer fans would soon fall in love.

4/ "It is natural for an older brother to worry about his clumsy younger brother."

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Top 5 Portgas Quotes D. Ace!

Before their fight, Smoker wanted to know why Ace went to such lengths to protect Luffy. His answer finally revealed his relationship with Luffy. He was Luffy's brother.

Ace quickly stepped into his role as the older brother, giving Luffy and his teammates time to walk away while he held Smoker back. This statement set the tone for their relationship and left fans eager to see their interactions, as well as their story.

3/ "If I give in to power, there is no point in being born a man. I will never let anything regret later in my life."

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Top 5 Portgas Quotes D. Ace!

Ace told Blackbeard that one of the reasons he couldn't let him go was because Luffy was his younger brother. This surprised Blackbeard as he planned to turn Luffy over to the Marines.

Ace was critical of Blackbeard's methods. Blackbeard did not care who he had to betray or kill to achieve his nefarious goals. Ace was a loyal and generous person. The lure of power was not enough to compromise his morality.

2/ "Whitebeard is the great pirate who shaped this era. Do not mock the man who saved my life."

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Top 5 Portgas Quotes D. Ace!

Ace's love for Whitebeard, and his temperament was finally his downfall. Luffy managed to save his brother from execution, they were almost free to go home. Akainu did not want to accept their victory and, as a last resort, he provoked Ace by disrespecting Whitebeard.

Despite everyone's warnings, Ace took the bait and returned to fight Akainu. After their powers clashed, Akainu turned to attack Luffy. Luffy was unable to defend himself and Ace jumped in front of him, taking Akainu's magma blow head-on. His fist went through Ace, who protected his younger brother with his life.


1/ "Could you say what I'm about to say now? Pops, everyone, and you Luffy. Thank you for loving someone like me who is good for nothing. And who has such bad blood in his veins, until today, thank you ."

Top 5 Portgas Quotes D. Ace!

Luffy held Ace in his arms after his brother saved him. In Ace's final moments, he was grateful for everyone in his life. He smiled as he reflected on his loved ones and the life he was living.

Although everyone called him worthless because of his lineage, he had so much love in his life. None of the negative things the Marines said about Ace were true, but growing up without his parents hurt his self-esteem. Despite this, Ace was able to die with a smile on his face - he was loved.


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