Veldora Tempest

Veldora Tempest

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Veldora Tempest, also known as Storm Dragon Veldora is one of the five true dragons.

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Its scales shine like black steel and are flexible and durable, like the scales of a fish.

Veldora Tempest

After being freed from Rimuru's stomach, Veldora received one of his body doubles as a vessel to incarnate inside, which Veldora reshaped to his liking. Veldora's human form has blond hair and is two meters tall. Veldora's modifications to the body made the face masculine, though Rimuru's general facial features remained. While Veldora learned to suppress his formidable aura before leaving the sealed cave, he appears to most people as a plain, handsome, if slightly intimidating young man.


Veldora is generally loud, excitable, but also fairly easygoing. Despite his reputation as someone who just wants to run wild, Veldora is largely only dangerous if he fails to relax from time to time or if his loved ones are threatened. He is also very energetic, proud and does not hesitate to show his strength. Veldora is rather shy and socially awkward, but hides it behind bragging about how "great" he is. He also lacks social tact, seeming not to understand that a simple request from him is enough to intimidate anyone into compliance, regardless of their personal feelings. Aside from his childlike nature, he is knowledgeable about many things and has an insatiable curiosity at his core. Veldora tends to be soft if things don't go his way,

After meeting Rimuru and reading the manga stored in his memories, which he calls "sacred texts", he began to reconsider some of his more destructive past behaviors. His time spent in Rimuru's stomach with Ifrit and his time living in Tempest allowed Veldora to develop a somewhat more patient, analytical and less impulsive personality.

Despite his nonchalant personality, he very much appreciates Rimuru as his sworn friend and trusts him. Because the humble slime cured the loneliness and boredom that plagued him, Veldora feels incredibly proud to have met Rimuru. In Veldora's eyes, Rimuru is an equal even though he is a monster being born in a new world; Veldora understands and even motivates Rimuru to bring more types of entertainment to the world, because since meeting Rimuru, his life has become filled with family, friends, and new ways to be entertained.

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Veldora is not good at confronting his sisters, believing that they saw him as their plaything, tormenting him and causing deep emotional trauma. He seems to have great respect for his older brother, Veldanava, who protected him from his sisters. He was the youngest True Dragon until Rimuru's ascension, which is ironic given that Rimuru behaves more like a mature brother than Veldora, even defending him against his sisters. To everyone else, Rimuru seems to have "tamed" Veldora, which is not exactly wrong.


One day, 2000 years ago, Veldora went to ransack a vampire town ruled by the demon lord Luminous Valentine to relieve his boredom, making him carry the grudges of the Queen of Nightmares ever since.

Three hundred years ago, when the Eastern Empire sent an army to expand its territories, they encountered Veldora in the Jura Forest and were defeated. Because of this, a hero was sent to defeat him. The hero imprisoned him with his Infinity prison as a result, condemning him to live out his days in monotonous boredom.

One fateful day, a slime hit him. Curious, because nothing should be able to approach him due to his great reserve of magical energy, he began to converse with the little slime.

After befriending Rimuru, Veldora consented to Rimuru's plan to store Veldora in his stomach while he worked to find a way to free Veldora from Infinity's prison. Veldora eventually spent a year in Rimuru's stomach, passing the time by going through Rimuru's memories of his previous life in Japan. He attempted to gather the souls of others that Rimuru consumed in the stomach with him, which led Ifrit to join Veldora. Ifrit and Veldora forged a strong friendship during their time in Rimuru's stomach, and Ifrit eventually agreed to become Veldora's apprentice.

Veldora unleashed on the unsuspecting world after Great Sage became Raphael . Raphael increased Veldora's investigative skill to 345 times her previous speed. Then, at Raphael's urging, Veldora upgraded the Unique Skill Investigator to Ultimate Skill Faust , increasing Veldora's processing power by a thousand times. These upgrades allowed Veldora and Raphael to complete the process of freeing Veldora's astral body from the ultimate imprisonment technique.

Veldora currently inhabits one of Rimuru's clones in her own form, and a Soul Corridor with Rimuru allows the two to share their powers with each other. Due to the storage of his memories within Rimuru, Veldora is functionally immortal. As long as Rimuru lives, Veldora can be summoned again, no matter how much damage he takes.


  • Veldora tends to read manga and stories from Rimuru's memories and treats them as sacred texts to shape her life.
    • Uses ki manipulation from Dragon Ball Z as a reference to control his own power.
    • Learns to cook from various cookbooks Rimuru has read in his previous life. He has a penchant for fried meat.
  • He even developed his own "Veldora-Style Killing Arts" from fighting techniques shown in manga and video games. Episode 47 of the anime went even further by having him use the following moves; Hadouken , Shoryuken , Tatsumaki Senpukyaku and Tetsuzanko from Street Fighter , and Kamehameha from Dragon Ball .
  • His antics earned him the nickname "Chunni Dragon" (as in dragon with Chunnibyo) among fans.
  • Veldora likes to laugh out loud, his most iconic laugh being the 3-step laugh.

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  • Veldora always acts tough even when he is in difficult situations.
  • He is one of the few people who know about Raphael's existence, along with Charys , Mjurran , Benimaru , Diablo , Grucius , Chloe and Rimuru himself. Benimaru, Diablo and Grucius know the existence of Raphael only in the continuity of the manga.
  • To the surprise of many, he is quite capable as a cook, working at a Takoyaki booth during the festival and even surprising people with his quality.
  • Veldora secretly wishes to visit Japan and meet the authors of the sacred texts.
  • He has a sweet tooth, constantly praising Shuna and Haruna for their creations.


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