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Bojji (ボ ッ ジ, Bojji ) is the main protagonist of the Osama Ranking, he is the crown prince of the kingdom of Bosse, son of King Bosse and Queen Sheena , son-in-law of Queen Hilling and elder half-brother of Prince Daida .

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Bojji is an abnormally small teenager with black fluffy hair, black eyes and rosy cheeks. He strongly resembles his mother, Queen Sheena.

He usually wears an undecorated blue pourpoint, a white belt, white leggings/tuyaux and black shoes. Bojji also wears a small crown to signify that he is a prince. Bojji's original crown was lost and he now wears an almost identical cloth crown made for him by Kage.

When traveling, Bojji puts on a thick green cape and a brown satchel over his usual clothes.


Bojji is intelligent, empathetic and hyper aware of the people around him. He is kind to a fault and extremely generous, even in situations where he may be hurt or humiliated.

Due to his deafness, many in the Kingdom of Bosse dismiss Bojji as stupid (an old-fashioned way to refer to a mute individual), however, he is extremely hardworking and sincere, which often draws people to him even if they can't always understand. him.


Birth and youth

Before Bojji was born, the kingdom of Bosse was a small fortified village threatened by a tribe of monsters. Bojji's father, the giant adventurer Bosse, set out to exterminate the monsters while his wife, the pregnant giant adventurer Sheena, stayed behind.

Unfortunately, Bosse was not strong enough to overcome all the monsters and seemed defeated. At that moment Bojji was born, and unbeknownst to almost everyone, a powerful curse took effect. Bosse had made a deal with a demon to steal the strength and power of his firstborn, greatly multiplying his own attributes. As a result, Bojji was born exceptionally small, weak and deaf.

Bosse met his son when he returned from his successful monster hunt, and only then did he appreciate the immense cruelty he had committed. Not wanting to admit it to anyone, Bosse instead declared an end to his adventures and founded a kingdom on the site of his son's birth.

For her part, Queen Sheena seemed completely indifferent to Bojji's stature and disabilities, and happily adored her son. Unfortunately this was not to last, as Bosse's shadowy ally, Miranjo, had other designs on the kingdom. Miranjo then organized a coup of the kingdom of Bosse with an army of hired mercenaries. Although the coup ultimately failed, Sheena was killed in one of the battles, protecting Bojji from a rain of arrows. Miranjo was also killed in the crossfire, but was able to transfer her consciousness and become the mysterious Magic Mirror.

Bojji and Bosse fell into deep grief after Sheena's death, with Bosse initially content to rule his kingdom alone for the rest of his life. However, Miranjo, now the Magic Mirror, regrouped and used his influence over Bosse to force him to remarry.

Bosse's second wife, the young clergyman Hilling , was delighted to become Bojji's stepmother and spent months slowly winning the young prince's love and trust. During this time, she also gave birth to Bosse's second son, Daida .

Although Hilling loved both of her sons deeply, she could not help but become overprotective of Bojji and quickly became an extremely strict and stern mother to both sons, demanding that Daida become strong so that he could defend Bojji. This unintentionally caused a rift between the boys.

Bojji never forgot his first mother Sheena and regularly visited her grave/monument. On one occasion, he met the young guard Hokuro, who was also mourning his own deaf mother. Bojji also offered flowers at her grave, leaving a deep impression on the guard.Ranking of Kings': Why Bojji Is the 'Strongest Man in the World'?

Death of the king

Excluded from the court by his disabilities, Bojji became a reserved young man who preferred to spend his time alone on the outskirts of the kingdom, playing in its ruins. One day, by chance, he met the young thief of the shadow clan Kage . Delighted to have made a friend, Bojji did not realize that Kage was stealing from him repeatedly, and returned to the outskirts day after day to give Kage gifts of his own fancy clothes.

Confused after these exchanges, Kage finally followed Bojji back to his home and slowly learned the young prince's situation. Kage had an equally tragic start to life and quickly decided to become Bojji's friend for good. However, almost as soon as he made this decision, Kage disappeared, having been captured by Bebin, the spymaster of the kingdom of Bosse.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the kingdom, Bosse's deal with the demon included sacrificing part of his own lifespan, and Bosse soon succumbed to a mysterious illness. This would prove to be a major flashpoint for Bosse's kingdom, as Bosse had declared Bojji to be his successor in his will, but few members of the king's council agreed with this decision. At the urging of Queen Hilling, the council voted to ignore Bojji and instead crown Daida as the second king of the kingdom of Bosse, unwittingly playing into another of Miranjo's long-standing plans.

Bojji was deeply distressed by the loss of his kingdom and tried unsuccessfully to escape. It was only then that Hilling realized what an overbearing parent she had become and agreed to allow Bojji to take a short trip to visit his parents, hoping that a small measure of freedom would appease her son. Unfortunately, this would almost end in tragedy, as a manipulated king Daida ordered Bojji's assassination by his own bodyguard, the sword master Domas . Domas pushed Bojji to his apparent death at the gates of hell, a huge fiery pit.

The underground world

Fortunately, Bojji was saved from certain death by his friend Kage. Kage had been recruited by Bebin to act as Bojji's secret bodyguard and hid in Bojji's bag for the duration of the journey. The two discovered a massive staircase spiraling down the gates of hell, leading to the official entrance to the underworld.

While this was happening, Miranjo implemented the next step in his plan and forcibly reincarnated Bosse into Daida's body. Bosse seemed to be aware of Miranjo's plans and reluctantly participated in them. Although he stayed out of most of his plot, he also made small gestures of resistance, passing on private orders to some of his officers.

After a brief and turbulent meeting with the King of the Underworld, the powerful Desha , Bojji and Kage were allowed to enter the kingdom. On Bebin's advice, the two sought out a mysterious tutor who could supposedly make Bojji strong. This tutor turned out to be Desha's younger brother, the whimsical prince Despa . Despa used his own magical insight to discover Bojji's latent talents and trained Bojji to improve these traits while compensating for his lack of strength. Within months, Despa's training would make Bojji the strongest man in the world..

Coup d'Etat of the Kingdom of Bosse

As Bojji completed his training in the underworld, Miranjo set his next plan in motion. Using a secret portal in the underworld, Miranjo was able to free six dangerous prisoners from the dungeons of the underworld and allowed them to invade and take over the castle of Bosse's kingdom while Bosse stood aside. These prisoners, Zokku , Gigan , Black , Red , Kingbo and Ouken would help Miranjo in his later plots.

Queen Hilling and her personal guard were the first to confront the prisoners and engaged in a bloody battle in the castle courtyard that would have led to their demise, if not for Hilling's healing magic. Their resistance was enough to isolate the prisoners until Bojji and Kage could arrive. Bojji made short work of most of the prisoners and won the loyalty of the chivalrous Gigan in the process.

After another confrontation with King Desha, Bojji met his most powerful enemy to date, the immortal madman Ouken . Although Bojji could quickly and repeatedly disable Ouken, Ouken's monstrous regeneration ability meant that the immortal could never truly be defeated. Even with the help of the Big Four, Kage and Despa, Bojji was unable to inflict any lasting damage on Ouken, and the battle swung in the immortal's favor.

The reincarnated Bosse, finally forced by his own guilt, then joined the battle. Demonstrating both his experience and titanic strength, Bosse quickly overpowered Ouken by driving the immortal's body into a rock, denying him space to regenerate. After an emotional reckoning with Miranjo and a meeting with the enigmatic demon, the coup ended without ceremony. The threat ended, Daida was restored, and Bosse finally passed to the afterlife.

Consequences and new adventure

Bojji, now a hero to his people, officially succeeded Bosse as the new king of the Bosse kingdom. In the tumult, Kage quietly took his leave, thinking that Bojji no longer needed him. However, Bojji quickly became disheartened without his best friend and found that he could no longer focus on the kingdom. With a push from Hilling, Bojji officially returned the crown to a now mature Daida and quickly caught up with Kage.

Bojji and Kage now have a new goal: to travel the world, become even stronger, and found their own kingdom!



Kage is Bojji's first and best friend. The two share a deep love and understanding of each other, often so deep that Kage can understand Bojji's meaning even without sign language.

Similarly, Bojji is Kage's first and best friend, and he has a deeply committed loyalty to Bojji. In practice, Kage tends to be the more worldly and skeptical of the two, often expressing outrage and doubt on behalf of his much more generous friend.

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Bojji deeply loves and misses his biological mother, Sheena . Even after her death, Bojji spent years visiting her memorial and leaving flowers. In turn, Sheena loved her young son and was one of the few who did not see his disability as a weakness.


Bojji loves and trusts his stepmother Hilling deeply, even though he can be a little exasperated by her overprotection. Hilling also loves Bojji and was very happy to become his stepmother when they first met. Unfortunately, Hilling's brusque personality means that she often keeps her son at a distance, but she is genuinely proud of him.


Despite his younger brother's enmity, Bojji seems to have affection only for Daida. Bojji did not hesitate to fight his father to restore his brother, and indeed one of Bojji's earliest memories seems to be of Daida stepping in to defend him from bullies.

Daida, unfortunately, had a much more strained relationship with his brother. Pushed from a young age to become strong specifically to help defend Bojji, Daida developed a deep resentment towards his older brother. This resentment was fueled by Miranjo as part of his plots, and soon Daida saw Bojji as nothing more than a waste of space, despite the best teachings of Bebin and Sorii. This would slowly change after Daida's soul became trapped in his own body, and he learned of his father's and Miranjo's past. Deeply matured by the experience, Daida came to understand his brother's courage and formally apologized to him once restored.


Despa is Bojji's first real teacher, and the two have a deep affection for each other as teacher and student. Bojji seems to take Despa entirely at face value, believing even the most extravagant elements of Despa's boast.

For his part, Despa seems charmed by Bojji's sincerity, and is happy to give good advice to his pupil.


Bojji's relationship with Domas evolved over time. Initially, Bojji was impressed with his first fencing teacher and acted as a diligent student. However, their relationship began to deteriorate as Bojji showed no improvement, and soon Domas was another strict and constraining presence in his life. After receiving training from Despa, Bojji has largely outgrown his former teacher and seems to see and forgive Domas' many faults.

Domas, like Hilling, was initially delighted to befriend and teach Bojji, but found himself increasingly frustrated over time as Bojji did not improve. However, Domas deeply regretted following the order to murder Bojji and now finds it difficult to prove his loyalty to his former student.


Very little is shown about Bojji's relationship with Bosse. Bosse seems to have kept Bojji at a distance, as he did most of his court. Yet, on his deathbed, Bosse confessed to having a deep affection for his first son, and Bosse literally founded his kingdom to ensure a secure and prosperous life for his son.


Cursed body

Bojji's weakness is the result of an extremely powerful curse, which effectively stole all of his natural strength and power and gave it to his father, Bosse. This curse is so exceptionally powerful that it can even repel weaker curses, as it did with the cursed mists of the underworld.

After analyzing Bojji, Prince Despa noted that its strength cannot be increased, as there is literally nothing to increase.


Although he lacks their strength and stature, Bojji is the child of two giants and therefore a member of the giant race. Bojji still possesses some of the attributes of a giant, including almost complete immunity to poisons.

Incredible speed and reflexes

Bojji's speed and reflexes are completely unaffected by the demon curse. As a child, he trained daily with the giant snake Mitsumata to increase them, while also training in footwork/escape techniques. This training made Bojji incredibly fast and agile, so much so that he is even able to dodge Ouken's almost invisible Shirasampe technique.

Hyper focus and lip reading

Another skill taught by Mitsumata, Bojji has improved situational awareness, allowing him to sense his immediate surroundings with exceptional clarity. Bojji can also use his hyper concentration to read lips (a rare skill in the world of Usama Ranking). As long as he can see a person's mouth, Bojji can understand their words. Bojji's ability to read lips is excellent, he can even read rude and inhuman mouths, like Kage's..

Mastery of the sword

Although Bojji's lack of physical strength means he is unable to wield most swords, he is exceptional with small, light swords, such as his signature rapier.

After undergoing special training with Despa, Bojji learned to defeat enemies using his agility and precision rather than raw power. He now practices a precise form of fencing, using his small rapier to target weak points in his opponent's anatomy and striking them with incredible speed. Bojji is able to neutralize most opponents without leaving a trace, and can even kill without drawing blood. In addition, Bojji's perception and accuracy are so good that he can destroy an opponent's weapon, often with a single blow.

Bojji's new training and fencing style makes him one of the most powerful warriors in the world.

Intimidating presence

Bojji is now so powerful that seasoned warriors, such as Apeas and Zokku, are able to sense her relative skill and find themselves intimidated by her. Even the immortal Ouken hesitated before choosing to fight Bojji.


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