Classement des Alters les plus forts dans My Hero Academia !

Ranking of the strongest Alters in My Hero Academia!

Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia has taken the anime and superhero worlds by storm, quickly becoming one of the most popular series of all time. Part of the draw of the series is its unique approach to the superhero genre, both in the way it tells stories and in the characters' superpowers, known as Quirks. My Hero Academia's powers are unique because they are, in a word, balanced; they have drawbacks, stats, weaknesses and/or side effects on the users' bodies. That is, even powerful alters, such as Shoto Todoroki's half-hot/half-cold abilities, have limitations and problems that prevent them from being all-powerful.

So the question is, how balanced and limited are the powers in My Hero Academia, which alters are the strongest?

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6/ COPY - Neito Monoma

Although Neito Monoma is described as a smug idiot and thus not much more than a comic book character, his Quirk is actually super powerful and we're surprised it hasn't been explored or explained further. Monoma's alter is a copy, which allows him to copy the alter of anyone he touches for five minutes, which, with no stated limit to the number of alters he can copy at a time, makes him a watered-down version of All for One.

As if his Alter wasn't strong enough, Monoma also apparently absorbs the skills and knowledge needed to use the Alter, making him basically unstoppable. This young hero may not be the brightest bulb, but otherwise, he should be considered one of the strongest students at AU.


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Next up is Hitoshi Shinso's brainwashing alter, which allows him to use mind control on anyone who responds to him. We're going to bend our anime rule a bit for this one alone, as what makes this Quirk worthy of the top five is a face mask that debuted in the Manga and is capable of turning his voice into anyone else's.

Even without this device - which isn't electronic, since his Quirk doesn't work when filtered through speakers, Shinso doesn't need to do much to have total control over multiple targets, the masks simply help disguise his voice against those who know how his brainwashing works. With or without his mask, Shinso has the potential to control even the strongest alters, which is why he is in the top five.


Quirks like Shinso's brainwashing are much more powerful than they appear, as any power that can neutralize even the strongest opponent is far more useful than a bunch of oversized muscles. One of these alters is that of the hero killer, Stain, a power called Bloodcurdle that allows the anti-hero to paralyze his opponents by ingesting their blood.

Yes, it's super gross, but there's a reason he earned the title of "hero killer", his Quirk allows him to stop almighty heroes in their tracks with nothing more than a little practice with bladed weapons. The only drawbacks to this alter are that the paralysis doesn't last forever (although he still has enough time to take out his opponents) and the different blood types have different time limits.


3/ Erasure - Aizawa

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Stain's incapacitating alter is quite strong, but it is not as strong as Shota Aizawa's erasure, which can erase the alter of everyone it looks at. We think this alter is stronger than Bloodcurdle since some heroes can still use their alter when paralyzed, while Erasure removes the main form of attack from a superpowered opponent.

However, Aizawa's true strength is not in his Quirk, it is in his skills as a hero, such as his agility, combat prowess, and battle strategy, which, combined with his constricting cloth, allowed him to hold back enemies. His goggles are designed to hide who his Alter is for, making Aizawa a force of Alter cancellation to be reckoned with.

2/ One for All

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These are now the two strongest alters in My Hero Academia, and of course One For All is part of the final cut. One For All is a unique Quirk that can be passed on, with each user adding their own strength, increasing its power with each generation.

Before his retirement, there is no doubt that All Might is/was the strongest hero in the world, able to level cities with just the air pressure of his punches. Midoriya still has a long way to go to reach this point with One For All, but he has shown a lot of promise and power so far, and later in the manga we can see what is his enormous potential when the injuries related to Quirk are temporarily not a problem

 1/ All for One

Although All Might is the symbol of peace and is the strongest hero in Japan (and perhaps the world), there was always someone stronger than him, All For One. All For One's Quirk, also called All For One, is the ability to steal others' alters for himself, hence the name. With this power, the villain has amassed countless Quirks over the years, including one that slows down his aging (it's been around since the first user of One For All).

All For One has too many superpowers to name, and with each power he steals, he ascends further into god-like territory. While All For One was eventually defeated by All Might, we still rank his Quirk as the strongest in My Hero Academia .


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