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Classement des personnages les plus forts dans Fire Force !

Ranking of the strongest characters in Fire Force!

Fire Force is the second work adapted to the anime by Atsushi Ohkubo. The show features beautiful visuals, impeccable sound design and exceptionally explosive characters. While most of the characters in Fire Force display their incredible powers, some shine as the most powerful of all. Whether controlling flames or creating them, these fire users are the strongest in the series.

Fire Force twists the very meaning of firefighters. Not only do they fight and extinguish the fire that threatens their world, but they do so using the same fire. Their indomitable firepower fights all manner of flames and enemies across their burned-out world. These powerful characters are the strongest of all, with the most flamboyant pyrokinetic abilities.

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5/ Arthur Boyle

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Arthur Boyle - the self-proclaimed king of the Fire Force - wields a fierce plasma sword named Excalibur. He is one of the main fighting forces of Company 8. While he may not be the strongest of the team, he's not that far behind, especially when he believes his delusions.

Arthur's rivalry with Shinra attributes greatly to his rapid growth. The more Shinra contradicts that he is the King Arthur of legend, the more Arthur seems to believe that he is royalty. This belief is directly related to his abilities, as the more he feeds the fantasy, the stronger his powers and defensive measures become. Arthur is as strong as he thinks he is.

4/ Shinra Kusakabe

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Shinra Kusakabe's fighting prowess is among the best. As a relatively new member, Shinra has a lot to prove, which he does by using his third generation powers. Nicknamed a devil, Shinra can create jets from his feet which he uses to fly and perform powerful kicks. His flames also create strange, sooty footprints that many people call "devil's footprints."

As the main protagonist of the series, it is natural that Shinra wields one of the most impressive powers. His devil footprints are a versatile power that helps him maneuver and put some sense behind his attacks. He may be young now, but he has the potential to go even further as his skills develop.

3/ Leonard Burns

Leonard Burns' position as captain of the Special Fire Force 1st Company is an irrefutable testament to his strength. Burns is a third generation pyrokinetic with an ignition ability known as Voltage Nova. Voltage Nova covers most aspects of battle; allowing Burns to solidify his veteran position in every confrontation that comes his way.

Voltage Nova works by circulating heat throughout Burns' body to enhance his physical abilities. The longer he produces heat, the more powerful he becomes, making him nearly unbeatable. As the other survivor of Adolla Link, Leonard tries to keep his past mostly a secret, but with a power like his, it's hard to keep such confidence for long.

2/ Shinmon Benimaru

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Even though Leonard Burns runs the most influential company, he is not necessarily the strongest firefighter. Shinmon Benimaru, however, continually proves that he is the strongest human in the Fire Force universe. Benimaru leads Company 7 - or as he calls it, the Asakusa Neighborhood Watch.

He is a rare second and third generation hybrid, which means he can generate his own flames and manipulate those of outside forces. Although he would much rather not be a leader, Benimaru is so beloved for his strength and loyalty to his people that no one will let him pass on the title. Not only is he shown defeating rare Infernals on his own, but he simultaneously ensures the safety of those in his care.

1/ The evangelist

The evangelist is an entity outside the bounds of humanity. She is an otherworldly being who is not only responsible for the Cataclysm but is trying to create a second one to destroy the world.

The evangelist not only turns people into infernals, but she also creates earthquakes throughout the city and is responsible for inciting Adolla bonds. In addition, she concocted the idea of the Holy Sol temple - thus controlling the remaining population of the Earth. The evangelist is physically powerful gothic and has a far-reaching rule over how everyone sees their current world.


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