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Classement des personnages les plus forts de One Piece sans Fruit du Démon !

Ranking of the strongest characters in One Piece without Demon Fruit!

The world of One Piece is full of characters of different shapes and sizes. A unique group of characters in Eiichiro Oda's story are those who have eaten a demon fruit. As such, these people are called Devil Fruit users. A devil fruit is a mysterious fruit that, when fully ingested, gives the eater supernatural abilities, but at the cost of becoming weak to anything from the sea, and can drown when fully immersed in sea water.

While there are many Demon Fruit users in One Piece, there are also many characters who have never eaten fruit. Some fans claim that these characters are intriguing because of their lack of Demon Fruit powers and that giving them powers will only detract from what makes them special. Here, the Ranking of the strongest characters in One Piece without Demon Fruit!

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6/ Garp

Monkey D. Garp is a world-renowned "Hero of the Marines" whose strength, at its peak, is compared to Gol D. Roger. The Vice Admiral even caused problems for the King of Pirates at the time. Despite his advanced age, Garp is still considered a major threat by many pirates.

While his Haki is also remarkably strong, Garp's brute strength is also legendary. In the unlikely event that Garp eats a devil fruit, his strength would be no different to One Piece fans than higher ranking marines. As Garp is on his way to rescue Koby from Marshall D. Teach, the heroic marine will want the advantage of swimming alongside him.

5/ Koby

From cowardly teenager to navy captain, Koby has existed since the very beginning of One Piece . His journey is one that many anime fans find endearing. The best example of Koby's growth is during the brief reverie arc, where he swims towards a torpedo and casually redirects it away from a royal convoy.

The gap between Koby then and now has been a long time coming. If Koby ingested a devil fruit, he would be unable to swim and would have to figure out how to use his new abilities from scratch. While fans appreciated Koby's growth, for him to have setbacks now would definitely be a controversial decision.

4/ Rayleigh

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Silvers "Dark King" Rayleigh was once the first companion and close friend of the pirate king, Gol D. Roger. The retired pirate's extraordinary strength matches his title, and he trained Luffy for two years to help him build up his Haki abilities.

Much of Rayleigh's strength comes from his natural physical prowess and his ability to use all three types of Haki. Due to her lack of Devil Fruit powers, Rayleigh's status as a former member of the Pirate King crew is exemplary. Thus, while the addition of Devil Fruit powers would not affect his past accomplishments, they would diminish the current legendary notoriety of the Dark King.

3/ Zoro

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Roronoa Zoro is Luffy's first companion and has been with him since the beginning of the story. Zoro became famous for his strange but effective choice of wielding three swords and continues to grow stronger with each battle. His most recent victory was against Kaido's right-hand man, King, during the Wano arc.

Zoro's opponents usually have the advantage of being Devil Fruit users. What makes these fights entertaining for fans is that Zoro overcomes these obstacles to continue to progress to become the strongest swordsman. However, it is unlikely that Zoro would welcome the idea of eating Devil Fruit for these very reasons and would choose to fight opponents without these powers to test his mettle.

2/ Mihawk

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Despite his overwhelming popularity, fans know very little about Dracule Mihawk. However, Mihawk has more than earned his title as the "World's Strongest Swordsman". Mihawk prides himself on his skills and wields a single-edged black blade called Yoru, which he has used to accomplish countless feats worthy of his title.

Because of his status, he opposes Zoro, who also wishes to become the strongest swordsman. Many of the swordsmen Zoro has faced so far are usually also Devil Fruit users. So, if Mihawk were to become one as well, it would surely disappoint many fans. For now, however, it is unlikely that this sword master will ever eat a Devil Fruit and be worth more than the hype he has generated.

1/ Shanks

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The last of the first four emperors of the sea, Shanks' popularity is well deserved. His rise to power has been a lifelong journey to become the leader of one of the most powerful pirate crews. Shanks accomplished all this despite sacrificing his left arm to save Luffy.

Shanks' conquering Haki is so powerful that he was able to paralyze Aramaki from miles away during the Wano arc. If Shanks were to ever eat a devil fruit, he would become a less intriguing character. It would also go against the themes that he and other characters have established from the beginning and how it takes more than the power of a devil fruit to be the king of the pirates.

Special Mention: Sanji

"Black Leg" Sanji is the exceptional cook of the Straw Hat pirates. Besides his impressive physical abilities as a fighter, Sanji is best known for his cooking skills. Sanji also dreams of finding the All Blue, a place in the sea that is supposed to contain a wide variety of wild animals, a chef's paradise.

Sanji has often come to rescue his allies who use Devil Fruit whenever they drown under the sea water. However, if he were to eat a Devil Fruit in the future, it could hinder his ability to help his companions. Moreover, not being able to interact directly with All Blue would also probably bother the good-hearted cook.


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