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Ener (One Piece)

Ener (One Piece)


Enel, nicknamed God Enel is the main antagonist of the Skypiea Arc. He is the former "God" of Skypiea. After his defeat by Luffy, he went to the Moon during Ener's Mini-Adventures where he met the Spaceys.

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Enel is a tall and muscular man, measuring 2m66. His hair is covered by a simple white scarf, which hides half-short blond hair. He has long earlobes with earrings.

He wears orange baggy pants with a black pattern on the legs, and around his waist a light blue veil held by a darker belt.

He wears gold bracelets on his arms and legs. Ener also has gold earrings and 2 gold rings on his 2 big toes. He is always seen barefoot. He is always holding his golden stick, Nonosama Bo.

His nose has horizontal stripes like Robin's. On his back, he has put 4 drums (the black signs are identical to part of the symbol on Sentomaru's outfit) linked together on a ring instead of the standard Bilcan and Skypien wings. He says he tore them off himself. His drums release 50 million volts each when touched. When all 4 are touched, Ener takes his most powerful form and glows blue.

Using his Demon Fruit powers, Ener can transform into a representation of the god, Raijin.

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Even though the title of God only reflects his status as ruler of the island, Ener truly believes himself to be a deity. This is largely due to his tremendous power. Indeed, since he ate the Demon Fruit Goro Goro no Mi, he can produce lightning and transform himself into lightning at will. He is also intangible and untouchable, like all Logia demon fruit eaters.

He has no resentment at the idea of killing hundreds of people and takes it as an act of benevolence from God. He even goes so far as to want to "bring down" Skypiéa to the blue sea because, for him, heaven was not worthy of the angels. Another fact of his unlimited arrogance is that he believes that the Moon is the perfect place for a God. He calls it Fairy Vearth.

His fruit, one of the few considered invincible, added to the fact that he is a Logia (he will say when he sees Luffy the first time: "A vulgar Paramecia...") makes him very powerful and because of that, he is led to believe he is invincible. He is the first character to explain the differences between Logia/Zoan/Paramecia to Luffy. He looks down on others and often laughs in an arrogant way.

He is used to seeing each of his opponents destabilized by his power, but when Luffy revealed himself to be immune to lightning, he was deeply shocked.

Despite the fact that he had found a way to prevent Luffy from feeling lightning, he didn't seem to be enthusiastic about the idea of facing the pirate again and again. In his palace, he used to lie around eating fruit while watching his citizens. This nonchalant attitude is reflected in the fights where he enjoys torturing his opponents by forcing them to attack first and thus reducing their hopes to nothing.

Nevertheless, he also gives recognition, especially when he was impressed by Robin and his knowledge of the city of gold or when Luffy climbed on his ark.

Unique laughter

Many of the characters in One Piece have a unique laugh. Ener has one too: "Yahahaha...".


Sacred Guard

Ener had no problem killing people, whether they were his followers or not. Furthermore, while predicting the victims of the game of survival (thanks to his Mantra, or more commonly the Haki of observation), he had no mercy for his fallen men. The prelates are the four men who serve Ener directly. They are his best followers and the greatest threat to Luffy and his crew during the Skypiea Arc. Ener seemed to possess little affection for them, while they seem to truly respect their leader. Nevertheless, Ener was surprised when he learned that they had been defeated, but claimed that their presence at his side would pollute his new empire on Fairy Vearth.

In addition to the prelates, Ener has 50 warriors called the Sacred Guard under his command. Yama is the leader, while Hotori and Kotori are the group's lieutenants. Although they seem to take their leader's beliefs seriously, Ener does not seem to feel the same way. The White Berets are similar to the Mer Bleue police. They enforce the rules of Skypiea under Ener's rule, although in truth they despise him, but they are obliged to carry out Ener's orders and do everything for the good of the citizens of Skypiea. After learning of his intention to decimate the entire population of Skypiea, the White Berets turned against him or at least helped the population to escape.

One Piece : Le dieu autoproclamé Enel revient-il une fois de plus ?


These are the first creatures Ener meets when he arrives on the moon. These little guys were recently attacked by space pirates, most of them are dead and had no choice but to give their lives to Ener. He will take advantage of this to form a new army of spaceys only.



The Shandias hate Ener. Wiper has a deep hatred towards him, he was even ready to sacrifice his own life to defeat him. However, he could not do it. After the defeat of Satori, the warrior saw an unprecedented opportunity and decided to attack more firmly even if it meant accepting to see his comrades die before their eyes.

Learning that the god had plans to destroy all of Skypeia, Wiper was more determined than ever to defeat him. However, despite their best efforts, Ener's powers were too much for them. Even with the help of Sea Granite and a Reject-Dial, Ener simply rebooted his heart with his demon fruit. Regardless of the situation, Shandia refused to back down. Despite being shocked by Ener's attacks, Wiper stood up for his ancestors, for his people, his homeland, and for Norland.

When Giant Jack fell, Wiper stood proudly amidst the ruins of his ancestors and cheered for Luffy.

Gan Forr

Ener has a habit of mocking the Old God of Skypiea. He has shown it in regards to his face or his age. He even left him paralyzed with one of his shock storms. Gan Forr also has a deep anger for Ener and considers him to be brutal and inhuman. In the past, Ener attacked with his army and beat Gan Forr and the Shandia at the same time. Ener then took the place of God of Skypiea. Gan Forr became the God again after Ener's defeat.

Straw Hat Pirates

On Skypiea, the Straw Hats become the targets of Ener and his priests for breaking their laws. During the survival game, he faced Sanji, Usopp, Robin and Zoro. He eventually defeated them all, inflicting serious damage with his powers. However, their captain Monkey D. Luffy, proved to be quite immune to these electrical powers thanks to his rubber body, which makes him the natural opposite of lightning. Finally, Luffy defeated Ener and put an end to his evil plans, restoring peace.

White berets

The White Berets were originally all members of the Enforcers serving Gan Forr. They pledged their allegiance to Ener when he took Gan Forr's place. They believed that by staying on the island to try to protect anyone from the wrath of God, they could protect the citizens. But that was without counting on Ener's plans. When they discovered that Ener was planning to destroy all of Skypiea, they turned against him and helped the people of Angel Island to safety. McKinley, their leader, seemed to be very devoted to Ener, until he learned that Ener planned to destroy Skypiea with his powers. The leader of the white berets then said that he would do anything to ensure the safety of the citizens of the island of Skypiea, showing his love for his homeland. McKinley, along with the rest of the White Berets, decides to help Conis evacuate the people of Skypiea.


Conis was afraid of Ener's powers. Although he didn't consider her a threat, he decided to punish her with an El Thor, because she revealed to Luffy that he and his friends were walking into a trap on their way to the Upper Yard. Conis narrowly escaped the attack thanks to the intervention of Gan Forr.

One of the men who was part of Ener's Enforcers revealed the truth about Ener's plan to destroy Skypiea. As a result, Ener decided to attack them with an El Thor. Conis was not caught in the attack thanks to her father, who managed to keep her out of it. However, the latter was not able to escape in time. Despite what had happened, Conis decided to warn her people on Angel Island by revealing Ener's plan. Ener created a gigantic black sphere highly concentrated in electric discharges in order to destroy Skypiea for good. Conis started to pray for a miracle with the rest of the inhabitants of Skypiea. Finally, Luffy managed to defeat Ener with a blow whose power was increased tenfold by the golden ball stuck in his hand. The golden bell was hit by the impact and the sound that emanated from it was heard by the inhabitants of Skypiea as well as those of the blue sea. According to the prophecy, the day that this sound would be heard, it would mean that the war would be over. The sound was so powerful that it was heard by Montblanc Cricket, who was on Jaya.

Space Pirates

On the Moon, Ener finds a mini-soldier inside a crater and attacks him with his powers, which has the effect of waking him up. Then a space pirate in the guise of a giant fox skewers the mini-soldier and tries to skewer Ener in turn, who is protected by his Logia powers allowing him to become intangible. He then attacks the space pirate and defeats him without difficulty. Just after, a big explosion sounds and Ener realizes that his ship has been destroyed, which makes him very angry.

He realizes that the space pirates are having a business meeting where their base and ship are located. Ener instantly appears on top of their ship and the space pirates quickly react by trying to attack him. Ener launches an attack on all the space pirates to make them pay for the destruction of his ark. The space pirates are unable to stop him and are easily defeated.

Skills and Competencies

Being the "God" of Skypiéa, Ener had full control of the island thanks to his Mantra. He took this title too seriously.
Ener is extremely powerful, and gave the impression of being weaker than many others due to the fact that Luffy was naturally immune to the powers of Goro Goro no Mi. Ener's strength was demonstrated when he easily defeated Robin, Gan Forr, Wiper and Zoro very quickly without his opponents having time to do anything.

Ener has a great knowledge and awareness of objects that many people do not have, especially about the value of gold and its properties. This awareness allows him to keep these items to himself. However, before Luffy's arrival, he was unaware of the existence of rubber. He is also very perceptive and has an amazing ability to adapt. Despite his confidence, Ener's prediction that the survival game would end with himself and four others turned out to be wrong, as he did not sense Luffy in Nola's belly, but eliminated the former god, Gan Forr thinking to restore his prediction.

Because of his extensive study of the ruins of Shandora, Ener also has a deep understanding of history, especially of the 400 years of wars that preceded his arrival. He is also manipulative and highly intelligent, catching Robin in his own trap and breaking her as the most intelligent member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Ener also possesses incredible physical strength and is a genius in hand-to-hand combat. Although he doesn't practice any recognized martial art, he is very agile and has above-average stamina as evidenced by his resistance to Luffy's multiple blows.
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Mantra (Fluid)

The Haki of Observation is called Mantra on Skypiea. Ener's is more advanced because thanks to static electricity, he can hear the words of all the inhabitants of the celestial island, and punish them if they say "blasphemous" things.

He can use this Haki to predict the opponent's movements, which makes the attack much easier to counter. This prediction appears to the user as an image or brief "premonition" of what the opponent is going to do, allowing the possessor of Observation Haki to dodge easily.

It cannot predict attacks that are random in nature, such as when Luffy managed to get around Ener's Mantra by bouncing his fists off a wall. Ener failed to discern Luffy's presence inside the giant snake Nola.

Mechanical Expertise

Ener seems to have vast knowledge in mechanics and technology, so he personally designed his flying ark, Maxim, and knows all its inner and outer workings. If damage is done to the interior, he is able to repair it. He has even been able to design a lightning cloud production system, a power supply system, and a backup propulsion system in case the main engines are damaged.

In addition, he has extensive knowledge of the multitude of Dials scattered throughout the Celestial Islands.


Ener wields a big golden stick, called Nonosama Bo, which he never leaves. This stick can be deformed, and even transformed into anything (ex: trident, a sword...).

Fruit of the Demon

Ener ate a Logia Demon Fruit, the Goro Goro no Mi, which is one of the most powerful fruits according to Robin, since it would make its owner almost invincible. This fruit allows him to transform his body into lightning, which allows him to avoid being hurt by physical attacks. It allows him to move at the speed of lightning. He can also move in electric currents, change the shape of metals (using the heat produced by electricity), or electrocute people. Note that he can use his power to reanimate himself (like a defibrillator does), which he will do when Wiper neutralizes his powers with his shoes made of sea granite before attacking him with a Reject Dial. This power also has a demented and destructive power.

He combines his power with his Mantra (Haki / Fluid of observation) to anticipate his opponent's blows and dodge them.

He also uses his power to hear all the conversations on the island and to punish people who denigrate him.

He was beaten by Luffy because the latter ate a Demon Fruit opposite to his own (rubber is a very bad conductor). Taking 100 million volts at close range will not make Luffy flinch and will make the God angry, as he will ask Ener if he was done tickling him.



Ener was born and raised on Bilca, but 8 years before the current scenario, after finding and eating the Goro Goro no Mi, he destroyed his country and came to Skypeia with his followers. Bilca is said to be the home of many powerful warriors, they were however, powerless before Ener. Although it was his native island, he did not hesitate to destroy it. Afterwards, Ener and his warriors arrived in Skypiéa and overthrew Gan Forr easily. It should be noted that Uruge is a native of Bilca.

Ener and his warriors dominated Skypiea for six years. While "God" only refers to the ruler of the island, he really took it seriously. Although it looked heavenly, Skypiea was in turmoil. If anyone dared to challenge Ener both in deed and word, he would kill them with an "El Thor".

At the same time, he forced the authorities who worked under Gan Forr to build him a gigantic arch called the Maxime Arch. Ener, after studying the history of the 3 races of the sky made the discovery of a pure world, "Fairy Vearth" (The Moon). This is the reason why he built the Maxime Arch.

Skypiea Arch

The God of Skypiea

The straw hat boat reached the shore of Angel Island, the main part of Skypiéa, where they met a young girl named Conis and her father, Pagaya. They let the crew come to their house so they could show them around the island, but Nami decided to stay on shore to test a Waver, a Dial machine that can sail without wind. As Conis explains the use of dials, Nami finds herself on a nearby island with a huge forest. When Sanji points out that she is missing, Conis and Pagaya explain that the nearby island is known as "God's Land". Upper Yard is a sacred land where only God and his priests reside. This immediately arouses Luffy's interest, and he orders to head there to "save Nami", in reality only the adventure interested him.

Meanwhile, Nami witnessed the execution of a man by the prelates. However, before the priests could finish him off, Ener decided to act of his own free will and killed him with an "El Thor". Gedatsu then informs the others that a group of 7 individuals had arrived illegally on the island. Nami understood at once that they spoke about her and her companions.

One Piece : Le retour d'Ener, un troll d'Oda ?

After the Pirates' insubordination to the White Berets and the confiscation of the Vogue Merry, Luffy, Sanji and Usopp were taken by Conis to get a boat to rescue them. Conis lends them her boat, the Raven, but before they leave the harbor, Luffy notes that she has been trembling since they stood up to the White Berets. Conis reveals that she was the one who summoned the Homars Super Express that took the Vogue Merry to the Upper Yard to undergo Divine Judgment. Upon hearing this, Ener attacked with "El Thor" but Gan Forr narrowly saved her. He explained that since then she and her father would be considered criminals. He took them to his house, out of reach of Ener's mantra. Despite this show of strength, the 3 pirates did not give up and decided to get their boat and their friends back, whatever the cost.

Afterwards, Ener informed his 4 prelates that the territory restrictions were no longer in effect and that they could go wherever they wanted. He also told them that the Maxim was ready.

Ener Survival Game

The final battle, which he called the Survival Game, was intended to pit all the fighters against each other in order to select the strongest ones who would be able to accompany him on "Fairy Vearth". At the beginning of the fight, Ener predicted that there would be only five survivors (including himself). However, Ener's prediction turned out to be wrong, as there was one fighter not "felt" by Ener: Monkey D. Luffy. In this "Game", Ener launched his 50 Sacred Guard warriors, led by Yama, to fight. On the Vogue Merry, Ener seems to tell his predecessor that he was about to leave the island. When Sanji and Usopp attack him, he uses his Demon Fruit ability to electrocute them, knocking them unconscious. Immediately after, Satori's younger brothers, Hotori and Kotori arrive to seek revenge, but are defeated by Nami and Gan Forr. During his minor events the number of warriors still in the game of his treachery was decreasing.

Ener, bored, decided to participate in his "game" and attacked the Shandia warrior, Kamakiri. With the help of his mantra he was able to know what the warrior was thinking at that moment and destabilized him. Kamakiri told him that his mantra could not hide anything from him. Ener refuted saying that it was written on his face, and that normally he should not participate in his game. Then Ener decided to give Kamakiri 5 minutes to try to kill him, and that during this time he would not move. However, once the five minutes were up, he would fight. With that, Kamakiri started to attack the God.

Kamakiri, still within the 5 minutes of time allowed to fight Ener, realized that no one can defeat lightning. Kamakiri at the last moment decided to run away and warn Wiper about the incredible abilities of their enemy, however, Ener telling him that the 5 minutes are over counterattacked. Ener then defeats Kamakiri using 1,000,000 volts of Vari. The attack is transmitted through the Milky Road and kills 20 other fighters present on this road at the time of the attack, Shandia warriors and soldiers of the Sacred Guard. Ener then summarizes that, after two hours of fighting and with 81 people who started the fight, 56 were defeated. There are 13 left from his army, five from the Straw Hat crew and 7 Shandia warriors for a total of 25 people left. He then wonders who will accompany him. Ener, still in the survival game, is determined to fulfill his prediction.

Laki is seen walking along the Milky Road wondering why everyone near this road was burned as if they had been hit by lightning. She finds Kamakiri who in turn tells her to find Wiper and advise him that Ener is not at the God's shrine and that no one can beat him. Kamakiri says that Ener is electricity itself and that he is invincible. Laki thinks that Goro Goro no Mi, being considered invincible, means that Wiper can't beat him.

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Wiper then arrives at the foot of Giant Jack and tries to climb up, but Ohm intercepts him. Gan Forr seems to say that Ener is no longer at the divine shrine. The Shandia then attacks the old god, saying that for him, Ener and him are of the same nature. Laki reaching soon the place where Wiper is located is suddenly stopped by Ener. Paralyzed by fear, Wiper yells at him to leave. She recovers, and tries to attack Ener by shooting at him, without any noticeable effect. Wiper is then a privileged witness of Ener's attack on one of his best fighters and friend. He then swears to make him pay for this affront.

Zoro, after having beaten Ohm, meets Gan Forr and Wiper. Robin arrives a short time later from the ruins below. Ener recognizes Robin as a brilliant archaeologist and tells him that she is a few years behind in the search for the gold that this city contained. Robin asks him if he has the golden bell as well, but she then realizes that he has not found it yet. Robin rejects the idea that if Ener hasn't found it, then it never arrived in the sky. Ener then "feels" three presences on Upper Yard. Seeing that they were Pagaya, Conis and Moyle, a soldier of Gan Forr's former guard that he had annihilated, he uses the divine judgment. Ener then uses the Sango attack which annihilates the divine palace and its occupants.

Gan Forr and Nami manage to escape the snake, accidentally leaving behind Luffy, Aisa, and Pierre. Ener later electrocutes the python ending the time limit of the survival game. Wiper was amazed to see that in one attack Ener managed to defeat the python that he and Zoro together did not even manage to hurt. Ener then appears before Wiper telling him that the game is not over. Ener informs the survivors of the survival game, 6 in number, including himself. He offers them the opportunity to fight each other to see who will accompany him. All four refuse Ener's choice but point their weapons at him. Ener, amused, calls them insolent.

At this point, Ener explains why he wants to destroy Skypeia. He says that people living in the sky is unnatural, and that as a God it is his job to keep the natural order. He then tells Gan Forr that he intends to leave this island and go to "Fairy Vearth", a place where a neutral land is as far as the eye can see, a world where only God deserves to live. Gan Forr, irritated, tells Ener that "God" is only a title given to the governor of Skypiéa. Then Ener gives the reason for the death of the former subordinates of his predecessor. The "Heavenly Knight" attacked Ener in a rage, but Ener retaliated by using 20,000,000 Volts: Vari, putting the old man out of action.

Ener after having defeated Gan Forr invites the five others to join him and to launch themselves towards "Fairy Vearth". Robin asks what would happen if they refuse and he answers that he has already decided to destroy the island and them if they don't come. However, Ener informs him that he will not leave until he finds the golden bell, an object worthy of a "God" like him. Following Robin's deductions, Ener is able to tell that the golden belfry is located atop Giant Jack.

While Ener focuses on Zoro and Robin, Wiper sees an opening. Having Sea Granite in his skates Ener no longer has his intangibility and is weakening. Ener asks him if he wants to join him but the warrior answers that what he wants is his death, even if he has to sacrifice himself. He then uses a Reject-Dial, a weapon 10 times more powerful than a simple Impact-Dial. Ener falls to the ground, unconscious. However, a few moments later, Ener unconsciously uses his power to start his heart again, like electric shocks. The God indicates that he warned Wiper but that he had chosen the wrong opponent. On this sentence, Ener hit one of his drums with his stick, and releases an electric discharge of 30 000 000 Volts, which appears in the form of a bird. Zoro took the opportunity, took Wiper's skate and tried to attack Ener, however, Ener saw him coming and defeated him too.

One Piece: Ener fa il suo ritorno nel manga? | GamesVillage.it

Ener then goes to Nami who is the only person unharmed and he realizes that Wiper has decided to get up. He wonders why he still wants to fight. The shandia answers that he is fighting for his ancestors. Ener hit him again with "El Thor. Nami, panic-stricken, said that she would follow him wherever he went. After walking for a while, Nami is amazed at Ener's ark. He claims that he used all the gold of the golden city to complete it.

Meanwhile, Luffy's group that managed to escape from the python sees Ener's victims. Robin, barely conscious, explains the situation. Aisa in turn explains that she can use her mantra to lead Luffy to him. At Angel Beach, Conis tries to convince everyone to leave the island, but she is considered a heretic. To prove her point, she shouts loudly that she does not consider Ener a God and everyone runs away to escape God's judgment. However, when nothing happens to her, they realize that she is right, after all, Ener will soon destroy the whole country, why kill one person now says Conis. They then panic and run away, but the White Berets manage to bring order to the evacuation, allowing everyone to escape.

Ener vs Luffy !

Finally, Luffy meets Ener and the "God" realizes that he can't inflict damage on Luffy because Luffy is made of rubber. In the great battle between the straw hat captain and Ener, it is obvious that Luffy is more than a challenger to Ener because of rubber's insensitivity to lightning, even to the God's most powerful discharges, and Ener is momentarily unable to react being in shock. The God had never heard of rubber because it does not exist on the heavenly islands. He used his Mantra to predict Luffy's movements and attacks. He changed his stick into a burning trident to finally hurt Luffy. He then told our Captain that he is only a "Simple" Paramecia and that even if he can stretch his limbs the structure of his body does not prevent him from feeling the heat. Luffy continues to fight Ener, thinking of ways to circumvent his ability to predict his movements.

His ego bruised, and afraid to have found his natural enemy, Ener still manages to get rid of Luffy temporarily by using his powers to heat up the gold in his bow and molding a huge ball of gold to the pirate's right arm as a "reward" for a valiant fight. Ener then told Luffy that he would no longer be able to defeat him. Luffy simply tells him that there are many guys in the blue sea who dream of "doing his bidding". Unsatisfied, the god hit Luffy which made him fall.

The heat of the ball burns Luffy, while its enormous weight drives him inexorably towards the ground. Ener told Nami that two of her teammates had slipped aboard but that it would be foolish to try to save her. Nami tried to attack Ener but was unsuccessful.

She managed to use Thunder Ball to deflect Ener's weaker attacks. Sanji and Usopp finally arrived. Usopp distracts Ener while Nami prepares the Waver to jump into the clouds around the foot of the Giant Jack, but as Ener prepares to kill them both, Sanji sacrifices himself which allows them to escape. Immediately afterwards, the ship begins to lose altitude and an explosion sounds, revealing to Ener that Sanji has hit the machinery that allows the Maxim Ark to fly. Ener manages to solve the problem, Usopp, who used one of his devices to stick to the side of the ship, climbs back up and jumps with Sanji.

With Luffy out of reach, Ener continues his plan to destroy all of Skypeia. Ener sets off a storm cloud machine and with a small sphere of his clouds manages to destroy a small island next to Angel Island. The rest of the clouds cover Upper Yard and hundreds of lightnings fall on the "Sacred Land".

Ener finally reaches the top of Giant Jack and finds nothing, but manages to see Luffy just below him. Ener then attacks him using his power and makes him fall much lower. Despite being back at the starting point, Luffy perseveres. The pirate tries to board Ener's Maxim Arch, but the god doesn't allow him to board and knocks him down again. He then finds the Golden Bell of Shandora. Luffy and Nami on the other hand sent a message to those at the foot of the giant bean, "Take down the Giant Jack in the West". The straw hats, Wiper and Gan Forr began to attack the stem so that the Giant Jack fell as planned.

Nami noticed the tilt of the bean, then hit the gas with her Waver with a Jet-Dial (a rare and powerful dial) not knowing if she would control it. Luffy, also on the Waver, then encouraged her. Seeing the duo ride, Gan Forr and the others could not help but cheer them on, too.

Ener then decides to attack the bean and make it fall in the wrong direction to avoid fighting. Ener then yells at Luffy that although he is safe from the electricity, he will not be able to reach him.

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As the bean begins to wobble, the Waver leaps toward the Maxim Arch, with Luffy shouting "I've come to ring the golden bell, Ener!" The "God" says it's too late, declaring that the last sphere of storm clouds is big enough to destroy the island. Luffy thanks to Nami, jumps from the Waver to the storm cloud itself, much to Ener's surprise, while Nami tells Luffy that he's going to die, due to the high air pressure and too much electric current. Ener laughed and wondered how he was going to overcome his ultimate weapon, while the bean stalk crashed to the ground. Luffy attacks "Gomu Gomu no: Storm", while throwing the large golden ball attached to his arm into the storm cloud, determined not to let anyone die. While Ener is shocked, realizing that Luffy is using the golden ball as an electrical conductor, "sucking" all the electricity from the "Raigo".

With the threat neutralized, Luffy wraps his arm with the golden ball attached to him for a final attack on Ener. In retaliation for his thwarted attack, Ener uses the full potential of his powers and transforms into a giant God of Thunder. His attack shows its full power. This does not deter Luffy, for even in this form, he makes himself an easy target. Ener catches Luffy with his trident, thinking he has won because Luffy will either be burned by the heat of the trident or fall. Luffy decides to fall but, much to Ener's chagrin, he manages to grab a solid cloud and flies back into the air, in the perfect position to hit Ener. He launches his final attack, the "Gomu Gomu no Rifle Ougon". Ener in a last attempt launches a discharge of 200 000 000 Volts without success. He then contemplates Luffy's attack, calling it too fast to be dodged and too powerful to be countered. In addition to knocking Ener down, Luffy broke the golden ball by smashing it into the Golden Bell. As legend has it, when the bell rings again, the war will be over. The Maximus being powered by Ener's energy, it too sank.

Although it fell into the White Sea, Ener managed to get back on his ship and headed for "Fairy Vearth".

Ener's Mini Adventures

After traveling through space aboard the Maxime, Ener finally reached the moon. After exploring a crater, he discovers a being made of iron. This small being survives an electric shock from Ener. We learn later that it was the First Lieutenant Spacey, and that he and his comrades, were fighting against Space Pirates.

After a brief scene where Spacey is in mourning, Ener becomes a witness to an attack on Spacey by a space pirate. The pirate then attempts to attack Ener but is quickly defeated. The "God" then hears a large explosion on the surface of the moon. The Space Pirates having destroyed his ark, Ener furious, "punished" them.

After Ener finished punishing the pirates, First Lieutenant Spacey thanks him for avenging his comrades and Tsukumi. Ener then descended into the crater created by the Space Pirates and entered a cave. Inside, he found an apparently abandoned city hidden deep beneath the lunar surface. Upon seeing these ruins, Ener decided to destroy them. His electrical attack on the ruins, however, traveled through them and activated several other dormant robots.

Ener and 4 Spaceys then studied some murals from the moon's past. The mural depicted an ancient civilization with wings that lived on the moon. These people who created the moon Spaceys lived in a city called "Bilca", like Ener's homeland. The technologically advanced civilization ran out of resources on the moon. Because of this, they flew to a "blue-colored star", the earth, with balloons in order to find more resources.

After studying the paintings and contemplating the countless robots still dormant, Ener realized that he had an abundance of land and many followers. With these, Ener created a new empire on the moon with the Spaceys as his followers.


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