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Kei Tsukishima

Kei Tsukishima

Kei Tsukishima | Haikyuu Shop

Kei Tsukishima is a first year and he is a member of Karasuno High School and the Volleyball Club. He often makes fun of Hinata's lack of appearance and her height. He often teases Kageyama with his nickname "The king of the court".

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Tsukishima is very tall and quite good for a volleyball player. He has short blond hair and his eyes are golden brown. He is often seen with a distant look. He wears the uniform of Karasuno: black and orange, with the number 11 on his shirt. He is also the only player of Karasuno who has glasses. In chapter 109 of the manga, Tsukishima starts to wear prescription sports glasses in their game.



Tsukishima is very frank and has the habit to irritate people and to take them down (usually, Hinata, kageyama and even elders Tanaka and Nishinoya). He doesn't like warm-blooded people. Except Daichi, Sugawara and Asahi, he doesn't show any respect to his teammates and is very irritated to be close to one of them (example: when he is disgusted to stay with the team during the training camp). He can even be rude to Yamaguchi (the person closest to him) to whom he shows his true personality.



Tsukishima was much more cheerful before when he was younger and he had a very close relationship with his older brother: Akiteru. Tsukishima seemed to really want to play volleyball because of his brother's admiration for the sport. However, Tsukishima's attitude towards volleyball changed when Akiteru entered high school and became a member of the Karasuno volleyball club. Despite the hard training, Akiteru failed to become a regular player in the team's lineup mostly because Hinata's idol "the Little Giant" was present. When he went to a Karasuno game, and did not see his brother playing but in the opposite stand, it was a real shock and a break in their complicity. Seeing the disappointment of his older brother, Tsukishima thought that he should not put so much effort in this sport to avoid having a similar disappointment. In elementary school, he saw Tadashi Yamaguchi being bullied. He did nothing except, called those who bothered him. This was aimed at Yamaguchi as well as the others. After seeing Tsukishima resist such bullying, Yamaguchi started hanging out with him.

I Kinda Like That Salty Middle Blocker: 11 Reasons I ❤ Tsukishima Kei! |  Blerdy Otome



First appearance

Tsukishima appeared with Yamaguchi while Kageyama and Hinata were practicing for their first games of the year, where he immediately teased Hinata by calling her like a little elementary school student. He also talks to Kageyama calling him by his nickname that he hates so much "the king of the field".  On a statement determined by Hinata that they will definitely win the match, Tsukishima tells Hinata and Kageyama that he doesn't care if Tsukishima's team wins against them or not. And he also says that the match is not to be taken seriously because it is only a club activity.

After the confrontation with Hinata and Kageyama, Tsukishima is seen with Yamaguchi to whom he says that he does not like people who get angry for nothing.

In the game , Yamaguchi , Tsukishima and the captain of the club (Daichi Sawamura) , Hinata's team consists of Ryūnosuke Tanaka of kageyama and himself. Tsukishima reveals a bit of his true personality , which annoys Ryuunosuke , and Daichi comments on Tsukishima's Personality. He hates when someone loses his temper for nothing. At first, Tsukishima blocks Hinata's attacks easily because of his height advantage. However, his team lost when Hinata and Kageyama started their "eccentric quick pass of the king" (in this case Kageyama). After the match, Sawamura told Tsukishima that Kageyama and Hinata were able to make him play seriously.

I Kinda Like That Salty Middle Blocker: 11 Reasons I ❤ Tsukishima Kei! |  Blerdy Otome

Karasuno vs. Aobajōsai High School match

Upon arrival at Aobajōsai Tsukishima High School, Yamaguchi, Tanaka, and Kageyama overhear two members of the high school volleyball club criticizing Karasuno. Tanaka and Tsukishima team up to bully them and Sawamura arrives to reprimand them. Towards the end of the match the Aobajōsai coach says that Tsukishima is a smart blocker despite his lack of team sense. When Tooru Oikawa (the captain of the club) arrives to serve in the last minutes of the match, he serves his most powerful serve on Tsukishima after noticing that he was bad in receiving.


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