Les 5 meilleures citations d'Armin

The 5 best quotes of Armin in SNK!

Armin was one of the most important characters in Attack of the Titans. Although he is not incredibly strong, he is very smart and has uncovered many mysteries for the Exploration Battalion. When he was first introduced, he lacked confidence and thought he was holding everyone around him back. He also wanted to see the whole world.

Over the years, he has become a leader and has been able to see the real world he lives in. He went through a lot throughout the manga. However, he overcame everything and always had something important to say.

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5/ "Titans are not the only things outside the walls. Burning water, lands made of ice, snowy sand plains. I joined the Exploration Battalion so I could see it all."


After visiting Keith and learning about his relationship with Grisha, Armin, Mikasa and Eren were ready to return home and reclaim the territory they had lost. Before leaving on their mission, they had a conversation about what things were like before they joined the army and wondered if they would ever return to those days.

Armin said these words, reminding his friends why he wanted to join Survey Corps in the first place. Little did they know that Levi was listening to every word he said.

4/ "The woman I killed must have been a nice person. She was much more human than I was. But I was able to pull the trigger right away."

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When the Exploration Battalion decided to take over Paradise, they made many enemies in the army. One of them was a woman who was reluctant to kill Jean. Armin saved her life and shot her.

When Levi Squad talked about what had happened, they finally realized that their captain was right about everything he did. Before that, they believed that Levi was cruel and despised him. Understanding what he was preparing them for, Armin, Jean and the rest of the team became better soldiers.

3/ "Talk to us! We will always be together! Please don't walk away any more than you already have!"

When Eren brought the Exploration Battalion and the Warrior Unit to the unknown land, his friends tried to convince him to stop Rumbling and talk with them.

Despite how much they begged him not to end the world, he told them he would keep moving but would not stop them from going against him. The only way to stop him would be to kill him.

2/ "If it was Erwin here, I'm sure he wouldn't have cracked you like that. Well, there's your answer. I wasn't the one they should have brought back to life."

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Armin's guilt over Erwin's death never left him. As he prepared to arrest Connie at Ragako, Mikasa asked him what she should do and was worried about Eren. He yelled at her and almost collapsed. But he stopped and said these words.

Though he may not have seen how valuable he was, those around him did. He eventually became the commander of the Survey Corps and proved that he was just as worthy of leading his comrades as Erwin.

1/ "Because the wall has not been breached in 100 years, there is no guarantee that they will not breach it today"

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At the beginning of the series, Armin and Eren wanted to travel around the world despite humanity supposedly living in peace for 100 years by avoiding the titans. While Eren wanted to travel the world because he wanted to defeat the titans and gain freedom, Armin's goal was to see if the places he had heard about in a book were real.

When the two talked about how the people around them were not satisfied with their desires, he said these words. Immediately afterwards, he predicted the future. The colossal Titan appeared and burst into Shiganshina.


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