Les 5 meilleures citations de Takemichi !

The 5 best quotes of Takemichi!

Tokyo Revengers is an anime series that tells the story of a boy named Takemichi, who acquires the ability to travel through time. With this power, he decides to save his loved ones from death. To do this, he joins a gang called Toman, putting himself in danger, but making new friends and feeling better about himself along the way.

As the main character of the series, Takemichi had some very important things to say throughout the Tokyo Revengers anime.

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5/ "Stop acting like you're a couple of stupid punks. Look what you bastards have done to all my precious memories. You selfish idiots have just destroyed everything I've ever loved from my entire childhood."

When Takemichi first befriended Draken and Mikey, they did not treat him well. After Pah was arrested, both Draken and Mikey visited Takemichi. Because the two were angry with each other at the time because of their different views on what happened to Pah, Mikey and Draken started to fight. They destroyed a lot of Takemichi in the process.

Finally standing up, Takemichi spoke these words. Although things looked bad, they were all able to forgive each other soon after, and Draken and Mikey began to treat Takemichi better afterwards.

4/ "That's not true, Naoto. The reason our rescue of Draken didn't change anything is because his death wasn't the reason Toman became evil. When Hina died right in front of me, I realized something as I watched the flames rise. We must attack the source. Eliminate Toman! This can happen if I become Toman's leader in the past."

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When Hinata died in front of Takemichi, he vowed that he would continue to go back in time, no matter how many times it took, if it meant that he would be able to save her. At her funeral, he spoke with Naoto, who said that everything they were working for was useless. That was Takemichi's answer.

Although Naoto didn't think Takemichi's plan to become Toman's leader could be realized, he still wanted to try it, and the two began to work together again in order to save their loved ones.

3/ "Stop it! What the hell are you talking about? Who's the crazy one here, Akkun? I don't even recognize you, man! You were always so cool, calm and collected. You were always willing to sacrifice yourself for your friends . You were kind. We could count on you! So, then, it must be a lie. I can't believe you would ever try to kill me. You are my friend, Akkun!"

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When Takemichi and Akkun met years after they had parted ways, Akkun revealed that it was he who had pushed Takemichi onto the railroad tracks, planning to kill him and sending him back in time in the first place.

Takemichi was shocked by this and realized that Akkun was not the same person he used to be, saying those words. Afterwards, Akkun told him some of the things that caused Toman to change and killed himself, hoping that Takemichi would be able to go back in time and save everyone he could.

2/ "I did my best, Hina. It hurts, it sucks, but I really did my best to make things right, and yet, and yet, I didn't change anything at all! I didn't manage to save anyone! But then, what else did I expect? How on earth was a complete and utter failure like me ever supposed to have a snowball's chance in hell of saving anyone? How stupid can I be?"

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After Draken and Mikey became friends again, Takemichi thought that Draken would not die on August 3, making him let his guard down. However, when August 3 arrived, Takemichi discovered that Kiyomasa had planned to kill Draken.

Kiyomasa beat and tied Takemichi up when they met, making him feel like he failed to save his friends. Hinata found him and came to his rescue. After he told her that, she kissed him and told him how strong her feelings for him were.

1/ "In the future, in the past, always and forever. I will love you."

After thinking that he had completely changed the timeline, Takemichi was able to find Hinata in the present. However, when he went to the bathroom, he met Hanma, who had mentioned that Takemichi was supposed to be in the car. Terrified by what this meant, Takemichi ran to Naoto's car, in which Hinata was. However, on his way, another car, which Akkun was driving, crashed into her. Hinata's legs were broken and she couldn't get out.

Knowing that she was about to die again, Takemichi said these words and hugged her. Then she pushed her out of the car, saving her life and giving her a second chance to change the future.


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