Seijūrō Akashi

Seijūrō Akashi

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Seijūrō Akashi was the leader and captain of the Miracle Generation at Teikō High School. Now, he is the captain of the Rakuzan High School team as well as the Vorpal Swords team.

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Akashi is quite small for a basketball player. In Rakuzan, he is 1.76m tall, making him the shortest member of the Miracle Generation (Kuroko is not considered a member of the Miracle Generation). He has red hair with large eyes and vertical pupils. Akashi's eyes are heterochromatic, with his right eye being red and his left eye being an amber color, which is a sign of Akashi's second personality that was awakened in middle school. However, Akashi's real personality has the two red eyes. He wears the white jersey of Rakuzan High School with the number 4.

Akashi's appearance was not revealed right away. It was not until the beginning of the Winter Cup that his face was fully revealed. Before that, the only time he appeared or was mentioned, only the lower part of his face or his back was shown.


Akashi is a very confident and intimidating person. Being the captain of the Miracle Generation, he had a certain authority over them. He is strong and talented enough to command respect from all the members of Miracle Generation. Even after leaving college, the members of Generation Miracle still seem to follow his directions like when he asks them to gather before the Winter Cup starts. He has respect for his teammates, past and present, as long as they do not disappoint him.

For Akashi, winning means everything. He grew up in a family where he was taught to always be the best at everything he did. Victory is not something he seeks, but rather something natural like breathing. Akashi also considers his orders as absolute and he doesn't hesitate to use force when someone opposes what he says, like the time he injured Kagami with scissors because the latter refused to leave. Akashi doesn't tolerate being arrogant with him or being talked down to. He says that only his teammates can talk to him as equals.

When it comes to winning, Akashi can be extreme in his decisions. In the match between Shutoku and Rakuzan, Shutoku was able to close the score gap with Rakuzan. When Akashi saw that the other team was gaining confidence and that his teammates were starting to weaken, he took the ball, scored an own goal and told his team that if they lost the match, he would tear out his eyes and give them to them. The players understood that Akashi was not bluffing.

At Teikō, Midorima noticed this second personality of Akashi's when he bluntly said that Haizaki was going to leave the club. He could tell the difference by his cold look. Haizaki seemed to have confronted the other personality by talking to Akashi. However, the complete change of personality occurred when Akashi was confronted with the image of his first defeat in his duel against Murasakibara. Overwhelmed by the thought of what that defeat would be, he suddenly changed (awakening the Emperor Eye at the same time) by saying that he will always be victorious and that he will allow himself to eliminate anyone who opposes him, even if it was his parents.

After the training match, Kise and Midorima talk together about Akashi who seemed to become a totally different person. Akashi found Kuroko who was still training and he told him to give up helping Aomine. Kuroko gets scared and he asked him who he was, but Akashi just smiled like a madman and replied that he was obviously Seijurō Akashi, addressing Kuroko by his first name, Tetsuya, for the very first time. There was also a presence of "two Akashi" according to Midorima, which may be the consequence of his personality change. It is revealed that the other Akashi was born out of his fear of being left behind by the other members of the Miracle Generation, as well as the fear of failure due to the amount of pressure his life had put on him to strive for excellence. Since then, he has let his other self take over. Despite this, his other self calls him "little brother". Akashi's real personality is kind and respectful. He is a person who displays a great amount of trust towards his teammates and calls them by their last name.

Despite being the final antagonist of Season 3 and thus the series, Akashi was shown in the movie Last Game to be caring and considerate of his teammates. He constantly reminds them to do things the right way, even in the way of eating. He was much closer to the role of a mother, Aomine even called him "mom".




Akashi was born into a wealthy family that owned its own business. Being the heir, he was obliged to be successful in every field. With a father who was very strict, his only support at that time was his mother with whom he spent much of his free time. However, in his fifth year of elementary school, she died of an illness and his father became even more strict. These facts made him grow up quite unhappy.

Arc Teiko

After finishing elementary school, he went to Teikō Middle School. Akashi then enrolled in the basketball club. After tryouts, his name was called to join the first team along with three other players, all first-years. This was the first time that first-years made the first team directly.

While looking for Aomine, he met Kuroko in a gym. Kuroko immediately aroused Akashi's curiosity. He then pushed Kuroko to develop his Misdirection and later after three months of waiting, Akashi asked the coach to give Kuroko a chance to enter the 1st team. Kuroko passed it and he was accepted into the 1st team, Akashi and the others welcomed him and introduced themselves to him.

In Kuroko's first match, the coach put Kuroko in for only one minute and then replaced him because of a nosebleed. This problem surprised Akashi who then asked the coach if he could give Kuroko a second chance. During the second quarter, Kuroko was sent back to the field and Akashi gave him a last advice, and thanks to this advice, Kuroko finally used his Misdirection correctly during the game. Later, when Kuroko became a regular in the team, Akashi congratulated him.

When Kise joined the basketball club, Akashi gave the position of supervisor to Kuroko to help Kise. Meanwhile, Nijimura, the captain of the team, went to talk with the coach to ask him to make Akashi the captain instead of him. With the agreement of the coach, Nijimura gave Akashi the position of captain. It was announced later by the head coach of the team, it had surprised everyone. When Midorima and Akashi walk together, Akashi told Midorima that Haizaki should be removed from the team, this surprised Midorima. The same day, the other members of the team were notified that Haizaki left the club.

Teiko won all their matches in the national championship and they advanced to the final where they faced Kamata West Junior High School with their twin duo. During the final, Teiko had a difficult time because of the cheating put by the twins . During the break, Akashi told Midorima that they will need Kuroko because they will have to have his strength to win this match. Later, Teiko won their first nationals. The next day, after the nationals, Akashi was called by the coach, so he came to school early. When he comes to the gym, he sees Kuroko training. Kuroko takes this opportunity to thank Akashi for all that he did, if he hadn't been there for him, Kuroko wouldn't be where he is now. Akashi then tells him that it's because of him that they won and that he will count on him in the future, telling him to concentrate on winning next year. Suddenly Momoi appears and shouts that the coach has fainted.

With the coach in the hospital, the assistant coach Sanada, took his place. Meanwhile, Generation Miracle had become a source of concern for the coach. Back at home, Akashi had dinner with his father who told him that education was necessary, but that club activities were also important. He told Akashi that nevertheless, he should concentrate on his studies because they have the highest priority for his future.

The next day, when Aomine didn't come to the training, Akashi told Kuroko to go and talk to him. Meanwhile, Murasakibara asked for the same preferential treatment so that he too could be excused from training. On these words that he does not tolerate, Akashi challenges Murasakibara in a duel in 5 points and tells him not to take the big head. Leading 4 to 0 by Atsushi, Akashi realizes that he could lose and convinces himself that it is not possible. "The world is ruled by winners and losers are worthless" With the doubt gone, Akashi awakens his Emperor Eye for the first time and counters Murasakibara's offensive before winning the duel 5 to 4. The loser then promises to keep his pledge to come to the trainings but Akashi tells him that it will not be necessary as long as he wins the matches.

Later, Kuroko comes back because he couldn't convince Aomine. Akashi tells Kuroko to forget Aomine, which shocks Kuroko. Kuroko asked Akashi who he really is, because he was not acting as usual, Akashi replies that he is Seijūrō Akashi.

Akashi saw Kuroko practicing shooting in the gym and told him that he should not do shooting exercises. Kuroko then asked him if he likes basketball, Akashi replies that his question is ridiculous. Kuroko then mentions that Akashi has changed a lot, he replied that he has two personalities in him. He tells Kuroko that if he had changed, it was not because of him but because of the changes in the team.

In his third year, Akashi and the rest of the Miracle Generation competed in the nationals for their third consecutive victory. They once again won all of their matches, reaching the finals where they had to face Meikō Junior High School. Just before the final, Kuroko was injured by the two twins, so he had to go to the infirmary. Akashi went to visit him, but Shigehiro Ogiwara was already there before. Akashi then asked him about the connection he had with Kuroko and he realizes that he is Kuroko's friend. Ogiwara leaves Akashi a message for Kuroko. As Akashi entered the infirmary, Kuroko asked Akashi to be able to participate in the final, which Akashi refused. Seijurō denied seeing Kuroko's condition, but he tells her not to worry and that their victory is certain. Akashi then gave Ogiwara's message which was "We should definitely play together again". Akashi then left the infirmary promising Kuroko not to hold back and to crush them with all his strength.

Back on the floor, he asks what challenge his teammates have given themselves to motivate themselves. He accepts. The match will be a real humiliation in favor of Teikō, voluntarily crushing their opponents on a score of 111 to 11 "in order to line up the score". After the match, Kuroko questions Akashi and the others about the reason for humiliating them in this way. They simply replied that the opposing team was too weak. Kuroko then started to question what is victory. After that, Kuroko doesn't attend the basketball club or the trainings anymore. At the graduation, Akashi approached Kuroko and asked him if he found an answer to his question which is "what is victory?", Kuroko still hasn't found his answer.

After the graduation, Akashi and the rest of the Miracle Generation gather in the gym and vow to fight each other to see who is the strongest among them. As Murasakibara mentioned, Kuroko is not part of the Miracle Generation and therefore he will not understand their ideals. Akashi corrected him by saying that even if their ideals are different, Kuroko will certainly participate in their fight.



Akashi's team, Rakuzan won against Tōō in the Inter-High School finals but neither Akashi nor Aomine participated. After Rakuzan won, Akashi said in an interview that it would not have been fun if he had played, because the win would have been certain if he had participated.

Winter Cup Preliminaries

Before Seirin's match against Josei High School, Akashi was seen in his school, Rakuzan. He mysteriously throws some shogis and catches them with a smile. His team didn't have to take part in the preliminaries, since they won the Inter-High School, so they are automatically qualified.

After the preliminaries, just before the tournament, Akashi was seen training at the Rakuzan gym. A teammate throws him a towel to wipe his sweat, and this player starts a conversation with another player about Akashi.

Winter Cup

Akashi makes his first full appearance shortly after the opening ceremony of the Winter Cup. He summons his entire former team and asks them for a meeting. After Aomine, Kise, Midorima and Murasakibara are joined by Kuroko and his comrade Furihata, Akashi arrives late. He greets his former teammates by their respective first names (it is a form of superiority because the norm is to call his comrades by their last name in Japan, so it is a sign of arrogance) but orders Furihata to go away because he wants to talk only to his former teammates. It is then that Kagami arrives, back from the United States, who takes Akashi back on his way of talking to people but is delighted to meet him.

Akashi walks quietly towards Midorima, asking if he can borrow his scissors. Midorima asks why, and Akashi replies that he's thinking of cutting himself some hair. But instead, he walks towards Kagami and tries to stab him with the scissors. Kagami dodges, but Akashi is able to wound him in the cheek. Akashi decides to leave him alone for avoiding his attack but advises him not to challenge him again. Akashi also says that because he always wins, he is always right, and some strands of hair fall on the ground, revealing finally his complete appearance. He then decides to leave, which frustrates Aomine who asks him why he summoned them like that. Akashi reveals that he came to check if his teammates are still motivated by their oath, which is the case, and declared that they will meet again to fight on the floor.

Akashi is a spectator at the opening match between Seirin and Tōō. When Kuroko demonstrates his new technique, Ignite Pass Kai (Vortex Pass), Akashi is surprised and impressed by his new skill that can bend Aomine's wrist. He then attends the duel Aomine vs. Kagami which amazes the spectators. Akashi is nevertheless impressed by the entry in the Zone of Aomine then of the final duel between Aomine and Kagami.

Akashi then attended other matches such as Seirin vs. Yosen and Kaijo vs. Fukuda Sogo. His team won all the matches without even his participation and guided Rakuzan to the semifinals which pitted them against Shūtoku.


Rakuzan versus Shutokū

On the day of the semi-final, Akashi is seen in his uniform next to his team, with three uncrowned Kings. Seeing that Akashi enters the floor at the beginning of the game, his teammates realize that their opponent is tough. Akashi tells them that he has received the approval of the coach.

Takao notices that the team is more relaxed than he thought, that they look normal but Miyaji tells him not to trust appearances. Akashi is only a freshman and yet he has become the captain of an elite team with 3 of the uncrowned kings, talented and proud players. And it's not only the major five who respect him but also the other players and even the fans. A player who commands so much respect cannot be an ordinary person. Before the match starts, Midorima comes to Akashi and tells him that he will win this match. Akashi retorts to him that it is impossible. The game starts and the ball goes to Takao, who quickly passes the ball to Midorima who shoots up at mid-court for a 3-pointer. Midorima repeats to his former captain that he will teach him defeat, as promised. Seijūro looks amused.

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In the first quarter, Akashi does not do anything important. Takao blocks Akashi who tries to pass him using speed, but Takao easily catches him and forces him to make a pass to Nebuya. Takao was expecting overwhelming strength from the Miracle Generation captain, but although he recognizes that he is an accomplished leader, he has a hard time seeing Akashi's superiority over the rest of the Miracle Generation. At the end of the first quarter with a score of 16-16, Midorima tells him to challenge him seriously because without "his eyes", he has no chance to win. Akashi retorts that he doesn't underestimate him, on the contrary. He is not the type to reveal his assets so easily and prefers to advance with extreme caution.

The 2nd quarter started and Midorima was double marked, so the game changed tactics and Miyaji was opposed to Hayama who was going to quickly dominate his opponent and impose pressure on Shutokū. Despite this and the double scoring, Midorima still manages to score and restore Miyaji's morale by stopping a Hayama breakthrough and providing a decisive pass to Miyaji who dunks. The second quarter ends on a score of 39-39 and the half-time begins. Nebuya and Mibuchi complain about the inefficiency of the double-tackle on Midorima and consider scoring it at 3. Akashi answers them that it would be counterproductive and that only one player will be enough to mark Midorima : himself.

Heading to the locker room to make room for the warm-up of the Kaijō and Seirin teams, the other semi-finalists, he crosses paths with Kuroko and Kagami. Greeting his former teammate, Kagami tells him not to ignore him and that he plans to crush him and Kise by looking down on him. Insulted, Akashi puts Kagami down and tells him not to look down on him. He then addresses Kuroko and tells him to be careful if he wants to challenge him because he is the one who discovered his potential and he will understand why when the day comes. Backstage, Murasakibara explains to Himuro that Akashi is the one who discovered Kuroko's talent and that his eyes allow him to perceive the reflexes, breathing and heartbeats of his opponents. It is this ability that makes Akashi exceptional.

The 3rd quarter starts directly with a duel between the aces of each team. Midorima is about to shoot for a 3-pointer but the ball is intercepted by Akashi before the ball reaches the highest point. He then leads an attack but is blocked by Takao who tells him that "he won't pass". Akashi retorts that it's useless for him to pass since "it's his opponents who bow". He performs a crossover and causes an angle break on Takao before telling him that he does not tolerate his opponents looking down on him and telling him to lower his head.

With Akashi seemingly dominating, Rakuzan starts the 4th quarter with a 14 point lead. When Kimura tries to screen Akashi, Akashi easily avoids it, having seen it coming with his wide field of vision. Midorima gets the ball, but can't get into a shooting position because of Akashi's defense. When Midorima gets into a triple threat position and tries to fake Akashi, however, this maneuver is ineffective because Akashi steals the ball from him. He is waited by Miyaji and Kimura to whom he orders to move away. His opponents tell him not to be so arrogant and to stop hoping that they will move away. Akashi then starts to dribble quickly making several crossovers and making the two defenders collapse following an Ankle Break. He is about to shoot but Ōtsubo jumps, forcing Akashi to make an opposite pass with his elbow to Nebuya who scores the basket.

All hope for Shutoku seems lost, but Midorima and Takao eventually find their fighting spirit. Midorima faces Akashi and gets into a shooting position when he doesn't have the ball, shocking Akashi. Kimura and Ōtsubo get on the rebound as Takao makes a pinpoint pass into Midorima's hands that Akashi can just see the ball go into the basket without doing anything. Midorima warns Akashi that the game is not over and that Shutokū is not dead. Akashi smiles and tells him that he agrees with him.

Rakuzan's team is stunned. Midorima defends against Akashi but Akashi orders him to step aside before dropping him too and is about to make a layup but is caught by Midorima who has gotten up. He then makes a pass to Nebuya but the latter is countered by Ōtsubo. Midorima reduces the gap and Rakuzan is under pressure. Akashi is then tagged by Midorima and Takao and ends up scoring in his own basket. He asks for a time-out. He then takes his teammates back and tells them that the game is not over and not to relax because they have a comfortable lead. He tells them that if they lose this game, he promises to leave the team and offer them his eyes in repentance for that basket, which terrifies his teammates. He adds that he knows that this will not happen because he has confidence in them and he knows what they are capable of.

Rakuzan's players regain their confidence and take control of the match again. Akashi reveals to Midorima that from now on, he will not even touch the ball. Midorima retorts to him that it is impossible because this pass is perfect. Takao is then double marked but ends up passing his opponents before making a pass to Midorima. However, this pass is intercepted by Akashi who scores another basket, increasing again the gap to 13 points. He reveals to Midorima and Takao, surprised, that this pass has several defects. The first one is, that as Midorima is left-handed, this pass must come from the left. And second, the Miracle Generation shooter always performs the same sequence of movements. He actually used his Emperor Eye for only one moment, the moment when Takao could not retract his pass. He also reduced the gap between Midorima and Takao by allowing Takao to pass two players, also reducing the gap with Akashi who could therefore take a step ahead of him.

Takao is shocked, thinking that even with that, he had taken into account Akashi's top speed during the 1st half and could never have been able to intercept before realizing that he had slowed down his game on purpose at the beginning of the game, just enough for Midorima not to realize that he was not going full speed. Midorima then realizes that Akashi is a fine strategist and has been in control of the entire game. Akashi compares basketball to shōgi and admits, however, that they will have given him more trouble than he originally thought.

The victory of Rakuzan is now acquired and Akashi reveals to Midorima that it is finished, that he and his team are very strong and that they fought well but that they are not of size before scoring the last basket, ending the game on a 16 points difference. He then concludes the game with the phrase, "Rest up, King of Vets".

Both teams line up and thank the other team for the game. Akashi, like his Rakuzan teammates, does not show satisfaction but a spirit of relief, as if they had cleared a hurdle. Midorima offers a handshake to Akashi and admits that he lost, but Akashi refuses and says that he has to be more ruthless on the field if he really wants to win.

The two teams leave the field while elsewhere, Himuro reflects on the match. However, he notices that Akashi didn't use all his strength, so he wonders what is the real strength of Akashi.

Seirin vs. Kaijō

After a post-game meeting with his team, Akashi finds himself in the audience watching the final quarter of Kaijō vs. Seirin. As he sees Seirin's strength, he recognizes it. He says that Kaijo has a team capable of beating Seirin, but that without Kise, they have little to no chance of winning against them. He also deduces that as it is, the match will be in Seirin's favor if they manage to get 15 points ahead.

Much later, he explains the way Kuroko observes Kise's actions. He says that this is the only way to stop Kise but he has only 2 minutes. When the timer reaches 40 seconds, he tells Mibuchi that the next attack will be Seirin's last chance. He is eager to see what Kuroko has in store. Later, when Kasamatsu takes the lead in the last 4 seconds, Nebuya assumes that Kaijo will be the winner. However, Akashi waits for the result a little longer. After the match which ends in favor of Seirin, Akashi seems to be happy with the result.


During the warm-up, Akashi's teammates, ask him if he will play from the beginning, Akashi confirms that their opponents are strong. Nevertheless, Akashi sees the victory of Rakuzan already guaranteed. Suddenly, a ball rolls to Akashi who throws it in Kuroko's hands who is warming up on the other side of the court. Akashi asks him if he has found the answer to his question, which is "What is the victory? Kuroko answers that he finally found it, which forces Akashi to retort him to show him his basketball. However, Kuroko tells him that it won't be his basketball, but the Seirin basketball. Akashi accepts Kuroko's challenge, showing the more than present motivation of his teammates.

After all the members of each team's major five have been announced on the court, the tip-off is on. Seirin gets the ball and tries to score the first basket, but just as Hyūga was about to score, he is stopped by Mibuchi who prevents Hyūga from scoring. Akashi gets the ball back and passes it to Nebuya who tries to score, but is stopped by Kagami. Seirin gets the ball again and counterattacks. Kagami dribbles towards the basket of Rakuzan when suddenly appears Akashi marking him. Kagami finds his will to win the game and jumps for a dunk, performing a Meteor Jam in front of Akashi, scoring the first basket of the game. Akashi notices that Kagami has entered the Zone.

With Kagami entering the zone, Seirin controls the game with a score of 11 - 2. Shirogane, the coach of Rakuzan, remains confident knowing that it will not be enough to upset Akashi. On the field, Akashi decides to exchange the marking of Kagami by taking the place of Hayama. The attention of the spectators with a duel of champions opposing "the Zone against the Emperor Eye". Although fast, Akashi seems unable to stop Kagami in the Zone who heads into the rack and shoots another Meteor Jam. However, the ball does not enter the hoop and Akashi reveals that he purposely let it go so that he would miss his basket. The audience then realizes that Akashi is not invincible because of the Emperor Eye, it is him who makes this technique invincible.

It's Rakuzan's turn to attack and Kagami gets in Akashi's way. This last one makes then an Ankle Break and makes fall Kagami. During this fall, Akashi tells Kagami not to compare this move with the copy that Kise had made against him in the semi-final. After passing it, he avoids the interception of Izuki and his Eagle Spear by passing the ball to Mibuchi. This last one is finally countered by Mitobe. Akashi realizes that he underestimated this one and promises to be more aggressive.

Now that Kagami is out of the Zone, he passes the ball to Mitobe to score. When it's Akashi's turn to attack, he simply passes the ball to Mayuzumi who scores in turn. When the ball goes out of bounds, Kuroko comes back into the game. Hayama approaches Akashi and asks him for a second chance to score Kagami, saying that he wants to return the favor he owes him. Akashi allows it, and the match continues with Hayama tagging Kagami. The match progresses until Kuroko's pass is intercepted. Akashi reveals to his former teammate that the development of his new techniques such as Vanishing Drive and Phantom Shot, only made him more visible in the match until his Misdirection was completely erased. He chastises Kuroko for this fatal mistake which now renders him useless in the match.

Now that the 1st quarter is over, Akashi has grasped the extent of the Seirin team's abilities. He reveals that the ball will now be able to turn thanks to an offensive tactic that they could not use against Takao and his Falcon Eyes. So he entrusted the attack to Hayama, Mibuchi and Nebuya while he entrusted the passing to Mayuzumi.

The 2nd quarter begins and Mayuzumi reveals his Misdirection, which surprises Kuroko and the Seirin team. Akashi corrects Izuki by telling him that Mayuzumi is better than Kuroko and is therefore the 6th ghost player, new generation. Rakuzan continues to use Mayuzumi's passes to score until Seirin calls a timeout during which they decide to score Mayuzumi by Izuki and Akashi by Furihata. The match continues and Akashi is in possession of the ball before passing Furihata easily, which Seirin wanted. Kagami waits for him behind but he passes him before being caught by him who misses his shot which bounces on the hoop. But Nebuya finishes the work and scores in a dunk.

On a counter-attack, Akashi has the ball but doesn't have the option to pass and so decides to score a 3-pointer while making an Ankle Break on Furihata. He then calls a timeout. During this one, he decides to entrust the attack to Mibuchi who will take care of the 3 points. On the opposite bench, Furihata realizes the immense pressure that Akashi puts on him.

After the time-out, another 1st year of Seirin marks Akashi, which surprises Rakuzan. Akashi gets rid of his marker easily and passes the ball to Mibuchi who goes for a 3-point duel against Hyūga. Rakuzan's play is unmistakable, they clearly dominate the game. They now extend the lead to 17 points with a score of 52-35 in favor of the Emperors. Akashi wants to keep proving and makes a dunk on an alley-oop from Mayuzumi, destroying even more the hopes of Seirin. The first half ends.

In the locker room, Akashi warns his teammates that Seirin is still not defeated and that their 2 pillars are Kagami and Hyūga. So he entrusts Mibuchi to take care of Hyūga while he will take care of Kagami. Back on the floor, Akashi witnesses Hyūga's temporary removal following his 4th foul. He steals the ball from the hands of Kagami who was attempting a crossover and scores another basket. Seirin then calls a timeout during which Kuroko, in tears, loudly cheers to his team that he wants to win this game and returns to the court, to the surprise of everyone. Akashi, perplexed, asks Kuroko about his plans, since he has no tactical advantage now. The former ghost player starts a duel against Mayuzumi, which the latter clearly dominates, surprising the Rakuzan players and even the spectators who do not understand this maneuver. It is only after a few duels and Kuroko suddenly disappears for a moment that the Emperors realize the situation. Letting voluntarily pass a player with better physical qualities than him, Kuroko makes Mayuzumi shine which will allow the ex-ghost player to regain his faculties.

Akashi intercepts a pass between Izuki and Koganei and steals the ball, but is confronted by Kagami who re-enters the Zone. Kagami tags Akashi, but distances himself, displaying a perimeter defense that prevents even the Rakuzan point guard from scoring a 3-pointer. Akashi is affected by Kagami's pressure, but passes the ball to Mayuzumi who uses his Misdirection to pass the ball to Nebuya who scores. The score is 48 to 71, with Rakuzan still in the lead. When Kuroko finally regains his Misdirection at the expense of Mayuzumi who takes his, Rakuzan calls a timeout. The 3 Kings without crowns want to replace Mayuzumi but Akashi does not agree and tells Mayuzumi that he still has a project for him. The match resumes and Akashi faces Kagami and looks away from Mayuzumi before passing the ball without Kagami noticing. Now that Mayuzumi is visible to everyone, Akashi uses his presence on the field to divert Kagami's gaze on him and thus take advantage of a moment of inattention.

Marked by Kagami who goes deeper into the Zone, Akashi is forced to relay the attack to the 3 Kings without crowns. But once each of them lost their respective duels, Akashi lost confidence in his teammates and decided to lead the game of Rakuzan by himself in attack as well as in defense, leaving aside Mibuchi and the others. Kagami intercepted again the ball and went to the opposite basket to score a 4th basket in a row with a Meteor Jam. Against all odds, Akashi steals the ball from Kagami's hands and reveals that he has entered the Zone, shocking the other members of the Miracle Generation. The Rakuzan leader then goes for a coast-to-coast, outrunning Kagami who is outplayed but also doing an Ankle Break on Izuki and Hyūga who fall to their knees before feinting to Kuroko and Kiyoshi and scoring a layup before they fall back. Surprised at the turnaround, Seirin calls a timeout where they turn everything over to Kagami.

The game resumes with a vengeance, Kagami tags Akashi, but notices Akashi's perimeter defense, encompassing half the field. He manages to get past Izuki and Hyūga, but is then confronted by Kagami. Akashi uses his Emperor Eye to take down Kagami twice and manages to score afterwards. In the stands, Imayoshi remarks that Akashi is clearly dominating Kagami while the two are in the Zone, in contrast to the duel that Aomine and Kagami offered in Round 1. On the field, Akashi steals the ball from Kagami, but the ball goes out of bounds. Kuroko approaches Kagami and offers to help him because the load is too big for him alone. Kagami accepts, both preparing to face Akashi.

Izuki has the ball and passes it to Kuroko who makes an alley-oop to Kiyoshi while dodging Akashi's perimeter defense. But Akashi still intercepted the ball, preventing his opponent from dunking. He then led a new counter-attack but was double marked by Kagami and Kuroko. Seeing that Kuroko is behind, he thinks that he will never be able to follow their movements and gets rid of Kagami. But he falls nose to nose with Kuroko who manages to steal the ball from him. In fact, Kuroko had guessed where Akashi was going to go just by seeing Kagami going in the opposite direction.

Disturbed for a moment, he comes back in defense to mark Kagami but the ball is stolen from Kagami's hands by Kuroko who makes an alley-oop with him. Akashi tries to block Kagami's dunk but can't do anything to prevent it, showing that the bond of the 2 Seirin teammates is superior to his strength alone. The Captain of the Miracle Generation is tasting for the first time the defeat and is totally overwhelmed by the incomprehension. He is also out of the Zone.

With Akashi not being able to concentrate anymore in the match, it is now Seirin who imposes the rhythm and who is going to reduce the gap in a short time. Akashi is going to link bad passes, to come back late in defense and will be even unable to lead his team correctly. With Seirin being 2 points behind Rakuzan, the coach asks for a timeout.

Coach Shirogane seems to be worried about the psychological damage that Kuroko and Kagami caused to Akashi after defeating his secret boot. Mayuzumi expresses his complaints and asks who he is. From the bottom of his consciousness, Akashi reflects on the past and how he became who he was. He then meets in his subconscious his original personality who tells him that he will take over the game because the other Akashi can't anymore and that he is his weakness. Coming back to himself, he turns to Mayuzumi and replies that it is frustrating to wonder who he is. He simply replies that he is of course Seijūro Akashi with a smile. The Rakuzan players are still worried and shocked at his sudden change as he apologizes for his mistakes and asks the other 4 to lend him their abilities once again.

Seijūrō Akashi | Kuroko no Basket Shop

After the time-out, Akashi finally comes back with confidence with a brand new aura that scares Kagami. He manages to pass this last one and being in front of Kuroko, he greets him, telling him that it was a long time ago and then makes a pass to Mibuchi. This last one scores a 3 points and takes pleasure to score, being even shocked that Akashi compliments him whereas his pass was perfect. Rakuzan's team takes back the control of the game thanks to Akashi's perfect passes which motivate his teammates. Kagami is forced to notice that Akashi is the perfect leader but is perplexed because the other members of the Miracle Generation seem to him more formidable at this level.

Turning to face Seirin, Akashi reveals that he has entered the Zone again. When Kagami tells him that the serious things begin, Akashi says to him that it will be more like before because he does not have anything more to reveal. On the other hand, it is not the case of his teammates. His teammates also enter the Zone, shocking Seirin but also the public. Akashi's potential and his perfect passes have raised the level of Rakuzan's players, almost to the level of the Zone.

This is Seirin's counterattack, Hyūga has the ball but it is marked by Mibuchi who exerts great pressure. Hyūga decides to pass to Izuki, but his pass is intercepted by Hayama and loses the ball. Hayama advances to Seirin's basket but is blocked by Kagami. Hayama tries to pass it with his Lightning Dribble - level 5 but is forced to give the ball back to Akashi who passes it to Mayuzumi who makes an alley-oop for Nebuya who dunks on Kagami, helpless in front of this combination.

The players of Seirin are exhausted. They are finally forced to resort to a foul to prevent Hayama from extending their lead further. Running out of timeouts, Seirin is forced to go for the win because an overtime would be at their disadvantage because of Rakuzan's stronger reserves. But the situation is at its worst for the team which starts to lose hope. Then Ogiwara, Kuroko's childhood friend, starts to encourage him and the Seirin team not to give up. But it's not only him but also Aomine, Kise, Midorima and the rest of the audience who encourage Seirin, which gives them a big moral boost. Akashi is happy that the match is not over yet and the game starts again.

Rakuzan attacks again but feels that Seirin players have changed and become more reactive than before in defense. Mibuchi is forced to pass and Hayama is countered his double-clutch.

Rakuzan is on the defensive, but Akashi notices that the Seirin players are perfectly synchronized with Kagami. On the sidelines, Aomine laughs in realization of the true shape of the area, which Akashi realizes after him. Akashi realizes what the real Zone is, Kagami opens the second door and passes Akashi very quickly with the Direct Drive Zone.

Because of the opening of the second Zone door, Seirin manages the pressure that Rakuzan does and scores successive points. However, during Rakuzan's counter-attack Akashi gets the ball back and uses his Ankle Break to take down Kagami and score two points for his team.

He then tells Seirin that the winners of this match will be Rakuzan and that they are a hundred years too early to beat them. The audience cheers but Seirin has only 41 seconds to make up the seven point difference between them and Rakuzan. During Seirin's counterattack, Rakuzan moves to the defensive end. Their pressure is so great that Seirin has trouble passing the ball. Izuki has the ball and wants to pass it to Kagami but he is marked by a pairing: Hayama and Mayuzumi. Instead, Izuki passes it to Kiyoshi who passes to Hyūga. Akashi warns Mayuzumi that he notices Kuroko is not scoring. Kuroko receives the ball and makes a lateral pass to pass the ball to Kagami who scores a three-pointer.

The gap between the two teams has decreased, the current score is 101 - 105. Rakuzan is on the attack, they are unperturbed with Seirin's defense. Mibuchi passes the ball to Nebuya, Izuki intercepts the pass with his eagle eye and steals the ball to make their last attack. Izuki tries to pass to Kagami again but he is again marked by a double marking: Akashi and Mayuzumi. Izuki passes to Hyūga who copies Mibuchi's shot, "Earth" and jumps after Mibuchi jumps himself, causing Mibuchi to foul. Mibuchi apologizes to his team but Akashi tells him to focus on the rebound instead of apologizing.

The players get into position for the free throw, Hyūga shoots but misses the shot (on purpose), Kiyoshi gets the rebound. Kiyoshi then passes the ball to Kuroko who catches it and prepares to shoot. Akashi, however, jumps up and tries to block it, also telling him that this is the end. Kuroko tells him that he is a shadow. Kuroko pushes the ball towards the basket, it is in fact an alley-oop with Kagami, this one dunks then the buzzer starts to ring, marking the end of the game. Seirin is the winner of the game with the score of 106-105.

Akashi and his team are in shock after their defeat. Akashi finally learns the meaning of the defeat and describes it as a huge pain in his chest. However, because of this pain, he can really enjoy playing basketball, he is also happy to have met Kuroko. Akashi approaches Kuroko while shedding tears. He extends his hand for a handshake. Akashi congratulates Kuroko and Seirin for their victory, he then adds that next time, Rakuzan will win. Kuroko accepts Akashi's challenge and promises to play against him another time. The closing ceremony begins and Seirin gets his trophy.

A few weeks after the Winter Cup, Kuroko receives a picture of Momoi which was taken for his birthday. The picture shows Akashi with the rest of his Teiko teammates playing street basketball. It shows that the bond between them has been renewed, as they are playing together again.

Street basketball

Akashi saw the match of Team Jabberwock vs Team Strky on TV. He noticed the complete humiliation of Team Strky, he was left speechless. He and the other members of the Miracle Generation accompanied by Kuroko and Kagami, were called by Kagetora Aida to play a revenge match against the Jabberwock team. After meeting, he expresses his joy to play with his former teammates and insists that they forget their rivalries between them from the Interhigh and Winter Cup.

Before the team starts their training, Kagetora introduces Momoi and Riko as manager and assistant manager in the team, but also the substitutes who are Hyūga from Seirin, Takao from Shutoku and Wakamatsu from Too. When Akashi notices Hyūga's discomfort, he approaches Hyūga in an attempt to calm him down, however, the act has the opposite effect. After the introductions, all the players begin their training.

After the training, Momoi informs the team about the statistics and abilities of the Jabberwock team. She first informs them about Silver and his massive strength, speed and jumping power, exceeding those of Kagami, Aomine and Murasakibara. After Silver, Momoi tells them that Gold's abilities have not been revealed yet. Akashi tells everyone that he will mark Gold from the beginning because he has abilities that can counter his own, so it will be a difficult match. Kise and Aomine are surprised by this.

After the briefing, the team is motivated to continue their training. After six days, their synchronization has improved, however, it is still not perfect, which leaves Riko and Akashi perplexed. As an apology, Kagetora himself says that he will pay the expenses of the Jabberwock team to leave, Kise and Kagami notice that Kuroko is not present anymore, probably because he followed Kagetora.

Akashi and the rest of the team run to bring help to Kuroko, each expressing their amazement at Kuroko's disappearing actions. When Akashi and the rest of the members arrive, they witness Gold's mockery of Kuroko, which almost gets them into a fight. However, before that happens, Akashi tells everyone that they will settle this on the field, something that Kuroko fully agrees to. Akashi and his team leave the Jabberwock team with a warning that they will be the losers.

On the day of the match, the Miracle Generation are chosen to be the starting members, the match begins with Murasakibara being present for the Tip-off, he manages to get the ball and pass it to Akashi who passes it to Aomine who scores the first points of the match, making the Vorpal Swords team in the lead.


Akashi possesses exceptional skills. As captain of the Teikō team, he led the team to consecutive wins and the group would later be known as the Miracle Generation. At Rakuzan, he became the captain of the basketball team when he was just a rookie. Miyaji remarked that it is rare for a freshman to take the captaincy and even more so on an elite team with 3 uncrowned kings who have a reputation for being proud players and having a high level of skill. His leadership skills are even highlighted by the coach, Eiji Shirogane, who lets Akashi lead the team during the match. Akashi turns out to be very fast. According to Masaaki Nakatani, the way Akashi plays in the first quarter of Rakuzan vs. Shūtoku is similar to the way one might play shogi, Akashi assesses the situation before he makes his move, indicating that Akashi is a fine tactician.

During the match between them, Takao says that Akashi's excellent level as a playmaker is undeniable. In addition to being an accomplished leader, he has excellent individual skills, due to his intensive training, which also gives him an exceptional physique. Despite his small size, he can dunk on an alley-oop, which impressed Himuro. He is capable of fast dribbling which, with his Emperor Eye, overcomes opposing defenses. He also masters several kinds of passes, such as the reverse elbow pass that can outperform a pivot's defense like Ōtsubo. His reflexes are also incredible and allow him to make quick decisions, such as when he passed the ball to Nebuya when Midorima came back to defend on him. In 1-on-1, Akashi is almost unbeatable. He outplayed Midorima in 1-on-1. He beat Murasakibara in 1-on-1. He also beat Kagami in 1-on-1. Only Nash Gold Jr., the captain and leader of the Jabberwock team, was able to beat Akashi in a duel, making Akashi one of the most talented players in Kuroko's Basket, even surpassing Aomine, the ace of the Miracle Generation. Before the Winter Cup final, he had never lost a game or even failed a play.

Emperor Eye

Revealed during the 3rd quarter of the game between Rakuzan and Shūtoku, Akashi's eyes are able to observe all of his opponent's movements, so they can predict the opponent's next move. According to Murasakibara, his Emperor Eye (天帝の眼, Enperā Ai, the Eyes of the Emperor) can see the smallest details of a person's movements, including their breathing, heart rate, sweat, muscle contractions, etc. Thanks to this, he can time his actions to cancel out the opponent's actions, in order to sabotage all of his tactics. In short, he can "see the future of his opponent's movements".

It was revealed that Akashi's original personality did not master this technique as well as his alternate personality. He could, however, use it to a lesser extent to the point where the glowing ring around the iris was almost never shown and was only shown for a brief moment before disappearing again. This is because the Emperor Eye was the special ability of Akashi's alternate personality and not that of his original personality. In order to use this technique, the second personality had to take the place of the first personality and thus be able to fully utilize this ability.

In the 4th quarter of the Vorpal Swords vs. Jabberwock game, both of Akashi's personalities failed to catch Nash with either of their abilities. Akashi's alternate personality decided to step aside and entrust the full potential of the technique to his original personality. Thus, Akashi finally completed his technique and was finally able to reach the level of Nash and his Belial Eye.

Prediction: The Emperor Eye allows Akashi to predict his opponent's next moves with several seconds of advance. This allows him to intercept the ball more easily or break down the opponent's defense. Before the Emperor Eye was completed, Akashi could only predict the movements of one opponent at a time. Only now that his technique is complete can Akashi predict the movements of all players on the floor.

Wide field of vision: Akashi can easily see openings in defenses, as he shows when he passed the ball despite Takao's marking. Also, similar to Falcon's Eye, Akashi's vision covers his blind spots, allowing him to easily avoid a screen like Kimura's.

Interception: Akashi's eyes allow him to predict his opponent's movements, including feints, and thus intercept the ball before his opponent finishes his action. The most obvious example is when he grabbed the ball from Midorima's hands while Midorima was in a triple threat position, the most basic form in basketball. It is the form that sets up all three attack options: shooting, passing or dribbling. Almost any action a player tries to take will start from this position. Using his Emperor Eye, Akashi can read the opponent's movement and move before the opponent can react. Against Akashi's superb speed and reflexes, the opponent can't even consider passing, dribbling and shooting.

Ankle Break: Akashi can perform the Ankle Break, a special dribble that disrupts the opponent's balance when you crossover and trip him to the ground. This happens when the opponent's center of gravity is on the support foot. With his Emperor Eye, Akashi can guess the exact moment when his opponent will be off balance and dribble him easily. With this technique, he was able to knock down Kagami in the Zone and Zack from the Jabberwock team, who was a defensive specialist.


Like Aomine, Akashi has displayed the ability to voluntarily enter the Zone. He demonstrated this in the 4th quarter of the game between Rakuzan and Seirin. He was able to steal the ball from Kagami who was also in the Zone and about to do a Meteor Jam, coast-to-coast past Kagami twice, bring Izuki and Hyūga to their knees with an Ankle Break before faking out Kiyoshi and Kuroko and scoring in a layup. In this condition, Akashi is faster and more agile than Kagami, while the latter was competing with Aomine. It has also been shown that, like Kagami's Zone, Akashi's Zone also has a defensive perimeter, but even more important than Kagami's, as its perimeter is almost half the court. This is because he combines the Zone with his Emperor Eye, increasing his reflexes. Akashi's trigger for entering the Zone is that he has decided to stop relying on his teammates to win and wants to seize the victory by himself instead.

Perfect-Rhythmed Plays

Akashi has a second talent, the specialty of his original personality. With his unique game vision and the use of the Emperor Eye, Akashi can make incredibly accurate passes, even when standing still, without looking at the ball or even the teammate receiving the pass. This makes his passes nearly impossible to intercept. But the true potential of this ability lies in the fact that Akashi increases the potential of his teammates as he passes to them. Although Akashi's passes appear to be ordinary, they allow his teammates to unconsciously raise their game to create a perfect rhythm.

After awakening his original personality against Seirin in the Winter Cup final, Akashi gradually raised Rakuzan's level of play to the point where his teammates were able to awaken a state approaching the Zone and reach 90% of their maximum potential, where normally ordinary players can only reach 80% of their full potential. This allowed Rakuzan's players to defend themselves against Seirin's Direct Drive Zone.

Against Nash, Akashi didn't have as many passing opportunities and therefore couldn't set a perfect rhythm and raise the level of his teammates. But in theory, Akashi is able to get every one of his Vorpal Swords teammates to the Zone.


Akashi can dribble the ball at such a high speed that it becomes difficult for the defender to follow it with his eyes, making it difficult to intercept. This technique is very similar to the one Nash uses in terms of speed and numerous fakes. Akashi was described by the crowd as a great streetball player when he challenged Nash to a 1-on-1. He also made some streetball based passes, including an elbow pass to Nebuya.


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