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Tetsuya Kuroko

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Tetsuya Kuroko is the main protagonist of the series Kuroko no Basuke. He was the ghost player of Teiko's team and of the miracle generation. He is a passing specialist who mastered the misdirection technique. He joined the basketball team of Seirin High School with the goal of making the team and Kagami the best in Japan.

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Kuroko looks fragile and he is quite small for a basketball player, so he is usually considered as someone who doesn't have much presence, if any. He has light blue hair with streaks that go to the left. His eyes are the same blue, and he has a rather blank look. His skin is quite pale. He is wearing a white, black and red jersey, the uniform of Seirin High School. He wears a jersey with the number 11 and sometimes black bands on his wrists. His basketball shoes are white with a blue stripe.

When he is at school, he wears his school uniform: the jacket is black with long sleeves and has blue buttons from the chin to the bottom of the jacket. There is blue on the sleeves. He is also wearing black pants. It has been noted that his face when he wakes up is quite atrocious.


Kuroko has a rather impassive and direct personality. He is very hard working and always tries to satisfy the needs of the team before his own. He is quite dark and imperceptible, a trait that goes well with his Misdirection. He also displayed a lot of respect towards other passionate basketball players and he thinks that all senpai have pride, and kōhais should have respect . Despite his initial personality type, Kuroko becomes extremely angry when his teammates are threatened and already injured by nauseating methods by Kirisaki Daichi High School. His aura changes so drastically that even Kagami gets scared when he sees him like this. When Kuroko gets angry, it becomes very difficult to beat him, he is filled by a fighting spirit. Also, when the situation gets worse, he seems to be quite talkative.

He metaphorically called himself the "shadow", which means that he plays for someone else, and he becomes stronger when his "light" is strong. His "light" is the player he supports in a basketball game. During his years at Teiko, his "light" was Aomine, and now his light is Kagami. Outside of sports, despite his imperceptible personality, Kuroko is very courteous when talking to girls. Among his friends, Kagami, Aomine and Kise are really shocked to see how easy it is for Kuroko to cheer up Momoi. Kuroko also teaches Kagami that he should treat girls with more delicacy.

Overall, he is a very calm person. There are times when he uses his misdirection ability to run away, and also when he is late for a reason, but he claims to have always been there from the beginning (until Kagami points out the sweat on his forehead, indicating that he was actually late and that he had run all the way to school). Although initially cold towards his teammates, he gradually became closer to them and started to express himself more openly. It has been shown that he has a soft spot for cute animals, such as kittens and dogs (Tetsuya # 2) .




In 5th grade, Kuroko saw a basketball game on TV and became interested in the sport. He started playing basketball at a nearby court because there were no teams he could join. There, he befriended a local boy, who was later revealed to be Shigehiro Ogiwara, and who taught him basketball. When they parted ways, they promised that they would meet again for a game in college.

On the first day, in April, Kuroko walks in the crowd, with few people to notice him, as usual. He seems determined to join the basketball club. At the gym, Kuroko is surprised to see so many people trying to join the club and it is said that Teiko's basketball team is famous. Sanada, the coach, explains the system of the club, there are actually selections from the third to the first team (the strongest one). Kuroko is obviously aiming for the first team, but he is puzzled when he is placed in the third team, because of his weak overall abilities.

Kuroko stays late after the trainings to continue his efforts. Because of his weak presence, he was not noticed by those who came to watch. There was some rumor that there were suspicious noises in the gym. This lasted until Aomine came to look if the rumor was true and Kuroko introduced himself to him. They became fast friends, even though Aomine was in the first team. They did trainings together and earned each other's respect. Aomine absolutely wants to play with him on the same field and quickly.

Even after a hard and long training, he was still not able to reach neither the second nor the first team and was advised by the coach to leave the team because he was one of the members who got the lowest score, but he is still free to choose about his decision to stay or not.

When Kuroko goes to tell Aomine that he wanted to leave the basketball team, Aomine motivates him to stay, saying that he admires Kuroko's love for basketball. The players of the first team then enter: Akashi Seijuro, Shintaro Midorima and Atsushi Murasakibara (Ryota Kise was not yet part of the team). While Murasakibara did not pay much attention to Kuroko, Akashi noticed his lack of presence and said that Kuroko might be hiding a completely different ability from them. Kuroko finally got a chance to play in a game. It was then that he discovered and developed his misdirection.

He became the ghost player on the team that would later be called the Generation of Miracles. In his second year, he became the personal instructor of Kise, who was still a rookie. At first, Kise was very reluctant about having Kuroko as an instructor, but they became friends when they both helped out in a second team match. While playing, he had the number 15 in Teiko, he also met the manager Satsuki Momoi. She was amazed by Kuroko's playing style and when he gave her his ice cream, she immediately fell in love with him.

Still in his second year, he witnessed the awakening of Aomine. While the rest of the GoM was still above average, Aomine's growth progressed aggressively. As a result, Aomine dominated all players and could not find a rival. He had become too good for his own good and started to slack off. That's when Kuroko tried to find a way to motivate him. For Aomine, it's no fun at all when the opponent is less strong than him. Aomine quickly found out that he destroyed everyone's morale when he started to play seriously. He approached Kuroko and told him that he gave up trying to find a rival, because he himself is his only rival.

In his third year, Kuroko started to see the unpromising changes of the Generation of Miracles and could not do anything about it. In the final, when he was unable to play, he lost the chance to play against Shigehiro Ogiwara his childhood friend. Not wanting his friend to fight against Teiko, he told Akashi to go easy so that he would not lose his ambition to become stronger, Akashi replied that they would show Teiko's real strength. However, it was his friend was beaten by Teiko and so, he lost his will to play basketball and even started to hate him. When he goes to see Ogiwara in his school, Meikō Junior High School, the captain of the team told him that Ogiwara has been transferred. Ogiwara also realized that even though Kuroko also has emotionless eyes, there is still warmth in them. After that, Mochida, the captain gave black bracelet to Kuroko which belonged to Ogiwara and this motivates him not to give up basketball. Ogiwara decides to continue playing basketball. His goal is to make the Miracles generation recognize his basketball by beating them one by one. And that's why he entered Seirin High School.

Introduction in the anime

Kuroko appears at Seirin High School. He walks through the mass of people who are chased by clubs to recruit them, but Kuroko goes unnoticed because he makes himself invisible. He looks for the school's basketball club and fills in an application form, without Riko noticing. Koganei sees the paper later and Riko is surprised that she didn't notice him a player who was on the same team as the Miracle Generation.

Later, Riko uses her analysis ability on everyone in the team. She didn't see Kuroko and is looking for him. Riko decides to declare him absent and shouts that they will start the training without him. However, Kuroko was standing in front of her and he tells her that he is present. Riko and all the others are shocked to see him standing there, because they had not seen him at all. Riko orders him to take off his shirt so that she can see his statistics, but concludes that he is quite weak compared to the rest of the team.

After the training, Kagami goes to a restaurant, he asks for a lot of hamburgers and he sits on a seat at a random table. By coincidence, Kuroko is sitting at the same table. He notices the amount of food that Kagami took and comments that he is still growing. Kagami didn't notice Kuroko yet and he is surprised to see him. Kagami asks what he is doing and Kuroko answers that he just drank a juice.

They arrive at a small basketball court and Kagami asks what Kuroko is hiding. He tells Kuroko that he went to America to play basketball and that Japan is much weaker than America. He goes on to say that he plays basketball for fun and that he has heard about the Generation of Miracles. He explains to Kuroko that he can smell the opponent to a certain extent . He says that Kuroko should smell the weak, but he can't smell anything. It is as if Kuroko is odorless. He passes the ball to Kuroko and challenges him to a match, to see Kuroko's strength. Kuroko says he is ready. He takes off his jacket and throws it to the side.

They start to play. The match is quickly decided, Kuroko is so weak compared to Kagami. Kuroko tries to shoot, but he misses or he is blocked, he is much slower than Kagami. Kagami thinks by himself that Kuroko's movements are that of an amateur. he yells at Kuroko, saying that he overestimated himself when he thinks that he can win like this. Kuroko denies, saying that Kagami is obviously stronger. Kuroko says that he just wanted to see Kagami's strength. Kagami prepares to leave him, while telling Kuroko that he is weak and he should just stop playing basketball. Kuroko replies that he is different from Kagami and says that he is a shadow.

The next day, the freshmen play against the sophomores in a practice match. Kuroko again proved to be weak and he recovered the stolen ball several times. When the second year decide to be serious and in one shot they make 16 points ahead, Kagami gets angry, only for Kuroko to calm him down. Riko Aida thinks by herself that she has completely forgotten Kuroko. The game restarts and Kuroko asks Hiroshi Fukuda for the ball. Fukuda passes the ball and Kuroko immediately redirects the ball to Kōki Furihata , who was under the basket .

Kuroko continues with his invisible passes , leading to the victory of the freshmen . The other players were amazed about Kuroko's ability and Riko is able to analyze it. Kuroko wins the attention of Kagami. The first years were still one point behind the second years and when Kuroko steals a ball from the second year, Kagami angrily appears behind Kuroko and dunks the ball marking their first victory. That night, Kuroko and Kagami meet again at Maji Burger, with Kagami getting angry because they meet again. Kagami gives Kuroko one of his burgers, telling him that he recognizes him. Kagami asks Kuroko what the strength of the generation is. Kuroko replies that when Kagami would go to fight against them now, he would be beaten immediately. He says that they all went to different schools. Kagami shouts his determination, beating the Miracle generation and Kuroko says that it is unlikely. Yet, Kuroko says that he has found his determination as well. He says that he will make Kagami the strongest in Japan.

The next day, Kuroko asks Riko if he can become an effective member of the club and play in the matches. Just like Kagami, who went to ask the same thing a few moments later, Kuroko receives an application form and an invitation for the test on the roof. Kuroko meets Kagami shortly after, Kuroko appears and scares Kagami, Kagami threatens Kuroko to kill him if he ever does it again.

Kuroko no Basuke/Kuroko no Basket - Les Ailes Immortelles

On Monday, Kuroko and the other first year students go to the roof, where they are expected by Riko. She tells them that they have to be ready for the nationals and that they have to shout their name, the class and their motivations in front of all the students below. Kagami does it without any problem. Kuroko moves to the railing and brings out a megaphone, because he feels that it is difficult to speak to a group of this size without electronic help. Just when he is about to speak, the club is caught by a teacher.

That night, Kuroko sees Kagami again. Kagami says that he will be able to join the team anyway. Kagami moves wondering why he exactly went to Seirin when the members of the Miracle Generations went to elite schools. Kuroko told him that the extreme motto of Junior High School Teiko and that it was the end of teamwork. The next morning, Kuroko wrote "I will make you the number one in Japan" with chalk on the school yard for everyone to see. With that, he officially joined the basketball team of Seirin.

Seirin vs Kaijo

Riko Aida announces a training match against Kaijo High School and she says that they have one of the members of the Miracle Generation, who is Ryota Kise. When Kise enters the stage, they greet each other and say that they haven't seen each other for a while. Kise says that he went to Seirin because he remembered that it was the school that Kuroko joined. He claims that he and Kuroko got along well in Teiko, but Kuroko denies that. When the other players are surprised by Kise's story, Kise says that he and Kuroko were the weakest of the group and that they were bullied by the others, but Kuroko denies it again. Kise is challenged by Kagami and when Kise shows his copy power to Kagami, Kuroko explains his ability further. He is perplexed to see Kise's evolution, even saying that he is a totally different person. Kise asks Kuroko to join his team, but Kuroko refuses outright. He says that he has already promised to defeat the Miracle Generation, but Kise doesn't take him seriously.

On the day of the match, Kaijo seems to underestimate Seirin because they will only use half a field. The other half is for the other members who will not play and they can continue their training, since Kaijo's coach, Coach Genta Takeuchi. Everyone in Seirin is upset. Coach Takeuchi won't let Kise play, Kise asks Seirin to make the coach agree to let him play, and if he doesn't let him play, they won't be able to say that they are going to beat the "Miracle Generation". To do so, Kuroko told Kise that he should warm up, because it won't take long for him to be in the game. At the beginning of the game, Kagami breaks the basket after and Kuroko asks Coach Takeuchi to use the whole court.

It's been only three minutes after the start of the game, but everyone ecxited, which leads to a high-paced game and this takes a disadvantage on the weak body of Kuroko. When Riko calls a time-out, Kuroko confesses to the team about the weakness of his technique. He won't be able to use Misdirection after 40 minutes. The more he uses it, the more their opponents get used to it and its effect gradually decreases. Riko is furious that Kuroko didn't say so before. He apologizes by saying that they didn't ask so he didn't say.

After the time-out, Kaijo puts a gap of 8 points between them and Seirin. But in the second half, Kuroko coordinates with Kagami, passing the ball between them both. In defense, Kuroko suddenly faces Kise. Later, Kise will try to shoot over Kuroko, but is blocked by Kagami. Then, Kise accidentally hits Kuroko in the head, which results in an injury. Kise is stunned by what happened, and could not look at Kuroko's face. With Kuroko resting, the team ofSeirin show their skills. Even though he is injured, Kuroko manages to convince Riko to let him play sometimes during the third time.

With Kuroko back in the game at his level, Seirin manages to close in on Kaijo. The fight for points starts again and with a few seconds left, Kuroko and Kagami want to test one of their techniques. They are waited by Kise under the basket . Kagami passes the ball to Kuroko and he throws him for the alley-oop to win the game .

After the match, they have no money, the team wanted to go to eat something to celebrate the victory, Riko takes them all to a restaurant that serves 4 kg steak that must be finished in 30 minutes or they will have to pay ¥10,000 each if they fail. Everyone except Kuroko and Kagami thinks it's too much, but it seems that Kuroko is just inexpressive, as always he is the first to give up by eating half of it.

While everyone was still inside, Kuroko came out and met Kise. They go to a playground to talk, leaving behind the team. They talk about Midorima, who is also a member of the "Miracle Generation", with Kise saying that he went to see the training match. But what Kise wanted to say is why Kuroko disappeared in last year's school championship match. Kuroko replied that he doesn't know either, but what he does know is that he hated basketball during that time and he highly respects Kagami's attitude towards basketball. Kise doesn't understand and says that one day, when Kagami reaches the level of "Miracle Generation", he will drift away from the team. When Kagami finds them, he argues with Kise. They then notice that Kuroko is protecting some school members from some thugs in a basketball court.

The return of Kiyoshi

Kuroko had his first encounter with Kiyoshi while training in the gym. He shoots, barely and Kiyoshi picks up his ball. He tells

Kuroko that he has seen that everything he can do is progressive, but he likes this style of play and he just lacks experience . Kuroko asks who he is and Kiyoshi gives his name and offers him sweets, to which he declines. He introduces himself as the founder of the basketball club of Seirin. He states his name in Kanji, but Kuroko reacts indifferently.

As Kuroko asks what he is doing here, Kiyoshi explains that he will be released from the hospital in a week and that he came to take a look. He then saw a worried Kuroko and says that it is interesting. He explains why basketball has different positions and says that the sixth player is a specialist. He goes on to say that he has never seen such a specialist like Kuroko, but that the only thing that Kuroko has accomplished so far is intimidation. He asks for Kuroko's ball and he makes a shot of himself, while saying that the only one who decides his limit is Kuroko himself. He concludes that Kuroko should have more faith in his abilities later.

Summer Training Camp

Riko's father, Kagetora, brings to the Seirin team on a beach, all the necessary equipment for training. As soon as the team arrives, they start their training on the sand. This training will help them to improve the skills of each player, something they need the most at this time. As each of them gets stronger and stronger individually, they will eventually join forces for team play. As the team is divided into two separate teams, Kagami tries to bounce the ball on the sand, but fails. Later, when everyone moves into the gym, they realize how easy it is for them to move, which is the result of training on the sand.

The night falls and Seirin stretches in a room. Kuroko helps Kagami to stretch but when Kagami notices that Kuroko was dozing, he asks him about what is occupying his mind, and if it is about his new style. Kuroko answers by saying that he is worried that he has no ideas at the moment. The next day, when Kagami brushes his teeth, he is surprised that Kuroko suddenly appears next to him. Kagami notices Kuroko's hairstyle when he gets up and tells him to fix it. Midorima and Takao walk the corridors to join their group. They both turn around and see Kuroko and Kagami. Kagami asks Midorima what they are doing here, and Kuroko gives them a greeting. Takao then tells them that it is Shotoku's tradition to come to the same training camp to train the new ones every year. The four of them are interrupted by Riko who had blood on her and her kitchen one.

Shūtoku and Seirin organize a training match . Riko tells Kagami to go buy drinks for everyone . As the match starts, Kuroko has a 1-on-1 with Midorima. Kuroko has the ball stolen by Takao who then passes to Midorima to score the basket.

Midorima tells Kuroko that he doesn't want to play ridiculous games with him and Kuroko disagrees with him and tells him that he just wants to become stronger. Midorima tells him that he doesn't know how Kuroko feels after losing against Aomine, and tells him that he already knows his limits. Midorima then tells Kuroko that a man who can't play by himself, can't improve, giving Kuroko a hint of secret to improve.Later in the bath, Midorima and Takao discuss on how Kuroko could improve and they concluded that if there is a way for him to overcome his weakness, he will show a terrifying improvement.

The two teams have another training match which ended with the score of 82-91, for Shūtoku. After the game, Riko prepared some ice cream. This is to help their bodies relax. A little later in the evening, Kagami did a jumping practice with Riko, as for Kuroko, he comes outside looking for Kagami when he sees Takao. Takao told Kuroko to lower his head to hide from Kagami and Midorima. Kuroko and Takao hide behind the bush with Takao holding his laughter and Kuroko watch them. After Kagami and Midorima finished their duel, Midorima was aware that Takao and Kuroko were hiding. He tells Takao that they should go and advises Kuroko not to disappoint him in the Winter Cup Qualifier.

After that, Kuroko and Kagami go for a jog on the beach. Kagami tells Kuroko the reason why he thinks he lost against Midorima is because he can only shoot dunks. Kuroko remembers the advice that Hyūga and Midorima gave him , and suddenly he stops . He then tells Kagami that he may be able to beat the Miracle generation in a battle , but he can't beat them on the court . He then tells Kagami that he has found a way to do more than that. Meanwhile, Takao questions Midorima and asks him why they helped them, saying that in this way, they will be stronger. Midorima replied that this would play in their favor.


Seirin leaves from the training camp , but instead of going home , Riko suggests to go to see the quarterfinal match between Kaijo and Tōō . The team is in a bus and Kuroko passes Midorima's message to Kagami , "I only taught him a lesson because he is so stupid" and also "Don't lose until I beat you" . The team finally arrived, Kagami asked Kuroko who he thought would win, Kuroko said he didn't know. He told Kagami that Aomine was the one who inspired Kise to play basketball, but every time they played 1 on 1, Kise never won.

As the game starts, Kuroko and the rest of the Seirin are spectators. The first quarter ends with the score of 18-13 for Kaijo. Riko comments the way Kaijo completely dominated the first quarter, Kagami adds that Aomine brakes his power. Kiyoshi interrupts them by asking them, "how could they beat Kaijo", Kagami answers that they were lucky. Aomine tends to get stronger as the game continues. As the game continues, Kagami notices that Kuroko is really focused on the game. Later, Kurko notices that Kise has given up admiring Aomine and says that he tries to copy Aomine's style.

Kuroko meets Kise outside while walking Tetsuya # 2 to give him some fresh air. Kise then asks him why he is here, Kuroko answers that he was training nearby and that he came to watch the game. Kise then asks Kuroko who will win between him and Aomine, Kuroko answers that he doesn't know, to the great surprise of Kise. He tells him that as long as he doesn't give up, anything can happen, and that he thinks that neither Kise nor Aomine would give up. Hearing this, Kise told Kuroko that he will do his best, but Kuroko told him that he was sure that he would say "I will definitely win! " . Kise then said that it was natural for them to win, but now that he is not sure, he will not answer that.

The game continues, Kise and Aomine give it their all. Kise makes a free throw , he raises the score to 51-60 , still with Tōō in the lead . As Kise was about to dunk , Aomine stops him leaving Kagami and Kuroko speechless . Finally, the last quarter begins, Aomine marks Kise . As he marks Kise, he notices that Kise's eyes look like Kuroko's. Aomine and Kise continue to fight when finally the buzzer sounds, ending the game with the score of 98-110 . The end of the game surprises Seirin . Kagami noticed that a tall player who is probably 2m tall just passed by him. When Kuroko sees the person, he tells Kagami that he forgot to greet an old friend.

Before the Winter Cup

Kuroko arrives behind the group a little late and announces that he has a dog in a box. He tells them that he found the dog in the park and he couldn't bear to leave it, so he took it to the training. Izuki looks at the dog more closely and asks if the dog reminds them of someone, they realize that the dog looks a lot like Kuroko, so Koga decides to call him Tetsuya #2.

When Kagami confesses his fear for dogs, Kuroko chases him with Tetsuya #2. The club later votes to keep the dog. Kuroko asks with a sad look if Kagami wants to abandon the dog a second time. Riko tells Kuroko that it will be difficult to keep him. Riko agrees and Kuroko takes Tetsuya #2. When they return to the gym, Seirin starts a training and when Kuroko makes a pass, Tetsuya # 2 barks and seems happy.

Finally, Tetsuya # 2 does his business in Kagami's sneakers and Kagami becomes enraged, so he goes to clean them outside. Kuroko approaches him and asks him why he just doesn't accept Tetsuya # 2. He tries to convince Kagami that Tetsuya # 2 is a good dog. They are disturbed by Kawahara, who calls Kuroko.

When Furihata and the other first years suggest to go to the Basketball 5 VS 5 Street Basketball tournament, Kuroko accompanied by Kagami and Kiyoshi go with them, and obviously with Riko's permission. Once they arrive, they talk to their old enemy, Seiho. The third year tells Seirin that since they lost, they won't be able to participate in the Winter Cup, so this is the only opportunity for them to play together once again as a team. The five players from Seiho are soon announced on the court and so they leave Seirin. Seirin stayed behind but when they reached the court, they saw that Seiho was beaten miserably by only one player (and his newly formed team). This player was Tatsuya Himuro , Kagami's brother from the United States. As Kagami and Himuro got together, Kagami told Kuroko about his past with Himuro. As Kuroko hears the story, he tells Kagami that it is his fault, and he tells him that he should not have felt sorry for Himuro.

Seeing Kuroko, Himuro asks him his name and Kuroko introduces himself to him. After hearing Kuroko's name, Himuro tells Kagami that he has found an interesting partner. Surprised, Kagami asks Himuro how he knew that Kuroko was powerful, when Himuro told him that he has an interesting player also in his team, he reacted strangely. Soon after, Kagami and Himuro decided to play their fiftieth decisive game to decide who is the strongest. As soon as the game starts and the ball is thrown in the air, a chocolate bar appears on the ball. Murasakibara seems to stop the game , he had to tell Himuro that they are not allowed to play outside the school as it is the rule of Yōsen .

Murasakibara sees Kuroko and he puts his hand on his head, much to Kuroko's annoyance. Later, they continue the match, however, they are stopped by a heavy rain and are forced to leave the field. Just before that Murasakibara, he pats Kuroko's head once more, when Kuroko removes his hand and asks Murasakibara if he still finds basketball boring, Irritated Murasakibara says that if he asks him again, he will crush him, even if it is Kuroko. Murasakibara and Himuro leave the court promising to meet again at the Winter Cup. Shortly after, Kuroko receives a message from Riko who says that they should go back as soon as possible.

When Kuroko arrives at the gym with the rest of the group, he is greeted by Momoi crying and jumping on him, crushing him. Kuroko asks what the problem is, Momoi saying that Aomine probably hates her. Momoi sits down on a chair surrounded by the Seirin members, right after Kuroko brings her a drink. Momoi is then asked about the results of the Interhigh and the reason why Aomine, Murasakibara and Akashi didn't participate in the final. She told them that because of his injury Aomine was not able to participate, and that since Akashi told Murasakibara not to play, he did not participate. Then when Akashi was questioned, she told everyone that he just said "It would be boring". Which means that the victory would be reached with certainty if he had played. After their discussion, Kuroko decided to walk with Momoi to see her off.

Tetsuya Kuroko | Kuroko no Basket Shop

As Momoi and Kuroko walk together, Momoi notices Kuroko playing with the ball in his hands and tells him that it is unusual for him. Kuroko suggests that they make a detour to show him something. They arrive at a basketball court, Kuroko tells her that he will show her his new move. This way, she can make up with Aomine. Momoi asks if she can tell him about it, Kuroko replies that he has no intention to hide the technique in view of the match against Tōō . Kuroko then goes to show Momoi his new technique. Seeing this new technique , Momoi was shocked to realize that when he perfects this , he could become an unbeatable weapon . Back on the streets , Momoi and Kuroko continue to walk ,Momoi tells Kuroko that she hopes everyone will be able to play together again .

Winter Cup Preliminaries

The preliminaries of the Winter Cup have begun and Seirin has a match against Josei High School in order to qualify. Before the match started, the Josei players recognized Kiyoshi as one of the kings without a crown. Later in the match, Kagami jumped, but just a little too high and he hit the hoop, he fell like a sledgehammer. Fortunately, he made his near the end of the quarter, Kuroko dragged Kagami collapsed by taking his foot with the rest of the team. As the game resumed, Kagami is impatient. Seeing him , Kuroko pulled his bracelet and told him that the Tōō players were among the audience , surely to tell Aomine the results of the match . This however had the opposite effect on Kagami which made him even more impatient to play.

As Kagami fell down after the decisive dunk, allowing Seirin to win the match, Kuroko helped him up. Seirin had won the match, qualifying for the final of the League. Meanwhile, Shutoku also won their match, so he qualified for the League final too. Later, Kuroko asked if Kagami could follow him, to help him with his new dribble. The rest of the Seirin team went home, while Kagami and Kuroko went to a street court to help Kuroko with his drive, Kagami went with him to do a one on one. As they started, Kuroko used his new technique, the Vanishing Drive, he managed to pass Kagami, shocking him. However, the drive was incomplete which resulted in Kuroko leaving the ball behind. While holding the ball, Kagami noticed how worn out it was and he was shocked to find out that this was Kuroko's sixth ball..

League Final

Seirin's first opponent in the final league was Senshinkan High School. A game they won with the score of 78 - 61. The Senshinkan players were surprised to see an overwhelming improvement of Seirin since their last game. Meanwhile, on the court next to Seirin, Shotoku had finished their match against the first year players of Kirisaki Daichi. After winning their two matches, it was time for Seirin to start their match against their next opponent, Shutoku.

The match between Shutoku and Seirin is about to start. The tension between the two teams is high, but the Seirin players believe in their victory. Kuroko, however, tells them the opposite. Telling them that Shutoku is in sight to a fierce revenge and that it won't be easy to beat them. The two teams enter the field, Takao approached Kuroko to tell him that Midorima has no time for him, since he has completely accepted Kagami as his destined rival. The rest of the team thinks the same way. Hearing this, Kuroko told him that it is good to hear. Just before the tip-off begins, Kuroko approaches Kagami and tells him that he lets Midorima duel against him. Kagami replies by saying that he was planning it for a long time.

The match starts, Seirin gets the tip-off, Izuki has the ball, but not for long because Takao steals it. He then passes to Kimura, who then tries to pass to Otsubo. However, he was intercepted by Kuroko who stole the ball . Unfortunately, Midorima got it and tried to shoot. However, he was stopped by Kagami, causing the ball to go out of bounds. Midorima and Kagami continue their endurance match. To see who will run out of stamina first, as Midorima continues to shoot, Kagami continuously jumps to stop him. Takao marks Kuroko using his hawk eye. When Midorima managed to score, Kuroko manages to pass Takao and got under the basket, the ball, he intends to use his Cyclone pass to throw the ball to the other side of the court. Izuki caught the ball and scored the basket for Seirin. Later in the game, Seirin was surprised to see Midorima's teamwork, something he didn't do before. Now that he is cooperating with his teammates, it will be much harder for Seirin to stop him.

Seirin regroup and think about their next plan of action, they decide to replace Kuroko. Kuroko is replaced by Mitobe. When Kuroko sits on the bench, he tells the rest of the team members that he is not worried, and that he believes in everyone. The match goes in favor of Shutoku, everyone notices the changes in Modirima. Takao notices that they are right and that the reason of Midorima's change is that he was changed by Kuroko. Meanwhile, Momoi and Kise are watching the match. Momoi tells Kise that he and Modorima have changed. Kise then tells him that they didn't change by themselves, but the change was made by Kuroko. He tells Momoi that when we play against him, we can see that teamwork is not a sign of weakness, but rather of strength. As Shutoku is in the lead and the match is in their favor, Kise tells Momoi that Shutoku would win if it wasn't for Kuroko. On the bench of Seirin, Kuroko says to Riko that he is ready to use his new dribble, Riko understands and asks for a change of member to let Kuroko play.

The Shutoku players are surprised that Kuroko comes back now in the game but Midorima tells them that Kuroko would not come back without having something in his sleeve. The game starts again, Kuroko is marked by Takao again. Kuroko moves and manages to escape from Takao by using a screen with Kagami. Kuroko gets the ball back and faces Midorima, using his Vanishing Drive to pass him. Kuroko defeats Midorima and passes the ball to Kiyoshi who scores.

Shutoku is surprised by the new technique used by Kuroko. Kuroko gets the ball again from Izuki and dribbles to the basket. Takao tries to stop him, but like Midorima he was defeated by the Vanishing Drive. Kuroko then passes the ball to Hyūga who then has a three-pointer . Shutoku gets the ball but it is stolen by Kuroko again . He passes the ball to Hyūga , who makes another basket . Now the score is tied. Since Kuroko returned to the game , Seirin managed to score 8 points . Kuroko turns to Midorima and says that now they will have to do it again , Midorima replies to Kuroko by saying "interesting" .

The last quarter starts , Izuki passes the ball to Hyūga . Wanting to intercept their pass Miyaji, intervenes but he is however stopped by Kuroko who escaped the marking of Takao. Kuroko passes the ball to Kagami who then dunks the ball. The game continues, Izuki loses the ball which is about to go out of bounds, which will lead to Shutoku's possession. However, Kuroko manages to get the ball back. As Takao tries to stop him, Kuroko uses his Vanishing Drive again and passes Takao, passing the ball to Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi tries to dunk the ball but is stopped by Midorima who fouls him unintentionally which results in two free throws for Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi makes his first shot and ties the score between the two teams. His second shot doesn't go in the ring which gives a rebound battle. Kagami gets the rebound and tries to score, but Midorima went to stop him, both of them fight for the ball. The buzzer means the end of the game, Midorima and Kagami have to drop the ball, so it's a draw. As the game ends, the players decide that they will settle everything at the Winter Cup. Both teams leave the field and the audience applauds them for the wonderful game they played.

Seirin notices that Tetsuya # 2 is absent so everyone goes to look for him. Kuroko finds him, he is with Midorima, Kise and Momoi who faints when she sees Kuroko. Midorima tells Kuroko that they will play again at the Winter Cup, then they leave each other. Kise carries Momoi collapsed, they parted. Later, as they walk towards home , Kagami asks Hyūga what's going on with Kiyoshi , after hearing their conversation earlier . Hyūga then tells Kagami and Kuroko , the team's past and how the Seirin club was created.

Seirin's third match is coming up soon , their next opponent, Kirisaki Daīchi, is the team that injured Kiyoshi in the past. During the warm-up, Kuroko and Kagami conveyed their resolution to the opposing team, telling them that they will not lose. Hanamiya recognizes the freshman duo and tells them to watch out for themselves, hoping that nothing bad happens during the match. As the tip-off begins, Izuki gets the ball and passes it to Hyūga who then passes to Kuroko who uses his dribble in order to pass Yamazaki. After passing him, Kuroko passes the ball to Kiyoshi who scores a dunk. Seirin has a starting advantage. Seeing the technique for the first time, Momoi warns Aomine who is surprised. The game continues, Kirisaki Daichi uses their rough style of play to score baskets. Kiyoshi is stopped, because of injuries. Kagami having reached his limit, is about to hit one of the opposing players, he is stopped by Kuroko who grabs him by his feet and makes him fall. Kuroko then tells him that the thing they should do for their seniors is not fighting, but winning by using basketball. Kagami accepts and apologizes to everyone.

The game continues, Kiyoshi becomes more and more bruised. Despite that, he wants to stay on the court to protect Seirin, the reason why he came back. Kuroko asks Hanamiya if he really likes to play basketball this way. Hanamiya answers by telling him that he doesn't do it voluntarily, that there is no other way to beat the other powerful schools. Hanamiya then sticks his tongue out and tells Kuroko that he enjoys seeing others suffer and that it is nice to break the dreams and hopes of others. Kuroko and the rest of the Seirin members go to their locker room, they are furious by what Hanamiya said. Kagami notices that Kuroko is furious, something he hasn't seen before. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Aomine warns Hanamiya that he will lose because he pissed Kuroko off.

Kuroko uses his Vanishing Drive again. This time, Hara and Yamazaki try to stop it, but they failed. Kuroko passes them and passes the ball to Kagami who dunks . Kuroko is replaced by Koganei and takes his place . Later, when Hanamiya uses his spider web to prevent Seirin from scoring , Kuroko came back with an idea to free himself from the spider web . Izuki makes a pass which is about to be stolen by Hanamiya.

However, Kuroko changes the course of the pass resulting that Hanamiya can't steal the ball. Seirin finally scored his first point since Kuroko left the bench. Aomine comments that the players know where Kuroko is going to pass because they have confidence in him. It is time to replace Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi refuses but Kuroko tells him that he is like a big brother in protecting them and that he wishes for him to protect them but for the future too. Finally, after convincing Kiyoshi, the Seirin team has to finish the match.

The match continues, Izuki passes the ball to Kuroko who prevents Kirisaki Daichi from stealing the ball, and passes to Hyūga who shoots but misses his shot. Later, Kuroko passes the ball again to Hyūga who finally manages to score the basket . Imayoshi comments that with Kuroko and Hyūga , Seirin has finally completely broken Hanamiya's web . While the match goes in Seirin's favor, the players Kirisaki Daichi note that it was Kuroko who changed the course of the match. Frustrated, Hanamiya uses a screen to get rid of his marker and faces Kuroko in a 1 on 1 battle. He tells Kuroko that it's all his fault that they are losing, so he tries to hurt Kuroko. Kuroko avoids Hanamiya's move and goes past him. Hanamiya continues to score by using his shot.

As the basket is counted, he tells Seirin that he doesn't need to use dirty tricks to win. Irritated, Kuroko tells him to stop messing around, he prepares to throw an Ignite pass. Kuroko passes the ball, he also tells Hanamiya, that he chose to play because he thought that the basketball of the Miracle generation was bad. Kuroko then throws the ball to Kagami who catches it and scores. The buzzer sounds to end the game. Seirin won with the score of 76-70, qualifying for the Winter Cup. Meanwhile, Shutoku also won their game, they qualify for the Winter Cup.

Kiyoshi tells everyone that this year's Winter Cup is special because all the members of the Miracle Generation and the ghost player are participating. Meanwhile, Kuroko was playing on a street court outside the building. Kagami arrives and asks him if he is excited about the Winter Cup. Kuroko answers that he doesn't know, but his hands are shivering and he can't stay still. Kagami then tells him that this is what it means, a shiver of excitement. The two then do a one on one battle until they are interrupted by Hyūga and the other members of Seirin. The team is ready to go to the Winter Cup.

Training camp for the Winter Cup

Although Kuroko is extremely fragile, quite weak and hopelessly slow, Kuroko's talents allow him to play a central role in any team. Possessing a keen eye in addition to his ability to blend into any environment invisibly, Kuroko can pass the ball to his teammates. His invisibility makes him very vulnerable. Also, his skill is not effective indefinitely. If he is left in the game for too long, opponents get used to his tactics, his misdirection, as such, he must be placed on the bench at various times in a game to prevent this.

He plays mainly in the SF position, but in the recent chapters, in his statistics, the question mark is put on his position. This is because Kuroko is difficult to place in any of the five basketball positions, his role in the team does not apply to any of them.


Kuroko is naturally hard to notice, so he developed a game technique using this "invisibility". He pretends that another player is receiving the ball and not him. Moreover, he tries as much as possible not to show his emotions in order to reduce his already weak presence. He causes the opponents to focus their attention on someone else and then he takes action. When the opponent can't see him, it's much easier to steal the ball. Misdirection is a technique that deceives the opponent's senses. Kuroko uses his misdirection according to his teammates. He has to make eye contact with the passer while doing Misdirection and he passes the ball to other players of his team. This also marks the key to Kuroko's technique. The player who scores it must simply stop looking at Kuroko, and look at the player who is closest to him. So far, the only person able to do this is Imayoshi. Not only that, but the new skills he learned like "Vanishing Drive" and "Phantom Shot" made his "lack of presence" disappear. This is simply because these skills require a catch, the crowd started to notice him for this reason. This is the main reason why Akashi did not teach him to shoot.

Invisible passages

After his Misdirection, Kuroko uses himself as a relay for passing and directing the ball to another player by simple touch. He receives the ball from another player and immediately changes his course to a free player. This pass is very difficult to predict.

The true form of this pass, according to Midorima, allows to change the direction of the ball without touching the ball for a long time. This is the only type of pass that works well with its Misdirection because it has minimal contact with the ball.

Ignite pass

In continuation of his pass, Kuroko can also move the ball even faster. He only does this if his pass can be intercepted at a certain point. When he receives the ball, he hits directly to a free player. In this way, the force will increase considerably and the ball will go much faster.

But since this pass is very powerful, only certain players can catch it successfully, in middle school, only the Miracle Generation was able to receive this pass. In Seirin, Kuroko only passes this way to Kagami and occasionally to Teppei Kiyoshi. After their summer training, according to Riko, all the second years are now able to receive it but it is painful for them as Hyuga said. Kiyoshi also said that the first time he received this pass in the street basketball tournament he could catch it, but only once .

Vortex Pass

This is a new version. Instead of just pushing the ball with the palm of his hand, he also puts a pretty strong spin on the ball. He turns his arm and wrist in a circle and creates a rotation around the ball. By doing this, like a gun, Kuroko puts more acceleration and power behind the pass by transferring the rotation from his arm to the ball. The ball is so strong that it can even beat the ace of the generation, Aomine. He learned it during the winter training camp, under the training Kagetora.

Cyclone pass

When the opponents score, Kuroko takes the ball, turns very fast and releases the ball to fly over the whole field. The pass is very fast and powerful, and flies in a straight line from the beginning to the end of the field, which is perfect for winning returns. He showed this first pass in the match against Shutoku, in a return with Kagami against Midorima .

Vanishing Drive

After being beaten by Aomine, Kuroko practiced to change his playing style. Given the absolute presence and importance of the ball in play, he had already been thinking about maintaining his misdirection while holding the ball. He overcame this, and developed the ability to move imperceptibly past players while dribbling with the ball, in order to create his own dribble. The ability is effective enough to get through the defense of Shintarō Midorima, a member of the Miracle Generation, and he can also get past Takao and his eagle eye . Kazuya Hara hypothesized that Kuroko uses eye blinks to bypass the defense, but this has been proven wrong.

The real explanation of this skill was given by Midorima, in the second game of Seirin Too. The skill is basically a diagonal movement where the opponent's eye field cannot see it. Kuroko bends over at a specific angle following a specific route, which the opponent has great difficulty in following. But the real Vanishing Drive is a collaboration with Kagami. Similar to Kuroko's Misdirection, Kagami draws the opponent's attention to him, uste a second, which makes it possible for Kuroko to pass his opponent successfully. The only one to date to have beaten this, is Daiki Aomine. He retaliated and stole the ball by closing his eyes, which prevents Aomine from focusing on Kagami. Due to his two mutual understanding in basketball, and following Kuroko's breath, Aomine managed to crush this technique.

Misdirection Overflow

A skill that Kuroko developed after completing his vanishing drive. He realized that if he can activate his Misdirection regularly and divert attention away from himself, the opposite is also true. This is demonstrated when his Misdirection is depleted and his presence on the field begins to be felt. The sudden appearance of a tenth player will draw the attention of the other players. By deliberately executing his Misdirection, he gives his teammates the ability of vanishing drive. The effects are clear: Kuroko has exhausted his movements, but his teammates can now use it to move freely.

There is however also a serious drawback to using this technique. The first is that it should only be used at the end of the match. It is the same with its regular Misdirection, it can not deceive its opponents for too long. The second is that while he uses this ability, he also shows the secret behind it. In other words, his Misdirection would be seen so revenge is not possible.

Phantom Shot

Since Kuroko is no longer such a threat now that the data of his inability to shoot is known among the team of Yōsen High School.It is for this reason that Kuroko started a training to learn to shoot, but he is struggling. Kuroko asked Aomine to train him to shoot, he told him that while normal players pass with the palm of their hands, Kuroko passes like a normal player by pushing, with his wrist and fingers. In his shooting, he tries to do the same thing, but a pass and a shot are totally different, so Kuroko has difficulty in evaluating the distance of the hoop.

For this reason, Aomine pushed Kuroko to learn a new shot from himself, the Phantom Shot. The secret is to use the palm of his hand to push the ball forward, even if it will spoil the posture of his shot. Also, because of the shooting position, the ball is different from a usual shot. Instead of shooting the ball above the head, Kuroko's shot starts from the chest. The opponent naturally looks weaker because of the position of the ball, so his view is limited. The first use of this shot, is when Kuroko made the first basket against Murasakibara, the greatest player in all of Japan ,he thus scored the first point against Yōsen in the whole tournament . Kuroko used his shot in the whole game against Yōsen and Murasakibara could not block them. However, as Akashi explained, if he continues to use this move, it increases his presence, causing him to be looked at by the crowd.

The secret to stop this shot, is to back up and keep a distance in front of Kuroko. This way, the field of vision will not be limited downwards and the bullet is visible. Kasamatsu was the first to understand this, after which he blocked Kuroko's shot.

Pseudo-Emperor Eye

To use his Misdirection, Kuroko needs to analyze and predict the movements of his opponents. This allows him to observe the behavior and habits of others. Kuroko acquired his version of the Emperor Eye through the deep trust and bonding he had with his teammates and through his observation skills. His Emperor Eye cannot predict the movements of his opponents, but rather his teammates.

Kuroko's Emperor Eye is different from Akashi's in the sense that Kuroko can't predict the movements of his opponents (while Akashi can). However, Kuroko's Emperor Eye can predict the future further than Akashi's because of the strong connection and trust shared between him and his teammates, which makes him faster than Akashi.

Alley-oop of Kuroko and Kagami

A move that Kuroko and Kagami often perform. One of the opponents tries to pass, but Kuroko intercepts the ball. He throws the ball on the floor towards the basket. Kagami jumps high, catches the ball and dunks. They first showed this in the game against Shinkyō Academy and in the matchup against Seihō High School.


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