TOP 5 des personnages les plus intelligents dans Naruto !

TOP 5 most intelligent characters in Naruto!

The shinobi world of Naruto is full of ninjas with unique skills. Often, a ninja's Jutsu and techniques are inherited directly from his clan through family secrets or Kekkei Genkai. Other assets, however, are earned rather than inherited.

In hidden villages, knowledge is gained through learning and experience. Unlike Shikaku, Shikamaru and Shikadai, most ninjas are not born geniuses. Many shinobi and kunoichi have to work hard to train their minds and perfect their skills. Some ninjas stand out among their peers and have shown their intelligence on several occasions.

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5/ Shikaku

Konoha relies on the Nara clan for its strategic expertise. Shikaku Nara is not only the leader of the Nara clan, but he is also the Jonin Commander of Leaf Village. Fans become familiar with the Nara clan's shadow possession Kekkei Genkai through Shikamaru, but they are able to see the full potential of the technique when Shikaku joins the fight against Orochimaru's attack during the Chunin exams.

In addition to being an incredible Jonin and an even better father, Shikaku plays a central role during the Fourth Great Ninja War as the chief strategist of the allied Shinobi forces. He helps lead the BSO to victory and ultimately gave his life alongside Inoichi.

4/ Itachi

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Itachi is arguably the most advanced ninja Hidden Leaf Village has ever seen. Itachi was a child prodigy and graduated from the Ninja Academy when he was only 7 years old, after being enrolled for less than a year. Itachi continued to show his academic prowess by passing the Chunin exams at age 10 and becoming the youngest member to join the elite Anbu Black Ops.

Itachi's brilliance is not limited to academia, however, his natural fighting ability is exemplified by his mastery of the Sharingan and its many uses. His genjutusu is unparalleled and his clever tactics consistently ensure his victory in multiple battles. Itachi's genius intellect allows him to infiltrate the Akatsuki and work as a double agent for the Hidden Leaf Village. His noble and tragic sacrifice ensures the peace of his home village.

3/ Shikamaru

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Despite his lazy personality, Shikamaru Nara is a genius. His academic aptitude comes naturally to him and the extent of his intelligence is shown as soon as the Chunin exams. His strategic genius is highlighted during his fight against Kin and Temari. While his Shadow Possession Jutsu is powerful, his impressive battle plans increase his success.

Shikamaru is also one of the three students at the academy smart enough to break free from the sleeping Jutsu, although he chose to pretend to be asleep to avoid engaging in battle. Shikamaru's propensity for leadership and quick thinking led him to lead his first team as an academy student during Sasuke's recovery arc and allowed him to lead the Allied Shinobi Forced as chief strategist during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

2/ Orochimaru

Like his compatriot Sanin, Orochimaru became a formidable force under the tutelage of the Third Hokage. Orochimaru eventually leaves the village of the hidden leaf and demonstrates his mastery of several Jutsu in his vile quest to become immortal. Orochimaru experiments on several people, including children, to test the cursed seal he is developing in order to create the perfect vessel.

His despicable actions allow him to conduct countless inhumane experiments that result in his vast knowledge of Jutsu and DNA. His intelligence combined with his manipulative nature helps him establish the Sound Village, organize a vicious attack on Konoha with the help of the Sand Village, use Edo Tensei to resurrect the first and second Hokage and master the Snake Sage mode.

1/ Madara

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Madara Uchiha is one of Naruto's most fearsome shinobi. Madara co-founded The Hidden Leaf Village alongside Hashirama Senju, but their differing ideals lead to an epic battle that apparently leaves Madara dead. However, Madara cleverly fakes his own death and uses Hashirama's cells to heal his body and maintain his life. After meeting and treating Obito Uchiwa, Madara ensures that the impressionable young man will carry out his plans after his death.

Madara's ingenuity and intellect ensure his resurrection through careful planning and impressive foresight. While his legendary Susanoo, mastery of the Rinnegan, control of Black Zetsu, and transformation into Ten-Tails Jinchūriki are examples of his boundless strength, they also confirm his genius as his achievements and mastery of complex Jutsu require acuity.


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