TOP 5 personnages les plus forts dans Blue Lock !

TOP 5 strongest characters in Blue Lock!

From Chigiri to Isagi and Shidou, Blue Lock features many talented, ruthless and brilliant footballers on the field.

Blue Lock combines the excitement of sports anime with the high-stakes adrenaline rush of death matches. Rather than focusing on the power of teamwork, Blue Lock forces its characters to become raging individualists with massive egos to prove they deserve a spot on the Japanese national team.

Some of the characters in Blue Lock are natural prodigies, but others have grown stronger during their time in the program. Each player has a unique relationship with the sport, and not all participants are gifted strikers. Yet they are strong enough to play multiple positions on the field. Some, however, are objectively stronger than others.

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5/ Nagi

Nagi stepped in and proved to embody Jinpachi's vision of an ideal striker during his time at Blue Lock. Nagi understands that, although it is traditionally a team sport, every great soccer team needs someone who can steal the show and score goals.

As a creative midfielder, Nagi designs and communicates new plays to his team. He is a prodigy with refined techniques and a genuine understanding of the fundamentals of soccer. Nagi is particularly adept at trapping the ball and devising techniques to keep it away from his opponents. He also rarely misses a shot and always aims with flawless accuracy.

4/ Bachira


Bachira's playing style is just as eccentric as his personality. He claims he has a "monster" inside him, referring to the repressed childhood trauma that motivates him during games. Bachira's style of play is to deceive his opponents with spontaneous dribbling, which prevents the average player from stealing the ball.

Bachira has also mastered having an ego on the court as he adamantly refuses to pass the ball to anyone else, even if it is in his best interest to do so. In the game against Japan U-20, Bachira drilled his own teammates over the other team's superior defense.

3/ Isagi

Figurine isagi

Isagi had a rough start at Blue Lock. He cost his high school team a spot in the national competition because he made the fatal mistake of passing rather than shooting. However, Isagi overcame that in the Blue Lock program and became one of the fiercest players in the series with one of the biggest egos.

Isiagi's intuition and metavision are the key elements of his playing style. He is an adaptable player who can change course on a whim based on visualizing the potential outcome of a play. Isagi's impressive spatial awareness also gives him the advantage of knowing exactly where his opponent's blind spots are and how to exploit them.

2/ Sae

Sae Itoshi is one of Blue Lock's most intimidating offensive players. Like his personality, Sae's style of play is icy and hard to outsmart. As such, it works surprisingly well with Shidou's fiery on-court tactics. Sae has earned a solid reputation throughout his soccer career for his arrogance and narrow vision to become the greatest striker in the world.

Although his reputation precedes him, Sae embodies the principles of Blue Lock as he is a selfish player with the skills to back up his arrogant attitude. Sae's offensive style is precise, fast and undeniably powerful. He can manipulate the angle, speed, and intensity of a kick to ensure total precision.

1/ Rin

Yoichi Isagi

Rin Itoshi is one of Blue Lock's most intimidating competitors. Arrogant and living in his brother's shadow, Rin is determined to live up to Sae's reputation and then surpass it. Rin sees everyone as a rival and doesn't get close to anyone in the field.

He refuses to help anyone, and trying to gain even a little recognition from Rin is an uphill battle - as Isagi has already learned several times in the series. Rin is definitely a talented player and one that fans should keep an eye on as Blue Lock progresses.


Special Mention: Shidou

Shidou is one of the best players in the Blue Lock program, and his personality fits Jinpachi's ideal image of a striker. Shidou believes that violence is the answer to most situations and has a volatile temperament. On the field, this shows in his poaching skills and aggressive shooting.

Shidou can score goals from places that other players would have thought impossible. He is also known to charge furiously down the field with unpredictable moves that confuse everyone, teammate or otherwise. Compared to the other Blue Lock participants, Shidou is physically the strongest, and it would be impossible for most of them to defeat him one-on-one.


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