Enmu was a member of the Twelve Demonic Moons, having held the position of Lower Rank Number 1.

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Enmu has taken on the form of a pale young man, with blue eyes that slant sharply to the sides of his face, and his left eye has the kanji for "Lower Rank" etched into its iris and a horizontal slit to the right instead of a pupil. He has three square marks on each of his cheeks, each separated by a smaller square, which change from green to yellow. His straight hair is chin-length and black. His hair is orange-red near the ends, turning blue at the ends of the two longer locks.

Enmu wears a long black buttoned coat that arches upwards on either side of his legs, so that only the front and back tails fall below his knees. In addition, he wears a white shirt, the cuffs of which appear over those of his coat. He also wears pale grey striped pants and plain shoes of the same color.

When Enmu has received more blood from Muzan Kibutsuji, a mouth appears on the back of his left hand, an eye next to it, and most of his fingers have the kanji for Dream engraved on their skin.



Enmu is a very sadistic demon and was reputed to enjoy making humans suffer, his preferred method of torment being to make them have a happy, pleasant dream before turning it into a nightmare. He took pleasure in making others suffer, enjoying the agonized expressions they displayed as he tortured them. This sadism even extended to his fellow demons, as he reveled in seeing other lower-ranking demons killed before his very eyes.

Like most demons, Enmu cares little for human life, regarding humans as mere pawns. He doesn't bother to warn his human servants of the various dangers they face when confronting demon slayers, regarding them as expendable. He also seems to delight in turning humans into desperate servants by using his power to make them dream pleasant, pleasurable dreams, before pulling them out and falsely promising to give them more if they help him.

Enmu was also intelligent and cautious, fully understanding the strengths and weaknesses of his power and making sure he used them correctly. However, after receiving more blood and therefore more power from Muzan, Enmu seems to have become overconfident, arrogant and greedy, as when he began to act more recklessly to obtain more blood from Muzan in order to challenge one of the Higher Ranks to a blood duel to take his place.


When Enmu was a human being, he had a tendency since childhood not to be able to distinguish the difference between dreams and reality, which caused many problems for the people around him. In adulthood, even though he wasn't a doctor, he abused things like hypnotic therapy, as well as convincing patients who didn't have long to live that they'd regained their health. Although after a while they realized it was all a lie, he continued to use this method throughout his life.

One night, Muzan wanted to devour Enmu completely. Enmu's guts were eaten by Muzan and he wasn't supposed to turn into a demon in the first place, but because he felt no pain from the fatal wound, he envied and praised Muzan. With those last words, his heart and brain stopped working and Muzan turned him into a demon. Enmu knew he'd been converted because of Muzan's whim and would only remember him in passing, so Enmu did his best to raise himself to Number 1 Lower Rank.Demon Slayer Explique Le Plan Mortel D'Enmu Pour Tanjiro - Tech Tribune  France


Bow Recovery Training

After all the remaining Lower Ranks have gathered at the Infinite Dimensional Fortress, Muzan appears before them in his female form. He looks at them with annoyance and tells them to bow their heads and crouch before him. After they've all done this, Mukago says she's sorry she was ordered to bow, as she didn't recognize Muzan in his current form. Muzan angrily asks why she is speaking without permission, telling her to be quiet and not to speak unless she asks a question directly. As she cowers in fear at his feet, Muzan explains the death of Rui, the only Lower Rank not among those gathered before him, and asks the remaining demons why they are so weak.

Muzan declares that their sole purpose is to consume blood so that they can be of use to him. He angrily retorts that it's been hundreds of years since the Higher Ranks were replaced, but the Lower Ranks are replaced all the time. Able to read the minds of those with whom he has shared blood, Muzan lashes out at Kamanue, widening and extending his arm in a tentacle to grab him by the neck and lift him into the air. Kamanue tries to apologize, but is quickly eaten by Muzan while Mukago and the rest of the Lower Ranks keep their heads down in shocked silence. As all the lower demons are eliminated by Muzan one after the other, Enmu's turn comes and he shows such fanaticism that he manages to please him. Muzan then gives him a very large quantity of blood, threatening to kill him.

But Enmu manages to survive and is teleported to another place.

Infinity Arc Train

Later, he stands at the front of the train, claiming that dying while dreaming is a blessing. One of Enmu's hands talks to the train driver about the success of putting the demon slayers to sleep, and does the same to him. She then addresses the other conspirators, warning them about how to proceed with their plan and about her host's temporary inability to move. Back on the roof of the train, the main body of Enmu ponders her plan to destroy the spiritual cores of her targets, rendering them completely vulnerable to the fragile nature of human hearts. As his plan begins to unfold, he notices his victims' inability to wake up and stop his twisted plan.

Enmu then notices that his human henchmen are having trouble destroying the spiritual cores, but decides that it doesn't matter, as they're only buying time. Shortly afterwards, he turns around and Tanjiro approaches him, greets him and tells him that he has shown him a pleasant dream, but that he could have made it a nightmare. Smiling, the Demon then tells Tanjiro that his next dream would be of his father coming back to life.

Enmu reflects on the pleasure he takes in making humans dream and then have nightmares, and on the minutiae of his plan, but he also wonders how Tanjiro managed to wake up so quickly. He then notices the demon-slayer's earrings, much to his delight, and thinks only of receiving more Muzan blood and challenging the Higher Ranks with his new strength. Tanjiro, furious, tries to attack the Lower Rank, but Enmu quickly puts him to sleep. The young man just as quickly breaks Enmu's technique, despite the Demon's multiple attempts, causing the surprised Lower Rank to compliment his determination. His neck is then slashed by the furious Demon Slayer, but Enmu, unimpressed, declares that he now knows why his boss wants to kill Tanjiro and reveals to the shocked young man the reason for his survival: he merged with the train while they were all asleep. Enjoining Tanjiro to protect the two hundred passengers inside him, Enmu's severed head fuses with the train.

Thanks to the joint efforts of Tanjiro and Inosuke Hashibira, they manage to uncover Enmu's head and decapitate him by completely cutting through the train's upper engine compartment. Enmu, incredulous at his failure, begins to curse all the demon-slayers, Nezuko and the top brass for being inferior to him in power. As his body slowly disintegrates, he at least tries to kill the weakened Tanjiro and Inosuke, but fails again as his body begins to crumble more rapidly. As he dies, Enmu begins to curse his failure and frantically thinks that the whole debacle is a nightmare and asks to be reset.

Skills & Competencies

General skills: As Low Rank Number 1, Enmu was the strongest Low Rank and the closest to the strength of the High Ranks. By receiving more Muzan blood, his power and abilities increased tenfold. However, as his defeat by Tanjiro and Inosuke shows, he is nowhere near the level of a Higher Rank demon, and is therefore no match for Daki, Gyutaro and Kaigaku, the weakest of the Higher Ranks.

Increased speed and reflexes: As a member of the Twelve Demonic Moons, Enmu has a very high concentration of Muzan Kibutsuji blood in him, which enhances and increases his movement speed as well as his physical and mental reaction time and reflexes. This was evident in his fight against Tanjiro Kamado, when he was able to dodge and react to every one of Tanjiro's attacks without the slightest effort, even moving so fast that he could hardly keep up.

Flesh manipulation: like all demons, Enmu possesses the ability to manipulate his own flesh. After merging with the train, Enmu uses this ability to attempt to consume the human inhabitants on board, and to attack the Demon Slayers on board.

  • Flesh detachments: Enmu is able to create flesh detachments from his own flesh and blood, being able to create and detach one of his own hands and send it out independently of his main body. Later, after receiving more of Muzan's blood, he is able to create a detachment as large as a human body to fool others into thinking it's his real body.
  • Fusion: Enmu also has the ability to absorb and incorporate himself into large inanimate objects. He is able to assimilate a train and transform it into his main body, planning to eat over 200 passengers.

ENMU IS TOO GOOD! Demon Slayer Ranked Gameplay - YouTube

Blood Power

Sleep Stimulation: Enmu's Blood Power enables him to force anyone into a deep sleep. He can do this by various means, some more subtle than others, but all effectively leaving his enemies vulnerable and unable to fight. Induced sleep is quite powerful and requires considerable effort to wake up, as we saw when Nezuko headbutted Tanjiro to no avail. This state of sleep is not perfect, however, as Enmu has carefully preferred to stay away from demon slayers lest his bloodlust awaken them, although he is far less cautious of normal human targets.

Dream Manipulation: The secondary ability of Enmu's Blood Power is his power to enter, manipulate and control someone's dreams while they're asleep. When using his technique, his victims have happy dreams normally tailored to each person and taking advantage of their vulnerabilities, while ensuring that they are unable to tell the difference with reality and are thus quickly seduced by the utopian visions offered to them, making them far. easier for Enmu to manipulate his prey, which also serves as a means of perpetuating his own sadistic practices. Just as he can give dreams, Enmu is also capable of forcing nightmares, which he uses as both a psychological attack and a means of torture, something he is particularly fond of, when attacking humans. Enmu's dreams, while extremely powerful, are not perfect, as one is able to resist their effects through willpower, allowing an affected person to realize that they are in fact living an illusion. However, realizing that they are in a dream is not enough to end the induced sleep. Tanjiro managed to break out of his hypnosis by committing suicide in his dream, which he also did several times during his battle with the lower-ranking demon, and did so instantly every time he was forced to sleep.

By trapping someone in their dreams, they enter the realm of their spirit. This dimension, however, has clear limits with boundaries allowing entry into the victim's subconscious where their "spiritual core" resides. If this core is destroyed, it effectively destroys the target's mind, leaving his body as an empty shell, enabling Enmu to kill his victims in their dreams. However, it should be noted that there is a risk of being affected and possibly mentally altered by his victim's unconscious, as seen when one of Enmu's human agents is touched by Tanjiro's inner kindness and subsequently loses his will to destroy his spiritual core. For this reason, Enmu always brings someone else into the target's dream instead of entering it himself.

Fighting Style


  • Connecting rope: Enmu can create a unique kind of rope using his own flesh which, when attached to a sleeper trapped in one of his dreams and to an outsider, allows the latter to enter that person's dreams. To enter the victim's dreams, the stranger must first tie both ends of the rope to his hand and that of his victim, then fall asleep while counting down.
  • Sleep tickets: By mixing his blood with the ink of train tickets, Enmu can put anyone holding them to sleep, making them vulnerable to his powers.


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