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Inuyasha ("Dog Demon") is the eponymous main protagonist in the manga series InuYasha and its anime adaptation. The half-demon son of a demon grandfather, known as Tōga , and a human mother named Izayoi . He was bound to a sacred tree by a magic arrow from the bow of the priestess Kikyō while attempting to claim the jewel Shikon . Inuyasha sought the jewel, thinking it could transform him into a full-fledged demon. Fifteen-year-old Kagome Higurashi, the modern reincarnation of Kikyō, freed him from this spell, but soon after, she accidentally shattered the Shikon jewel into hundreds of fragments. They reluctantly agreed to work together as a team on Kaede's behalf to recover all the fragments that had scattered across feudal Japan before they fell into the wrong hands.

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Beginning of life

Inuyasha was born to a human noblewoman named Izayoi and her dog demon lover, Tōga . Irritated by her fraternization with a demon, Izayoi's own guard, Takemaru , pierced her with a spear on the very night of the lunar eclipse for Inuyasha's birth. Izayoi had just enough strength to give birth to Inuyasha before succumbing to her mortal wounds, although she was soon resurrected by Tōga's healing sword, the Tenseiga . Tōga, suffering mortal wounds during a decisive battle with Ryūkotsusei, had just enough time to name the newborn Inuyasha and say goodbye to his infant son and Izayoi before encouraging them to flee. He perished that night, using his last strength to prevent Takemaru from pursuing them, leaving Inuyasha to be raised by his mortal mother.

Inuyasha's childhood was very solitary, with the exception of his interaction with his mother. Being a hanyō , Inuyasha was accepted by neither humans nor yōkai. He would always be called a "half-breed" by other children. Ostracized by all humans except his mother, he was devastated when she died while he was still young. All he had left was the fire rat robe she'd received from her father, and a container of red (the equivalent of modern lipstick), which he later offered to Kikyō before being sealed to the sacred tree.

Unable to defend himself as a child, Inuyasha was often forced to hide whenever he encountered hostile yōkai. Such situations left him frustrated at being powerless to defend himself until he was older. For this reason, he developed a hostile and defensive personality, becoming particularly reclusive on the night of the new moon, during which he lost his demonic powers and became a mere mortal. Inuyasha mentioned that he never slept once during the new moon to avoid his weakness becoming known. When he heard of the Shikon Jewel's ability to transform even half-demons into full-fledged yōkai, he went in search of it.

First love

Inuyasha planned to steal Kikyō's jewel; the miko responsible for purifying and protecting him. After several unsuccessful attempts to even approach Kikyō, Inuyasha began to develop intense romantic feelings for her, and she for him. After Inuyasha mentioned that she stank of blood, Kikyō began taking baths every day and Inuyasha watched from afar. Their subsequent encounters led to a close relationship after Inuyasha rescued Kaede from Mistress Centipede, who was planning to take her hostage to take back the Shikon Jewel from Kikyō. Inuyasha and Kikyō met at a non-violent meeting for the first time after that and quickly fell in love with each other. After that, Kikyō became more human, displaying more emotions and playing with children while Inuyasha gave up his quest for the Shikon jewel, deciding it wasn't worth losing Kikyō. He lived in the village for a while and helped Kikyō whenever she needed it. After Kikyō's powers were weakened by falling in love with Inuyasha, resulting in the loss of Kaede's right eye, Kikyō pondered what to do.

Eventually, Kikyō came up with the idea of using the Jewel to make Inuyasha a fully-fledged human, as this would purify Shikon no Tama and free Kikyō from the task of protecting him. The idea of leading a normal life together appealed to them both.

Another hanyō named Naraku , born to a human criminal who was pitied by Kikyō, had observed the couple and hoped to steal the Shikon no Tama for himself. He then tricked Kikyō and Inuyasha into betraying each other. Inuyasha burst into Kikyō's village and stole the Shikon no Tama, convinced that Kikyō had never planned to turn him into a human to begin with. To defend the village and prevent him escaping with the jewel, Kikyō shot Inuyasha with a sacred arrow and sealed him to the Sacred Tree of Ages.with an eternal sleep spell. Moments later, Kikyō collapsed from a mortal wound she had received from Naraku, who was disguised as Inuyasha at the time of the attack. She asked her younger sister Kaede to burn the jewel with her body so that demons and evil men could never again use it for evil deeds. She died shortly afterwards, and her wish to burn the jewel was fulfilled. Despite the way things turned out, Inuyasha still loved Kikyō.


Fifty years later, Kikyō's modern-day reincarnation, fifteen-year-old Kagome Higurashi , enters the feudal era through the Bone Eater's Well, unknowingly bringing the Shikon no Tama with her. The jewel's presence awakened nearby demons, but it was the smell of Kagome's blood when she was attacked by a reanimated Mistress Centipede that awakened Inuyasha from his spell. Seeing her for the first time, Inuyasha mistook Kagome for Kikyō, due to their similar appearances, but his sense of smell proved that they were indeed different people. Inuyasha was then freed by Kagome to help fight Mistress Centipede. After killing Mistress Centipede, Inuyasha attacked Kagome to obtain the Shikon Jewel for himself, but was thwarted by an elderly Kaede . She put her deceased sister's subjugation beads around the hanyō's neck, allowing Kagome to overpower him simply by saying the word "Sit down!"

Unable to remove the necklace, Inuyasha was effectively rendered powerless in Kagome's presence. Shortly afterwards, Kagome accidentally shattered the sacred jewel while shooting at a crow demon trying to escape with it, and the shards were scattered across Japan . Inuyasha reluctantly agreed to team up with her to find and collect all the fragments.

Quest to find the fragments of the sacred jewel

Inuyasha and Kagome began their journey to collect the shards of the sacred jewel, their tolerance for each other growing after defeating their first major enemy, Yura of the Demon Hair . Later, Inuyasha's half-brother, the complete demon Sesshōmaru , came to ask where the Tōga's tomb was, seeking the treasure endowed there. The meeting of the two brothers enabled Inuyasha to obtain the Tessaiga , a sword-crook that originally belonged to his father, which Sesshōmaru had been searching for. After obtaining the sword and temporarily defeating his brother, Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship deepened and they began to care for each other. Over time, they began to gain allies in their quest for the shards, includingShippo , Miroku and Sango . An ogre demon witch named Urasue brought Kikyō back to life and subsequently Inuyasha learned of the infamous shape-shifting demon known as Naraku also seeking the shards from Miroku whose grandfather Miyatsu had been cursed to create the Kazaana and upon learning that Naraku must have set a trap for Kikyō 50 years ago and deceived them both into betraying each other, vowed to destroy him and avenge Kikyō.

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Naraku and Tessaiga's broken minions

As they continue their journey, Hachiemon tells Inuyasha and his allies where Miroku is. (After the giant mantis spreads Miroku's hand. Miroku and Hachiemon went to Mushin to repair Miroku's hand). Mushin was possessed by a Demon Worm Charmer and was ordered by Naraku to kill Miroku. The demon army arrives to destroy the monk. Inuyasha and his comrades arrived in time and he blew up the army of a hundred demons using the full power of the Tessaiga. Naraku controls Sango's brother Kohaku, using a piece of the Shikon jewel to keep him alive. He uses it against Inuyasha and Sango.

Naraku created two incarnations, Kagura and Kanna . Naraku ordered Kagura to kill Kōga's comrades set up Inuyasha. Kanna used his mirror to reflect Inuyasha's wind scar attack and was badly wounded. Naraku shows and tells Inuyasha that the jewel is almost whole. After Kikyō steals a piece of the Shikon no Tama from Kagome. Naraku has created a third incarnation of Goshinki and orders the destruction of Inuyasha's comrades. Goshinki reads the thoughts of those employed in the attack and witnesses the breaking of Inuyasha's Tessaiga. Suddenly, Goshinki sensed a change in Inuyasha's mind. While in full yōkai form, he defeated Goshinki to protect his friends. Inuyasha's yōkai blood is getting the better of him. Kagome is unafraid and approaches Inuyasha with soothing words. Then Inuyasha is able to pull through and return to himself.

While Tōtōsai reforged Tessaiga for three days, Inuyasha's allies learned his secret about him losing his powers at the new moon. Kaijinbō arrived to hunt Inuyasha and held Tōkijin made from Goshinki's corpse ordered to be forged for Sesshōmaru. Tōtōsai finally arrives with Tessaiga and has regained his demonic powers since sunrise. But unfortunately, the blade of his Tessaiga is very heavy and finally Kaijinbo is defeated. Tōtōsai explained to Inuyasha that Tessaiga had been reforged with Inuyasha's own fang. Sesshōmaru arrived and brandished Tōkijin. Inuyasha and Kōga defeated Naraku's two incarnations, Jūrōmaru and Kagerōmaru .

Overcome the Naraku barrier

Desperately seeking a way to destroy Naraku's barrier , he went to meet Tōtōsai for advice, and Myōga learned how to strengthen Tessaiga and achieve the feat. Myōga informed Inuyasha that he needed to travel to a specific island where a daiyōkai bat named Taigokumaru was using his half-demon grandson named Shioripto power his own protective barrier similar to Naraku's, and after making Tessaiga drink his blood, he would be strong enough to break Naraku's barrier. However, Taigokumaru's barrier could not be penetrated because Shiori generated a barrier with a demonic aura high enough that Tessaiga was not strong enough to penetrate the barrier. Confident in his ability to defeat Inuyasha, Taigokumaru attacked Shiori's village. Shiori's mother emerged and begged him to stop, but Taigokumaru revealed that he had killed Shiori's father.For his insolence, in retaliation, Shiori pushed her grandfather out of the barrier and allowed Inuyasha to defeat him. However, Inuyasha didn't have the heart to kill Shiori as he felt she was an innocent child and vowed to find another demon with a barrier to kill to strengthen his sword. However, she offered the blood coral crystal as penance for her wrongs and allowed him to destroy the crystal. This, in turn, strengthened the Tessaiga, transforming it into an evolved red version.

Meanwhile, Naraku intended to absorb Sesshōmaru. He asked Kagura to kidnap Rin , as bait, then lowered his barrier and allowed his scent to escape to lure Sesshōmaru into his castle . At the same time, Inuyasha also began to follow the scene back to the castle. As they drew closer, Kagome began to sense a fragment of Jewel Shard nearby. Inuyasha moved forward as they investigated the shard. Arriving at the barrier wall, Inuyasha destroyed the barrier with his new Red Tessaiga . Naraku was in the middle of his battle with Sesshōmaru when he sensed Inuyasha's new power. He sent Kagura to stop Inuyasha while he dealt with Sesshōmaru. However, Kaguraaspiring still to his freedom from Naraku, barely fought to stop Inuyasha and instead allowed him to pass.

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On arrival, Inuyasha used his Wind Scar on Naraku. This released Sesshōmaru, who had been engulfed in Naraku's body and was being absorbed. Both Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha attacked Naraku and severely wounded him in their strikes. However, Naraku fled in a miasmenuage, leaving Rin behind as a distraction to allow him to escape. As Sesshōmaru ran to find Rin, Inuyasha realized that Kohaku might be guarding her and ran for his life, knowing that Sesshōmaru would kill him. At the same time, Naraku used the jewel fragment implanted in Kohaku's back to order him to kill Rin. Inuyasha arrived in time and stepped in between Sesshōmaru and Kohaku's attacks. However, Sesshōmaru used the distraction to threaten Kohaku but freed him and left with Rin. Inuyasha began to think that Naraku couldn't have gone far with his injuries but could feel no trace of him.

The battle with Band of Seven and Mount Hakurei

He and his companions would head northeast, following a clue as to where to find Naraku de Sarugami having sensed an evil aura heading in that direction, where they learned of a squad of seven mercenaries called the Shichinintai who had been resurrected by Naraku through the Sacred. Jewel shards. The group would first encounter member Jakotsu, who had murdered dozens of soldiers and immediately fell in love with the half-demon, particularly for his dog ears, which he claimed he would take them to, much to Inuyasha's dismay. His battle with Jakotsu proves difficult due to his Jakotsutō blade and is cut short due to the toxic smoke unleashed by another member called Mukotsu. forcing Jakotsu to retreat. Yearning for a clue, Inuyasha pursues Jakotsu but is informed by Shippō to return as the others have met in Mukotsu, and finds Kagome, Miroku and Sango having been exposed to a deadly poison and Sesshōmaru who has come to ask Inuyasha where Naraku is and exterminated Mukotsu. While worrying about his poisoned friends, he confronts another member named Ginkotsu then instructs Kirara and Shippō to take the three away while he restrains him until he is buried alive. He finds his friends asleep in a temple and is fooled by a member named Renkotsuwho has managed to mask his true scent by burying all the monks he had killed and wearing the head monk's clothes, which he also uses to impersonate a monk to ask him questions about Naraku. He learns of Renkotsu's true nature when Ginkotsu returns and struggles desperately to free himself from both to save his friends as Renkotsu sets fire to the temple. Although Kagome, Miroku and Sango have been protected by Shippō, who was awakened by Myōga long enough for Inuyasha to come to their rescue, they are no longer breathing, much to his surprise. He blamed himself for being negligent, but then saw the three being revived by Myōga sucking out much of their blood with the poison, causing him to shed his first tears of relief, much to everyone's surprise. Kōga would later show up and he would shout at Inuyasha for leaving Kagome in a bad situation.

Searching for the last shard of Shikon Jewel

He and the others learn that monks and priests have been killed by the Child who was cut in half by a monk named Shinsen and later meet the half of the Child who grew up in the body of a young child and took the name of Hakudōshi , who reveals to them that a fragment of the sacred jewel other than those in the possession of Kōga and Kohaku, remains located at the border of the beyond . The group then learns from a Kawausowho was beheaded by Hakudōshi but resurrected by Sesshōmaru at Tenseiga's request what the border of the afterlife looks like, and he and Kagome realize that this was the site of his father's grave, which they had been to before. So he goes to Tōtōsai to ask Myōga for a way to return to his father's grave, and the old flea takes him and his friends to the creator of the black pearl named Hōsenki, only to learn that he has passed away and that his son cannot create a nine for another 100 years. Afterwards, Hakudōshi arranged for him and his group to go to the gateway to the afterlife in the fire realm to test whether it was safe. It proved impossible for his sword to defeat the giant statues guarding the gate so he uses the red Tessaiga to cut the chains holding the gate closed, only to see that anything trying to pass through the open gate would turn to stone, although this allowed Kagome to confirm that a sacred jewel shard was indeed in the Frontier to the Beyond as she could feel its presence beyond the gate before it closed.

As Naraku sought out and made a pact with Princess Abi to create a path to the Frontier to the Beyond, the group defended the villagers while fighting Abi and her birds. and discover a holy person known as St. Hijiri whom the fleeing villagers seek to protect. Although Kagome suspects St. Hijiri to be Kikyō, he is torn between hope and denial. Soon after, he discovers that St. Hijiri was in fact a Shikigami doll used by Kikyō who didn't die but was severely injured and weakened, then seeks out Kagome who has been lured by Shinidamachūs to a waterfall, where he learns that she has reanimated Kikyō by purifying the miasma throughout his body. Kagome felt upset, however, and took her anger out on him for being curious about Kikyō, but he simply tells her that knowing Kikyō is alive is enough and he won't look for her.

Inuyasha senses the demon birds because Naraku is removing his barrier around the nest, and is invited by shikigami Kochō and Asuka to see Kikyō, who questions him about Naraku's current purpose and warns him that he is luring him and his friends to the border of the afterlife. use Kagome to find the sacred jewel fragment. When they arrived at Tekkei's Nest with Myōga, they were surprised that she swallowed Naraku until he killed her by gushing from her forehead and Abi also decapitated Tekkei to release a river of demonic blood that would serve as a path to the border of the beyond , so they followed him. As soon as they passed, they were attacked by huge diamond spears from Inuyasha's father's tomb but made their way to the tomb where they met Hōsenki who had made the black pearl for Inuyasha's right eye and revealed himself to be the one who had taken the sacred jewel fragment here as the fragment had requested, after Inuyasha had first come. Naraku has corrupted Hōsenki to turn against them, forcing Inuyasha to fight him, causing him damage until Naraku shows up to get the fragment from a damaged Hōsenki. As Sesshōmaru arrives, having been able to pass through the otherworldly gate at Tenseiga's request and confronts Naraku, Hōsenki returning to his senses asks Inuyasha to cut him so he can break Naraku's barrier. Inuyasha tries to kill Hōsenki in vain until he decides to use the wind scar to destroy the miasma in order to defend his friends, which finally allows him to inherit Hōsenki's power,Kongōsōha thus improves Tessaiga, and he wastes no time testing the new technique which breaks Naraku's barrier and heavily damages his enemy who is then broken into pieces by Sesshōmaru and disappears leaving the fragment behind. He takes the fragment with Hosenki's approval, and they set off following Sesshōmaru back to the world of the living.

He tells Kaede that Kikyō is still alive, then learns that Kagome has returned to his time without telling him, so he also goes there to earn his disdain by ruining his bike, and he meets his friends who had imagined him in a different way and find him. cool, believing him to be half a stranger.

Battle against Moryomaru

As Inuyasha and his friends search for Naraku still alive, they learn of a mystical stone capable of masking the yōki called Fuyōheki stolen from a demonic mountain named Gakusanjin , then stumble upon a composite yōkai vessel named Mōryōmaru created by Hakudōshi to be used by his other half with the Fuyōheki to hide and protect himself. After discovering that the child was hidden in Goryōmaru, Inuyasha and his friends are led by Naraku to the stomach of a stone oni where he uses the sacred jewel to awaken the stone oni, causing it to become flesh again. With none of his attacks effective and his friends suffering, Inuyasha has no choice but to use a sacred shard on himself. However, as Naraku had expected, the shard, on leaving Kagome's hands, becomes polluted by the evil inside the stone oni and affects both Tessaiga and Inuyasha, who transforms into his entirely demonic state. But thanks to Kagome rushing through the tide of acid to hold him back, the corrupted fragment is purified and Inuyasha regains his composure. He then uses Kongōsōha, which explodes through the oni stone, saving everyone.

When Kikyō summons and fuses Midoriko's soul into his own body to close his wounds and retain the miasma that had in fact been temporarily healed by Kagome, he is hampered by his belief that his sword cannot destroy Naraku and his plan to defeat him by purifying both his soul and the Shikon jewel the instant he completes the entire jewel, as this means removing Kohaku's vital radiance. He encounters a badger demon with a sword capable of absorbing the demon's energy and, in order to learn how to obtain this ability for Tessaiga to defeat Mōryōmaru, consults Tōtōsai who, along with Myōga, reveals that the source of this ability is the scale of a yōkai named Ryūjin who gave his scales to a human blacksmith named Tōshū to create a yōkai sword namedDakki . After successfully defeating Ryūjin, Inuyasha is challenged by Tōshū who turns out to have asked Ryūjin to donate some of his scales to make a sword and, after perfecting the Dakki by stabbing Ryūjin and absorbing his power, attempts to take power from Tessaiga. As the two swords clash, Tessaiga suffers various cracks and runs the risk of turning into a rusty sword, but Inuyasha manages to defeat Tōshū and improve the sword to become the dragon-scale Tessaiga . However, he didn't master the dragon-scale Tessaiga right away, as being a hanyō limited the amount of yōki Tessaiga could absorb before the yōki turned on Inuyasha and injured him, and later Tōtōsai told him to find Yōreitaiseiqui who taught him to see a demon's energy vortex and cut it with the dragon-scale Tessaiga, instantly destroying normal yōkai.

His new technique and training proved worthy, for while helping two young wolf demons named Kai and Shinta , he and Kōga, who had acquired a new weapon called Goraishi, faced a renewed Moryōmaru who had increased in power mainly by also absorbing Meiōjū .'s armored shell like Inuyasha's diamond spears, and managed to damage his armor, forcing Moryōmaru to retreat. Shortly afterwards, as he and his friends pursue Naraku, who has resurrected and absorbed a tree demon known as Yōmeiju . they find him facing Moryōmaru and are content to watch their fight until Moryōmaru swallows Naraku in his own body. Inuyasha and Kōga team up against Moryōmaru but the battle isn't as easy as before due to the Fuyōheki held by the child masking Moryōmaru's demonic energy, and both are captured by his tentacles. Then Inuyasha thought to strengthen Tessaiga by absorbing Goraishi's demonic energy and attacks Moryōmaru's back in which he tries to swallow Kōga, but this only allows him to escape while Kōga remains in Moryōmaru's grip. He, Kagome and Kirara would pursue Moryōmaru until he exploded, revealing Naraku still alive with the baby held captive and Kōga trapped in an inflexible point that he would serve as his right arm. After Kōga manages to escape from Naraku, who then tries to flee, everyone watches in horror as Miroku uses his wind tunnel, determined to destroy Naraku by absorbing the child so that Sango's brother won't be used by Kikyō, and as he sucks in tons of miasma as well as Fuyōheki to the point of bleeding from his eyes and mouth, Inuyasha rushes in and forces him to close his wind tunnel, causing Naraku to escape with the baby. He, Kagome and Sango were counting on Kikyō to purify Miroku's wounds.

Kikyō's death

At sunset, Inuyasha asks everyone to stay alone with her. During the night, as he cradles Kikyō in his arms, she asks him if he remembers the discussion they had about him becoming human by using the Shikon Jewel which would have allowed her to become a normal woman, before Naraku separated them, to which he answers he couldn't forget, and tells her that she has finally become an ordinary woman. Distraught, he tells Kikyō that she's the first woman he's ever loved and begins to cry and screams sadly that he couldn't save her, but Kikyō surprised to see him cry for the first time tells him it was enough that he tried, and he kisses her passionately. As Kikyō dies, his body dissolves into bright light and his soularrivez collectors and carry him across the starry sky to the heavens. As Inuyasha gazes up at the stars, he at least knows that Kikyō will suffer no more.

Later, he and his friends arrive in a village controlled by a yōkai named Kaōwho uses people's suffering as food for his flowers, and he would be lured into Kaō's mansion because his pain was deemed so great by Kaō declaring that he wished to join Kikyō in death, that he would have the best flavor for his flowers. Wrapped in vines, Inuyasha is pulled across the floor by a pool of blood and taken inside Kaō's mansion, where he cries for blood while dreaming of Kikyō, who reaches out to beckon him to come with her, but he awakens to hear Kagome crying out for him and with her manages to destroy the demon, though he has learned that her pain was greater than his own. Realizing that he was so focused on his own suffering that he hadn't noticed that Kagome was also suffering greatly from Kikyō's death, he apologized to her.

Final battle

Everyone except Shippō and Kohaku, who were ordered to stay behind, faced Naraku's huge spider body. Since Rin was inside, Sesshōmaru didn't hesitate to enter, with Kagome and Inuyasha entering right after and Sango, Miroku and Kirara following. Once inside, they realized that the entire body was completely Naraku, and no matter how many parts of Naraku's flesh they attacked, the tentacles and clones kept coming back. Inuyasha was going to use Meidō Zangetsuha but when he saw Naraku's illusion, he realized it would hurt Rin. Finally, Naraku splits their group by moving Miroku and Sango to another location. Inuyasha freezes and transforms into his full demon form. He is too close to the soiled Sacred Jewel, and has been corrupted by it. He strikes Kagome, wounding her right shoulder. Inuyasha pushes Kagome into the cave.

Inuyasha wanders aimlessly, remembering his separation from Kikyō . Until he snaps out of his demonic state of mind, then he feels Kagome's blood on his hand. Naraku mocks Inuyasha, saying that he lost his human form because he killed Kagome, and this torments Inuyasha. Then Naraku said he could grant Inuyasha salvation. But that's not what he wants. Inuyasha clashes with Rin , he protects her and tries to confront Magatsuhi , but Magatsuhi possesses Inuyasha's body to fight his opponent. Sesshōmaru , catching Rin's scent flies towards her with Kagome , but Naraku swallows Rin into his flesh.

Magatsuhi uses Inuyasha's Meidō Tessaiga against Sesshōmaru. Unfortunately, it doesn't work and Sesshōmaru disarms it and Inuyasha's Tessaiga lands above them. They continue to fight. Sesshōmaru uses Tenseiga but it won't work against Magatsuhi because he's in Inuyasha's body. Trying to recover Tessaiga, Kagome is plunged into Naraku's wall. Nevertheless, Kagome holds on but his wound begins to bleed and as Inuyasha smells her blood, he begins to remember his promise to protect her as he takes control of her mind.

He saw a bright pink line of light as the Tessaiga glows black that leads to Kagome, so he opens a Meidō and finds Kagome and a kiss. They look at the Shikon jewel as Kagome prepares to grant his wish, she tells him to disappear forever, they're glad it's over. First, the bone-eater well in the modern era is back as she reunited with her family but she thanked him for saving her life, the magic happened forced him back to the feudal era as he told Miroku, Sango and Shippō that Kagome is safe.

Life later

Three years later, in the feudal era, Miroku exorcises a demon from a manor house in exchange for a deposit of rice for each charm he uses. Miroku places three, which frightens his customers. A canine demon escapes from the building, prompting Miroku to call Inuyasha. As he walks away, Inuyasha hears Miroku and easily kills the demon. Carrying Miroku's payment, Inuyasha scolds his friend for still being a crook; however, Miroku defends his actions by saying he now has plenty of expenses. This prompts Inuyasha to ask if Sango will have the baby now.

Inuyasha tells Kaede exactly the same thing about Kagome . As Shippō returns from the Fox Demon exam, Shippō asks Inuyasha to keep checking the well every three days. Kaede is impressed by Inuyasha's perseverance as the half-demon pushes Shippō away as punishment for revealing an embarrassing secret.

The next day, Miroku and Sango hang their laundry to dry while the twins play with Inuyasha's ear. Shippō laughs that he's been reduced to the twins' toy. Inuyasha asks his parents to do something. Catching a whiff, Inuyasha picks up the twins and throws them at Shippō, telling them to "go kill the fox." Inuyasha rushes to the Bone-Eater's well, knowing there's no way he can confuse that smell. He looks into the well and holds out his hand; Kagome grabs it and pulls him out. Crying, Kagome apologizes and asks how long he's been waiting there. Calling Kagome an idiot, Inuyasha wonders what she's been doing all this time. Miroku, Sango and Shippō arrive soon after with the children, happily surprised to see Kagome again after three long years.

Hanyo no Yashahime

Six months later, Inuyasha and Miroku travel to a village to fight Root Head , a plant demon who desired the Shikon jewel and was then sealed by Kikyō decades ago, but the enemy escapes. Unaware that Kikyō has been dead for decades but that her immense spiritual powers are reborn in her modern reincarnation, Kagome, Root Head attacks Kagome. Inuyasha and Kagome apparently succeeded in defeating him, but a small part of the demon survived by attaching itself to the Sacred Tree of Ages.

After a month, Hōsenki II arrived home and joined Inuyasha to give him a new Black Pearl, which he was able to create using Izayoi's Beni and the Green Rainbow Pearl , given by Riku . Inuyasha decided to keep the pearl in his right eye, where it had originally been after showing Hōsenki II Hōsenki I's special technique Adamant Barrage .

They arrived at Sesshōmaru's mother's mansion where to stop the Grim Comet . However, Kirinmaru was awakened by Zero, who reminded him of the prophecy made by the Shikon Jewel that Kirinmaru would be defeated by "an existence that is neither human nor demonic and that can transcend time". So Kirinmaru decided to kill all half-demons, even quarter-demons, including Inuyasha and Moroha. Sesshōmaru showed up, apparently to help Kirinmaru defeat Inuyasha. When Kagome gave birth to her and Inuyasha's first child, Moroha , Inuyasha and Kagome were already informed of the danger by Riku. They gave Moroha to Hachiemonet sent her back to Kōga's tribe to protect her. Before Kirinmaru could attack them, Sesshōmaru quickly extracted the Black Pearl from Inuyasha's right eye and used it to trap him and Kagome in Tōga's tomb to protect them from Kirinmaru. Although they are still sealed inside the black pearl, it is said that they will eventually be freed, as Jaken claimed that Sesshōmaru needed Inuyasha's Meidō Zangetsuha technique .

Feeling his fang stir, he was sure his Tessaiga was trying to tell him something important but couldn't figure out what. His wife had noticed the silhouette of their grown-up teenage daughter walking past. He called her over and told her how happy he was to see how much she'd grown. Several months later, his life was threatened by Kirinmaru if Moroha didn't bring him Akuru's reel.


Even when his life was in danger, Inuyasha refused to back down. Enemies were taken aback by his unorthodox fighting style, and he achieved greater victories than his abilities would suggest. Inuyasha was driven by a fierce and persistent determination to win, and his guts in battle proved to work in his favor. However, his volatile emotions could often lead him to behave in a childish manner and sometimes became annoying to his friends. Inuyasha himself couldn't control his tumultuous soul. Even if he was badly wounded, he would completely forget his pain the moment someone he was trying to protect was in danger. As a result, his emotions often pushed his body beyond its limits. This was especially true when Kagome was involved. Inuyasha was incredibly impetuous and easy to upset, often swinging his fists at the source of his annoyance. He would even occasionally hit young children if they bothered him, which was often the case with Shippō. He was impatient by nature and could be very proud, having great difficulty admitting that he had been wrong about something.

Inuyasha speaks rather harsh Japanese. He never uses honorifics to address other characters, and when talking to someone he doesn't like, he casually uses the term "temee", a very aggressive way of saying "you" to an opponent, which can also be translated as "bastard. ". His respect for the elderly is almost non-existent, in fact he often calls them "-baba" or "-jiji", which can be translated as "old hag" and "old woman" respectively. When referring to himself, he uses the masculine pronoun "ore", which suits his personality and strength.

Inuyasha kept secret the fact that he had lost his demonic power on the night of the new moon. Having grown up in a dog-eat-dog world, shunned by humans and demons alike, constantly in danger, Inuyasha became cynical and, for a long time, trusted no one. He believed, having lived through a cruel past, that he could be killed if he relaxed or let his guard down. However, since meeting Kagome and making friends who knew his secret, he has opened his heart to others and forged bonds that have allowed him to trust others with his life. Even with his friends by his side, however, he never really let go of this concern, and his friends quietly accepted it.

An Overview of Each Season of InuYasha [Major Spoilers] | Aurabolt's Anime  and Manga

Having lost many people he cared about at an early age, Inuyasha doesn't like to admit he cares, but he exposes his inner good nature in casual moments. He couldn't hide his true feelings. Although his friends described him as "easily deceived and honest to the core" and "incapable of understanding the subtleties of the human mind", his personality was hard to dislike. Inuyasha was extremely susceptible to spells and trickery and had a direct, almost brutal honesty about most things, which is why he often seemed rude and disrespectful to others. For example, he blatantly told Kagome that her food was horrible when she went out of her way to impress him. This was mainly due to the fact that, having been ostracized from both human and demonic communities, Inuyasha had very little experience of how to react properly in social situations. Despite his tough, unfeeling exterior, he genuinely cared about his friends, who acted like family to him; each of them, in their own way, saved him from his loneliness, and vice versa.

While Inuyasha hesitated to kill his enemies, he despised those who killed for pleasure and willingly saved those in torment. He believed that all life was equally important. He had a strong distaste for people who ostracized others simply because they were different, inherited from his own lonely childhood. To this degree, he sympathized with Jinenji and Shiori, who suffered the same pain as he did.

Inuyasha generally valued power over fighting tactics and fighting spirit over wisdom. He fought multitudes of powerful enemies and suppressed them with raw power and instinct. Rather than analyze things, Inuyasha ran on reckless emotion and, even though he was badly wounded in battle, he ultimately achieved favorable results. Inuyasha's instinct and experience were less a product of training than a matter of daily survival. When he saw something new, his eyes lit up and he tried to interact with it. What's more, he's capable of incredible cunning. In his first battle with Kagura, she was able to prevent him from using his Wind Scar. However, he was able to order Kagome to use her arrows to disperse Kagura's wind magic. That way, when she used her magic again, he could momentarily use Kaze no Kizu, and he did. In his battle with Ginkotsu, Ginkotsu used his wires to prevent Inuyasha from using his sword, and by transforming his sword into its sealed state, he was able to avoid the wires. Finally, Inuyasha defeated Ryūjin by repeatedly using his Kaze no Kizu so that the dragon demon could absorb his energy and send the energy back at Inuyasha, allowing him to use the Bakuryūha and defeat Ryūjin. However, he wasn't a perfect strategist, as he was repeatedly foiled by Naraku. Inuyasha was dense and rather slow on the uptake; for example, he didn't know about Sango's strong romantic feelings for Miroku until much later than the rest of the group. he was able to avoid the wires. Finally, Inuyasha defeated Ryūjin by repeatedly using his Kaze no Kizu so that the dragon demon could absorb his energy and send the energy back at Inuyasha, enabling him to use the Bakuryūha and defeat Ryūjin. However, he wasn't a perfect strategist, as he was repeatedly foiled by Naraku. Inuyasha was dense and rather slow on the uptake; for example, he didn't know about Sango's strong romantic feelings for Miroku until much later than the rest of the group. he was able to avoid the wires. Finally, Inuyasha defeated Ryūjin by repeatedly using his Kaze no Kizu so that the dragon demon could absorb his energy and send the energy back at Inuyasha, enabling him to use the Bakuryūha and defeat Ryūjin. However, he was not a perfect strategist, as he was repeatedly foiled by Naraku. Inuyasha was dense and rather slow on the uptake; for example, he didn't know about Sango's strong romantic feelings for Miroku until much later than the rest of the group. Inuyasha was dense and rather slow to understand; for example, he didn't know about Sango's strong romantic feelings for Miroku until much later than the rest of the group. Inuyasha was dense and rather slow to understand; for example, he didn't know about Sango's strong romantic feelings for Miroku until much later than the rest of the group.

Fifty years before his awakening, Inuyasha met Kikyō and began to develop intensely pure romantic feelings for her. Upon meeting Kikyō, he learned the warmth of the human heart and became romantically attracted to her. Through a plot, however, they were torn apart. When he learned that Kikyō had given her life to follow him in death, Inuyasha vowed never again to let another woman die. These sentiments continued for Kikyō's modern reincarnation, Kagome. The concept of Kikyō reincarnating was completely baffling to Inuyasha, and all he ever saw when he first looked at Kagome was Kikyō; however, this eventually faded with time. Though despised by a resurrected Kikyō at first, feelings of romantic affection and remorse resurfaced in him over time.

Inuyasha often saw Kagome's tears during their journey. Whenever tears were shed for him, with their sweet, soothing scent, he felt he had found his place as protector above all else. Contact with Kagome healed the deep loneliness in his soul. At first, Inuyasha didn't think there was anyone in the world who would mourn his death. He found a different kind of comfort in Kagome that he found with Kikyō. This different comfort was based on Kagome's similar, lively approach to life, sharing Inuyasha's never-give-up attitude as well as his kindness and warmth towards him, which slowly opened him up to a less lonely world. This is in contrast to Kikyō's connection to Inuyasha, which was based on two distant, lonely souls finding comfort in each other's arms.

Although his heart was deeply wounded by Kikyō's "betrayal", Kagome was able to quickly mend Inuyasha's heart, allowing him to trust others again. He quickly changed his goals from obtaining the jewel to gain more power for himself to wanting more power to protect Kagome, as Miroku pointed out shortly before Sango joined the party.

From time to time, Inuyasha performed dog actions, but mainly for comic relief. He frequently got down on all fours, nose to the ground, to determine where someone had been, or used his feet to scratch his ears. His sitting posture was very dog-like, and he often shook himself when wet to dry off. This behavior turned out to be instinctive in nature rather than a conscious choice; at one point, Kagome threw a stick with the intention of playing fetch, causing Inuyasha to chase him instantly and impatiently before realizing the implications of his behavior.

Confrontational spirit

At the origin of the hanyō, Inuyasha was in conflict between his human and yōkai halves. Fear or anger at his lack of belonging caused him to feel intense loneliness. However, Kagome and her allies comforted him and he was able to develop a strong, gentle disposition over time.

Immediately after being released from his fifty-year seal, Inuyasha sought to become a full-fledged demon and rapidly acquire power using the Shikon Jewel. In the rage of battle, he stopped caring about the lives of others. However, after meeting Kagome and other gentle humans, he came to understand his human half and began to seek true spirit power instead of raw demonic power. His intention to become a yōkai wavered as he met more of them determined to use the jewel for evil purposes. He realized over time that he had no desire to lose his human spirit, which would have been the case to become a full-fledged yōkai. As his bond with Kagome and his other companions grew stronger, Inuyasha's goal of becoming a demon faded and he was content to remain a hanyō.

His daughter Moroha clearly inherited his attitude.

Physical description

Inuyasha is of medium height, measuring 168 cm, with a lean, wiry frame that belies his massive strength. Like his half-brother Sesshōmaru, he has a thick mane of waist-length silver-white hair with short bangs, golden eyes with slit-shaped pupils, claws on each finger and short fangs in his mouth. His ears are hairy and pointed like a dog's, and look like "five uncooked Chinese dumpling shells on top of each other". He also has slightly tanned skin and his nose, although appearing normal, is always moist unless he catches a cold, in which case it dries out.

Inuyasha normally wears the Robe of the Fire Rat, a white hadagi undershirt, and later the Kotodama no Nenju . When he goes out in the modern era, he also wears a black and red cap with a green and yellow circle, and later a lavender scarf to hide his dog ears. He is always seen barefoot.

When he takes on human form, Inuyasha's demonic claws and fangs, as well as his dog ears, disappear. His silvery-white hair turns black, the color of his golden eyes becomes amber-gray and his dog ears are replaced by human ears appearing on the sides of his head.

In her demonic form, Inuyasha's dog demon features resemble those of her half-brother Sesshōmaru. When transformed as such, Inuyasha's sclera turned dark red, her irises became teal slits with white pupils, jagged purple stripes appeared on her cheeks and her fangs and claws lengthened.

Powers and capabilities


Inuyasha is a hanyō , born of a powerful inu - daiyōkai and a human mother. Her father, Tōga , was a powerful and respected demon who ruled the western country of Japan. Although he was a half-demon, his level of demonic power was the same as that of a normal demon without auxiliary skills. A testament to his powers as a half-demon was that he was able to easily kill Mistress Centipede, who had absorbed all the Shikon Jewel, with one attack at the start of the series when his powers were at their weakest and least trained, which is far more impressive given that he did it in mere moments after being unsealed by Kagome. Be that as it may, Inuyasha was one of the most powerful demons seen to date, and throughout his journey he was able to confront many powerful supernatural beings (for example, opponents empowered by Shikon Jewel, deities and legendary figures such as Magatsuhi, the demon of Shikon ) . no Tama and Kirinmaru ).

  • Immense demonic power: Despite being a hanyō, Inuyasha is a powerful demon in his own right. Being the son of the mighty Tōga, Inuyasha is among the most powerful demons in the series and possesses immense demonic power. He can dispatch most low-level demonic enemies, even those strengthened by Shikon Jewel shards such as Mistress Centipede and Hiten. Inuyasha's power even enables him to wield and unleash Tessaiga's Kaze no Kizu. Over the course of the series, Inuyasha gained strength, enabling him to master powerful techniques such as the Bakuryūha, Kongōsōha and Meidō Zangetsuha. He had even been able to defeat powerful daiyōkai such as Ryūkotsusei (which not even his father could defeat), Taigokumaryu and the Panther King. What's more, Inuyasha's demonic power and human determination seemed closely linked. In his first battle with Sesshōmaru, after the latter had disrespected his mother and nearly killed Kagome, Inuyasha managed to shatter his armor in a moment of rage. Another testament to his increased strength is his battle against Jūrōmaru and Kagerōmaru after reforging his Tessaiga with his fang when it was broken by Goshinki. The Tessaiga was then too heavy for him to wield in battle. However, when Kagerōmaru threatened Kagome's life, Inuyasha's desire to protect her enabled him to wield it with one hand for a brief moment. Another testament to his increased strength is his battle with Jūrōmaru and Kagerōmaru after reforging his Tessaiga with his fang when it was broken by Goshinki. The Tessaiga was then too heavy for him to wield in battle. However, when Kagerōmaru threatened Kagome's life, Inuyasha's desire to protect her enabled him to wield it with one hand for a brief moment. Another testament to his increased strength is his battle with Jūrōmaru and Kagerōmaru after reforging his Tessaiga with his fang when it was broken by Goshinki. The Tessaiga was then too heavy for him to wield in battle. However, when Kagerōmaru threatened Kagome's life, Inuyasha's desire to protect her allowed him to wield it with one hand for a brief moment. Eventually, he decided to fight without the aid of his demonic blood, allowing Inuyasha to fully wield the Tessaiga as well as master the Kaze no Kizu and Bakuryūha, and defeat Ryūkotsusei.
  • Superhuman strength: Inuyasha's yōkai blood gave him intensified physical strength exceeding that of the strongest human. He was able to uproot trees, lift boulders, break through fortress walls and gates, and was even capable of piercing solid steel. In fact, the powerful demon blood inherited from his father gave him greater strength than most low-level demons. Only powerful daiyōkai (e.g., Sesshōmaru ) were able to defeat Inuyasha in terms of raw physical strength
    Superhuman speed: Inuyasha can run and move at speeds that easily exceed those of a conventional horse, but he was considerably slower than Entei, the yōkai horse that served as Hakudōshi's mount . Although not capable of true flight, having inherited a lesser version of his father's more rudimentary powers, Inuyasha could manipulate his own yōki to some extent when jumping, enabling him to glide long distances and slow his falls when he landed.
  • Superhuman agility and reflexes: Inuyasha has inhuman reflexes and remarkable reaction time. He has swept arrows fired at him out of the air with his claws. He has also been able to combine his reflexes with his enhanced senses to catch objects thrown at him in the air without turning around. Inuyasha's agility, balance and body coordination are also improved.
    Superhuman endurance: Inuyasha's endurance far exceeded human and most demon standards, another result of receiving his father's powerful demon blood. He was able to run and jump great distances at great speed and often complained about how his relatively weaker human companions always slowed him down by needing so much rest every day.
  • Superhuman durability: Inuyasha has a very robust body and can endure a great deal of physical pain, as demonstrated in an early battle with Sesshōmaru when he continued to fight even after being impaled in the stomach. He was also able to survive considerable blunt trauma, a direct hit from a solid log of wood that shattered on contact, falling several stories into a crevasse during his fight with Ryūkotsusei and being thrown hard enough to shatter the solid rock. His skin was thick enough for him to survive being tangled by Yura's ultra-thin strands of hair , capable of cutting through solid tree trunks.
  • Accelerated healing: Inuyasha is able to recover quickly from even the most severe injuries (e.g. impalement) and can do so without any visible scarring. When Tōtōsai ripped out one of Inuyasha's fangs to repair the Tessaiga, he mentioned that Inuyasha would grow a replacement dog in just half a day. Be that as it may, the extent of his healing abilities is not unconditional, and it was implied that he could not regenerate lost limbs.
  • Enhanced senses: Although not as sensitive as those of Tōga and Sesshōmaru, Inuyasha's senses of smell and hearing are nevertheless remarkably acute. He is able to hear what people were whispering from great distances; as was the case when, while perched on a tree, he heard Akitoki Hōjō hiding in a bush, quietly praising Kagome in his beard. Similarly, his sense of smell is extremely well developed; he could smell traces of blood from miles away and could detect the presence of people by smell long before they could be seen. His sense of smell was also his method of detecting yōki and was therefore used to locate the Kaze no Kizu , the striking point of the Bakuryūha .and yōketsu auras, and, once, sniffing the way to the outside world to break through Sesshōmaru's Meidō Zangetsuha . He could sense Naraku's power from miles away as soon as he had lowered his barrier with at least as much precision as Kōga, though the latter was a yōkai in his own right.
  • Claws: Inuyasha has sharp, blade-like claws, and he can use them to easily slice ordinary enemies into ribbons. Normally, he uses these claws in his Sankon Tessō attack (散魂鉄爪; "Claws of Exorcism" or "Claws of Steel" in the VIZ anime; "Iron Reaver Soul Stealer" in the English dub ). His Sankon Tessō at full power is at least strong enough to break steel frames and destroy numerous tiles.
  • Blood Solidification: Using his demonic power, Inuyasha can harden his own blood and hurl it like bladed projectiles in an attack he calls Hijin Kessō (飛刃血爪lit. Flying Blade Blood Claws; VIZ, "Claws of Blood" or "Daggers of Blood"; "Blades of Blood" in the English dub ). While he usually used blood from an already open wound, Inuyasha could draw the blood needed to use the attack by digging his fingernails into his palms. He often used this tactic as a surprise counterattack after being wounded, when his opponents assumed he was weakened by his wounds and let their guard down.
    Longevity: Inuyasha's mixed heritage and the fact that he was the son of a powerful daiyōkai gave him supernatural longevity. Inuyasha aged noticeably slower than normal humans; he was over 150 at the time of his sealing but appeared to be the physical equivalent of a 15-year-old human.
  • Limited time travel: by jumping into the bone-eater's well, Inuyasha could travel five hundred years to and from the future. Inuyasha traveled several times in Kagome's time without the aid of a sacred jewel shard. Others, in addition to Kagome and Inuyasha, were unable to travel through the well, as seen when Shippō tried to cross the well but failed, and when Sōta tried to descend into the well to call Inuyasha for help during the Noh Mask attack but couldn't get through either.
  • Transformation(変化, へんげ, "Henge"): Due to his half-demon heritage, Inuyasha transforms against his will when certain conditions are met. Thus, this attribute can oscillate between strength and weakness, making it an unreliable ability. In particular, during the night of the new moon, he is temporarily rendered human for the duration of the event. In another instance, Inuyasha transforms into a full-fledged demon when his life is in mortal danger. He is also liable to be corrupted by an impure sacred jewel, transforming into a savage demon. This was first seen when he and his friends were trapped in the belly of the Stone Ogre, Inuyasha used a shard of the sacred jewel to strengthen Tessaiga's power, an effort that backfired when the impure powers of the shard passed through Tessaiga, causing Inuyasha's transformation. After Kagome purified the shard, Inuyasha regressed into a tamer version of his yōkai form. His yōki increased exponentially, allowing him to enhance the TessaigaKongōsōha's piercing effect with an intensity far greater than his previous uses, as well as the ability to combine Kaze no Kizu with Kongōsōha. After the fragment was removed from Tessaiga, Inuyasha returned to his hanyō self. He entered this state a second time while inside Naraku, after being corrupted into his yōkai form by the presence of the black Shikon no Tama and possessed by Magatsuhi , although he entered the purified form after smelling Kagome's blood, freeing himself from Magatsuhi's form. control. After Magatsuhi's disappearance, Kagome's spiritual powers returned him to his hanyō state.
  • Flight: Inuyasha uses the power to fly through the sky, to his stepmother's mansion to meet Sesshōmaru in order to stop the Grim Comet .
  • Spiritual Vision: Like all members of the Dog-Demon Clan, Inuyasha has the unique ability to see the spirit of the Time Mill , Akuru.


  • Experienced fighter: By virtue of being born a hanyō at a time of great conflict between humans and demons, Inuyasha was highly experienced in unarmed combat. However, unlike the technical skills displayed by Sesshōmaru, Inuyasha generally relied more on brute force than any type of martial arts. His conventional fighting strategy focused on quickly attacking his opponents and subduing them, leaving him at a disadvantage against more sophisticated fighters.
  • Adept Swordsman: After obtaining Tessaiga as his signature weapon, Inuyasha used it as his primary fighting form. Because Inuyasha had never used a sword before, and because he often relied solely on Tessaiga's demonic powers, skilled swordsmen would normally point out how reckless he was when fighting them, using his lack of experience to their advantage. Sesshōmaru noticed early on that the Tessaiga was no different from a wooden club in Inuyasha's hands. However, as he continued to face great challenges from skilled opponents, Inuyasha developed his swordplay with Tessaiga to the point where he could take on Sesshōmaru in combat, although he still remained inferior in terms of overall skill.
  • Gifted tactician: although often impetuous and direct in most combat scenarios, preferring to act more on his muscles than his wits, Inuyasha proved exceptionally cunning in the face of deterrents that required more than his strength alone to prevail. He wasn't a meticulous strategist like Miroku, but he was quick on his feet, able to devise mid-battle improvisations that allowed him to tip the winning balance. One such example was his battle with Entei; aware that the horse yōkai was too fast for him, Inuyasha urged the creature to follow him into a cave, luring it into a cunning trap knowing that the yokai wouldn't be able to maneuver in such a crowded space; allowing Inuyasha to effectively finish off the horse yōkai with a wave of backlash.
  • Minor medicinal knowledge: Inuyasha had a limited knowledge of medicine and minor illnesses; for example, his mother taught him to concoct an herbal medicine that could easily cure colds in an instant, which he made for Kagome when she was ill.


  • Robe du Rat de Feu : The robe normally worn by Inuyasha is woven from the hair of the Rat de Feu . It serves as fireproof armor and has the ability to regenerate; for example, in the fourth and final film , Inuyasha was able to ignore the fire of the resonance cauldron , which would otherwise have completely burned and instantly evaporated the soul of a hanyō.
  • Tessaiga: Inuyasha wields Tessaiga (鉄砕牙; Japanese for "Steel-Cleaving Fang" or Iron-Crushing Fang ), a powerful yōkai sword forged from one of his father's fangs by blacksmith Tōtōsai . The sword can absorb demonic powers and energy and is useful for preventing Inuyasha from falling victim to his demonic nature, which turns him into a berserker. In its sealed state, Tessaiga resembled a rusty katana with a slashed, dented blade and torn hilt. When wielded by a user with demon blood, the blade transforms into a five-foot-long fang capable of immense damage. During his journey, Inuyasha develops Tessaiga's signature Wind Scar (風の傷Kaze no Kizu), Backlash Wave (爆流破Bakuryūha ) and Adamant Barrage (金剛槍破Kongōsōha , Adamant Destroying Spears). Finally, Inuyasha acquires a new ability in Meido Zangetsuha (冥道残月破Meidō Zangetsuha , "Dark Path of the Dawn Moon's Wave), which Sesshōmaru prepared for him as part of their father's conception.
  • Tessaiga's sheath: Tessaiga's sheath could deflect energy attacks with the barrier used to contain Tessaiga's power. These barriers, though powerful, could only withstand a certain amount of damage before breaking. The sheath also possessed the power to recall Tessaiga. In Inuyasha's final battle with Sesshōmaru over the Tessaiga, the sheath possessed enough power to block the Kongōsōha but not the ability to break the barrier of the red Tessaiga.
  • Black Pearl (formerly): TBA


    • Demonic blood: When not in possession of Tessaiga with its sealing power and when his life is in danger, Inuyasha can involuntarily transform into a full-fledged demon. Although undoubtedly more powerful in this form, his demon blood overwhelms him in a whirlwind of rage whose sole purpose is destruction. In this form, Inuyasha's physical strength was more than doubled, more than enough to eviscerate Goshinki and Gatenmaru with a single claw strike and push Ryūkotsusei's massive body into a cliff with one arm. His regeneration was also enhanced, allowing him to recover immediately from potentially fatal wounds and poisons received prior to transformation. His yōki was also powerful enough to erode the power of Sesshōmaru.Meido Zangetsuha after cutting his own yōketsu with the dragon-scale Tessaiga. However, because yōki is toxic to humans, Inuyasha's half-human body and mind couldn't handle the power he'd inherited from his father. As a yōkai, Inuyasha was incapable of feeling pain, fear, compassion or pity; he felt only rage and hedonistic bloodlust, which, combined with his new predatory instinct, lack of intelligence and inability to distinguish between friend and foe, drove him to attack and kill anyone in his vicinity. With each subsequent overload, this form's intelligence diminished, and it became easier to trigger and harder for him to recover from. If nothing was done, Inuyasha would continue to fight and kill until his body gave way or was killed by an opponent. Against experienced opponents, this also made his attacks more predictable in yōkai form; despite his enhanced physical abilities, Sesshōmaru was able to effortlessly evade all of Inuyasha's strikes when Inuyasha transformed into "The Demon's True Nature", finally knocking him out with a Tokijin strike . After catching Sō'unga , he grabbed his arm with his purple tentacles and possessed him as he changed and Inuyasha continues to try to control his transformation with Sō'unga's power. After using Sō'unga's Dragon Twister , his transformation returned to normal. During the fight with Sesshōmaru as Inuyasha holds Sō'unga, Sō'unga's gem glows after he asks Inuyasha that he doesn't have the strength to defeat him and says, "Then use my power." as his eyes turn red.
    • New Moon: All half-demons, like Inuyasha, lose their demonic power for a time; in his case, he loses his demonic powers and form on the night of the New Moon. On the night of the New Moon, his hair turned black; his eyes turned amber-gray, he lost his yōkai abilities and attributes (i.e. his fangs, dog ears and claws) and could only use Tessaiga in its katana form. During the night of the New Moon before sunset, Inuyasha suffered pre-transformation symptoms, such as the loss of his acute sense of smell, before finally transforming into a human. Arguably, the ears are the biggest change: while the rest of his body demonstrates a physical transformation, like claws becoming fingernails and toenails, his dog ears simply disappear, to be replaced by human ears appearing on the sides of his head.
    • Sensory overload: Inuyasha's sense of smell is so acute that he is vulnerable to sensory overload (for example, in "The Cursed Ink of the Painter of Hell", he was temporarily knocked out by the strong smell of black ink). His taste buds are also highly sensitive to spicy foods; Kagome sarcastically points out that during battle, Inuyasha will blow "a gaping hole in his gut", but can't even get close to a plate of curry.
    • Spiritual powers: Inuyasha is sensitive to the effects of spiritual power, seeing how Kikyō and Kagome were able to master it with various spells.This includes mystical objects such as sacred arrows , sacred sutra and beads of submission .The powerful purifying barrier surrounding Mount Hakurei was also able to forcibly transform Inuyasha into his human form; previously, the barrier caused him notable discomfort and weakened his demonic abilities.


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