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Isaac Netero

Isaac Netero was the twelfth president of the Hunters' Association and chairman of the Hunter Exam Selection Committee. He is one of the oldest and most powerful characters in the Hunter × Hunter world.

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Isaac Netero appears to be a helpless old man, but he's surprisingly fit and muscular for his age. As for his physical appearance, he sports a ponytail, a thick beard, and on his elongated earlobes he has two piercings in each. Netero usually wears a kimono and a pair of traditional men's geta. During the Chimera Ant arc, he changes his appearance for his next fight with Meruem, cutting off his beard, mustache and ponytail. In battle, Netero prefers to wear a t-shirt with the Japanese Kanji character for "Heart/Mind" printed on the front, and tracksuit shorts.

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Netero is, at first, characterized as energetic, playful and even seems mentally absent at times. But Netero loves a challenge and is excited by the prospect of facing a formidable foe.

His personality, according to Ging Freecss , is somewhat similar to her own and also to that of Pariston Hill. This strange passion affects the way the Hunters' Association is governed, often testing the physical limits of those who try to become hunters. Cookie Krueger even considers Netero a "twisted individual", as he often likes to place his trustworthy hunters on impossible missions that can take years to complete.

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Netero has devoted his life to martial arts and prayer; he shows great pride in his own abilities; and he has no respect for weak people who show no interest in becoming stronger. His aim in life is to find a worthy opponent to fight against, giving his all.

However, when the situation demands it, Netero completely changes his attitude and becomes a serious, stoic, cold and ruthless individual. Above all, Netero values talent and development potential. In the final phase of the Hunter exam, he was in charge of ordering the fights so that those who showed talent for being great hunters would have more opportunities and more fights to earn their licenses, as was the case with Gon Freecss, to whom he gave more fighting rounds than any other competitor.

Although he appears to be a carefree, relaxed person, he is in reality under constant stress, criticized and discredited by the Association's board of directors, who have conspired behind his back to force him to resign. In turn, the nations of the world constantly expect excellent and/or perfect results from him.

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As the world's most powerful human and president of the Hunters' Association, Netero is a man of great influence and contacts, as he was able to send a highly qualified medical team to try and save the chimera ant queen. with just one call. He was also able to hire Zeno Zoldyck and his son Silva Zoldyck , two first-rate professional assassins.

Having lived for over a century, Netero knows perfectly well how the world he lives in works, as well as knowing perfectly well the nature of the human being, for although moved by Meruem's speech and wanting to support him, he knows that in reality the Ant King's plan, however noble, is doomed to failure precisely because he knows the nature of the human being, so he had no choice but to fight to the end. death against him. In his final moments, Netero mocks Meruem as naive, for he still knew nothing of the human potential for evil, and commits suicide by detonating a bomb implanted in his heart to take him to hell with him.



What is known of Netero's past is that he and a group of hunters (Zzigg Zoldyck, Linne Hors-d'oeuvre) took part in expeditions to the dark continent ( Ankoku Tairiku ).

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Years later, Netero, now in his sixties and as master of the dojo, was challenged by rivals from all over the world determined to defeat him. But each challenger was defeated and humbled by his incredible power, continuing to show his respect with a bow. A few years later, Netero fought Zeno Zoldyck's grandfather, Maha Zoldyck, and lived to tell the tale, Zeno mentioning that Netero was the only one capable of it. Additionally, Netero became the 12th president of the hunter's association. He was also a former member of the Seirin group.

Skills and Powers

As one of the strongest characters in the series, Netero displays incredible strength and stamina for his age, as shown in his first appearance when he free-falls 60 feet from the Judges' Commission airship without a parachute and lands without sustaining any damage. He's also a powerful hand-to-hand combatant, capable of unleashing blows as fast or faster than sound. Netero has excellent muscle control, being able to prevent blood loss from a severed leg, and great coordination, judging by his ability to use a 100-arm Nen construct as a means of attack.

Immense Strength: Netero has incredible physical strength, which could be demonstrated by watching him fall freely 60 feet from the Judgment Commission airship without a parachute and land without sustaining physical damage. He was even able to take down an army of chimera ants quite easily. He also has very strong muscles and bones that are capable of breaking a normal leg.

Immense speed and reflexes: Netero's speed is considered the greatest of any character seen so far in the series. For example, he could run with Gon and Killua without them even seeing him, Netero was also able to dodge almost all their attacks quite easily and exhaust them quickly. It was during the extermination of the Chimera Ants that the extent of his speed was revealed. His speed was so great that he managed to be faster than Neferpitou and Meruem. He could throw blows faster than the speed of sound; this was highlighted when he attacked Neferpitou, it was revealed that his attack on the ant lasted less than a tenth of a second. However, Isaac's attack speed was much higher, for by the end of his training on the mountain, he had completed his 10,000 strokes of thanks in less than an hour, being that before delivering the blow, he had to prepare his aura, join hands in prayer and deliver a punch. This process was carried out three times a second.

During Netero and Meruem's fight, the former's speed was so high that the king, even though time had been compressed to the maximum, could only see Netero's afterimage as he moved to perform an attack. Such was his speed that the Ant King accepted that the movement used to activate the technique would instantly become faster than him.

Immense agility: Netero was extremely agile in his movements. In the ball match against Gon and Killua, his agility easily outstripped that of the children, and even when Kirua used his assassin techniques, Netero dodged him with ease.

Immense Endurance: When Netero was younger, he executed ten thousand moves in just 18 hours, and when he continued to do so, the sun hadn't yet set. Then he fought many types of fighters for the dojo for days on end. He gave Meruem two mortal wounds, fought him for a long time while exchanging thousands of blows, and spoke to him normally even after exhausting all his aura and despite the severity of his wounds, demonstrating that his Endurance is first-rate, even in his old age.

Immense resistance to pain: Netero is highly resistant to pain, as Meruem sliced through his left arm and right leg without even blinking, although his perspiration rate increases slightly.

Muscle control: Netero is able to prevent blood loss from a severed leg. It's worth noting that Netero is only able to do this at least once; when Meruem struck his left arm a second time, he couldn't stop the blood loss. Or maybe it's because he knew he was going to die when he started using Zero Mano.

Master of hand-to-hand combat: Being the grandmaster of Shingen-ryu kung-fu, and also being able to deliver thousands of different attacks with the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva with it by following his own hand movements to Meruem, Netero proves to be the best hand-to-hand fighter seen in the series. Other examples of this are when Netero was 46, he did 10,000 hits a day and it took him 18 hours to complete 10,000 hits on the first day. After two years, when he completed 10,000 hits, the sun hadn't yet set. And at the age of 50, he completed 10,000 strokes in less than an hour, with more time to pray. For this reason, Netero can also deliver hits as fast as the speed of sound. He has also defeated a boxer who was going to fight him in his dojo, no matter how powerful, by demonstrating his skill.

Netero is an extremely powerful Nen practitioner, earning the title of most powerful Nen user fifty years prior to the series. Zeno lists Netero's extremely silent aura as one of his strengths, as it's impossible to read any of his movements through it. While the quantity of aura is immense, impressive to experienced hunters like Morel, who commented that it felt like needles were shooting through him, Colt declared that it is incomparable to that of the three royal guards, but he still managed to get rid of it from Neferpitou in an instant and wound Meruem by himself, demonstrating his superior mastery over the matter.



  • After the prayer, Netero performs a clapping motion with his hands, then the bodhisattva copies him, attacking the opponent with a blow and crushing him with his palms.
  • 99 hands After praying and placing his right ankle on his left calf, Netero joins his index finger and thumb with both hands to form the number 99.
  • Having done this, the statue uses all his hands to bombard your enemy with a barrage of Clap blows, resulting in a powerful attack that can destroy the ground and leave a deep hole. The advantage of this technique is that you don't need to "pray" between blows, just hold the pose that initiates them.
  • With Netero's Nen ability called 100-Types of Guanyin Bodhisattva and having numbered attacks (zero hand, first hand, third hand, etc.), it's safe to assume that Netero had 100 (if numbered from 0 to 99) or 101 (if numbered from 0 to 99. they were numbered from 0 to 100) different attacks.
  • Netero's "Kung Fu Shingen" style and the activation of the bomb he wore on his body (Miniature Rose), which he activated by piercing his chest with his finger, are reminiscent of the Hokuto Shinken style practiced by the protagonist of "Hokuto no Ken". Kenshiro.
  • He was the grandmaster of Shingen-Ryu Kung Fu, which is practiced by Biscuit, Wing and Zushi.


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