Kagome Higurashi

Kagome Higurashi

Inuyasha: 5 lí do Kagome là 'Best girl'

Kagome Higurashi ("Birdcage (first name) , Sunset (last name)") is the modern reincarnation of the feudal miko era, Kikyō , and the series' main female protagonist. She was unknowingly born with the legendary Shikon no Tama inside her body until her 15th birthday, when a yōkai pulled her into her family's sacred well , taking her back some five hundred years, and later . extracted the newly reborn gem from her. After accidentally shattering the jewel into hundreds of fragments that scattered all over Japan. Kagome, together with the hanyō Inuyasha , had to recover all the shards of the Jewel before they fell under the evil influence of the evil mastermind Naraku , encountering several allies and enemies in the process.


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Kagome is the firstborn and only daughter of Mr. Higurashi and Mrs. Higurashi . She was named after the twinkling light her mother saw (the Shikon jewel itself) when she was born at Sōgō Hospital.

When Kagome was four, Mr. Higurashi died in a car accident that had left his daughter and his wife, who was already pregnant with Kagome's brother , without any support. So Kagome's mother moved her family to Higurashi Shrine , where Grandpa Higurashi lived.

Kagome's quest

When she was fourteen, for her 15th birthday, her grandfather gave her the mummified kappa hand, but she looked uncomfortable. On her 15th birthday, as Kagome was about to leave for school, she learned that her cat, Buyo , had entered the shed containing the Well of the Bone-Eater . At her brother Sōta's request, she found it, only to be dragged into the well by Mistress Centipede , whose bones had been resurrected by the presence of the Shikon no Tama.in Kagome's body. Kagome resisted the demon and escaped its grip. But when she emerged from the well, she found herself in the middle of a wooded meadow, unaware that she was going back in time to around 1550-1560. In an attempt to locate her home, she stumbled upon the Sacred Tree , on which she discovered a sleeping boy with white hair and dog ears sealed by an arrow and covered in vines. Intrigued by his ear, Kagome pulled them curiously, only to be ambushed by a group of suspicious villagers . After tying her up, they brought her before Kaede , the village priestess , to determine whether she was a yōkai or a spy. Kaede not only determined that Kagome was human, but was alarmed by her identical resemblance to her late older sister Kikyō.

Later that night, Kagome was with Kaede in the old woman's house, when the village was attacked by Mistress Centipede, still searching for the jewel inside Kagome's body. Kagome started running towards the forest to deflect the centipede demon's attack. When she reached the Sacred Tree, she discovered that the boy, Inuyasha, was now awake. Unfortunately, he confused her with Kikyō, Kaede's older sister, who had been the very priestess who had bound him to the tree 50 years earlier, as she revealed that Kagome is the reincarnation of her older sister.

At this point, Mistress Centipede attacked Kagome and in the ensuing scuffle, she was wounded by the demon and the Shikon jewel that had been inside Kagome's body since birth, unbeknownst to her, was ripped out. Mistress Centipede consumed the jewel and used it to increase her power. In a desperate attempt to stop her, Kagome removed Inuyasha's arrow and freed him from the spell, after which he promptly dispatched the centipede demon.

Later, a corpse crow demon stole the jewel from him and, using the demon's severed foot, released an arrow that inadvertently shattered the jewel into countless splinters, even as the crow itself was destroyed.

Inuyasha and Kagome travel with Miroku , Shippō , Sango and Kirara to defeat Naraku, the demon who seeks the jewel for his own ends and seeks the jewel shards. Kagome's grandfather often invented false illnesses to excuse Kagome from school in order to continue her quest with Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Kirara and Shippō in feudal times.

She was often stressed by tests and wanted to go home to study, even though Inuyasha wanted her to stay. This usually caused arguments between the two. Sometimes, however, he would follow her into his world, normally causing problems for Kagome and her family. The leader of the wolf demon tribe, Kōga, was in love with Kagome, often calling her "my wife". She was normally polite when she rejected him. However, her rejections were so delicately worded, most of the time Kōga and Inuyasha couldn't see them for what they were. This often provoked fights between Inuyasha and Kōga, as well as Inuyasha and Kagome. During their travels, Kagome began to develop romantic feelings for Inuyasha but was generally heartbroken because Inuyasha still had feelings for Kikyō and often went out to find her, but he always came back to Kagome and the others. Even when Inuyasha left to go find Kikyō, Kagome still loved Inuyasha, but even when he left, it was shown that he loved Kagome more and had stronger feelings for her than for Kikyō. The relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome grew stronger throughout the series.

Meet new friends and enemies

Kagome and Inuyasha later met a young orphan and fox demon named Shippō who lost his father to the Thunder Brothers and expresses his desire for revenge and even tried to steal Shikon jewelry shards from Kagome who began to love him as her younger brother. But it was Shippō who called Inuyasha to rescue Kagome, who had been kidnapped by Manten, who tried to kill her for losing her hair.

After having a near-death experience, Shippō's father's skin protected her and Foxfire while Inuyasha killed the Thunder Brothers, then Shippō joined them as a companion. Followed by Miroku , whose grandfather and father had a cursed blower in their right hands that he inherited, who met Kagome and Inuyasha when he tried to steal Kagome's shards. After revealing to the gang that Naraku was the one who killed Kikyō, Miroku also joined them. After being forced to return to the modern era when Inuyasha took the Shikon jewel to prevent Kagome from returning, she manages to return to the feudal era. Later, they meet Sango , an incredibly gifted man.demon slayer who has been cruelly tricked by Naraku into believing that Inuyasha killed her family ( her father ) and friends".

Meeting with Kōga and Naraku's henchmen

After Kikyō took the Shikon Jewel shards from him, Kagome, Inuyasha and the gang met Tōtōsai , who was an old close friend of Inuyasha's late father and also the creator of Tessaiga; he revealed the technique of his sword Kaze no Kizu . Kagome and others witnessed the third battle between Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru before Inuyasha could strike his sword against his older brother, which only failed because Sesshōmaru was saved by Tenseiga.

Later, Inuyasha and the group found corpses in a village where they met the Wolf Demon Kōga tribe chief, who became angry when Inuyasha killed his comrades. Kagome and Shippō were kidnapped by Kōga through a trap. Later, Kagome discovered that Kōga and other wolf tribes were suffering from the Birds of Paradise attack , so she agreed to help them.

After seeing Inuyasha hug Kikyō, which left Kagome's mind chagrined and put a pause on the feudal era. Kagome would be in her room, thinking about how Inuyasha chose Kikyō and decided not to return to Inuyasha for a while, even Kagome's friends asked about her boyfriend. Kagome looked at a frightened tree and wanted Kikyō away from the life and collapse of Inuyasha after realizing she loved Inuyasha. She returned to the feudal era and asked Inuyasha to hold her hand as they walked.

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Tsubaki's black spell

Naraku sought the help of a black priestess named Tsubaki, a woman with a long-standing grudge against Kikyō; Naraku hoped that Tsubaki would be able to use her black magic to kill Kagome and Inuyasha. Tsubaki asked his shikigami , which took the form of a snake, to bite Kagome, putting her under his spell. Using Naraku's huge Shikon Jewel shard, Tsubaki was able to defile the shards Kagome had and forced the blackened shards into Kagome's body.

After the jewel entered Kagome's body, she went into an almost comatose state, until Tsubaki woke her up and ordered her to kill Inuyasha, making her point an arrow at Inuyasha. Naraku rejoices at the thought of Inuyasha being killed again by the woman he loved. Kagome was able to momentarily regain control of her body and begged Inuyasha to run, but he didn't.

Kikyō confronted Tsubaki, which allowed Kagome to regain complete control of herself, at which point she was able to sense the location of the black Shikon jewel Tsubaki possessed; Kagome and Inuyasha ran to the spot. They arrive and see that Sango and Miroku are already there, and they all confront Tsubaki. Tsubaki emerges from her hut and unleashes a demon to attack Inuyasha. She tells him that if he draws Tessaiga, she'll kill Kagome, since the tainted shards of Shikon Jewel were still in her body. The shards vibrate in Kagome's body and she is once again put into a coma. This time, however, Kagome is thrown into a strange dimension, one where she has never met Inuyasha.

With Kikyō's help, in the other dimension, Kagome emerges and regains consciousness and shoots an arrow at Tsubaki, but it misses. Tsubaki again defiles the shards of Kagome's body and soon sends her shikigami snake to kill Kagome. Kagome manages to regain her resolve and sends the snake back to Tsubaki in the same way that Kikyō had done fifty years before; Kagome's body splinters are purified and Tsubaki makes her escape, vowing revenge on Kagome and Inuyasha.

Tsubaki returns to the temple where she trained with her former master and meets Botan and Momiji , the priestesses now living there. Tsubaki sends them to fight Inuyasha and his group, while Tsubaki enters a forbidden temple where she absorbs an ogre who inhabits it, using the Shikon Jewel fragment she still has. After Botan and Momiji fail to stop Inuyasha and the others, they quickly find Tsubaki. Tsubaki absorbs the ogre and her body transforms, giving her the appearance of an ogre. Inuyasha finally destroys her with the Bakuryūha.

Naraku barrier

Kagome, Inuyasha and the crew quickly looked for ways to improve the Tessaiga's strength to enable them to enter Naraku's domain. They traveled to an island where Inuyasha fought a bat demon, Taigokumaru . In exchange for freeing herself from the demon's control, Shiori offered Inuyasha the Blood Coral Crystal. By destroying it, his Tessaiga was transformed into an evolved red version.

Meanwhile, Naraku intended to absorb Sesshōmaru. He kidnapped Rin, as bait, to lure Sesshōmaru into his castle. He lowered his barrier and allowed her scent to escape to lure him. At the same time, Inuyasha and his crew also began to follow the scent back to the castle.

As they drew closer, Kagome began to smell a fragment of Jewel Shard nearby. Inuyasha moved forward while the rest of the crew investigated the shard. Kagome warned the others that she had a bad feeling about finding a Jewel Shard so close to Naraku Castle. The crew shared her concern. Kagome recalled that Kohaku had a single jewel shard on him and wondered if they would find it.

The battle with Band of Seven and Mount Hakurei

She and her companions would head northeast, following a clue as to where to find Naraku de Sarugami having sensed an evil aura heading in that direction, where they learn of a squad of seven mercenaries called the Shichinintai who have been resurrected by Naraku through shards of the sacred jewel. She is exposed to a deadly poison by a member named Mukotsu who was about to rape her so she tries to remove the shard from her neck but fails and is then strangled by Mukotsu, only to be saved by Sesshōmaru who has come to question Inuyasha about Naraku's whereabouts and exterminates Mukotsu. With Miroku and Sango also having been exposed to Mukotsu's poison, they are protected by Inuyasha from a member named Ginkotsuet taken by Shippō and Kirara to a temple where she is put to rest with her ailing companions and identifies another member named Renkotsudisguised as a monk upon seeing her shard in his neck but is unable to warn anyone. The shards she held are taken by Renkotsu who puts all five of them to sleep with incense then sets fire to the temple to kill them, and although protected from the fire by Shippō who has been awakened by Myōga long enough for Inuyasha to come to their rescue. In the end, she and her two friends stop breathing. However, all three are revived by Myōga by sucking out much of their blood with the poison, and to her surprise, she sees Inuyasha shed tears of relief. What's more, when Kōga shows up happy to see her alive and yells at Inuyasha for leaving her in a bad situation, Inuyasha doesn't disagree and swears it won't happen again.

She and the others then meet Suikotsu near a village and point out that the fragment he carries is pure unlike those of the other members of the Gang of Seven. The village would be attacked immediately afterwards by three members of the Gang of Seven, and the group surprisingly find Kikyō staying in the village to watch Suikotsu who reveals himself to be a member of the gang as she notices that his shard has suddenly become corrupted. and understands that he suffers from a multiple personality. After the four assassins leave, she and the others notice that the soul collectors disappear and don't approach the unconscious Kikyō, so she lets Inuyasha transport Kikyō elsewhere, away from Suikotsu's orphanage, although this makes her tense, not liking seeing Inuyasha with Kikyō. At the edge of the village, after the soul collectors put the disconnected souls into Kikyō, who wakes up, she replies to Kikyō that she saw Suikotsu's pure jewel glow turn cloudy and learns with the others about Mount Hakurei. She ignores Inuyasha the next day as she tries not to think about him and Kikyō the night before, but ends up scolding him and making him sit down countless times because he provoked her about it.

Inuyasha: 5 lí do Kagome là 'Best girl'

In search of the last Shikon Jewel Shard

She and the others learn that monks and priests have been killed by the Child who was cut in half by a monk named Shinsen and later meet the half of the Child who grew up in the body of a young child and took the name of Hakudōshi , who reveals to them that a fragment of the sacred jewel other than those in the possession of Kōga and Kohaku, remains located at the border of the beyond . The group then learns from a Kawausowho was beheaded by Hakudōshi but resurrected by Sesshōmaru at Tenseiga's request what the border of the afterlife looks like, and she and Inuyasha realize that this is where the tomb of Inuyasha's father, whose grave they had been to before, was located. After the group learns that the creator of the black pearl has died and his son can't create a new one for another 100 years, Hakudōshi arranges for them to go to the gateway to the afterlife in the fire realm to test whether it was safe. Although it wasn't possible to cross without dying, Kagome could sense the presence of a sacred jewel beyond the open gate, confirming that the sacred jewel fragment was at the border of the beyond.

While Naraku sought out and made a pact with Princess Abi to create a path to the border of the beyond, the group defended the villagers while fighting Abi and her birds , and learned of the existence of a holy person known as St. Hijiri whom the fleeing villagers seek to protect. . She suspects St. Hijiri to be Kikyō for firing an arrow that broke Hakudōshi's barrier and her suspicions were confirmed when she is lured by Shinidamachūs to a waterfall where Kikyō is submerged underwater, his body severely injured and weakened. She is told by Kikyō's assistants, Kochō and Asukaque that her life is beginning to drain away due to the miasma that continues to spread throughout her body and that only she can save her by touching her and purifying the miasma, which she does not hesitate to do. She faints during the process and wakes up to see that she has successfully revived Kikyō by closing the wounds in his chest, although Kikyō has given her no gratitude and leaves. As a result, Kagome feels upset and as soon as Inuyasha arrives, she takes her anger out on him for being curious about Kikyō, to which she would regret, though Inuyasha simply tells her that knowing Kikyō is alive is enough and he won't look for her.

Shortly thereafter, after Naraku removes his protective barrier around Tekkei's nest , Inuyasha is taken to Kikyō by his assistants while Kagome sleeps through the night, and he returns with an arrow coated with Onigumo's grave for her to use against Naraku. When she and the others arrived at Tekkei's nest with Myōga, they were surprised that she had swallowed Naraku until he killed her by gushing from her forehead and Abi also then decapitated Tekkei to release a river of demonic blood that would serve as the path to the border of the beyond, so they followed him. As soon as they passed, they were attacked by huge diamond spears coming from Inuyasha's father's tomb but made their way to the tomb where they met Hōsenki who had made the black pearl for Inuyasha's right eye and, as she noticed the sacred jewel fragment in her possession, revealed herself to be the one who had taken the fragment here as the fragment had requested, after she and Inuyasha had first come. Hōsenki would then attack the group, and Kagome notices that the fragment has become corrupted and so understands that Naraku has forced Hōsenki to turn against them, which forces Inuyasha to fight him, resulting in damage, so she tries to purify the fragment but only succeeds in damaging Hōsenki enough for Naraku to get the fragment from him as soon as he shows up. As Sesshōmaru arrives, having been able to pass through the gateway to the afterlife at Tenseiga's request, and attacks Naraku, Kagome uses all her arrows to purify the miasma that is continually being produced, leaving her with only Kikyō's arrow, while Inuyasha tries to cut Hōsenki to enhance Tessaiga so that he can break Naraku's barrier. After the two brothers finally defeat Naraku, she notices the last shard in the wreckage of his broken body and fires Kikyō's arrow, which purifies the shard though Naraku disappears. They then leave following Sesshōmaru to return to the world of the living with the last shard. she notices the last shard in the wreckage of his broken body and shoots the Kikyō arrow that purifies the shard though Naraku disappears. They then leave, following Sesshōmaru back to the world of the living with the last shard.
she notices the last shard in the wreckage of his broken body and shoots the Kikyō arrow, which purifies the shard even though Naraku disappears. They then leave, following Sesshōmaru back to the world of the living with the last shard.

She returns to her time to rest, but to her displeasure, Inuyasha shows up and unwittingly ruins her bike, and to her great concern, her friends want to meet him. Luckily for her, however, they don't discover that he's half-demon, and she's delighted to find him cool, believing him to be half-foreign.

Mōryōmaru and the death of Kikyō

She was distraught that she hadn't been able to save Kikyō and began to cry, but Kikyō told herself that her soul had been saved nonetheless. She and the others see Inuyasha and Kikyō share their last words and embrace, then feel her soul say goodbye before being lifted into the starry sky.

She and her friends encounter Kanna and her Mirror demon, who have taken it upon themselves to deprive Tessaiga of her demonic energy and powers. Noticing damage to the spots Inuyasha hit on the Mirror demon appearing on Kanna, Kagome begged Kanna to stop as she didn't want Kanna to be hurt, which was ridiculed by Byakuya .and Naraku as Kanna was created to feel nothing, neither pain nor emotion. Even when she and the others were giving Kanna the chance to live, Naraku intended for Kanna to self-destruct and take the group with her. Before she left, a sliver found its way into Kagome's right eye, telling her that the light from the Shikon Jewel would kill Naraku, and she could see the corrupted Shikon Jewel with a sliver of light inside. She told her friends that Kanna didn't want to die, shedding a tear from her right eye and vowing to keep what was in her heart.

Hitomiko and Magatsuhi

Kagome spotted Naraku's cobwebs from a distance and the group rushed to the scene until they reached a shrine near a village where they learned that a Hitomikodeced priestess had died a few days ago. Her killer Naraku has forced his spirit to linger in her corpse and, while controlling her with his spider webs, drags Kagome into the shrine, where she is faced with either letting Hitomiko kill her, or killing Hitomiko again by shooting the spider in her chest, which would however be condemning Hitomiko to hell and consequently tainting Kagome's heart enough for her to fall prey to Naraku's spider webs. At first, Kagome tries to escape and find another way out to no avail, then, as Hitomiko questions her name and spiritual powers as weak and tells her she's not using the sacred longbow properly, she remembers the game her friends would always make fun of. her name for when she was younger and was able to know who was behind it thus realizes she has untapped potential within her and sees Naraku through Hitomiko.

Kagome believed that Kikyō was the one who had sealed her spiritual powers, but Kaede corrects that it was the perverse part of the sacred jewel named Magatsuhi who had done it out of fear. While Naraku allows Magatsuhi to build herself a new body by donating some of her parts in order to obtain Kohaku's glow and eliminate the sacred light, her spiritual power would be further sealed by Magatsuhi simply looking at her, rendering her unable to purify Kohaku's body. glow that had been tainted. With no powers to help, and Sesshōmaru the only one able to break the seal by killing Magatsuhi with Tenseiga , Kagome returned to her own time to prepare for her high school entrance exam.

Final battle

It was said by Kagome's grandfather that when the time came, the correct wish had to be made to the jewel for it to be destroyed. The jewel intended to use Kagome and Naraku as it did Midoriko and Magatsuhi in order to maintain its existence. After the jewel was destroyed with Kagome's wish that it disappear, Kagome was forced to return home immediately to present-day Tokyo and reunite with her family and almost thank Inuyasha for her life as Inuyasha returned to the feudal era that the well had been closed.

Life later

Three years later, she and her friends graduated from high school and were accepted to university. On the way home, she felt she could no longer see Inuyasha. She came to the well house and realized that the well still wasn't working, but she still missed Inuyasha and wanted to see him. Suddenly, she felt the wind as she saw the sky in the well as the well opened for the last time and Kagome returned to Inuyasha, married him and stayed on in feudal times as a priestess-in-training with Kaede's help.

Hanyo no Yashahime

Six months later, after her nineteenth birthday, a landslide occurs that releases Ne no Kubi , a root demon who fought with Kikyō and was sealed by her. Thus, Ne no Kubi was fought and fought Kagome and her friends, and she tells Inuyasha that he needs to trust her more as she does.

After a month, Hōsenki II arrived home and joined Inuyasha to give him a new Black Pearl, which he was able to create using Izayoi's Beni and the green rainbow pearl , which Riku had given him . Kagome was angry as she did the sitting orders after showing Hōsenki II Hōsenki I's special technique Adamant Barrage , as he almost destroyed their home. Kagome was surprised that the red belonged to Izayoi as she knew it was her mother's two, even she would keep the red. Inuyasha decided to keep the pearl in his right eye.

Four years later, Kagome became pregnant. On the night of Towa and Setsuna's birth (which was also the night of a lunar eclipse) to Rin, she met Riku , who warned her of the Grim Comet that appears once every five centuries, and of Kirinmaru's desire to destroy his own unborn child. child once he awoke from his sleep. Kagome then passed this information on to Sesshōmaru.

Shortly after Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha dealt with the Grim Comet, Kagome gave birth to Inuyasha's quart-yōkai/three-quarter-human daughter named Moroha . However, shortly after their daughter's birth, Sesshōmaru briefly teamed up with the awakened Kirinmaru ostensibly to kill Inuyasha and Moroha, but he was apparently actually on their side, as they were warned of Kirinmaru's attempt to kill them and able to prepare: Kagome gave Moroha the Beni as a parting gift before Hachi took the baby to safety. Before Kirinmaru could attack them, Sesshōmaru saved her and Inuyasha by plucking the Black Pearl from Inuyasha's right eye before sending them both to the border of the afterlife . Although trapped in Tōga's tomb, fortunately, it is eminent that she and her husband are eventually freed by Sesshōmaru, as Jaken has declared that her husband's Meidō Zangetsuha ability will be needed in the future.

Fourteen years later, she finally gets a glimpse of her adult daughter as she crosses the strong demonic and spiritual barrier of Mount Musubi. She is proud to see her child safe and sound.

Months later, she is used as leverage to force Moroha to bring Akuru's reel to Kirinmaru.


Kagome's heart is pure and kind, always rich and sometimes uncontrollable, which bears a striking resemblance to Inuyasha's lack of self-control. Because of her empathetic nature, she never hesitates to help those in need, treating everyone with warmth and respect. Even if she doesn't say a word, her feelings are easy to read because of her honest expressions, leading those around her to soften in difficult situations and be honest too. The only dark part Kagome ever had was her jealousy of Inuyasha's feelings towards her past life, but she eventually learned to be at peace with this and let go. Even so, she was not without her imperfect, quirky and immature side, typical of her age.

Kagome has never been afraid to express her opinion on what is "right" and what is "wrong", which makes her somewhat opinionated and stubborn. She eventually learned not to see the world in black and white, becoming the one others turn to when they need emotional support or advice, as she can be direct and make hard but valid points, even to a friend. Yet Kagome won't forgive anyone who opposes her sense of justice until they stop, even when there was a big difference in power. This was demonstrated when she almost killed Naraku out of disgust and fury at his perverse, manipulative nature and wanted him destroyed as much as her companions ever since.

Although she was just a modern girl for most of her life, Kagome was strangely unperturbed by the horrors, violence and death of the Warring Kingdoms because of her strong spirit. Her reckless courage is known for "always being in full force", being impulsive and jumping into potentially dangerous situations without waiting for help. Although generally calm and compassionate, Kagome has a surprising hidden violent side when her short temper is brought into play. Inuyasha tends to be the cause in one way or another due to her brutal and ill-mannered nature which she rarely tolerates and has no patience for, often coming up against her own immaturity and frequently used "Sit!" on him (especially in the anime), which she almost never regrets (though mentally sometimes) or apologizes for unless it's by accident and even then she doesn't really seem to mean it. Over time, however, she slowly learned to let go of her adolescent anger and impulsiveness, while showing greater patience and understanding towards him. She was often disgusted by Miroku's lecherous ways and didn't hesitate to criticize him, but resigned herself to it over time because she knew he was never going to change.

Số phận của Kagome và Inuyasha sẽ thế nào trong Hanyou no Yashahime

When involved in battle, Kagome uses her knowledge to the full and analyzes the situation to the best of her ability, unlike Inuyasha who, most of the time, jumps in recklessly and acts instinctively, despite her own reckless courage. Even from a distance, she finds solutions and dares to execute them, often producing unexpectedly good results. Although not as cunning as Miroku, Kagome's words can somehow move others, inspiring trust and almost unconscious obedience due to her cheerful, positive nature. She can also sometimes be slightly manipulative, as she would gently tell Koga what he wanted to hear despite the fact that it was a lie, and this had the desired effect.

In the age of the Warring Kingdoms, infested with evil spirits, Kagome gradually became a kind of conduit between humans and demons. With her ability to make people feel accepted and at ease despite their misfortune, she could befriend Jinenji (accepting his half-demon nature and being one of the first to show him kindness), Miroku (refusing to leave him alone after learning of his Kazaana ), Sango (showing sympathy for her after Sango's family was murdered and Kohaku was forced to become the subordinate of their worst enemy), Shippō(adoring him, to the point of being his mother figure), and especially Inuyasha (breaking the tension between them despite being badly injured, distrustful and used to solitude). Since Inuyasha can't express himself without pride, she uses her insight to interpret his feelings and softer side, although she can sometimes be exasperated by his rudeness and lack of tact, but learns somewhat to conform to her feelings for him.

Although she didn't know much about the era of the Fighting Kingdoms at first, and people called her the reincarnation of Kikyō because of their striking resemblance in appearance and power, Kagome felt no fear and often dealt with the pain it inflicted on her in the best way. she could. She remained strong and was proud of her current life, being outraged by both Inuyasha (at first) and the black priestess Tsubaki for only seeing her as a "Kikyō lookalike". Kagome helped Kikyō and saved his life on several occasions and vice versa, both for the fact that it was the right thing to do, their admiration for each other and for accepting Inuyasha's feelings towards them both.

Kagome is clumsy in love and almost incapable of hiding her feelings, even when she wasn't fully aware of them. Her inquisitive school friends always forced her to report on her love life and could guess what was going on from her facial expressions, although they wouldn't want or try to tell them anything. At first, Kagome's relationship with Inuyasha was simply that of traveling companions who argued constantly. As she came to understand both his reliable physical and emotional strength and his surprisingly vulnerable side, small feelings of love began to grow inside her, which have only strengthened over time. All she wants for Inuyasha is for him to be happy. However, Kagome is hurt by what Inuyasha says and does to protect Kikyō, but she's hurt even more by the jealousy she feels in her heart because of it. This was the first time she'd ever fallen in love, and the first time she'd ever felt truly bitter about anything, which horrified her. Despite her desire, she refused to leave him even if it meant her pain, which surprised her friends. In any case, Kagome looks after Inuyasha and is always a source of comfort. She nurses him when he's tired and kisses him when he's emotionally wounded by his uncontrollable demon side or his tragic past.

Physical description

Kagome is a slim, beautiful young woman with curves and well-toned thighs. She has somewhat pale skin, blue eyes (brown in the anime) and long, wavy black hair, which is sometimes depicted in bluish black. Because of her beauty and attractiveness, Kagome was one of the main targets of Miroku's lecherous comic tendencies, although over time he focused more on sango.

Kagome is usually still seen wearing her green and white school uniform, also known as a fuku sailor, with a red ribbon tied at the front and laced through a loop attached to the blouse, loose-fitting white socks and brown moccasins or uwabaki inside the school. building. This is a common uniform style with seasonal variations for winter and summer worn by middle-school girls. On other occasions, Kagome is seen wearing other outfits that are a combination of different sweaters or blouses with jacket-like tops, skirts or pants, and sometimes white socks and/or brown shoes during the winter, and different dresses with usually a jacket-like short-sleeved, one-button top, and sometimes a necklace and white sandals during the summer.

When she was in high school, Kagome wore a dress shirt with white buttons that had a gray ribbon with a check pattern with grayish-blue lines under a blue blazer, a matching gray skirt with a check pattern with grayish-blue lines, mid-length black socks and brown moccasins.

In feudal times, Kagome was sometimes seen wearing the same outfit as Kikyō and Kaede, which is a traditional red miko outfit. When she first wore this outfit, Inuyasha told Kagome to undress, or in other words to "change into something else" because she looked like Kikyō.

Powers and capabilities

  • Immense Spiritual Power: Kagome's most remarkable ability is the infinite amount of spiritual power hidden within her. Her high-level spiritual power is equal to that of priestess Kikyō, who has vanquished many demons. However, as she has received no formal training as a priestess, her ability to attack with her bow and her technique for modifying her spiritual power are somewhat lacking. It is also revealed that her innate spiritual powers and abilities were initially sealed by Magatsuhi, the evil Shikon Jewel, out of fear. After Magatsuhi was destroyed by Sesshōmaru's Tenseiga, Kagome's spiritual abilities were released to their full potential, allowing her full access to much stronger abilities she didn't know she possessed. Even before her powers were unsealed, Kagome was able to pass through most spiritual shields , resist the effects of curses and illusions, and could sense evil demonic auras to some extent. Kikyō also once showed Kagome how to fuse sacred jewel shards together through prayer.
    • Spiritual energy projection: Kagome can concentrate spiritual energy in the palms of her hands for defensive purposes. Kagome demonstrated this when she unconsciously released her hidden spiritual power after encountering a demon for the first time, and Mistress Centipede's arms consequently fell off like those of a wax doll. However, she has not yet been able to properly use this power consciously.
    • Spiritual Reflection: If her opponent is less powerful than she is, Kagome can attack without using her own spiritual power and instead return her enemy's liberated spiritual power. As Kikyō did before her, Kagome managed to send a curse back to Tsubaki , who unleashed a shikigami snake on Kagome.
    • Immunity to illusions and demonic energies: simply being near demonic auras causes damage to people's minds and bodies; thus, normal humans cannot approach or touch demonic energy sources. However, Kagome, with her strong spiritual power, is unaffected by demonic energies. By nature, Kagome does not succumb easily to negative feelings (e.g. terror and fear) and this cancels out the illusion powers of Mu-on'na and Naraku.
    • Purification abilities: Kagome can purify malevolent forces, such as demonic energies or miasmas, by sending forth pure spiritual power. Kagome constantly releases pure spiritual power unconsciously, but its effects are most powerful when concentrated using tools such as her arrows.
  • Spiritual awareness: An obvious side-effect of his high level of spiritual power, Kagome is able to perceive or sense things that are otherwise normally undetectable to ordinary humans (e.g. ghosts, spirits and demonic or divine auras. ). Kagome's eyes also have the power to see where the shards of the Shikon Jewel are hidden, and she can even sense their presence to some extent.
  • Time travel: Kagome could travel five hundred years between the feudal era and modern Tokyo through an ancient well called the "Bone Eater Well". Only she and Inuyasha were able to pass freely from one era to the other. While Kagome originally needed a remnant of the sacred jewel to cross time through the Bone Eater's Well, she was able, at least once, to do so without it.
    • Time barrier: According to Princess Kaguya , Kagome has an unusual aura of spiritual energy that doesn't follow the course of time itself, making her immune to any time-stopping spells..
  • Psychic link: Kikyō and Kagome seemed to have the ability to communicate telepathically towards the end of Kikyō's life. They first spoke mentally when Kagome was about to shoot her sacred arrow at a corrupted sacred jewel and again when Kikyō died in Inuyasha's arms in the final act.
  • Experienced archer and marksman: After learning from Inuyasha that she had been an archer in her previous life, Kagome decided to follow the same path. Although initially not as skilled as Kikyō, Kagome's travels through a country at war helped her become a skilled markswoman and archer. What's more, after receiving the sacred longbow of Mount Azusa , Kagome has the power to strike evil spirits or the user's target bypassing others: if the opponent is using a hostage as a shield, the arrow will bypass the hostage and strike the enemy instead.


  • Bow and arrow: As in his past life, Kagome's favorite weapon was a bow and arrow. Unlike Kikyō, who used a daikyū (大弓), Kagome normally used a hankyū (半弓).
    • Sacred arrows: Kagome can charge arrows with his spiritual powers, enabling them to pulverize enemies, penetrate barriers, break spells and purify objects such as the Shikon Jewel. The effectiveness of his sacred arrows varies according to his emotional state, but sometimes his spiritual power becomes such that he can destroy buildings.
      • Scar of the sacred wind: This attack is a combination of Inuyasha's wind scar and Kagome's sacred arrow, in which Kagome fires a sacred arrow, followed by Inuyasha's wind scar. This can also be performed when Inuyasha uses the wind scar before Kagome fires her arrow.
      • Sacred backlash wave: This attack is a combination of Inuyasha's backlash wave and Kagome's sacred arrow, in which Kagome fires one of his sacred arrows into the center of Inuyasha's backlash wave, creating a very powerful attack. This technique is only shown in the films.
      • Sacred Adamant Barrage: In Akuru's Pinwheel , this is a combination of Inuyasha's Adamant Barrage and Kagome's Sacred Arrow, which can combat Kirinmaru .
        • Sacred Adamant Backlash Wave: In movie 4 , this attack is a combination of Inuyasha's Adamant Backlash Wave and Kagome's Sacred Arrow, which can defeat Shitōshin .
      • Tenkū no Yabusuma (天空の矢襖, "Heavenly Arrow Barrage"): Kagome learned for the rain of Sealing Arrows to seal the Full Moon Raccoon Dog , the henchman of Shōgen Mamiana .
    • Reflection: By charging her bow with spiritual power, Kagome can send a weaker opponent's spiritual power back at her. She used her bow to return Tsubaki's freed shikigami snake and damaged Tsubaki's face, revealing the spiritual scar inflicted by Kikyō.
  • Medical supplies: Kagome normally brings medicines and bandages from the modern world. These supplies have proved useful in alleviating a number of ailments she and her companions have faced in the hostile environment of a warring feudal era.


  • Emotions: According to Tsubaki, when a priestess abandons all human emotion (e.g. love), her true power emerges. Kagome's spiritual powers can fluctuate according to her emotional state, or more precisely, the effectiveness of her sacred arrows.
  • Mortality: despite her spiritual powers, Kagome is still human and shares many of the same weaknesses as non-supernatural beings (e.g. age, blood loss, decapitation, illness, heart failure, suffocation, broken neck, etc.).
    Overuse: as both Kaede and Tsukiyomi illustrate, overuse of his spiritual powers can exhaust them to the point where further use strains his physical well-being; the only way to restore his waning powers is through a prolonged period of rest. Although Kagome was never seen personally exercising her spiritual powers, Hoshiyomi was able to use Kenkon's Naginata to absorb much of her spiritual power, leaving her in a temporarily weakened state until her power returned.
  • Spiritual powers: despite having great spiritual power herself, Kagome has always shown herself to be sensitive to the effects of spiritual power. For example, Kikyō was able to paralyze Kagome via spiritual power while Tsubaki was able to curse Kagome; however, in the latter case, Kagome's strength of will and innate spiritual power were sufficient to counteract the effects of the curse to some extent.
  • Disarm: Kagome's spiritual powers depend largely on her bow as a target. Although she possesses some skill, without her bow she is largely helpless and must generally flee and use any other nearby objects to distract her enemy until she can find an ally or a bow.


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