Merlin (Seven Deadly Sins)

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Merlin is the Gourmet Boar from Seven Deadly Sins. She is considered the Sorceress Supreme of Britannia. Her Sacred Treasure is the Aldan Morning Star, a floating orb she can summon at will and often uses in conjunction with her spells and ability, Infinity. The name "Merlin" is in fact a pseudonym, as her real name is unpronounceable to humans.

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Ten years ago, she wore armor and a helmet that completely covered her body, like the other Deadly Sins. Her handbill shows her as a mature young woman with black hair reaching to the nape of her neck.

She is usually dressed in shorts, with black boots reaching mid-thigh and a long jacket covering only her chest, also black, with fur around the shoulders.

We later discover that Merlin's true appearance is a little girl with longer brown hair.


Merlin is quite mischievous, even mocking. She likes to tease her friends.

She has no qualms about using anyone, at any time, as a guinea pig for her experiments.

She is very close to Elizabeth, and cares deeply for Arthur.

king seven deadly sins
3,000 years earlier

Merlin was born in Belialuin, the magicians' capital, at the time of the war between the Demon and Goddess clans. The city of Belialuin is officially neutral in the conflict, but the birth of Merlin, a miraculous child born with the power of Infinity, upsets the situation.

As news spread rapidly, both the Demon King and the Supreme Goddess tried to rally the little girl to their cause. The people of Belialuin were against this, claiming that the girl and her power belonged to the city, but Merlin decided to negotiate with the Gods.

She promised to join the camp of whoever could offer her the best blessing. The Demon King offered her the secrets of the dark arts, knowledge, and protection from the Goddesses' spells of brainwashing and possession. The Supreme Goddess countered with protection from spells, curses and commandments.

Merlin managed to betray them both, reclaiming the gifts of both parties but joining neither. To avenge this betrayal, both gods cursed Belialuin. The city was plunged into a fog of death for 1,000 days, and destroyed by thunder and fire.

Only Merlin, protected by his magic and the blessings of the Gods, survived, before disappearing without a trace.

Her sin of gluttony was her greed and thirst for knowledge and power, which ultimately destroyed her hometown.

Some time later, she met Meliodas and the original Elizabeth. She has an excellent relationship with the latter, whom she considers her big sister.

13 years earlier

Merlin and Meliodas were the founding members of the Seven Deadly Sins. It was Merlin who, guided by the visions of King Bartra, identified the other 5 members.

She took part in several missions with them. At one point, she met King Liones, as well as a young Elizabeth Liones.

When she and Meliodas met Escanor to recruit him from the Seven Deadly Sins, Merlin took a great interest in him. He fell madly in love with her instantly, marveling that Merlin was never frightened by her monstrous strength.

12 years earlier

When the Seven Deadly Sins were summoned by the Great Sacred Knight, Zaratras Merlin teased his friends that they were about to be scolded. They were all in good spirits, but soon discovered that Zaratras had been skewered by a dozen swords. While the Seven Deadly Sins were horrified by their discovery, the other Sacred Knights arrived and surrounded them, thinking they were the murderers. The group was disbanded, and the Seven Deadly Sins became wanted outlaws.

It was probably during this period that Merlin travelled to the kingdom of Camelot and met Arthur.

Giant Armor Bow

Meliodas asks Gowther about what happened ten years ago, the day they were accused of trying to overthrow the kingdom, and Gowther tells him that the person who attacked him and knocked him unconscious during their escape attempt was none other than Merlin. Gowther adds that he had heard many rumors about him, but none of them were conclusive, or led to the truth.

Capacities and equipment

As deputy head of the 7 Deadly Sins, Merlin is very powerful. She is reputed to be the greatest sorceress in Britannia and, at the time of her introduction, was able to easily defeat some of the greatest Sacred Knights of the Kingdom of Liones and to dominate Viviane, one of her most dangerous pupils. After freeing herself from the petrification of Galan of Truth, she defeated Gray Road of Pacifism with great ease. During the Battle of the Kingdom of Camelot, she single-handedly defeated 2 of the most powerful Demons, Chandler, the Peacemaker, and Cusack, the Sleeper, who praised her as the "Child Genius" who had deceived the Demon King and the Supreme Divinity. Ludeciel, leader of the 4 Archangels, himself declares that he would never make Merlin his enemy.

The mere mention of his birthplace and real name is enough to frighten Gray Road and Fraudrin de l'Altruisme into fleeing for her life. Later, Zeldris of Piety congratulates her on escaping his attack and notes that it's not surprising that Gray Road lost to her. Meliodas later claimed that she only fell victim to the attack because she was "caught off guard", in a state of trance.

Thanks to his vast knowledge of Magic and Spells, Merlin has demonstrated his ability to levitate and is capable of creating illusions, having produced a large and powerful army of mirages capable of deceiving Dreyfus and Hendricksen. Although Merlin is unable to use true healing magic like the Druids of Istar, she is able to cure illnesses using her magical object, Remède des Anges. In the aftermath of the Battle of the 10 Commandments, Merlin restored the Kingdom of Liones from the devastation for which she was partly responsible, and returned it to its original state in a single night.

In battle, Merlin often chooses to teleport her opponents into a multitude of hostile environments, as she did against Viviane and Galan. She is also capable of creating magical portals in different spaces, as she did during the 7 Deadly Sins' Invasion of the Kingdom of Edinburgh. She can switch to multiple offensive spells, which she channels through her Sacred Treasure, Aldan. When battling Gray Road and the resurrected skeletons of Merascylla of Faith, she used spells such as Exterminator Ray and powerful magical explosions to incinerate her opponents. She also has access to a range of elemental spells such as Endless Whirlwind and Castle of Stalactites to overwhelm her opponents, the 1st of these spells having enough power to destroy Liones Castle.

Alongside her Infinite ability, Merlin uses a range of spells to serve additional purposes such as stunting the growth of Gray Road's Demon eggs by freezing them for eternity and stopping her own aging to become almost immortal. She is also able to use Infinite to greatly increase the power of her offensive magic, enabling her to master Chandler's enormous Exterminator Ray, then in its true form.

After receiving the blessings of the Demon King and the Supreme Divinity, Merlin acquired immunity to the Blessing Breath and the Possession techniques of the Goddess Clan, as well as the strengthening of her mind, making her immune to attacks such as Cusack's Resonance or arcane spells such as the Commandments, as she was able to free herself from the Commandment of Truth after a month and effortlessly resisted that of Pacifism. Thanks to the Demon King's blessing and Gowther's teaching of Altruism, Merlin also acquired knowledge of secret techniques from the Demonic Kingdom, such as the Perfect Cube and Absolute Order.

In combat, Merlin's greatest asset lies in his knowledge and intelligence, using strategies to render his opponents powerless without directly engaging them, illustrated by: his habitual strategy of knocking out Escanor through a combination of Power Amplification and Gowther's Fainting Arrow, his use of the Perfect Cube to quarantine Meliodas and his attempt to use the Magic Seal against Chandler. The best example of this is her fight against Chandler and Cusack, where she used a meticulous strategy to simultaneously weaken the 2 high-ranking Demons and prevent any counterattack thanks to an innovative combination of elemental magic augmented by invisibility, referencing and resistance spells weakened indefinitely by Infinite. This approach was formidable enough to defeat Chandler and Cusack, even in its true form.


  • Infinite「無限 Mugen」: An ability that allows Merlin to alter the duration of his spells, as if to make them last indefinitely. This ability is so powerful that many refer to it as "cheating". It is the most powerful magic spell to date.
  • Absolute Cancellation「絶対強制解除 Zettai Kyōsei Kaijo」: By placing his hands over a spell, Merlin is able to remove it completely. However, if the type of magic used is powerful enough, it may be difficult to erase it completely, but rather suspend it temporarily.
    • Annulation Magique「魔力解除 Maryoku Kaijo」: Une technique qui permet à Merlin d'annuler toute magie lancée sur un individu. Il peut être utilisé pour annuler les effets d'un de ses propres objets magiques.
  • Localisation「探知 Tanchi」: A power that allows Merlin to locate any object or person. She can extend her range to cover an area about the size of a city.
  • Amplified Power「魔力増幅 Maryoku Zōfuku」: A spell that allows Merlin to amplify the magic of his allies, making their techniques considerably more powerful.
  • Perfect Cube「完璧なる立方体 Kanpeki naru Rippōtai」: A spell that forbids entry to anyone but its user. Originating in the Demonic Kingdom, this spell surrounds a specified area and returns all attacks, strong or weak, directed against the opponent.
    • Teleportation「瞬間移動 Shunkan Idō」: Instant high-movement magic that allows Merlin to appear and disappear at specific locations and teleport groups of people instantly. The radius of Merlin's Teleportation spell effect is miles wide. His Teleportation magic has proven to be much faster than Vivian's.
      • Apport「物体転移 Buttai Teni」: A subsidiary teleportation technique that allows Merlin to summon various items, such as clothing and weapons, for herself and her allies.
      • Super-Teleportation Continue「超連続瞬間移動 Chō Renzoku Shunkan Idō」: This technique allows Merlin to teleport permanently.
    ban seven deadly sins
    • Robe Aqueuse「水の衣 Mizu no Koromo」: A spell that creates clothing from water. By refracting Light into water, Merlin is able to mask his private parts.
    • Dragon Wave「波竜 Haryū」: A spell that allows Merlin to summon numerous water dragons.
    • Fire Storm「火災の嵐 Kasai no Arashi」: A spell that allows Merlin to attack the opponent with a powerful discharge of fire.
    • Exterminating Ray「殲滅の光 Senmetsu no Hikari」: A spell where Merlin fires a disintegrating ray, incinerating everything in the line of fire.
    • Endless Whirl「終わりなき渦 Owari naki Uzu」: A spell with which Merlin creates an incredibly powerful and destructive tornado, sucking his targets towards its center.
    • Oath Spell「呪いの婚約 Noroi no Konyaku」: A spell with which Merlin creates a contract between 2 beings to control one of them. By placing a ring on the victim's hand, they are subjected to the spell, which causes excruciating pain in their body every time they try to use Magic against the other person, or the other person by uttering the word "Remada". Each time this word is uttered, the person affected is covered with increasingly large marks, and once these marks cover their entire body, the affected person will die. The victim of the spell is unable to remove the ring.
    • Shock Sting「衝撃の尾針 Shōgeki no Ohari」: A spell with which Merlin throws a bolt of lightning at the enemy and inflicts considerable impact.
      Magic Seal「魔力封じ Maryoku Fūji」: A technique that seals the target's magic.
    • Castle of Stalactites「氷柱の城 Tsurara no Shiro」: A spell with which Merlin imprisons his targets in huge columns of ice. This spell was powerful enough to contain Cusack for a brief period.
    • Double Impact「二重衝破 Nijū Shōha」: 2-stage attack, when a series of hand gestures is performed, the user unleashes a wave of force on enemies combining the magical attributes of the 4 elements and multiplying it, then unleashing a more powerful 2ndexplosion in a snap containing a spell that decreases the opponent's resistance. This spell is capable of simultaneously repelling Chandler and Cusack, even in its true form.
    • False Ball「偽玉 Nisedama」: A technique that combines Offensive and Illusory Magic; this prevents the opponent from knowing the true nature of a magical attack by camouflaging it with an illusion that makes it look like a different attack.

      Merlin : Les pouvoirs de Merlin dans les Seven Deadly Sins expliqués -  Manga city

      • Aldan: The Aldan Sacred Treasure looks like a small floating sphere.
      Magic Accessories
      • No. 9: Humanizing Needle: A syringe capable of imparting a human build to any non-human creature injected with it.
      • No. 48: Angel Remedy: A caterpillar-like demonic creature used for healing.
      • No. 91: Heating Fork: A large wooden fork capable of generating heat.
      • No. 172: Mini-Compress: Based on the spores released by the Matango Poltron, the Mini-Compress is capable of reducing the size of the consumer. The effects of a single tablet can last up to 7 hours.
      • No. 174: Amulet of Peace: An amulet that seals away the wearer's negative emotions.
      • No. 300: Monster Blocks: Various pieces of monster and beast flesh.
      • No. 401: Absolute Defecation Candy: A powerful laxative.
      • Magic Eye of Balor: Named after Dolor, the 1st King of the Giants, the Eye allows you to view another person's Power Level in the form of numerical values divided into 3 categories: Magic; Strength; Spirit.
      • Amber of the Goddesses: A stone used to seal demonic beings deemed "weak" within a specific radius. Princess Veronica Liones uses it to seal Meliodas on Hendricksen's advice.
      • Incantation Orbs: A series of magical orbs that activate a spell when used.
        Power level
        Total Magic Force Spirit
        4710 Infni 70 4 100




        Elizabeth (Goddess)

        They met 3,000 years ago when Merlin was still young. According to Elizabeth, she called her "big sister" and they had a sisterly relationship. When Elizabeth regains her memory, she insists that Merlin call her that again.


        Merlin and Meliodas have known each other for over 3,000 years, meeting before Meliodas met Elizabeth. They trust each other because Meliodas lets Merlin and the other capital sins deal with Indura, while he deals with the demon king with Elizabeth. It was also Merlin who stunned Meliodas and stole his powers so he wouldn't run wild.

        Merlin has had feelings of love for Meliodas ever since he saved her from the mages who tried to force her back to Belialuin, but Meliodas never felt the same way because he met Elizabeth (Goddess) but Merlin couldn't hate Meliodas and Elizabeth and she became so close to Elizabeth that she called her "Big Sister-Sister".

        Merlin and Meliodas's relationship remained the same after the revelation of Merlin's plan and what she did to achieve it, such as reactivating Elizabeth's curse. Although Meliodas got angry when he heard about it, he helped her by telling her that he and the other deadly sins would be there to protect her and Arthur during the battle against Cath.


        Merlin and hawk have a friendly relationship as she calls him "hero" and says they are dirty comrades, Merlin lies about hawk's power level multiplying by 100 his level of 30 so as not to offend him, she provides him with magic tablets so he can transform with his Transpork ability.


        Merlin and Cath don't interact much, but Merlin thanks Cath for telepathically calling him to save Arthur from Chandler and Cusack. After Cath's true identity was revealed, Merlin and Cath became enemies.

        Merlin's father

        Their relationship is distant, as Merlin wanted his father to love him, but his father would only give him tests and experiments to perform. It was Merlin's father and the magician Gowther who taught him magic.

        Main battles

        Arc Albions

        • Merlin , Meliodas , Arthur Pendragon and the Sacred Knights of Camelot vs Albions = Victory
        • Merlin , Meliodas , Diane , Threader and Sacred Knights of Camelot vs Galan = Defeat

        Arc Battle for the Defense of Liones

        • Merlin vs Gray Road = Victory

        Arc Actuel

        • Seven Deadly Sins vs Merascylla = Victory vs Merascylla = Victory

        Demon King's bow

        • Merlin and Seven Deadly Sins vs Demon King = Victory

        Chaos Bow

        • Merlin vs Cath = Interrupted
        • The seven deadly sins, Arthur Pendragon vs Cath = Victory


        • Databook profile of Merlin :
          • She is right-handed
          • Knight rank: Diamond
          • Daily routine: research and experimentation
          • Weakness: Once she concentrates on something, she forgets everything else around her.
          • Place of birth: Belialuin
          • What she loves about herself: Being a passionate researcher
          • Dream/Hope: To know everything
          • Regrets: Being born
          • Most embarrassing moment of her life: The one time she confessed her love.
          • What she'd like right now: To remove the curse of command
          • Favorite scene: Her research center
          • Favorite food: Grapes
          • Charming side: her suspicious smile
          • Complexity: None
          • People she respects: No one, she's the one who gets respect!
          • People she doesn't want to be enemies with: None,
        • In Arthurian legends, Merlin is the name of a legendary magician and advisor to Arthur, King of Camelot, and also the mentor of Vivian, who despised Merlin as in Nanatsu no Taizai.
        • Merlin's tattoo resembles Hawk.
        • Merlin uses magic to manipulate his clothes so that they stay on.
        • In Volume 5 it is revealed during a conversation between the Hawk and Meliodas that the tattoos for each Sin were created by Merlin using a Spell.
        • The Sin of Gluttony is usually symbolized with a Pig and the colored orange.
          • This makes Merlin the only one of the Seven Deadly Sins whose animal tattoo matches the actual sin animal it represents.
        • In Nanatsu no Taizai at the Taizai Opinion Poll, Merlin was placed 9th by postcards.
        • The tip corner for chapter 117 notes that Merlin has the greatest passion for sweets among the seven sins, being addicted to sweets when she is deep in thought and seen are sin of gluttony.
        • She had several other disciples before Viviane.
        • Merlin called the goddess Elizabeth by the nickname of big sister.
        • Slader calls her "elder sister".
        • Her real first name is unpronounceable to humans
        • Merlin met Meliodas before he met Elizabeth.
        • Merlin and Meliodas hold liquor best of all the seven sins, for she has declared that she would have to drink all the liquor in a tavern to be drunk.


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